• Show Date: 03/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/12/2023

Burton On Trent Kennel Association

Burton-On-Trent Kennel Association

Open Show – Sunday 3rd December 2023

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

Thank you to the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this lovely show. What a shame the weather was against us. With a couple of inches of snow that had fallen overnight meant the entry was somewhat depleted (understandably). A huge thank you to all that ventured out, hope you have all now thawed out. Delighted to have some super dogs to judge, in the breeds and group, they are all a credit to you.

Gordon Setter

Junior (1,0)

1. Miss Pallini - Krisada Not In Kansas

15 month old typical teenage boy, lovely head, with good balance, dark kind eyes, strength to the foreface with good depth. Moderate length of neck, lovely flat boned limbs onto well arched toes. Just needing to finish dropping into himself, which will come in time. He has a free flowing movement - RBOB.

Post Graduate (0,0)

Open (2,1)

1. Ms Ashley-Turner - Hernwood The Botanist JW

Rather taken with this 2 year old dog, he has a lovely outline when stood. He is sturdy and well built, with flowing lines. Masculine head without being overdone, good depth to the flew, well defined stop and slight rounding to the back skull. Good length of neck, lovely depth and development of forechest. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move with a correct tail carriage. Moved at one with his handler. Beautifully presented. - BOB

Miniature Schnauzer

Junior (1,1)

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Mr, Mrs & Miss Cooper - Mary Wells Around Copellastar

Pleasing outline on this 2 year old P/S bitch when stood, and she retains her shape on the move. Feminine head, flat skull, dark expressive eyes, neat well placed ears, nicely furnished. Moderate length of neck, good depth and spring to the rib cage. Holding a firm topline, with a high set tail, but tended to curl a little. Beautifully presented in a good coat.

Open (3,1)

1. Parker & McDonald - Ch Violis Storm Tracker JW

Most impressive 19 month old P/S dog. He is all male, no mistaking his gender. Looked a picture on the stack, presenting lovely body lines to give a shapely silhouette. His head piece is well balanced, with a flat skull of good width, neat ears, dark oval eyes with a keen and alert expression. Super depth to his cobby body, holding a firm topline. Standing on well boned limbs and tight feet. Put down in immaculate coat and condition. Moving with good drive and accurate in footfall – BOB & GP4

2. Parker & McDonald - Violis Stormy Skies JW

Litter sister to winner, and very much a feminine version of her brother. A very neat and compact in profile. So keen and alert to her handler to show off her virtues. Lovely head and expression, her dark eyes giving a hint of mischief. Neck of good length with a slight arch, flowing into a well held topline. Deep and compact in body, strong hindquarters and low set hocks. Lovely action in her profile action, not as precise as her brother behind - RBOB

Glen Of Imaal Terrier

Junior (1,0)

1. Miss Hannington - Boudivella Rosie

Loved the strength and substance of this 17 month old blue brindle bitch, who put on a good performance today to beat her kennel mate to top honours. When stacked presents a pleasing and breed typical outline. She has feminine strength to her head, with neat ears and gentle round brown toning eyes. Lovely depth to the ribs and well developed front. Stands on well boned limbs, and displays the correct topline. Her strong quarters carried her around the ring with ease and drive. Shown in good coat – BOB & Gp3

Limit (2,0)

1. Mrs Hardy - Amhard Rapid Beat

Smart 2 year old blue brindle bitch, who is maturing nicely. Showing off her lovely, spirited personality, which did not make it easy for the handler! Feminine head, with good width to the backskull and strength to the foreface, lovely dark round eyes with a hint of mischief. Strong neck, good depth to the brisket and well developed forechest. Holding her topline both stood and on the move. Well muscled hindquarters, which she used well on the move, true in her action

2. Miss Saletti - Marfidal Storm At Boudivella (Imp Fin)

Unlucky to meet winner, as this 18 month old wheaten bitch has a nice outline when stood. Not quite the body of winner as yet. Pleasing head, with the right amount of strength, dark eyes and neat ears. She has depth to the brisket, and has a slight rise to the loin. Not as settled as winner on the move today. Coat of a good harsh texture

Open (3,0)

1. Miss Hannington - Ch/Bel/Nl/Esp Ch Boudivella Osca

Super wheaten dog, who will shortly be 9 years old, such a charismatic boy. Fit as a fiddle an showing himself off to advantage, but today beaten by his younger kennel mate. Strong masculine head, with a good stop, dark soulful eyes, and neat ears. Strong neck, deep in brisket and well developed forechest. Stands on well boned limbs onto compact feet. A true mover fore and aft, but today not matching the drive of the youngster. Shown in good coat of harsh texture – RBOB – also 2nd in Veteran Terrier

2. Mrs Hardy - Amhard Raspberry Fizz

So much to admire on this 2 year old wheaten bitch. She has a lovely demeanour and shows herself off with confidence and style. Liked her overall size and body proportions, she has strength yet very feminine. Good balance to her head, strength to the foreface, dark inquisitive eyes. Strong neck, well developed in front. Holding a correct topline stood and on the move. Not quite the drive of winner today on the move. Presented in good coat, which has a good harsh texture.

3. Miss Saletti - Jojase Aisling Pixie

Parson Russell Terrier

Junior (3,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Baker - Star Kabu Vom Schwarzwald Poland To Pacolito (Imp Pol)

Fell for this 6 months old T/W dog, at his first show. He showed like an old pro, full of confidence and very self-assured. When stood presented a balanced outline for one so young. Head has good proportions with a nice wedge shape, slight stop and dark almond shaped inquisitive eyes, giving him a keen and cheeky expression. A clean neck of good length and well fitting, chest almost down to the elbow, and easily spannable. Liked his hindquarters, with a good width of thigh and bend of stifle. A happy mover with a lovely ground covering action, still needing to tighten a little more in front, but showed power, reach and drive. Delighted to award him BOB, Puppy Group 1, and to watch him go onto win RBPIS.

