• Show Date: 26/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/08/2023

North Riding Gundog Club

North Riding Gundog Club

Open Show

Saturday 26th August 2023

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge at this lovely friendly show. The weather was kind for most of the day until it came to the BIS, the heavens opened and thunder rumbling around the sky. A huge thank you to all of the exhibitors for the pleasure of you lovely dogs.

Irish Water Spaniels

Open (2,0)

1. C Foody - Kendenner Louisa At Cairteila

Smart 2 year old bitch who displays a compact outline, with the desired substance but retaining her femininity. Pleasing head, showing good length to the foreface, toning almond shaped eye and well developed topknot. Lovely depth and spring of rib, with a firm topline and strong loin. Well developed in her hindquarters, having a good width of thigh and well bent stifle. Good curl to the coat. Moving out with drive covering the ground well - BOB

2. Hackett & Williams - Woodrock’s Marla Mable At Foulby

Delightful and full of beans 13 month old bitch. She has a lovely outline, just needing time to finish filling her frame, but it is all there. Feminine head, eye starting to darken, having an up to mischief expression. Good length of neck, flowing into a firm level topline. Nicely angulated fore and aft, short hock to heel. Striding out well with the odd bounce for good measure.

Italian Spinone

Open (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Wagh - Sh Ch Prottino Del Vera By Dewdhala

Loved the square outline to this 6 year old w/o bitch, so proportionate and balanced. She gives the impression of being robust and having strength all through. Feminine head, with the correct planes, and eyes toning well with coat colour. Strong muscular neck, super depth, and development of forechest, correct topline and underline. Wide quarters, and short hock to heel. Moving on an easy stride, and well presented - BOB.

2. V Glazik - Ellisbell Piaggio

21 month old w/o dog, he is all male, just looking a little raw at present as he need to finish filling his frame. Masculine head, with the most endearing expression. Strong neck, Chest is well let down, not the fill in of forechest of winner. Holding the correct outline both stood and on the move. Once he got into his stride showed a free and easy gait, a touch close behind today.

AV Minor Puppy

1. Walker & Roberts - Gloi Dubh Lady Muck (Flatcoat)

Repeat BPIS3

2. Mr & Mrs Robson - Kalimor Washington At Robricci (Weim)

Much to like on this 6 month old Weimaraner dog, showing good overall balance with the right amount of substance and bone. He has the correct body proportions and just right for his age. Pleasing head, with a good length to the foreface. Clean neck of good length flowing into a firm topline. Nicely angulated hindquarters with a good width of thigh. Moving out well with his handler

3. Mr McMurdo - Ceiloch Express (GSP)

AV Puppy

1. Mr & Mrs Robson - Kalimor Washington At Robricci (Weim)

repeat Minor Puppy

2. Hardcastle & Bradley - Castledogley Firenze (Viz)

Lovely size and shape to this 10 month old Vizsla bitch, unfortunately feeling the cold a little today. Balanced and feminine head, expressive oval eyes. Good length of neck, chest is well let down. When settled held her topline firm. Strong hindquarters which she used to drive around the ring, just needing to finish tightening in front a little more.

AV Champion

1. Ms Bradley - Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany By Highforce JW ShCM ShCEC VW (Viz)

Repeat BVIS

2. Mr & Mrs McMahon - Ir Sh Ch Silverkelvin Jupiter Over Magdala CW22 (Weim)

Upstanding and robust stallion of a dog, at 5 years old at full maturity and looked a picture on the stack. Nicely balanced aristocratic head piece, correct shape and colour to the eyes. Long and strong neck, well developed in forechest and ribs carried well back. Wide quarters in good muscle tone. Moved out purposefully.

AV Brace

1. Mrs Smith - Labrador

A pair of yellow Labrador dogs, of differing ages, one just a puppy and the other mature adult, but it was the puppy who behaved! Both with good breed type, and providing the entertainment on the move.

AV Bred by Exhibitor Open

1. Ms Bradley - Highforce All or Nothing JW (Viz)

repeat BIS3.

