• Show Date: 01/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Janet Kay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Marlborough & District Canine Society

Marlborough & District Canine Society Open show Monday 1st May 2023.

Held at the West Wilts Equestrian Centre, Holt, Nr Trowbridge

Thank you all that entered the show also to the society for there kind invitation. I greatly enjoyed my time with you and you lovely dog. My apologies for the lateness of report it was due to an IT issue.

Rhodesian Ridgeback – P. 1. Murphy & Cox – Carlincox Mash It Up – This male was at a good size already. Masculine head with dark well shaped eyes giving an intelligent expression, well-muscled throughout and super feet. On the move he looked powerful. BP 2. Smith – Ungowa Here You Come Again – Ultra feminine bitch giving away 3months to the dog. Dark bright eyes and high set ears framing her pretty feminine head, length of neck and nicely laid shoulders, she had clear crowns and length of ridge. Needs time to firm up one to watch. Grad – 1. Webster – Kazembe Orla ‘Bout Me – this puppy girl stood alone today. Clearly feminine bright and alert good length of neck and level topline, chest nicely filled and spring of ribs she’s coming together nicely. O – 1. Webster – Kazembe Crescendo – Masculine dog of correct size ample chest and nicely sprung ribs shown is excellent condition without being over muscled strong topline and loin, finished with a correct tail set. Well defined hind legs and ample turn of stifle. Please to award him BoB and see him achieve hound group 1 Boston Terrier. P. 1. Snell- Sonduriya Banchi – at just 7months she had lots of time, petit but everything in the right place super feminine ample chest and spring of ribs. Clean underline with slight tuck up. Nicely rounded rump and enough bend at stifle to promote easy action on small round feet. BP 2. Casey – Kev Casey for Shamal – a masculine dog of good size. Head squarish in outline with flat skull. Neck could have a little more length well filled chest and depth of ribs short loin with good muscling. Marking all in the right places. G. 1. Hamlin – Devotoblaze Hopes Miracle JW – Very smart young lady appealing feminine well shaped head and ears high and mobile she was concentrating so well on her handler. Short muzzle well set teeth and black nose well marked collar chest and legs small compact feet well ribbed back and short strong loin on the move she was sure-footed and graceful RBOB. O. 1. Hamlin – Rosparquier Small Talk for Devotoblaze ShCM – A mature male well-schooled typical squarish head with erect ears, dark eyes with alert expression tidy blaze to head with white collar through chest and down forelegs, small tight feet. Clean underline and short loin. BOB Fch Bulldog P. 1. Hucker – Bevanray Terrypendrey – A good sized B/W male for 7months. This boy was more together of the 2 dogs. Thick neck into shoulders and strong straight forelegs to tight compact feet descent depth of ribs with clear tuck up. He moved fittingly. 2. Rankine- Wildax Rowendale Just Eric – At a younger age to although had the better head that was in proportion to rest of him. Flat skull with high set bat ears well defined muzzle of respectable length black nose and lips slightly undershot as required. Ample chest and spring of ribs needs a little more time for his legs. G 1. Vearncombe & Hale – Ruption Knightcott Back in Black JW – A lot to like about this young girl feminine throughout with a good head and eye with gentle expression nicely open nostrils. Strength in neck down legs to lovely feet and ample bone. She had a muscular chest and spring of ribs and short strong loin. She moved steadily. RBOB 2. Ruptiom Knightcott Black Diamond at Violotta JW - litter brother to 1. and not easy to split. Compact solid dog of good size with a balanced head to body. Today I preferred the movement of the bitch. O. Brooks & Cairns – Corursus Become the One JW – A more compact boy and in good balance. Sturdy and solid. His head had a square off appearance with ample muzzle and well-developed cheeks. Powerful neck that was think and nicely arched. His chest was well rounded and ribs reaching well back giving definition to waist. He had Small compact feet that carried him around the ring and a steady pace. BOB Group 2 2. Vearncombe & Hale – Ruption Knightcott Back to Black – Nicely balanced although I would prefer a little more muzzle. Firm and muscular not the movement of on. Japanese Spitz P.1. Smith – Snowshoes Iris – At just 6 months she is at the start of her show career. Nicely sized for her aged presenting a sound outline. High set ears small and triangular, the blackest of oval eyes. Respectable topline and short strong loin. On the move she had small round feet with a smooth active stride BP (PGroup 4) 2. Nichols – Cavitzs Ida Ho Rose – A little older and at a different growth stage. Wedge shaped head and defined stop giving a typical Spitz head well pigmented throughout with slightly better feet. Theses girls with change places many times as they develop. G. 1. Church - Sanyinko white Ivory Taf – A mature girl with lovely erect triangular ears set high, strong neck with slight arch it flows into topline. Well sprung ribs with justly filled chest enough tuck up and balanced angulation. Muscular and strong she moved with purpose and nimble on round feet BoB O. Smith – Kessaku Chilli Pepper at Snowshoes – Masculine Head with dark eyes and full pigmentation correct mouth with good scissor bite. On the move he strode out without effort on nimble feet. RBoB 2. Church – Ch/Int/Ir Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit – A worthy Champion as a veteran she in fine condition throughout. Well filled chest and ample spring of ribs, good height to length ratios. Lhasa Apso O. 1 Connett & Clutterbuck – Kutani Daredevil – Mature male full of coat and well balanced. Classic head with all his furnishings slight curve to skull, oval shaped dark eyes clean and bright. Nicely laid shoulders strong level topline and muscular loin, high set tail carried over his back on the move he was free and jaunty BoB (Group 3) Mini Schnauzer G. 1. Parker & McDonald – Voilis Stormy Skies – a pleasing young bitch. Squarish in outline enough breadth of chest and sprung ribs. Well-muscled rear high set tail to finish the picture. On the move she was free with a driving stride. BoB O. 1. Parker & McDonald – Violis Struts her Stuff JW – Presenting a well-shaped feminine girl. Neatly balanced firm topline and suitably sprung ribs. I felt, her tail was not as well set as the overall winner. RBoB Tibetan Spaniel P1. Smith – Tibbiestars Tutti Fruitti – A pleasing young bitch of enough length to height. Comparatively small head with slight curve to skull nicely set ears with good feathering some padding to muzzle. Strong neck into shoulders nicely sprung ribs and heigh set tail BP. (PGroup 4) 2. Emery – Ricox Dance with My Father – Developing well enough legth of muzzle and well-set teeth, nicely set ears with some lift ribbing adequate for age and strong loin. Jr. 1. Keepence & Keyte – Oldcham Peaky Love for Alandobel – A well-developed male presenting a sound shape in quailty adult coat, suitably feathered ears ample mane and tail richly plumed. He has good shoulder placement with slight bowed to forelegs, firm topline and short loin. He moved on pleasing small hare feet at a brisk pace. RBoB. 2. Smith - Tibbiestars Tutti Fruitti. PG .1Clover – Chenrezi No Ordinary Love- Masculine male well textured coat with dense under coat. Acceptable head shape and size with clear dark oval shaped eyes ample under jaw. Strong topline and good small hare feet. On the move he held his head and tail high quick, positive with a swagger and showmanship. BoB 2. Hall - Balgay Shab Tra – Masculine dog of good size Strength in moderately short neck level topline in firm condition. Acceptable hide quarters and small hare feet. O. 1. Quest Lilileian Louis Vuitton JW ShCM ShCEz (Imp Fin) – Mature male with typically small masculine head with slight curve to skull and ample feathering to ears. Bone and substance throughout firm topline adequate height the length, high set tail, ample coat over hindquarter forming culottes. 2. Bevis Skyvana Empty Dreams of Starlance ShCEx – Bright expressive oval eyes good pigmentation nicely conditioned with ample bone, neck a little upright perhaps concentrating on handler. I preferred the movement of 1.

