• Show Date: 27/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/09/2023

Horley & District Show Society

Horley & District Show Society

Open Show

Sunday 27th August 2023

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge at this lovely friendly show. The weather was kind, we had large rings, lovely stewards and a nice atmosphere around the ring. A huge thank you to all of the exhibitors for the pleasure of you lovely dogs.

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Mrs Marshall - Soufriere Paserelle Bateau

2 year old tri dog, thought him just right for size and balance. He has good substance all through but not overdone. Masculine head, with good length to the foreface, with expressive large dark eyes. Strong neck of good length flowing into a firm and level topline, well developed in the ribcage and a forechest. Standing on well boned limbs. Moving out cleanly in all directions, not quite the animation of his kennel mate today - RBOB

2. Mrs Weymouth - Soufriere Tourbillion At Woolybassets

Litter sister to winner, and maturing nicely, and today pushed him hard. She has a lovely head, pretty and well furnished. Neck of good length and now starting to mature through the body. Tending to lose her topline fractionally. Moderate hindquarters and well muscled. Well shown, and presented in a flat but rough jacket.

Open (1,0)

1. Mrs Marshall - Soufriere One Vision JW

Lovely 5 year old bitch, in full bloom and maturity. Presenting a balance and proportionate outline when stood. Today being a typical hound, with irresistible smells on the ground! Most feminine head, where the skull is nicely domed, and she has a good length to the foreface, large dark eyes and low set fine leather to frame the face. She has a flow from nose to tail, holding a firm topline and well set on tail. Well bodied all through, with nicely boned legs. Showing good drive on the move - BOB

Basset Hound - Thank you to the Basset Hound Club for the supported entry.

Puppy (1,0)

1. Mrs Grey - Forever Long Ears Love At First Sight At Bassoto (Imp Hun)

Delightful 10 month old tri bitch, with lots to like and with nothing overdone. Her head is nicely balanced, a tight dark eye with a hint of mischief, low set fine leathers of good length. Good length of neck, and well developed through the body for her age, with a good forechest and deep in brisket, just needing to settle into her frame as she is a little loose in her topline at times. Well boned limbs onto knuckled feet. Positive and true on the move - BP

Junior (1,0)

1. Mrs Cooper - Houndsbay Vito Andolini

Lovely outline to this tri dog, who has just had his first birthday. And what a birthday it must have been as the owner advised of a traumatic incident for him. But in true hound style he has bounced back and will soon be on fine form again. When stood he gives the impression of strength all through. Masculine head, which is well proportioned, well developed in flew, supple skin, with a dark eye giving a laid back expression. He stands on well boned limbs and has strength through the body, with a deep brisket and strong ‘hammy’ quarters and well set on and carried tail. True in his action, just not as fluid today

Post Graduate (3,0)

1. Mrs Bates - Diheath Pyjama At Karames

Impressive tri dog coming up 4 years of age, showing lots of character. Solid and strong, with a smart outline. He presents a balanced picture when stood. Liked his masculine head, which shows a good length to the foreface, slight stop and deep in the flew with a good length to the leathers. Strong and muscular neck, neat front with a well developed forechest, and well rounded ribcage. He holds a firm topline both stood and on the move. Moving out soundly

2. Mrs Saunders - Beckshounds Luminara JW

Black blanket tri bitch, just shy of her 2nd birthday. Liked her overall size and balance. Feminine head, with almost parallel planes, a clean dark eye, fine long leathers and well developed flews. Strong neck, good keel, well boned limbs onto well knuckled feet, and nicely rounded ribcage. A little soft in her topline today, but moving out with good drive.

3. Mrs McLean - Switherland Gabriella At Stookewood

Open (4,0)

1. Mr Grey - Quantas-Napoca Olaf (Imp Rom)

Smart and strong 2 year old tri dog. Gives the immediate impression of strength and substance when stood, presenting a balanced picture with good overall length and clearance. Masculine and houndy head with pleasing proportions, dark well shaped eye giving a placid expression. Strong neck cleanly flowing into a firm and level topline and good tail carriage. Deep in brisket, with ribs carried well back and well developed in forechest. Stands on strongly boned limbs and well knuckled feet. Hindquarters show a well rounded rear. Precise and true in his movement, if a bit stubborn at times! Shortlisted in a very large group well done - BOB.

