• Show Date: 29/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Northern Cairn & West Highland White Terrier Club

The Northern Cairn & West Highland White Terrier Club

Saturday 29th July 2023

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge at this lovely show. A huge thank you to all the exhibitors for the pleasure of your lovely dogs, they are all a real credit to you, and for your patience, as it was a long wait to get into the ring. A very enjoyable afternoon, as what is not to love about this fun loving, charming and cheeky breed. The weather was generally kind to us, as it stayed dry, but was very blustery at times, which may have unsettled some of the dogs.

Puppy Dog (1,0)

1. INETT, Miss D H & HARRISON, Miss R A - Carradine Ayre Friar

What a lovely start to the day, just fell for this 9 month old red brindle dog puppy. He is so smart and full of character. When stood he presents a balanced picture, very alert and workmanlike. He has an appealing head, of good proportions, strength to the foreface, good stop, dark hazel eyes, and well placed ears give him a mischievous expression. Good length of neck flowing seamlessly into a firm level topline and finishing with a well set on and carried tail. Well developed in brisket and the ribs are well sprung. Liked his strong and wide quarters which he put to effective use on the move, which was free flowing and showing plenty of drive. Presented in a harsh jacket. Delighted to award him BD and ultimately BOB & RBIS

Junior Dog (3,2)


Loved the outline of this 16 month old wheaten brindle dog, smart and keen, and having a lovely flow from nose to tail. Pleasing head piece, which is well proportioned, slight rounding to the back skull, well placed small, neat ears, dark intelligent and intense expression. Clean neck of good length, chest is well let down and holding a firm topline. Good bend of stifle and width to the thighs. Holds his outline on the move in profile, today tending to toe in behind a little Beautifully presented but retaining a natural appearance, with a good coat texture.

Post Graduate Dog (1,0)

1. LUCAS, Miss Rosemary Carol - Seveek Country Lad

2 year old darker wheaten brindle dog, who carries himself well and never stopped showing for his handler. When stood his outline is a fraction longer in body. Well-proportioned head, with balance between back skull and foreface. He has such a kind and devoted expression, from his lovely dark eyes. Good length of neck, enough depth to the brisket, nicely sprung ribs, to a well carried tail. Losing his topline a fraction on the move today and not as tidy in front. Shown in good coat with a harsh texture, and good muscle tone.

Open Dog (4,1)

1. HIAM, Miss L - Carradine Arfa Pint JW

Keen and alert, red brindle dog coming up 2 years of age. Stacked he presents a workmanlike, balanced outline and he is full of character. Masculine head, showing a good width to the back skull, well defined stop, and strength to the foreface. Cheeky expression from his dark eyes and small erect ears, accentuated by his dark points. Well developed through the body, brisket down to the elbow and a nice spring to the ribcage. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move, with a well carried tail. Hindquarters have a nice sweep of stifle and width to the thighs enabling him to show drive around the ring. Coat of good texture and well presented – RBD


Impressive and masculine 2 year old cream dog, thought him to be sturdy and robust. Loved his alert expression, watching all going on around him. Pleasing head shape and proportions, neat small erect ears, dark eyes, good stop and well furnished. Flowing through his neck and topline which was held firm and level both stood and on the move. Well sprung ribcage with depth to the brisket. Today tending to pin in, in his front action, but shows lovely drive whilst holding his outline.

3. LAMB, Ms J & SALTMARSH, Mr B - Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon JW ShCM ShCEx OSW

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3,1)

Always a real pleasure to judge the veterans.

1. LAMB, Ms J & SALTMARSH, Mr B - Birselaw Dark Charmer For Macmoon Sh.CM VW

Charismatic and full of zest, 9 years young dark brindle dog, who showed his socks off today, and delighted to see him go BVIS. Not a big lad, but nicely balanced in his outline when stood, which he held on the move. Typical head, showing a little greying, but a youthful glint in his dark eyes. Lovely expression so keen and alert. Good length of neck, flowing into a firm topline. Liked his depth and spring to the ribcage. Well set on and constantly in use tail. Coat a little softer today, but well presented. Moving out well in all directions – BV & BVIS

2. SAICH, Miss A J - Lindcoly Sweetest Oreo

7 year old dark brindle bitch, who presents a neat outline on the stack. Liked her overall size and femininity. She is keen and alert to her handler. Just not quite as settled as winner, as she was tending to lose her topline. Feminine head, dark eyes and neat ears. Clean neck of good length, brisket well let down, with adequate bone. Well developed hindquarters and low set hocks. Moving out cleanly once settled.