2. Mr & Mrs Barker - Barkersdream Who Dares Wins (GSP)

Striking and shapely 2 year old L&W GSP bitch, who presents lovely body lines when stood. Very feminine all through. She has a sweet head and kind expression. Good length of neck with a lovely flow to a firm topline and well set on tail. Well developed through the body. Moving out true and with purpose. Shown in good coat with coarse texture.

3. Ms Vallance - Rowanmyle Was A Skellum (Eng Setter)

AV Not Bred by Exhibitor Open

1. Mr & Mrs McMahon - Ir Sh Ch Silverkelvin Jupiter Over Magdala CW22 (Weim)

Repeat AV Champion

2. K Vallance - Glencarron Second Edition To Corcencone (I Setter)

17 month old Irish Setter bitch, racy and elegant in her outline, still needing to finish maturing as you would expect. She has a long and lean head, dark eye under her expressive raised eyebrows giving a soft and gentle expression. Good length of neck, enough depth for her age, correct slightly sloping topline, with a good bend of stifle but not overdone. Graceful on the move. Well presented and handled.

3. J Pickering - Wymeswold Verdejo At Greencourt (Clumber)

AV Members Puppy Stakes

1. Mrs & Miss Sloane - Ferasheen Pop The Champers (I Setter)

Pleasing outline on this 10 month old Irish Setter bitch, She is shapely and racy and presents a balanced picture. Feminine head, long and lean, with a good length to the foreface. Kind dark expressive eyes. Long clean neck flowing into a well held topline. Enough depth, good hindquarters. Flowing on the move, just needing to finish tightening in front. Flat rich chestnut coat.

2. Mr & Mrs Geary - Wesley Vom Alte Wald At Germanus (GWP)

Another very nice youngster, 7 months old B&W GWP, who was showing himself off well. Presenting a smart outline on the stack. Liked his balanced head, well-proportioned backskull to foreface. Clean neck into a firm topline and standing on nicely boned limbs. Presented in a good harsh jacket. Showing good drive

3. Mrs Mason - Heartbury Tormenta Over Nosam (Pointer)

AV Members Post Graduate Stakes

1. K Vallance - Glencarron Second Edition To Corcencone (I Setter)

repeat AV Not bred by exhibitor

2. C Smith - Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse (Lab)

13 month old black Labrador bitch, not a big girl, but well proportioned and balanced. Pretty head, with a good width to the backskull, good stop and nicely finished foreface. Her dark eyes give a kind expression. Strong neck, flowing into a firm topline, well developed ribcage. Wide and hammy thighs. Moving with positive footfall and carrying her otter tail correctly

3. L Reid - Keigame Signe (GSP)

AV Member Open Stakes

1. Mr & Mrs McMahon - Ir Sh Ch Silverkelvin Jupiter Over Magdala CW22 (Weim)

repeat AV Not bred by exhibitor.

2. A Snook - Dalreavoch Northern Caper (E Setter)

Lovley 5 year old Blue belton dog, shown in full bloom, nicely balanced, masculine with a hint of elegance. Most handsome head, nice oval shape to the backskull, and length to the foreface, with dark gentle eyes. Long neck with the slight arch, good depth to the brisket, holding a firm and level topline both stood and on the move. Moving with reach and drive and lashing tail. Well presented and handled.

3. Mr & Mrs Barker - Barkersdream Who Dares Wins (GSP)

Best in Show

Mr & Mrs Mann - Sh Ch Elfrindew Endrick To Valger (GSP)

Super L&W 4 year old GSP dog, he displays a beautiful silhouette when stood, and stands over plenty of ground. Just right for size and balance, showing robustness and the air of nobility. Distinguished head, clean cut and proportionate, with a lovely soft and gentle eye. Flowing from nose to tail, his body is well developed, and holds a firm topline. Harmonious angulation fore and aft and showing in super muscle tone. Moving fluidly around the ring with positive and true foot placement. Delighted to award him BIS.

