• Show Date: 18/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lancashire Heeler Association

Vulnerable Native Breeds

Open Show

18th June 2023

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the officers and committee for the unique opportunity to judge at the first ever ‘Vulnerable Native Breeds’ open show. What a tremendous success, all the hard work certainly paid off. A huge thank you to the exhibitors for making it a great show, and for giving me the privileged opportunity to judge your beautiful dogs.


Special Yearling (1,1)

Open Dog (0,0)

Open Bitch (1,1)


Thank you to all the Harrier exhibitors for the lovely entry, and it was great to have the opportunity to talk about the breed afterwards. I look forward to learning more.

Puppy (0,0)

Junior (1,0)

1. Miss Agache - Evforce Leelou Lina

17 month old red & white bitch, who took a little time to settle, so not showing herself off to advantage. She is of a medium size, with good overall proportions. Feminine head, with a good length to the foreface, neat in the flews, and a gentle expression from her dark oval eyes. Good length of neck into a firm well held topline, lovely depth to the brisket and the ribs are well sprung. Liked her strong and muscular hindquarters. Moved with a positive footfall.

Limit (5,0)

1. Miss Farrar - Henissy Farthing

Smart 3 year old lemon & white bitch. She is from a slightly large mould, but so very balanced, fit and muscular. She has a proportionate clean cut feminine head, long and tapering, expressive eyebrows, lovely dark oval eyes. Good length of neck, deep in the brisket and well filled in forechest. Nicely boned limbs, with short pasterns and a tight cat foot. Her topline was held stood and on the move. Hindquarters show a good width of thigh and firm. She moves out purposefully, a fraction wider in front, parallel behind with good drive.

2. Miss Agache - Evforce La Vie En Rose

Lovley shape and size to this 2 year old tri bitch, she has an impressive outline when stood, compact and sturdy. Pleasing head piece moderate width to the backskull, good length to the foreface and clean fitting flews. Her raised eyebrows and dark eyes give a gentle and mischievous expression. Clean neck of good length, chest well let down, well boned, firm topline, more moderate in her rear angulation, in super hard condition. She has a good side gait, tending to pin in in-front today.

3. Mr & Mrs Bassford-Lane - Henissy Farleywater With Jojalane

Open (5,0)

1. Miss Farrar - Henissy Fancy

Loved the balance of this 3 year old lemon & white bitch, who is sister to the winner of limit. She is of the larger type, but so very well balanced. She is compact and shapely and looked a picture on the stack, so proportionate and functional. She has a quality head, clean cut and of good length, slight stop, dark eyes and pigmentation, and high set ears framing her face. Strong muscular neck flowing into a firm well held topline, and correct set on of tail. She has lovely depth to the brisket and spring to the ribcage, ribs are carried well back. Strong hindquarters with a well bent stifle and width to the thighs. Her movement was precise and powerful - BOB.

2. Miss Farrar - Frenzy At Henissy

Hard to believe that this tri bitch is 9 years old, so keen, alert and game for anything! Liked her overall size and proportions, she is sturdy without being overdone, with a shapely, but workmanlike outline. Balanced feminine head, nicely tapering, and her dark eyes show her lively demeanour. She is well developed through the body, with a deep brisket and firm topline. Well boned legs onto tight feet. She moves with enthusiasm, and good footfall, winning her place over a nice dog.

3. Miss Agache - Ross Demon For Enforce WW

King Charles Spaniel

Puppy (2,1)

1. Kendall - Headra Edith

This just 7 month old tri bitch stole my heart, she is simply adorable. She is such a wriggle bum with her tail forever wagging. Lovely head, with a good dome to the backskull, dark large eyes, well cushioned flews. Good length of neck, still needing to develop through the body, with a good bend to the stifles. Her wiggling settles on the move to show a good level topline, and lovely drive BP.

Junior (4,3)

1. Bowles-Robinson - Tom Des Trois Maillets Baldragon (imp fra)

Loved the compact and cobby outline to this 14 month old well broken Blenheim dog. He needs to gain a little more confidence to show himself off to his full potential. Nice domed backskull, large well placed eyes, low set ears, but all still needing to finish. Well developed in brisket and fill in of forechest showing a good spring to the ribcage. Liked his hindquarters they have a width of thigh and good bend of stifle. Settled on the move, clean in his action, holding a firm topline. Shown in good coat and condition - RBOB.

