• Show Date: 19/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/11/2023

Hunt, Point & Retrieve Gundog Association

Hunt, Point & Retrieve Gundog Association

Open Show

Sunday 19th November 2023

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the officers and committee of the club for their kind invitation to judge at this super show. A really lovely venue, offering large rings, plenty of space for everyone, a very nice café, and a lovely atmosphere. A huge thank you to all the exhibitors for the pleasure of your super dogs, it really was an honour.

Italian Spinone

Puppy (2,0)

1. Mrs Coldwell - Lucoru Perpetual Spring

Happy, outgoing, and full of bounce, showing the lovely nature on this 7 month old W/O bitch. Nicely balanced in outline, with good bone. Pleasing head, with divergent planes, kind eye of good colour. Holding the correct topline both stood on the move. Liked her depth and rib. Good coat texture. Moving out well and with drive – BP – delighted to see she was in the final 4 for BPIS.

2. Mrs Turner - Geeseco’s The Wonders Of You

What a poppet, but giving much away at just 6 months and at her first show. Lovely feminine head, lean and with a good length to the foreface, kind expression from her dark eyes. Strong neck, flowing into the correct topline. Nicely angulated fore and aft with good oval boned limbs.

Junior (1,0)

1. Mrs Banks - Dalebourne Kore

17 month old W/B bitch, giving her handler a bit of a hard time today. Happy and alert to everything. Well balanced feminine head, showing the divergent planes, and a good spongy nose. Brisket is down to the elbow, a fraction longer in body with moderate angulation, short hock to heel. A little erratic on the move today as she was enjoying herself!

Post Graduate (5,0)

1. Ms Bovio - Ilsolo River Island JW

Thought this 18 month old W/O bitch was so well balanced, she has the square outline and solid all through. Very feminine with nothing overdone. She has a typical silhouette, showing the correct topline and underline. Pleasing head and expression, strong short neck, liked her depth and development of forechest, lovely spring to the ribcage, well boned limbs, a little moderate in her rear angulation. Moved soundly fore and aft, whilst holding her outline. Pushed hard for top honours – BB & RBOB

2. Mr & Mrs Culling - Lucoru Blown Over

20 month old W/O dog, who is just needing time to finish filling his frame, but it is all there. He was a little love struck today so taking his mind off the job! Nicely balanced head, lean with gently sloping sides, good length to the foreface, with a gentle expression. Strong oval boned limbs, deep in brisket and holding a good topline. Liked his rear movement parallel and with good width.

3. Mrs Turner - Ilsolo Work From Home

Open (4,1)

1. Mr &Mrs Culling - Lucoru Fairy Tale Of New York

Liked the overall shape and stamp of this 5 year old W/O dog. He is robust and sturdy with the desired squareness to his outline. He has a lovely head piece, very proportionate and showing the slightly divergent planes, but it is his expression, so kind and gentle from the human like eyes, and well furnished. Strong short neck, chest is well let down, with the ribs carried well back and with a good spring. Correct topline and underline with nothing overdone. Hindquarters have a good bend of stifle and low set hocks. Moving out with good drive whilst holding his outline. Presented in coat of good texture – BD & BOB

2. Ms Saynor - Testaverde Rugero Raimondi

Strong and masculine 5 year old brown roan dog, and being a handful today. A fraction longer cast than winner, strong oval bone onto nicely rounded feet. Brisket is down to the elbow, liked his strong wide quarters, well presented with a good thick skin and coarse coat texture. Playing up a little on the move, but showed drive.

3. Mrs Turner - Oslulf Pecan Pie

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Puppy (4,1)

1. Mr Court - Twelveoaks Goodwood Pippin

At nearly 9 months old, this young lad showed great maturity and poise. Showing himself off with style. When stood he presents a pleasing outline, nicely balanced with good substance. Appealing head with a good eye colour and ear placement. Well developed through the body, brisket well let down and good prosternum. Holding a firm topline to a well set on tail. Moving parallel and true behind, just needing to tighten a little in front. Presented in a good coat of a harsh texture – BD, RBOB & BP

2. Mrs Campbell - Haywire Texana Vadasz

Another pleasing youngster, 7 month old dog and a bit of a cheeky chap with an endearing personality. Not quite the substance and maturity of winner as yet, but presents a pleasing profile when stood. Liked his head, well toning oval eye, strength to the foreface which is well furnished. Held a firm topline both stood and on the move, nicely angulated fore and aft. Presented with a good coat.

3. Mrs Garstang - Kisdon It’s A Cracker

Junior (0,0)

Post Graduate (3,0)

1. Mrs Wearing - Zoldmali Daru At Genlusa (Imp Serb)

20 month old dog, having a little more length of leg but still remained balanced in outline. Nicely proportioned head, with strength to the foreface, kind toning eyes, and expressive eyebrows. Good length of neck flowing into a firm topline. He stands on well boned limbs, chest is well let down. Shown in super muscle tone and condition. Coat is of a good texture and on the move showed drive.

2. Mr Court - Twelveoaks Carolina Red

4 year old bitch in lovely condition and muscle tone. When stood is a fraction longer in body, but liked her substance, strength of bone, and her coat texture. Well developed through the body, with depth to the brisket, and holding a firm topline. More moderate but balanced in her angulation. Another good mover, who covered the ground well.

3. Mrs Wearing - Vernum Ventulus Hanga At Genlusa (Imp Hung)

Open (3,2)

1. Mr Lewis - Enryb Lily The Pink

Very stylish and shapely 19 month old bitch. When stood gives the impression of feminine strength, balance, and good proportions. One part flowing into the next. Pleasing head, with a good shape and colour to the eye with long thin ears to give a gentle expression. Clean neck of good length flowing into a firmly held topline. Good front assembly, chest down to the elbow. Her hindquarters show width and the required moderate angulation. Once she settled, moved true and with drive – BB & BOB

Puppy Stakes (19)

1. Mrs Adams - Tequesta Poldark (GSP)

Very smart and stylish L/W dog. At only 8 months old shows great poise and confidence. He stands over plenty of ground, with lovely body lines. Nicely balanced clean cut head, good length of neck flowing into a firm level and short back. Deep in brisket with a good spring to the ribcage. Coarse texture to the coat. Moving out soundly.

2. Mrs Morris - Kalimor Tinker (Weim)

Lovely 9 month old puppy, who is maturing nicely. Liked her overall body proportions and balance. Very clean and elegant in her outline, but with the desired amount of substance. Lean head and nicely chiselled, long neck seamlessly flowing into a firm well held topline. Well developed forechest and deep in brisket. Showing herself off on the move

3. Mrs Coldwell - Lucoru Perpetual Spring (IS)

Junior Stakes (8)

1. Mrs Angus - Keigame Hearts Desire Of Sparkenhoe (GSP)

Shapely 15 month old L&W bitch, very elegant and graceful yet sturdy and muscular. Liked her compact outline when stood, presenting a balanced profile with good body proportions. Feminine head, intelligent dark eye. Good length of neck, firm topline, liked her hindquarters, showing a good bend of stifle and wide thighs. Moving with precise and powerful strides

2. Mr & Mrs Porter-Manning Wallaroo Duncan Disorderly (HV)

Sturdily built 13 month old dog, who presents a very shapely silhouette. He has a clean and flowing outline. Masculine head, with a well shaped eye and colour, nicely chiselled with a kind expression. Good depth to the brisket, ribs carried well back, with a firm topline. Strong wide quarters which he put to effective use on the move to drive around the ring.

3. Thomas & Taylor - Gunsyn Hotpants (Bracco)