Reserve Best In Show

Miss E Chandler - Elazlan Tribal Craft JW (ESS)

Stylish 19 month old B&W ESS dog who looked a picture on the stack, despite being rather soggy from the heavy downpour. He has a lovely flow to him, plenty of substance but with the desired hint of elegance. He has an appealing head, dark eyes with melting expression, nicely chiselled and long low set ears to frame his face. Good length of neck, firm in topline, and deep in brisket. Moving in harmony with his handler to show off his precise footfall. Shown in full bloom.


Ms E Bradley - Highforce All Or Nothing JW (HV)

Aristocratic and noble looking 2 year old Vizsla dog, who stands foursquare, and is all male. He is well balanced, with smooth and clean lines and nothing overdone, everything in moderation. He has a lovely demeanour, keen and alert and a willingness to please his handler. He has a classic head, with a toning eye. Good length of neck, flowing into a firm well held topline, deep in brisket showing a prominent breastbone. Ribs carried well back to strong hindquarters, which he used to drive around the ring.


Mrs C Smith - Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW OSW (Lab)

Upstanding and mature 4 year old yellow Labrador dog, who shows himself off to advantage with a fun loving attitude and full of character. Liked him for his size, substance, and masculinity, not being overdone in anyway. Balance head shape, with good length to the foreface, and strength to the backskull. His dark eyes give a kind expression with a hint of mischief. Well developed through the body with the correct barrel ribcage, well boned limbs and firm topline. Strong, wide quarters and low set hocks give him the propulsion from the rear to drive around the ring.

Best Puppy In Show

Mrs Morris - Mycalleys Sirocco (Am Cocker)

Delightful Black & Tan American Cocker dog puppy, who I understand was at his first show at 6 months of age. Standing and showing himself off like an old pro. Quality head, with a nice rounding to the backskull, and plushness to the muzzle, his dark full eyes giving such a gentle expression. Good length of neck, well bodied for his age, hold a slightly sloping topline both stood and on the move with a well set on and carried tail. At this point in proceedings it had been raining a while so his pristine coat now rather soggy. He strode out with style on the move, with a ground covering action.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Ms E Charlish - Gunalt The Hangover (Weim)

Very smart 8 month old Weimaraner dog, another who caught my eye for his clean lines and breed type. He has a lovely flow, with the desired strength but also an aristocratic look about him. Balanced head, of good length and correct eye shape and colour. Clean neck flowing into his firm level topline and well set on tail. Good depth to the brisket and development of forechest, and a ribcage carried well back. Well boned limbs and hammy hindquarters, showing width and a good bend of stifle. Precise and powerful movement


Walker & Roberts - Gloi Dubh Lady Muck (Flatcoat)

Delightful 8 month old black bitch, and very together for her age. Showing herself off and enjoying every second of it. When stood shows lovely balance and proportions. Feminine one piece head, of good length with a kind dark eye. Nicely developed through the body, with the chest down to the elbow and enough forechest. Hammy hindquarters, which she put to good use on the move, to drive around the ring.


Mrs & Miss Sloane - Ferasheen Hot Proper Tea (Irish Setter)

Impressive 10 month old Irish Setter dog, with substance yet retaining his raciness. He has a ring presence and showed well for his handler. Handsome head, which shows balance and to be well proportioned. Good length of neck, chest is well let down with the ribs carried well back. Holding a slightly sloping topline both stood and on the move. Moved with enthusiasm and pizzazz. Presented in a lovely rich chestnut coat.

Best Veteran In Show

Ms E Bradley - Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany By Highforce JW ShCM ShCEX VW

No one has told this 9 year old Vizsla bitch that she is a veteran. She displays lovely balance and is full of breed type. Such a feminine head, noble, gaunt, and gentle in her expression. She has a flow to her outline, smooth and clean. Her neck flows into a firm topline, ribs are nicely sprung, and brisket well let down with the elbow close to the body. Standing on well boned limbs and neat arched feet. Well muscled hindquarters, with the hocks squarely set to the floor. On the move dog and handler are both in total harmony, covering the ground with ease.