Utility Group 1. Tibetan Terrier: P: 1. Plummer & Bingham – Araki Krazie Maizie to Tetsikarma - Lovely head of medium length enough stop, large round dark eyes. Strong neck of suitable length, nicely laid shoulders with straight parallel legs to large round feet. She moved without effort and power. BP and Puppy group Two 2. Lawrence – Tazique Penny Lover - Black this girl gave a good square outline, pleasing head round eye clear and dark clean reverse scissor bite. Nice topline finished with a high set tail carried over back. G 1. Plummer – Home Town Glory by Tetsikarma - Nicely sized and balanced, large round dark eyes pronounced Zygomatic arch, strong muzzle. Pendant ears well feathered, muscled neck of medium length firm topline. 2. Thomas – Kelmoresptiz Smokin Storm – male a good sized developing nicely with long straight double coat. Developing nicely just carrying a little extra today O 1. Plummer – Araki Dream Perfection for Tetsikkarma JW - medium bitch with an appealing head high set ears heavily feathered. Well sprung ribs and short muscled loin. She had large round feet which carried her around the ring. BoB 2. Thomas – Kelmorespitz Dazzled Storm JW – a bitch of medium sized slightly squarer than one, high set ears with ample feathering. Well sprung ribs and short muscled loin. RBoB. AVNSC Utility P. 1. Sislbury – J’adoremy Miss Red’n Legal – Shih Tzu – at 10 months she is showing promise in her show career. Well presented giving a good outline. Lovely expression from dark eyes nicely laid shoulders and good topline finishing the picture with a high set tail she moved well with great attitude. 2. Silsbury - J’adoremy Mr Red Revenge – Litter brother to one and not at the same stage of development. Unfortunately changing his coat at the moment which also detracts. G. 1. Cann – Sunmarca Secret Agent –Poodle (minature) Black dog with plenty coat. He has a dark, almond shaped eye and his foreface has chiselling which I suspect will only get better as he matures. He has a masculine, fine head with lovely long ear leathers. Good length of neck flowing into a deep chest with well sprung ribs. He has good front and rear angles with correct tailset. He is in good body condition plenty of reach and drive. His commanding attitude won him AVNSC

Utility and Group 1 Cann – Sunmarca Secret Agent –Poodle (minature) 2. Brooks & Cairns – Corursus Become the One JW – Fch Bulldog 3. Connett & Clutterbuck – Kutani Daredevil – Lhasa Apso 4. Clover – Chenrezi No Ordinary Love – Tibetan Spaniel

Utility Puppy Group 1. Sislbury – J’adoremy Miss Red’n Legal – Shih Tzu – 2. Plummer & Bingham – Araki Krazie Maizie to Tetsikarma - Tibetan Terrier 3. Snell – Sonduriya Banchi – Boston Terrier 4. Smith – Sowshoes Iris – Japanese Spitz. Judge Janet Kay