• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/10/2023

Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society

Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society

Sunday 15th October 2023

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge at this lovely show. Very efficient and well run. To the exhibitors for the pleasure of your super dogs. The floor and the noise in this venue can be a little off putting for some of the dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Junior (3,1)

1. Street & Page - Luphenex Highland Dancer

Happy and outgoing 15 month old tri bitch, who presents a compact outline when stood. Feminine head, with large dark eyes, and high set ears to give a lovely expression. Compact body with good depth, holding a firm topline with an ever wagging tail. Striding out well

2. Ms & Mrs Wood - Nyleve’s Nancy

Another lovely natured bitch 7 months old, well broken Blenheim. Pretty head, dark eye, and plushness to the muzzle, keen and alert in her expression. A fraction longer in body than winner, but a good spring to the ribcage. Just needing time to come together on the move.

Post Graduate (4,2)

1. Mrs Wood - Wirewoods Ida Dunit

17 month old ruby bitch, who held her outline both stood and on the move. Winning for her soundness of movement. Nicely proportioned head, with a lovely large dark eye, almost flat skull, and well feathered ears, a lovely soft and gentle expression. Good depth of chest and well developed in forechest, a fraction longer in body, strong and well bent stifles. Moving soundly in all directions - BOB

2. Mrs Dawson - Luphenex Highland Fling

Spirited 22 month old blenheim dog, lovely cobby outline when stood. Having a nice flow to his profile. Pleasing head, nicely filled in, large dark eyes and gentle in his expression but also adoring to his handler. Loved his happy go lucky nature, holding his topline and showing drive, but unfortunately a combination his exuberance and the slippy floor made his movement a little untidy today - RBOB

Chinese Crested

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Ms Eames - Dollondak Ezuoju Zhe

Much to like on this 2 year old, he shows good overall proportions, of a nice size and has substance. Masculine head, well placed ears and nicely fringed. Good depth to the body, keeping a firm topline with a good tail set and carriage. Moving out well

2. Miss Paul - Konishiki Princess Kateri

4 year old mahogany bitch, not showing herself off to advantage today. Good overall proportions, racier in her type. Feminine head, with dark almond eyes, well placed ears, which were well used, and keen and alert in her expression. Moved with drive, not as clean as winner today.

Open (3,0)

1. Mrs Piper - Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody Of Zanjero (imp Deu) JW

Very graceful 2 year old dog, with a lovely outline when stood, nicely balanced all through. Masculine head, with a keen and alert dark eye, well chiselled and lean, large erect and mobile ears. Well developed through the body, with a firm topline, strong hindquarters. Moving out soundly and with drive - BOB

2. Ms Barlett - Michadaine Crazy For You ShCM VW

What a super ambassador for the breed, this powder puff dog is a real showman at 9 years old, and could certainly strut around the ring like he owned it. Liked his overall balance and size. Masculine head, with a lovely dark almond eye, giving an intelligent and alert expression. Good depth and width to body, beautifully presented. Lovely side gait, just not quite the rear action of winner on the move today - RBOB

3. Miss Paul - Igraine Crystal Ice (imp Cz)


Junior (2,0)

1. Mrs Davidson-Poston - Elena Kolekcja Szuwarka Spinillons (IKC)

Typical outline on this 9 month old tri bitch, she is so elegant and dainty, with character in spades. She shows herself off with confidence and style. She stands foursquare with an alert demeanour. Feminine head, with large well fringed mobile ears, dark intelligent eyes. Holds a firm topline with a well carried tail. She holds her outline on the move, just needing to settle a little more in her front action. – BP & RBOB & Puppy Group 1

2. Miss Mason - Finity Run The Gauntlet

Smart 15 month old tri dog with much to like. Masculine but still dainty, with a lovely head, dark rounded eyes, and large well fringed ears. Body of good length and well sprung ribs, not quite the topline today of winner. Moving out soundly, presented in good coat of silky texture.

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Miss Mason - Finity Run The Gauntlet

Repeat Junior

2. Miss Marsden - Finity Truly Unique

22 month old tri dog, a little sturdier but a pleasing overall size. Masculine head, with an intelligent dark eye, well fringed large and mobile ears. Not quite the neck of winner, holds a firm topline, nice plume to the tail. Coat not quite as silky.

Open (1,0)

1. Mrs Davison-Poston - Dual Ch Sky Butterfly Elven Cron Prince Spinillons SK Winner23 (imp Rus)

Stylish and dainty 2 year old tri dog, who shows himself off with style, a real showman. He stands foursquare, with a clean outline. Lovely head, dark inquisitive eyes, large mobile ears, and narrow muzzle with symmetry to the markings. Well developed through the body, with a good spring of rib and firm topline. Strong hindquarters with a good bend of stifle. Moving out soundly in all directions and beautifully presented – BOB & Group 1

Dachshund (min Long)

Junior (3,1)

1. Mrs McCarthy - Nagshall The Odd Excuse

Liked the overall shape and size of this 9 month old shaded cream bitch. Presented a pleasing outline on the stack with good balance. Feminine head, lovely dark eye. Good length of neck, firm and level topline, well developed keel. Moving out true fore and aft with a good tail carriage, beautifully presented – BP & RBOB

2. Mrs McCarthy - Nagshall Di Maria

Cream bitch, just 6 months of age, giving a lot away to her kennel mate. Just needing time to come together, as it is all there. She has a lovely flow to her topline, ribs are carried well back. Not as clean in her movement today as winner

Post Gradute (2,0)

1. Mrs McCarty - Nagshall Dyce The Ice JW

Lovely 18 month old cream dog, who has well balanced body lines. Masculine conical head shape, expressive dark almond eyes, and high set ears. Good length of neck, holding a firm topline, ribs well sprung, good forechest. Liked his hindquarters, strong and broad. Well presented and moving with good drive.