Post Graduate (8,5)

1. Kendall - Cofton Tap Dance

Happy and outgoing lightly marked 2 year old tri dog. Liked the overall make and shape of this dog, he is refined and compact. He has the most appealing expression, lovely dark mischievous eyes, good rise and dome to the skull. Not quite the maturity through the body of winners. Moving out well, with enthusiasm and pizzazz

2. Mrs Abbott - Helmajon Rhapsody In Blue

22 month old tri dog, with much to admire. Masculine head, well shaped backskull and has cushioned flews, lovely dark eyes, and low set ears. Strong neck, good depth and width in front, good length to the ribcage, just a little longer in loin. Standing on nicely boned limbs, with good rear angulation. Happy mover showing good drive.

3. Mrs Abbott - Helmajon Clara’s Romance

Open (7,4)

1. Bowles-Robinson - Ch Baldragon Shoots He Scores

Beautiful, well broken 2 year old tri dog, who looked an absolute picture on the stack. He is impressive in this stature and commands attention. Loved his size, substance and masculinity. He is very nice to go over, one part flowing into the next. His head is handsome, showing a good dome, well cushioned, large dark eyes, and long low set ears framing his face. Well developed through the body, with depth and spring to the ribcage, to give a cobby outline. Liked his balanced angulation fore and aft. Such a true mover in all directions, whilst holding his outline. Shown in full bloom and lovely presentation. - BOB

2. Arundel & Southam - Chacombe Fin

Another lovely dog, and very close up for the awards. 4 year old well broken tri dog. He stands four square and shows to be compact and well balanced, with masculine refinement. He has a pleasing handsome head, nicely domed skull, well cushioned and large open nostrils. He has a good flow from nose to tail, neck having a slight arch, firm level topline. Lovely depth and fill in of forechest, strong hindquarters. Lovely profile movement, today losing out as not as tidy behind, but liked him very much.

3. Mrs Abbott - Cofton Reach For The Stars

Veteran (0,0)

Field Spaniels

Puppy (4,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Holgate - Nadavin Neala

Delightful 8 month old black bitch, thought she was very well balanced for her age. She has an impressive outline with lovely body lines. Her head is so feminine, with a noble air, well proportioned, good length and strength to the foreface, expressive eyebrows and lovely dark almond kind eyes. Clean neck of good length flowing into a firm well held topline. Lovely depth, and spring to the ribcage, moderate hindquarters. Moving out soundly for one so young. RBOB & BP

2. Miss James - Kingsmist Golden Future For Bleiddiaid

11 month old black bitch, with plenty to admire. Just at that in-between age at the moment. Her head is of good proportions, nicely chiselled below her dark gentle eyes. Good length of neck, firm topline, not quite the development through the body as yet of winner. Liked her well balanced angulation fore and aft. Moving out cleaning and well handled.

3. Mrs Harnett - Sweet Serendipity

Junior (3,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Holgate - Nadavin Neala

Repeat Puppy

2. Mr & Mrs Harding - Kingsmist Remember Me

Very promising 11 month old liver dog, he has it all there, just needing time to drop into himself and mature. Noble head, length and strength to the foreface, nicely chiselled, with a gentle expression. Enough depth to the ribcage, standing on well boned limbs, and nicely rounded feet. Ribcage of a good length with a firm topline. Moving out with good drive from the rear

Post Graduate (6,4)

2 very different dogs in this class, on another day could swap around.

1. Porter, Russell & Palm - Bogdogs Brynnyth At Winsbrook

Liver dog coming up 3 years of age, slightly heavier than I prefer, but today he won on his overall balance and drive on the move. His head is a little stronger but shows good proportions, with good length to the foreface, slight stop and very expressive eyebrows. Lovely depth and spring to the ribcage, well boned limbs. Held a firm topline both stood and on the move. Liked his width of thigh, using his hindquarters to drive around the ring.

2. Mr & Mrs Trotter - Clandrift Diplomat

2 year old liver dog, who has a pleasing masculine head, showing good balance and proportions, nicely chiselled, well defined occiput and kind almond shaped eye. Clean neck of good length, enough depth, well boned limbs. Tending to lose his topline today. Moderate hindquarters, moving cleanly out and back, not quite the drive in the rear.

Limit (5,1)

1. Ms Elliott - Elgert Break Every Rule At Portsoy

Lovely to see a blue roan, 3 year old dog in lovely fit condition and presented beautifully. When stood he presents a balanced outline. Handsome masculine head, with good proportions, lovely dark almond eye, and well chiselled. Chest is well let down with a good fill in of forechest. Holds a firm level topline. Moderate in his angulation. Moves true fore and aft, today not showing the drive.

Open (12,8)

1. Ms Osborn - Sh Ch Elgert Private Dancer

Loved her, she is just so feminine, full of quality and has lovely body lines when stood. She flows with unexaggerated symmetry, elegance and grace, whilst having the right amount of substance all through. She has a classic head and the sweetest expression. Flowing from nose to tail, she has a good length of neck, well placed shoulders, with depth to the brisket and correct amount of spring to the ribcage. Firm and level topline, with a pleasing amount of width to the thigh. Happy mover, true in all directions and showing drive from the rear. Beautifully presented and handled - BOB.

