• Show Date: 07/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Irish Water Spaniel Association

Irish Water Spaniel Association

Open Show

Sunday 7th May 2023

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the officers and committee of the Irish Water Spaniel Association for the invitation to judge your wonderful breed at your open show. Thank you to the exhibitors for the honour and pleasure of judging your dogs, they are all a real credit to you. A huge thank you to my steward Kirsty, for keeping us all sorted and keeping the ring running smoothly.

Puppy Dog (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Smith - Goldenacre Jubilee Lord Of Leonardston

Quality 11 month old puppy showing lots of promise. Loved his foolhardy attitude, a real character with a zest for life. When stood he presents a shapely outline, with good overall balance. Masculine head of which is well developed and of good proportions, Strength to the foreface, and dome to the back skull, eye starting to darken. Strong neck flowing seamlessly into a firm well held topline. He has good depth for his age and the ribs are starting to nicely spring. Hindquarters show a good bend of stifle and short hock to heel. Coat shows a good tight curl of good texture. When he put his mind to it, moves with lovely drive whilst holding his outline. BPD & BPIS

Junior Dog (2,1)

1. Mrs Green - Brown Snout

Energetic 15 month old, who was giving his handler a bit of a hard time today. He has a pleasing outline as he grows into his frame. Balanced head shape, showing good proportions, nicely domed backskull, width and strength to the foreface. Strong neck, brisket down to the elbow, just needing the ribs to finish. Firm in his topline both stood and on the move. Stifles well bent and showing good muscle tone. A little erratic on the move, but showed lovely drive from the rear a little loose in front at present. Shown in good coat.

Special Beginners Dog (1,0)

1. Mrs Green - Brown Snout

Repeat Junior dog

Novice Dog (0,0)

Post Graduate Dog (2,1)

1. Ms Latheron - Fynder Reacher

Smart 2 year old dog, now coming into his own. Liked his compact outline, with the right amount of strength and masculinity. Well proportioned head, with a high dome and good length to the foreface, eye of good colour a fraction rounder in shape. His strong muscular neck flowing into his level topline, ending with a well set on tail. Ribs have the desired barrel shape, and let down to the elbow. Muscular hindquarters which he put to good use to drive around the ring, a tad close going away, lovely and clean in his front action. Shown in a coat of good curl and texture. Well shown by his handler

Limit Dog (3,1)

1. Mr Duckmanton - Cuboglach Sandy Wave

Appealing dog, who is coming up 2 years of age, gives the impression of strength, yet workmanlike. When stood presents a balanced outline, with a lovely flow from nose to tail. He has a pleasing masculine head, with the desired strength, and proportionate in ratio. Maturing nicely through the body as he holds a firm level topline both stood and on the move, with a good ribcage and ribs are carried well back. Standing on well boned limbs and large round feet. Strong hindquarters which were used to drive around the ring, his action fore and aft were positive, body shape held in profile, with a slight roll. Beautifully presented in coat of good texture and curl - RBD

2. Mr Roberts - Tsar Of Dee

5 year old dog from a slightly smaller mould, but still having lovely balance in his proportions and strength all through. Stronger masculine head, with good depth and width to the foreface, nicely domed backskull, long low set ears to frame the face. Strong neck into a firm well held topline, falls away a fraction at the croup. Lovely depth to the ribcage and shows the barrel rib, reaching down to the elbow. Nicely angulated hindquarters, with low set hocks. A free mover, just a shade close behind today. Well presented in good coat

Open Dog (2,1)

1. Mrs & Miss Busby - Sh Ch Stanegate Leading Role At Zakby JW

Super quality 5 year old dog, on the stack he is impressive and upstanding. Thought him to be typical in outline and sound in construction, all giving a shapely silhouette. His head is masculine, with strength but not overdone, gently chiselled to add a touch of refinement. Eyes tone well with coat colour, loose curls of the well formed top knot, all giving an aloof yet clownish expression. Lovely depth to the brisket, well developed in forechest, and correct spring to the ribcage to give the barrel shape. Standing on well boned limbs and large round feet. He holds a lovely firm level topline both stood and on the move, with an ever-wagging tail. Strong hindquarters, with a good bend of stifle and low set hocks. Moving with a lovely parallel driving action from the rear. Shown in coat with a crisp curl, and expertly handled. Today had to settle for RBIS as he could not match the verve of the bitch on the move – BD & RBIS & BOS

Veteran Dog (0,0)

Special Working Dog (1,0)

1. Ms Hampstead - Cuvana Quills Precious Gift

So much to admire on this 4 year old dog, and very close up for top honours. He has an impressive strong and compact outline. Showing lovely body lines with the desired strength throughout. He has a handsome head, with a good length to the foreface, dark almond eyes to give a gentle expression. Lovely depth and width to the ribcage, with a well developed forechest. Good strong boned limbs. Topline is firm and level, with the ribs carried well back and short strong loin. Muscular hindquarters with a good bend to the stifle. A joy to watch move in profile, just a little untidy behind today. Presented with a coat of crisp curls

Good Citizen Dog (0,0)

Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1. Davey - Santarocco Derry

Oh my, what a sweetie, at just 6 months of age, she showed like a trooper. Still a lot of growing and maturing to do as you would expect, but it is all there. She has a pleasing and compact outline. Her head is nicely balanced, showing the right amount of strength, eyes needing time to darken. Good length of neck flowing into a well held topline and tail set. Brisket is showing good depth for her age, with the ribs well back to a short loin. On the move holding her outline and showing good drive. Coat still in the puppy phase at the moment – BPB & RBPIS

Junior Bitch (5,2)