2. Mrs Broad - Bronia Wolfgang Puck

2 year old red dog, who has a lovely head shape, and very expressive dark eyes. Well developed in forechest with a good spring to the ribcage, holds a firm topline. Showed lovely rear movement, parallel with good width, not quite as tidy in front today.

Open (2,0)

1. MrsMcCarty - Nagshall I’m So Dizzy JW

18 month old shaded cream bitch, litter sister to PG winner. Liked her happy and confident attitude. Feminine and well shaped head, dark almond eyes, and well placed leathers, all to give a lovely expression. Good length of neck flowing seamlessly into a firm and level topline. Well developed in keel and well sprung ribcage and strong short loin. Well boned limb and clean in front. Shows herself off on the move and true in her action - BOB

2. Mrs Broad - Dinkidax Dionysus

5 year old shade red dog, Masculine head, dark eye and pigmentation, gentle in his expression. Moderate length of neck, firm in his topline. Lovely development of forechest with a well sprung ribcage, well presented, just not showing himself off on the move.

Dachshund (Min Smooth)

Junior (5,3)

1. Mrs Bullis - Amaffrey Flo Rider

12 month od B&T bitch, liked her outline when stood, presents a pleasing outline. Very feminine head, with a kind dark eye. Good length of neck, well developed in forechest and a good spring to the ribcage, with ribs carried well back. She holds a firm topline both stood and on the move. Strong hindquarters, used to drive around the ring.

2. Pearmain & Sherwood - Delandmar Herbert Wood

Just 6 months old shaded red dog. Much to like on this babe, thought he has a very balance outline on the stack with a nice flow. Conical shape to the head, with dark expressive eyes. Muscular neck of good length, held his topline, showing good ground clearance. Well developed in keel and nicely boned limbs. Showed drive on the move, not quite as tidy as winner in front today – BP & Puppy Group 1

Post Graduate (5,2)

1. Mrs Bullis - Amaffrey Henry

Litter brother to Junior winner, 12 month old B&T dog. Lovely clean outline and well put together. Good head and eye. Lovely slightly arched neck of good length flowing into a firmly held topline. Liked his well developed keel, with his legs well under him. Strong hindquarters, to move out smartly with good drive.

2. Pearmain & Sherwood - Delandmar Ella Fitzgerald

Lovely 2 year old shaded red bitch, liked her overall shape, size, and balance. She has good substance, but nothing is overdone. Feminine head, dark almond shaped eye, and well placed ears. Well developed keel, holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Just lacking the drive today

3. Mrs Rose - Rosencrantz Ophelia

Open (7,3) All lovely dogs

1. Mrs Rose - Pennydach Mystique At Rosencrantz

5 year old B&T bitch, who showed herself off to advantage today. When stood she has a smart and proud outline. Lovely conical head, with dark almond eyes. Long, clean neck which blends seamlessly into a firm level topline. She has a well developed keel, with a decent return of upper arm. Nicely sprung ribcage with ribs carried well back, and a short loin. Stands on well boned limbs with good clearance. Moving out with reach and drive – BOB & Group 3

2. Mrs Bullis - Amaffrey Jessie James JW

Another lovely dog with much to admire, and a close decision. 2 year old B&T dog who has a clean and elegant outline with the right amount of substance. He has a balanced head, with a pleasing expression and very attentive to his handler. Long and strong neck, firm level topline and short strong loin, liked his forechest and nicely boned limbs. Sound and strong hindquarters which he used to advantage – RBOB & 5th in the huge ‘RBOB’ BIS

3. Pearmain & Sherwood - Delandmar Katherine Hepurn

Miniature Schnauzer

Junior (4,2)

1. Mrs Moorcroft - Amorevita Uranus

Endearing 6 month old black dog, enjoying life and being a typical puppy. He has a lovely outline when stood, still needs to do a lot of maturing through the body as you would expect, but the shape is all there. He shows himself off with character. Pleasing head, dark eye with a keen and alert expression. Good length of neck. Enough depth for age, keeping a firm topline. Showed himself off on the move, holding his outline and showing good drive - BOB & BP & Puppy Group 3

2. Ms Johnson - Marnimica Seven Wonders

So much to like on this 7 month old P&S dog. He has a fabulous sturdy and compact body with lovely depth and spring to the ribcage. Masculine head, with a dark oval eye and neat ears. Very well developed through the body. Presented in a coat of good texture. Unfortunately, not happy today on the move, he was not as firm in his topline and not driving from the rear - RBOB

Open (1,0)

1. Ms Johnson - Silversocks Synchronised At Marnimica

16 month old P&S dog, happy and alert. Compact and square in outline. He has a balanced head piece, with strength to the foreface and a dark eye. Strong neck, lovely depth and ribbing, with a short loin. Presented in a lovely harsh jacket. Not liking the floor, making him soft in topline on the move.

Gordon Setters

Junior (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Williams - Longrow Love Is The Drug

14 month old bitch, more settled today on the move to win the class over her brother. Still very raw, but everything is in the right place, just needing time. She has a balanced head, feminine but with some strength and depth, kind dark eye. Good length of neck, just enough depth to the brisket, nicely boned limbs. Holding a firm topline with a well set on tail. Moving soundly in all directions - BOB

2. Mr & Mrs Williams - Longrow Jean Genie

Brother to 1st, thought he would be my winner, but unfortunately unsettled on the move. Liked his head, masculine, with a good stop, and depth to the flews, dark eyes with a hint of mischief. Good length of neck, Well boned, starting to mature through the body. Holding a firm topline and good length from hip to hock - RBOB