2. Mr & Mrs Harding - Kingsmist Miss Marple JW

Smart outline to this 5 year old black bitch. Liked her overall balance and proportions. When stacked she presents a clean silhouette with flowing lines. Liked her head, so very feminine and noble, well chiselled, dark almond eyes and low set ears. Good length of neck and blending smoothly with a firm topline, with a nice spring to the ribcage. Would prefer a little more rear angulation. Positive in her footfall

3. Mr & Mrs Murray - Nadavin Wallace

Veteran (4,2)

1. Ms Osborn - Sh Ch Elgert Lady Sta’dust JW

Classy 7 year old black bitch, she shows herself off with such aplomb and verve. She is so very feminine all through. Taken by the overall picture she presents, showing good balance and proportions. Lovely head and expression, clean through the neck and shoulders to a firm topline and well set on tail. Brisket is well let down with a good fill in of forechest. Well boned limbs onto tight neat feet. Lovely to watch in profile, her happy nature showing, a little untidy behind today. Beautifully presented – BV, shortlisted in the veteran group

2. Mr & Mrs Taylor - Sh Ch Elgert Take A Bow With Tayowen JW

WOW, what a superstar this liver dog is, at nearly 9 years of age, he is looking in great form. He has such a breed typical silhouette, masculine, upstanding and noble. Well shaped head, good length and strength to the foreface, gentle stop, nicely chiselled and dark almond shaped eyes. He has super depth and lovely flat bone, correct length to the ribcage, strong hindquarters. Think he must have been feeling the heat, as he was losing his topline a fraction and not as tidy on the move today. Shown in lovely coat and condition.

I think the impending thunderstorm that loomed overhead may have affected some the dogs in the AV classes.

AV Junior (16)

1. Mr & Mrs Bevis - Beabeardies xtra Special (Bearded Collie)

17 month old slate bitch, one who I have seen before and today was more settled in her movement, winning over another nice beardie who was unfortunately losing her topline today. Loved her zest for fun, she has a good overall balance, feminine head and kind expression. Well proportioned through the body with ribs carried well back and firm in her topline. Showing reach and drive

2. Mrs Jerrett - Coldelee Eternal Sunshine (Collie Smooth)

Very much liked this 14 month old Sable bitch, shame she was so unsettled. She has a lovely shape when stood, with flowing lines. Clean head shape, with well placed tipped ears, and almond eyes. Good depth and spring of rib, strong hindquarters. True on the move

3. Mrs Guy - Suelynda Kith And Kin Among Jahanghir (Clumber Spaniel)

AV Open (25)

1. Mr & Mrs Whitehouse - Sh Ch Maursett Mallachie At Molvonia (Clumber Spaniel)

Beautifully presented and with a totally balanced outline, this 4 year old Clumber spaniel caught my eye. Masculine all through, with a pleasing head and expression. Strong neck flowing into a firm topline, super depth and bone. Moving out true fore and aft, whilst holding his outline.

2. Mr & Mrs Bevis - Beabeardies Cinnamon Girl (Bearded Collie)

3 year old fawn bitch, who presented a pleasing and proportionate outline when stood. Nicely balanced head piece, and gentle expression. Good depth to the brisket, holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Strong hindquarters, which she put to go use today. Nicely presented and shown

3. Mrs Thorogood - Anbrook Don’t Stop Me Now At Harrifield (Clumber Spaniel)

A super group of puppies, shortlisting, Clumber Spaniel, Bearded Collie, Gordon Setter, Greyhound, Lancashire Heeler, Sealyham Terrier and the Irish Wolfhound

Best Puppy In Show

• Oulton & Fourie - Whooperhill Sandman (Sealyham Terrier)

Delightful 7 month old Sealyham dog puppy, who was totally unfazed by the surroundings, showing himself off with confidence and a hint of mischief. He presents a pleasing outline on the stack, showing the correct body proportions. Lovely head, with a keen expression. Well developed through the body, keeping a firm topline and well set on tail. Strong hindquarters drive him around the ring.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

• Webb & Sheppard - Killoughery Mission Two For Inkleyboys (Irish Wolfhound)

Upstanding and commanding attention just loved the balance of this red brindle Irish Wolfhound. Happy Birthday, 1 year old today, and what a way to finish. He is a picture of strength and elegance. He has a proud and regal air about him. Everything is in the right place for his age. Lovely substance, and very well balanced throughout. Moving true whilst holding his outline