1. Mrs Foody - Lospith Storms Over At Cairtella

16 month old bitch, who has lovely strength through the body. Feminine head, with balanced backskull to foreface, nicely domed and good width and depth to the muzzle. Strong neck, firm and level topline when stood. Liked her for her depth and spring of ribs which have the barrel shape leading to a strong loin. Moderate in her hindquarters, with low set hocks. On the move showed good drive, just tending to lose her topline a fraction. Shown in good coat and condition

2. Ms Hempstead - Scrumpy Dabinett At Cuvana

Happy 15 month old bitch, who at present has a little more range to her outline. Liked her overall shape and balance, just needing time to fill her frame. Pleasing head shape, nicely domed backskull with proportionate foreface. Good length of neck, flowing into a firm topline. Needing time to develop through the body. Excels in rear assembly, with a good bend of stifle. Moving out soundly

3. Mr & Mrs Williamson - Finchsmill Secret Surprise

Special Beginners Bitch (3,0)

1. Mr McBurnie - Weemaes Happy Ever After

Smart and very feminine 3 year old bitch, not a big girl, but everything is in proportion and showing good breed type. When stood shows to be compact and strong, but no mistaking her femininity. Balanced head piece, with a well shaped eye and colour toning, her long low set ears framing her face nicely. Strong neck into a firm topline, lovely barrel ribcage and well developed forechest. She stands on well boned limbs and large round feet. Carrying a dense coat of crisp curls and ringlets. Moving out with good drive

2. Miss Douglas - Daffydown Dilly

Liked the overall shape and size of this 2 year old bitch, she presents a pleasing compact outline on the stack. Her head has a good dome to the back skull and with desired strength to the foreface, eyes a little round and light, ears well placed and of good length. Her body has good depth, just needing to finish in the ribcage. Strong hindquarters, and nice and short hock to heel. On the move positive and true, well handled. Correct coat texture and curl

3. Mrs Taylor - Springbank Life

Novice Bitch (3,0)

1. M Hempstead - Shimmering Brooke At Cuvana

Such a happy and outgoing 16 month old bitch, looking a fraction longer in body at present but still needing to fill her frame a little more yet. Loved her happy go lucky demeanour. Her head has strength, but still feminine, with a good eye shape and colour, good dome to the backskull and low set ears, giving her an intelligent but fun loving expression. Holding a firm level topline both stood and on the move. Enough bone and substance. A free and positive mover, showing good drive.

2. Mrs Taylor - Springbank Life

3 year old, who didn’t seem to want to show herself off to advantage today. Having a slightly smaller frame than winner, she is compact in her outline. Balanced feminine head, good length of neck, chest down to the elbow with a good spring to the ribcage. Holding a firm topline stood and moving. Moderate hindquarters and low set hocks. Moved soundly. Curls in the coat a little more open.

3. Davey - Santarocco Derry

Post Graduate Bitch (5,1)

1. Mr McBurnie - Weemaes Happy Ever After

Repeat SBB

2. Miss Douglas - Daffydown Dilly

Repeat SBB

3. Mrs Bannister - Ta An Neifinn At Banysun

4. Mrs Foody - Kendenny Louisa At Cairtela

Limit Bitch (2,1)

1. Mr & Mrs McCallum - Weemaes All About Eve

Balanced and unexaggerated 3 year old bitch. Liked her compact outline and happy demeanour. Proportionate in her head ratios and very feminine, with an alert and kind expression. Good length to the ear leathers to frame the face. Moderate and harmonious in her angulation, well boned limbs onto large round feet. She held her topline when stood. Good spring to the ribcage and depth to the brisket. Strong rear assembly in good muscle tone. Moving well fore and aft, just tending to lose her topline on the move today. Well presented in good coat

Open Bitch (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Bradley - Sh Ch Stanegate Stage Debut (AI)

Beautiful and upstanding 3 year old bitch, so full of breed type and oozes quality. She shows herself off with confidence and style, working so well with her handler to give that elusive sparkle to take her to the top spot today. She has lovely balance of outline, with correct body proportions and unexaggerated symmetry. Her head is feminine but with strength, strong neck flowing into well placed shoulders and into a firm level topline. The chest is well let down, with a good development of forechest, and the correct barrel shape to the ribs, with a short strong loin. Muscular hindquarters, with ample width of thigh and a good bend of stifle. She is a powerful mover, with correct footfall fore and aft whilst holding her outline. Presented with a dense coat of tight crisp curls. Delighted to award her BB & BIS

2. Mrs Rance - Blue Jewel’s Edian At Mayfred

Another typey bitch, with much to admire. Liked her overall shape, size, and femininity. She has an appealing head, with feminine strength. Good length of neck with slight arch, holding a firm topline, maturing nicely through the body. Strong hindquarters with a good width of thigh and well turned stifle, short hock to heel. Moving with good drive, today not quite as clean as winner in her action. Presented in crisp curled coat

Special Working Bitch (1,0)

1. Ms Hempstead - Riverforest Irish Eider At Cuvana

Fell for this 7 year old bitch, who has lovely body lines showing her to be compact and balanced in her silhouette when stood. So very feminine but with the desired strength all through. Loved her happy go lucky attitude, and the partnership she has with her handler. She has such a gentle expression from those dark almond shaped eyes. Lovely flow from nose to tail, hold a firm topline, deep in brisket with the correct barrel shape to the ribcage. Well boned limbs onto large round feet. Strong and muscular hindquarters, which she used to good effect to drive around the ring with good reach and drive, whilst showing the typical slight roll. Presented with in good coat. Pleased to award her RBB

Good Citizen Bitch (1,0)

1. Mr McBurnie - Weemaes Happy Ever After

Repeat SBB