• Show Date: 26/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chichester & District Canine Society

Chichester & District Canine Society

Sunday 26th March 2023

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the officers and committee for the kind invitation to judge at this well run and friendly show. Due to the inclement weather, all judging was conducted indoors, so a little cosy to start with, but lovely to see everyone just getting on with it and enjoying the show. I would like to thank the exhibitors for venturing out on such a miserable day, it was an honour to be able to judge your dogs. Thank you to the group judges for putting forward super dogs for BIS, an absolute pleasure to judge


Junior (1,0)

1. Mrs Simpson - Simberger Perfect Blend

Most appealing 7 month old bitch, who has lovely balance when stood, just a fraction bum high at the moment. Liked her feminine head, which is well proportioned, with a lovely oval, dark kind eye, and dark mask. She has good strong bone, with straight forelegs onto tight feet. Good depth to the brisket, and spring of rib. Moving out with good drive, just needing to tighten a little more – BOB & BP – GP3 & puppy Gp2

Border Terrier

Junior (2,0)

1. Miss Nettle - Onziemehurst Milly Earhart

9 month old bitch, who presented a pleasing and balanced outline when stood. Easily spanned and shown in good coat. Feminine head, with a dark kind eye, well placed ears. Holds a firm topline both stood and on the move, racy in her hindquarters. Moving out positively and with confidence – BP & Puppy GP1

2. Miss Hughes - Arunmere For Fox Sake

Smart, well grown 12 month old dog, lovely head, with good width to the backskull, dark intelligent eye. Easily spanned and holding a firm topline. Moving out well in profile, just untidy today in front. Shown in good coat.

Post Graduate (3,1)

1. Mrs Mayhew - Fisherbloom Boho Rhapsody

3 year old bitch, a cheeky girl but when she cooperated with her handler has a pleasing outline. She has a balanced head, well placed small ears, dark mischievous eyes, with a short strong muzzle and good bite. Clean through the neck, flowing into a firm topline. Good depth to the brisket. Moving out cleanly in all directions, shown with a good pelt and coat texture – BOB & Gp4

2. Miss Nettle - Ceilloch Griffin At Onziemehurst

Very feminine 18 month old bitch, smaller in frame all through, but showing balance. Kind expression from her dark eyes, narrow all through with ribs carried well back. Good width of thigh. Not as clean in her rear movement as winner today

Open (4,3)

1. Miss Hughes - Arunmere Annie Oakley

2 year old bitch, who presents an appealing clean outline when stood. She has a pleasing head, with good width to the back skull, and strength to the foreface, with neat ears. Straight front legs onto tight feet. Holding a firm topline, racy hindquarters. Moving out soundly all directions. Not quite the coat of winner today but close up. RBOB

Norfolk Terrier

Post Graduate (1,0)

1. Mr Walker - Watercroft Golden Spice

Happy and outgoing 3 year old bitch, loved her zest for life and fun. She is not a big bitch, small and compact in her outline. Pleasing head, with a good width to the backskull and strength to the foreface, with dark mischievous eyes. Lovely depth through the body, with a good spring to the ribcage, and short coupled, at times a little soft in topline. Nicely boned limbs with well rounded neat feet. Such a happy mover, showing pizzazz and enthusiasm and true in all directions. Shown with a lovely harsh coat and well put down. – BOB & GP1

Open (1,0)

1. Mr Walker - Roxypark Spring Time

Lovely natured 5 year old dog. Liked his overall size and leg length, a shade longer in the back. He has a kind expression, but his ears do tend to fly. He has a good strong neck flowing nicely into a firm topline. Good depth to the brisket and spring to the ribs. Strong hindquarters which he used to drive around the ring. Well presented in a harsh jacket - RBOB

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Open (5,4)

1. Miss Turner - On The Hill Two At Tidestaff

Strong and muscular 4 year old brindle & white bitch. She presents a balanced picture when stood, solid and foursquare. She has strength to her head with width to the back skull, neat rose ears, dark round eyes and well pronounced cheek muscles. Good depth and width in front and stands on well boned limbs. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move, with a good tail carriage. Moderate hindquarters which are in well muscled condition. Moving out soundly in all directions – BOB & Gp2, close up, just seemed to have lost her sparkle in the group

AVNSC Terrier

Junior (2,1)

1. Mrs Goundry - Komidion Symphoniques At Sarminija (Cesky)

Elegant 15 month old Cesky bitch, who hold a lovely outline when stood, presenting the correct silhouette. She has substance yet retains her elegance. Feminine head, with good length, with a slight stop and well furnished. Long elegant neck flowing well into a correct topline. Well sprung ribs with the rise to the loin and strong muscular hindquarters. Distracted a little on the move, but shows true movement and drive. Well presented – BOB & Gp3

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Mrs Bishop - Moraira Abel (Cesky)

20 month old Cesky dog, such a shame this boy was unsettled today. When stood he has the classic outline of a Cesky, he has strength with a hint of elegance. Masculine head, lovely dark eye and well placed ears. Good length of neck, strong in the body with well boned limbs. Once relaxed showed the correct topline. Strong and muscular hindquarters. Unfortunately, not showing himself off. Beautifully presented and in good condition

Open (3,2)