2. Mrs Saunders - Wellsbayview Sorrento

Mature and solid 4 year old tri dog. Liked his overall size and substance, and the typical outline he shows when stood. A little unsettled today, as he was rather ‘love-sick’ for a very nice smelling girl! Masculine head, nearly parallel planes, Slight stop, good clean dark expressive eyes, flews show depth and with fine long leathers. Well built forequarters, long and strong neck, holding a firm topline, well off for bone and good feet. Showed good drive, just a little erratic, down to his state of mind! - RBOB

3. Mrs McLean - Switherland Final Chase A Stookewood


Lovely entry, thank you.

Puppy (1,0)

1. Mrs Bates - Marksbury Rockerfella At Karames

Delightful 10 month old B&T dog. Showing good strength and depth through the body. Pleasing head, with good length and lean all through, backskull and foreface have parallel planes with a nicely squared flew. Good length of neck flowing into a firm topline. Lovely depth to the brisket and well developed forechest, short coupled. Stands on well boned limbs, feet needing to tighten a little more. Moved out with purpose, just a little loose behind at present. – BP

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Burnside & Manley - Houndseeker Dragonfly

Lots to like about this 13 month old red bitch. Her outline is very feminine but retains the desired strength. She has an appealing head, with the correct planes, and good overall length. Well pronounced occipital protuberance, ears long and low set, with a thoughtful dark eye. Deep in the body with the chest well let down and ribs nicely sprung. Topline was firm both standing and on the move. Strong hindquarters showing off her drive - RBOB.

2. Mr Prior - Houndseeker Dauntless

Litter brother to winner, with many of the same qualities, but today not settled on the move. Liked his overall balance and shape when stacked, and starting to fill his well boned frame. Long and lean yet masculine head. Showing good proportions, deep in the flews and nicely squared off. Limbs show good round bone. Chest is well let down and his topline is firm. Wide quarters, providing a bit of a challenge for his handler on the move.

Open (1,0)

1. Burnside & Manley - Blistatelnaya Xenia Iz Doma Markovyh At Houndseeker (imp Rus)

Solid, shapely and functional 2 year old B&T bitch. Presenting a very smart outline when stood, strong, workmanlike and standing over plenty of ground. Liked her balanced head piece with the desired narrowness, and good depth, with a clean dark eye. Strong neck of good length flowing seamlessly into a firm topline, strength and substance through the body. Good rounded bone and well knuckled feet. Pleasing width of thigh and in good muscle tone. She has a lovely profile movement, striding out well, today a little untidy behind, but a good head and tail carriage - BOB.


Puppy (1,0)

1. Finnett & Heathcote - Hyndsight Wicked Game

8 month old grey brindle bitch, a little unsure to start with, but soon settled in her job. Liked her outline when stood, and of a nice overall size with good substance. Feminine head, nicely tapering, dark eye with a gentle expression. Good length of neck, enough depth for her age and a nice arch to the loin. Strong and wide hindquarters of good length. Moving true in the rear, a little loose in front today. Jacket of a harsh texture

Junior (1,0)

1. Finnett & Heathcote - Antonius Vertragus The Mara River (Imp Fra)

9 month old bitch, another who just needs to settle a little more to see her at her best. Liked her overall size, substance and femininity. Pretty and balanced head piece, long and tapering, neat ears and she has such an endearing expression from those dark eyes. Still needing to finish dropping into herself, standing on well boned limbs. Showing the correct topline. Wide and strong quarters. On the move is where she showed herself off to advantage, so light on her feet and showing positive footfall - BP.