Puppy Bitch (3,1)


10 month old wheaten brindle bitch, she had her silly head on, but so adorable for her fun loving nature. When stood, she presents a balanced outline with unexaggerated symmetry. Pleasing feminine head, with good ratios, slight rounding to the back skull, good stop, dark almond shape with a real cheeky glint. Neck blending well with a firm topline to a correctly set on tail. Nicely sprung ribcage with good depth and moderate hindquarters. Positive and true on the move. Presented in good coat of a harsh texture.

2. INETT, Miss D H & HARRISON, Miss R A - Carradine Picadd Lilly

Another cracking youngster, smart 10 month old red brindle bitch, keen and alert to her handler to show off her shapely outline. Good head and expression, clean neck of good length. Thought her to be well developed through the body, showing depth to the brisket and nicely formed fore chest. Standing on well boned limbs. Just tending to lose her topline a fraction today. Well set on and carried tail, her hindquarters show a good width of thigh and low set hocks. Moved with drive and clean in her action. Not quite the coat of winner today

3. WRIGHT, Mrs Gwynne - Brenndarcy Spellbinding for Glennmonte

Junior Bitch (5,1)

1. YATES-JOHNSON, Mrs J M - Pendley Sea Breeze

Loved this 16 month old red brindle bitch, thought her to be a very promising quality youngster, and one I seriously considered for top honours. She has a clean and shapely flow to her outline, yet retains the workmanlike and natural appearance. Lovely head, showing good balance and proportions, dark inquisitive eyes with well placed small ears. Her neck flows into a firm topline and well set on tail. Body has depth and a nice spring to the ribcage. Liked her hindquarters, showing a good bend of stifle and width of thigh. Held her outline on the move in profile, just a tad close behind today. Shown in good coat with a harsh texture.


Really pleasing cream brindle bitch 15 months old, but being a bit of a muppet today, so not as settled on the move. Lots to like on this youngster, she has a lovely head piece with good proportions, well defined stop, neat well placed ears, and a keen dark eye. A good length of neck flowing into a firmly held topline. Liked her depth of brisket and development of fore chest. Strong hindquarters, which she used to bounce and drive around the ring! When she did settle, showed true movement. Harsh textured double coat to finish the picture.

3. DENNIS, Miss S & WAITES, Mrs Alison - Svendalens Snow Drop

4. PARKIN, Mrs E R - Svendalens Dancing Queen

Post Graduate Bitch (1,1)

Open Bitch (5,1)

Lovely class, and could very easily change places on another day.

1. INETT, HARRISON, & BATEMAN, - Carradine Precious Pumpkin Pie

Impressive stature on this red brindle bitch, who is coming up 2 years of age. She is so very keen and alert, with a natural presence about her, so she shows herself off with confidence and style. Thought her just right for size and substance. When stood she shows to be well balanced and proportionate. Such a feminine head, good width to the back skull, well defined stop, correct length to the foreface. Her dark eyes and small ears give her a mischievous expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, with her front legs well underneath her. Good depth to the ribcage, and development of fore chest, firm in topline and correctly carried tail. Wide and muscular hindquarters which she used to drive around the ring, true fore and aft. Well presented in a harsh jacket – BB & BOS


Super red brindle bitch who is nearly 2 years of age. Thought she would be my winner, as she has such a lovely silhouette when stood. So typical in outline and sound in her construction. She has a lovely head and expression, and alert to her handler. Correct length of neck that flows seamlessly into her firm well held topline and bang on for tail carriage. She is well developed through the body, with good ribbing and a strong loin. Harmoniously angulated fore and aft. Strong rear, showing a good width of thigh and bend to the stifle. She positive in her footfall, but today seems to lack the elusive sparkle, which would have taken her to the top spot. Beautifully presented with a harsh jacket - RBB

3. SAICH, Miss A J - Lindcoly Ocean Dream

4. JOBLING, Mrs Moira - Ariom Full of Sass