• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Janet Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/10/2023

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Association

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Association - 15/10/2023

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge and for their hospitality at this well-run show. It had 2 very large rings, plenty parking and space to exercise dogs. I’d also like to thank my efficient stewards, and special thanks to the exhibitors who entered under me with their lovely dogs.


P (2) 1.Scott’s Mickleview Silent Storm. This well schooled 6 month bitch has a pretty head with small dark eyes, moderate sized ears flat to cheek and good bite. Good long neck, correct horseshoe front. What I really liked what the overall balance of this bitch, with a beautiful topline with the correct roach and low set on of tail. Equally, her underline has a decent tuck-up, onto moderate hindquarters. BP 2.Hanes’s Janmark Name of the Game. Another quality puppy with excellent bone. Strong head with a long jaw. Good width of chest between forelegs and body. Strong loin and muscular rear quarters. Preferred the tail set of 1.

J (2) 1.Hanes’s Janmark Man in the Middle. Nicely presented 11 month male who I’ve admired before with his young handler. Unfortunately, today he was proving quite a handful to control on the table so unable to assess him properly, but once on the ground was settled. Up to size with another strong head from this kennel. Correct front and shoulders, good angulation, deep chest and moved soundly holding his roach in profile. 2. Blakey’s Little Bristle Charmer. Another youngster that misbehaved on table and floor. Very dark blue coloured male. Well proportioned head with a strong jaw and large nostrils. Natural arch over loin. Requires better schooling. O (2) So pleased to have such good quality exhibits to go over in this class 1.Tunman’s Full Throttle at Jukenblu. This masculine but graceful dog has nothing exaggerated and has great muscle tone throughout. Shorter body than 2 but had enough rise which he kept on the move. Moderate length of hindquarters with hocks well let down. Sound movement, front and back. Distinctive linty blue coat.BOB 2.Scott’s Janmark Je Ne Sais Pas Avec Mickleview. Close decision between these two, just preferred movement of 1. Nice type throughout. Good front, has the correct slightly longer body than height proportion with a deep chest and flat ribs. Front movement was good. BOS


PG (1) Cruden & Kaye’s Dryfevalley Midnight Blue. Stood alone, but one of type and soundly made throughout. Beautifully covered head of silky silver hair. Has the most gorgeous large, round, bright eyes so distinctive for this breed. Strong muzzle and teeth and a super large black nose. Shoulders well laid back, well muscled front with chest well let down between forelegs. Correct low weasely body with a good tail set on. Didn’t seem to have any undercoat. Liked his round, well padded strong feet. Moved with ease around the ring, showing very well. BOB O (2Ab)


J (3) 1.Davison’s Tynefox Valpolicella. This young 7 month bitch stood out from others with her excellent movement and the most beautiful jet black head. Moderately narrow skull, well placed very dark eyes with correct stop, which produced such a sweet expression. Good forequarters with straight forelegs onto her small, compact feet. Deep chest. Plenty rear angulation with a good tail set but carried a bit too gaily. BP 2. Hannar’s Borovale Lonesome Dove. Just out of puppy, this bitch is mostly white with rich tan markings. Used ears well, slightly large round eyes, good head length. Liked her front and her shoulders were long and sloping. Back short and strong which gave a pleasing topline. Lively, covering the ground with ease. PG (1) Davison’s Tynefox la Vida Loca. Felt this bitch didn’t want to be here today, which affected her use of her ears. Good head proportions on her black head. Deep chest and good tail carriage and set on. O (1) Hannar’s Bokma Kirie at Borovale. Smart, quality bitch with Tan markings. Liked her classical head and expression, when she decided to use her ears! Good mouth. Such a clean neck and shoulders long and sloping. Straight forelegs with good bone. Short backed. Well muscled throughout and in good coat. Moved well and deserved his BOB,


Thank you for your entries, we don’t see enough of this lovely breed at Open Shows. J (1) Maughan’s Brocolitia Catch the Star. What a Star at only 6 months. Very raw but one can see the huge potential she has. Flat skull with good sized ears. Beautiful dark, fairly small eyes, well positioned giving a true expression. Strong neck leading onto a correct front assembly. Deep chest, level back with a cracking tail set and carriage. Loved her rear quarters with plenty bum. Although immature and unsure, she had great ring presence, and is a sound mover. She epitomises ‘on the tiptoe of expectation’. BP BOS. PG (2) Maughan’s Brocolitia Pickling Pepper. Not happy being brought out today but one can see that she is nice in type. Liked her overall shape and size. Correct head, deep chest and good tail set. 2. North’s Anstars Flaming Phoenix. 5 year old up to size bitch. Super head with excellent ears and dark round eyes. Prefer a shorter neck. Level back. O (1) Maughan’s Brocolitia Do It For Thy Sen. Well this 2 year old male was an absolute joy to go over. He has a super shape and is so well balanced from his long clean head with correctly placed dark eyes, strong muzzle, to his body which is short-backed and strong, to his perfectly carried tail which completed the overall picture. Correctly angulated quarters and hocks well let down, which enabled him to move effortlessly around the ring. BOB


O (1) Green’s Boudivella Beauty. Spirited 4 year old blue bitch who has plenty of substance. Typical head with plenty stop, round medium sized brown eyes, mouth ok. Good front, medium length of body. Good topcoat. Front movement ok. BOB. 2. Green’s Borderglens Dougie Maclean. 11 month old wheaten male. Head of good width, dark eyes. Rise over the loin. Difficult to assess as being quite naughty.


J (1) Howarth’s Niddrua Lightning Bolt. Head of equal proportions with well placed almond eyes, and strong muzzle. Good forequarters, chest deep with ribs well sprung and short coupled. Strong, muscular hindquarters with good angulation. Nice feet. Good coat with a broken appearance. He flew round the large ring in style, moving well both ways, clearly enjoying himself. BOB. Thrilled to watch him go BIS. One to watch! PG (1) Chilvers’s Apispolb Bumble. Another with good head proportions. Strong body with slight arch over loin. Would prefer a deeper chest, not round. Good tail set and carriage. In good condition. O (1) Chilvers’s Kenynten Chasing Rainbows at Apoispolb. Bitch of nice basic shape and outline. Almond shaped eyes on a head of equal planes. Deep chest, and rise over loin. Harsh coat.


J (1,1Ab) Shields’s Pacolito Follow the Lead with Shielmarh. 7 Month well schooled bitch. Good wedge head with a flat skull with ear fold level and almond shaped eyes. Chest of moderate depth and body of good length. Good front movement. BP O (1) Baker’s Pacolito Resurrection. Workmanlike male of good breed type. Head of correct proportions with almond eyes and good mouth. Excellent clean neck of good length and well laid shoulders. Liked his body which was spannable and of good length, straight and correct depth. Strong rear quarters with good angulation. Good tail set carried well up. Moved well both ways. BOB


PG (1Ab) O (2Ab)