• Show Date: 01/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Lindley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Banbury & District Canine Association

I would like to thank The Banbury and District Canine Association for the invitation to judge at their May bank holiday open show on the 1st May 2023.

Thank you to the exhibitors for their entries in both my breeds. I was pleased with both my entry numbers in Newfoundlands & Rough Collies. I was really pleased to see all my BOB and BPIB all get group placings. I thoroughly enjoyed going over some lovely exhibits, Newfoundlands being my own breed and Rough Collies my first appointment today. A breed I have always admired has a little girl after crying many times watching Lassie movies.

The rings were set up in the car park outside on a cloudy breezy day but the exhibits took it in their stride and coped with tapes and noise, thank you to my steward for all your help and time today much appreciated for the work stewards put in giving up their time.


PUPPY 2 entries 1 absentee

1st Bone, Newfangled Do Your Worst

Black bitch just 6 months old, as expected at this age, quite raw, good dentition and clean dark eye nicely shaped. Ok for bone at her developing age, straight front, tight feet, impressive on the move showing steady action BPIB well done on Working Puppy Group 3

JUNIOR 3 entries 2 absentee

Drakeford, Mississippi-Missouri Walking My Angel

14 month Male Black, Strong head dark eye, good dentition, deep tight feet straight front, good for bone, reasonable length of rib broad in back, he’s at the change in coat stage which makes him appear heavy but not the case on the move he proved that moving out well and light on his feet.

POST GRADUATE 4 entries 1 absentee

1st Drakeford, Sasquatch Zero To Hero

Black Male developing well at 23 months, clean dark nicely shaped eye, good dentition, reasonable bone, good length of rib with short loin & broad back, he moved well today holding his topline and carrying his tail correctly RBOB.

2nd Burton.R , Ceedernewf In The Forest

Black Female very feminine throughout, clean dark nice shaped eyes, good length of neck, reasonable for bone, her movement was steady and she held her topline, close decision between 1st & 2nd just in profile I preferred the shape of the male.

3rd Alexander, Vodahond La Primavera

OPEN 2 entries 1 absentee

1st Burton.J, SparkyBears A Star Is Born At Vodahond

Lovely black breed type bitch 3yrs old, feminine head with nice shaped dark eye & small ears, correct scissor bite, enough neck set well on shoulders, straight front standing on tight feet, good spring & length of rib, strong rear quarters, in full jacket she moved well enjoying herself keeping a level topline and steady movement carrying her tail well BOB.

Congratulations on gaining Working Group 1


PUPPY 3 entries 0 absentees

1st Muir, Kelekona Sparks At Dawn

Male tricolour nicely marked, impressive head of good proportion for a young one, good mouth, dark eye giving the soft sweet expression you expect, correct shaped ears and placement, at 9 months he was good for bone, straight front good feet, enough strength at the rear but his muscle is yet to come, in good jacket, lovely looking youngster in profile, he moved out well to say he wasn’t with his usual handler. BPIB well done on Pastoral Puppy Group 4

2nd Cooper, Kelekona Hearts Of Gold

Litter brother to 1st sable all the attributes of 1st slightly smaller in frame and a little less bone, but he did have more strength in the rear more muscle, another cracking puppy I am sure they will share top placing continuing in their puppy classes.

3rd Walton, Sassari Smudge

JUNIOR 1 entry

1st Howard, Serenlas Angel Of Casatentola

13 months tricolour bitch, feminine head with dark eyes almond shape, well placed ears which she used to give a sweet expression, good mouth, nice arched neck with good shoulder placement, body shape ribs & loin developing well, good topline correct length of tail which she carried well on the move, in good coat would like to meet her again when she matures.

POST GRADUATE 2 entries 1 absentee

1st White, Mejola Main Event

Bitch 22 months Oozes breed type ultra-feminine in size and shape, head developed in proportion equal length with flat skull, eyes dark and good shape, ears small and used to give a kind expression to melt you, strong mouth with complete scissor bite, nice length of neck with just enough arch onto nicely angulated shoulder straight front. Body proportions on going over her proved what I saw: a deep enough chest and strong hindquarters moved nicely with her handler when settled holding her topline and correct tail carriage BOB.

Congratulations on Pastoral Group 3

OPEN 4 entries 1 absentee

1st Cooper, Lilith Nar Sule Of Kelekona

Bitch 4yrs well marked sable coat, strong mouth good dentition, another feminine girl with nice flat skull ears not too far apart, dark almond shaped eyes giving a sweet expression, straight front and good depth of chest, with broad enough back her hind quarters were strong well let down hocks which she used well on the move holding her topline & good tail carriage which won her this class RBOB.

2nd White, Mejola Special Reserve

Close between both these girls, sable also 4yrs old, like first lovely head shape flat skull and parallel lines, dark almond shape eyes also giving a soft expression, straight front with good depth chest, broad enough back, both in beautiful coat, I just preferred the strength and rear action of first on the move and free standing although this girl moved well and held her topline with good tail carriage.

3rd Skinner, Samhaven Time Is Money With Nikal

I would like to give this 9yr old veteran a mention, tricolour bitch doing well for her senior years, who clearly still enjoyed the shows with her owner, thank you for bringing her under me.

Jane Lindley