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Spring-Arnold - Hyndsight Only In My Dreams

Upstanding and shapely 2 year old grey brindle bitch. She presents a strong yet elegant outline. A flowing profile giving the desired silhouette. Balanced head, of good length, fairly flat backskull, slight stop and well furnished to give a kind expression. Long arched neck flowing seamlessly into her topline which was well held with a slight arch to the loin. Chest deep with a good underline. Hindquarters show a good fall away, wide and muscular thighs with a well bent stifle. Had her silly head on at times on the move, but once settled showed free and positive movement. Presented in a good harsh textured coat – BOB.

2. Finnett & Heathcote - Antonius Vertragus The Rift Valley (Imp Fra)

Much to admire, but very raw 8 month old dog, just needing time. Today more settled on the move than when stacked, but you can see the shape is there to come. Pleasing head, good length, neat ears, and a dark eye. Good length of neck, still needing to mature and drop in body. Stands on good flat boned limbs. He moved out purposefully and showed drive.

Open (1,0)

1. Finnett & Heathcote - Hyndsight Go your Own Way

Quite taken with this 20 month old grey brindle bitch, as she presents a shapely outline. She has an appealing head, so very feminine and gentle in her expression. Strong muscular neck, with a deep brisket, having a good topline and underline, with a fall away to the tail. Powerful mover, yet light on her feet, covering the ground freely – RBOB – winning the hound RBOB group.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Puppy (2,1)

1. Mr Wood - Nyleve’s Nancy

What a little poppet this just 6 month old well broken blenheim bitch is. Loved her outgoing personality and full of beans. For her tender age, she presents a pleasing and shapely outline. Pretty feminine head, large dark eyes, nicely cushioned muzzle. Good length of neck flowing into a firm topline. Harmonious angulation fore and aft. Moving out so soundly for one so young, at present tending to carry her tail a fraction higher. - BP

Junior (2,0)

1. Mrs Cobbets - Cobbets Cameo Peach With Kassan

Shapely silhouette to this 17 month old Blenheim bitch, she typical in her outline and sound in her construction. Being just right for size and balance. So very feminine all through. Lovely head, with a nearly flat skull, high set and long ears that frame her face. Her dark eyes giving such a gentle expression. Well developed through the body, with a good spring to the ribcage, holding a firm topline and short in her couplings. Well set on and carried tail, which was ever wagging. Elegant and true on the move, and presented in a beautiful jacket. BOB & GP3

2. Mrs Wood - Wirewoods Ida Dunit

Well presented 16 month old ruby bitch. Another that shows herself off with confidence and style. She has a lovely flow when stood, so happy and outgoing. Sweet expression from her large dark eyes. Not quite the body of winner as yet, holds a lovely firm topline, a fraction longer in loin. Holding her outline on the move, well presented and handled - RBOB.

Post Graduate (3,2)

1. Miss Morrison - Ynyspfeil Highland Heather of Lewisisle

2 year old B&T bitch, who is of a nice overall size and is compact in her outline. Today carrying a little too much condition which made her look short of neck. Well bodied, with a good spring to the ribcage, well developed in forechest and short in loin. Moving out steadily keeping her topline firm. Shown in full coat.

Open (3,2)

1. Miss Morrison - Lewisisle Highland Betsy

6 year old B&T bitch with plenty of ‘joie de vivre’. A happy showgirl who is of a pleasing overall size and femininity. Not quite the balance of the winners, a fraction longer in loin. Pretty feminine head, lovely dark eyes, and pigmentation giving a soft expression. Deep in brisket and showing a good spring of rib, a little loose in topline today. Moved out with elegance and drive. Presented in good coat.

Griffon Bruxellois

Open (1,0)

1. Miss Swinge - Balthazar Supersonic

Smart and cobby 3 year old rough coated red dog. Who gives a pleasing square outline when stacked. Masculine head, with a nicely rounded backskull, good stop, wide nostrils with a good turn up. Loved his alert and cheeky expression from those dark round eyes. Well developed in the body, ribs well sprung, firm topline both stood and on the move. Liked his hindquarters, wide in the thigh with a good bend of stifle, which enabled him to drive around the ring - BOB.