1. Mrs Goundry - Komidion Rimsky Korsakov At Sarminija (Cesky)

All male, 3 year old Cesky terrier dog. He has strength all through, but not overdone. Masculine head with a dark eye and well placed ears. Clean neck of good length, correct roundness to the ribcage and strong boned limbs. Holding the correct topline with a rise when settled. Moved with drive, but not quite as clean in front today - RBOB

AV Terrier Veteran (5,2)

1. Mrs & Miss Busby - Calvenace Minnie Ha Ha At Zakby ShCM VW (SCWT)

Wow, hard to believe that this SCWT bitch is nearly 11 years old. She looked a picture when stood, so clean and shapely in her outline. She displays strength and is foursquare, yet retains her femininity. Pleasing head of good proportions and correct planes. Lovely dark eyes and pigmentation, showing the typical terrier sparkle. Liked her body which is compact, with a firm topline, deep in brisket and well developed in forechest. Well muscled hindquarters and short hock to heel. She holds her outline on the move, proud in her carriage and true in her action Well presented and in good coat – BTV & BVIS

2. Miss Hughes - Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony JW (Border)

Another I liked very much, wish I had 2 first places! 7 year old Border Terrier dog, loved his overall shape, size and masculinity. He shows to be nicely balanced when stood. He has an appealing head, with good width to the backskull and short strong foreface. Dark inquisitive eyes and neat ears. Straight forelegs onto small neat feet. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move Shown in good coat with a thick pelt. Moving out soundly

3. Mrs & Miss Busby - Calvenace Killer Queen At Zakby VW (SCWT)

Terrier Group

1. Mr Walker - Watercroft Golden Spice (Norfolk)

2. Miss Turner - On The Hill Two At Tidestaff (SBT)

3. Mrs Goundry - Komidion Symphoniques At Sarminija (Cesky)

4. Mrs Mayhew - Fisherbloom Boho Rhapsody (Border)

Terrier Puppy Group

1. Miss Nettle - Onziemehurst Milly Earhart (Border)

Best In Show

Miss Cranfield - Zefather’s Ralph Lauren JW (Great Dane)

So very smart, majestic, and upstanding, with a regal and elegant air about him. At 15 month old this fawn Great Dane dog filled my eye, he displays great substance and super quality throughout. He is so well balanced with harmonious proportions. When stood he presents an imposing outline, that simply commanded attention. Handsome head piece, strong and of good length, his dark eyes giving a kind expression. Deep and well developed through the body, with strong hindquarters. He has a natural presence on the move, showing to be precise and driving with a slight spring in his step and head held high. Thought him to be just lovely - congratulations.

Reserve Best In Show

Mrs & Miss Busby - Sh Ch Stanegate Leading Role At Zakby JW (IWS)

Pushed the winner hard all the way, this super 5 year old Irish Water Spaniel put on a great performance. He showed himself off with confidence and style. Liked him for his size, substance, and masculinity. He has a lovely flow from nose to tail with super body lines. He presents an impressive silhouette when stood. He has a balanced head and lovely expression. Lovely spring to the ribcage, with good depth and carried well back. Strong and muscular hindquarters, which he put to good use to drive around the ring. Shown with the correct crisp ringlets.

Best Puppy In Show

Mr & Mrs Churcher - Kalaju Krown Jewel of Portville (OES)

Wow, what a cracking 9 month old, ‘Old English Sheepdog’ bitch this is, just loved her. She looked picture perfect when stood, with unexaggerated symmetry. She has the look of strength yet oh so feminine. Her outline is so balanced and square. Thought her to be sturdy and well built, standing foursquare with feminine elegance. Appealing head, with squareness to the backskull and strength to the foreface. Good length of neck with the slight arch, deep and compact in body, and strong hindquarters. Lovely to watch on the move as she has a ground covering action, showing reach and drive, at one with her handler. Beautifully presented, with a harsh texture to the coat. Must have a very bright future.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Flack & Hals - Rottshipha’s Lucifer Mr V (Shih Tzu)

Beautifully presented 10 month old Shih Tzu dog. Who showed himself off with great confidence and very self-assured. So much to admire on this sturdy boy with good body proportions and beautiful poise. He has a masculine head showing good balance. A lovely large round dark eye to give a gentle friendly expression. Under the coat he has a well developed body with depth and a firm topline. Strode out on the move, with his head held high and holding his outline.

Best Veteran In Show

Mrs & Miss Busby - Calvenace Minnie Ha Ha At Zakby ShCM VW (SCWT)

A real ambassador for the breed, at a few days shy of her 11th birthday, this lovely bitch took the top spot in a lovely selection of veterans. Presenting a compact and well built outline, and put down in lovely condition. On the move she was a free and positive mover, and at one with her handler

Reserve Best Veteran In Show

Ms Osbourn - Sh Ch Elgert Lady Sta’Dust JW (Field)

Beautiful black Field Spaniel bitch, just turned 7 years of age, but looking half that. She has such an elegant and noble silhouette when stood. So balanced and showing the correct proportions to her outline. Full of quality and breed type. She has a melting expression from those dark soulful eyes, clean through the neck into well placed shoulders. Lovely depth through the body whilst holding a firm topline. She moves at the correct pace with lots of drive and a happy demeanour.