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Barker - Tusiquevales Jabberwocky To Pacolito (Imp Ita) naf

Another smart youngster, 7 months old T/W bitch with much to admire. Liked her overall type and balance, lots to like and nothing overdone. Feminine head, with a flat skull, slight stop, neat well placed ears and dark eyes with a gentle yet raring to go expression. Good length of neck, clean in front with a good length of leg. Right amount of spring to the ribcage to enable spanning, with the ribs carried well back. Nicely angulated hindquarters. Moving out soundly in all directions. Good coat texture. - RBOB

Open (3,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Baker - Ch Pacolito Resurrection JW

Thought that this 20 month old T/W dog would be my winner, as he looked a picture on the stack. He is workmanlike showing a typical outline with good overall balance. Masculine wedge shaped head of good proportions, flat skull, well placed ears, dark intelligent and keen eyes. Clean neck of good length, right amount of depth, with a nice fill in of forechest, strong but lithe body, with ribs well back. Strong hindquarters. Think he was feeling the cold, as he was not moving out with the drive and precision of the youngsters today. A little short of coat at present and a little more colour through. Love to see him when he is on form.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Junior (1,0)

1. Ms & Mr Dowdy - Denzilly Waking The Witch

Smart 9 month old bitch, who showed herself off well. Presents a pleasing outline when stood, compact and feminine but with strength. Feminine head of good proportions, dark eyes, neat well placed ears. Strong neck flowing into a firm level topline. Good depth for her age. Low set hocks. Held her outline on the move, a little close behind today but with a clean front action. Well presented and handled with a coat of good texture and colour.

Post Graduate (1,1)

Open (2,1)

1. Gent, Gent & Williams - Calvenace House Of Fun

Upstanding 2 year old dog, who worked well with his handler to give a shapely outline both stood and on the move. Masculine head, with a flat skull, and strength to the muzzle, dark eyes with a keen expression. Good length of neck, depth to the brisket, firm level topline and well set and carried tail. Well presented in a coat of a silky texture and good colour. A fraction close behind, but showed a good side gait – BOB.

AVNSC Terrier

Puppy (3,1)

1. Dr Hemstock - Jolihem Mad Eye Moody (Sealyham)

Lovely outline on this 10 month old dog, displaying the correct body proportions, and sturdily made. Pleasing masculine head, of good length, lovely dark eye and pigmentation giving a keen and alert expression. His strong neck of good length flows into a firm and well held topline. His ribs are well sprung and deep. Stands on well boned limbs onto tight feet. Strong hindquarters which he put to good use on the move, being true fore and aft with good drive. He has a good coat, just needs a little more preparation to make the best of him – BP-AVNSC & Puppy Gp4

2. Miss Darkins - Winflash Love To Question (Norwich)

Another lovely puppy, 8 month old red bitch just a little raw at present but it is all there. Feminine head, with keen dark oval eyes, strength to the foreface and well placed ears. Decent length of neck , flowing into a firm topline, looking a fraction longer in body at present. Good depth for her age. Strong hindquarters with a good width of thigh and low set hocks. A happy and active mover showing good drive. Coat of good texture and well presented.

Junior (3,1)

1. Mrs Redman - Holbam Freya (Irish)

Smart and shapely 16 month old red bitch. Liked her size, substance and femininity. When stacked she presents a balanced and proportionate outline, with nothing overdone, and has the desired raciness. Liked her head and expression, it has good length, slight stop, dark inquisitive eyes with neat ears. Good length of back with the correct amount of spring to the ribcage. Moderate hindquarters and neat feet. Showed clean and true in her rear action and holding her outline in profile. Well presented in a harsh jacket - RBAVNSC

2. Dr Hemstock - Jolihem Loony Luna (Sealyham)

Litter sister to winner of Puppy class, but she was living up to her name today, and being a bit of a loony! Liked her overall shape and balance. Strong feminine head, dark mischievous eye. Good length of neck, and good depth to the brisket, not as firm in her topline, strong hindquarters. Was rather erratic on the move.

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Mrs Goundry - Komidion Symphoniques (Cesky)

2 year old grey bitch, one who I have judged previously and today she showed herself off well on the move. She has a pleasing outline on the stack, giving the typical silhouette, elegant but with substance. Feminine head, of good length giving the desired blunt triangle, long elegant neck, correct shape to the ribcage, with the topline rising to the loin. Strong hindquarters in good muscletone. Moving out true, whilst holding her outline with a good tail carriage

2. Mr & Mrs Barton-Smith - Russalan Rosenda Rose (Scottish T)

Much to admire on this 20 month old black bitch, beautifully presented and compact in her outline. Liked her overall size and substance, so very feminine. Good head proportions, and a lovely dark eye, large well placed ears. Strong neck flowing into a firm topline, with a good spring to the ribcage. Moving out soundly fore and aft, not quite the drive of winner, but a close decision liked them both.

Open (4,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Blow - Jodean Tennesse At Coppatrota (Lakeland)

Very smart and upstanding 19 month old B&T dog, one who showed himself off with confidence and style. Masculine head, showing good balance, keen small dark eyes, alert to all going on around him, neat small ears and well furnished. Clean neck of good length showing the desired arch, strong firm topline with the right amount of ribbing. Standing on well boned limbs and lovely small tight feet. Hindquarters show a good width of thigh and bend of stifle. A positive and true mover. Put down with a good harsh coat and peak of condition – BAVNSC & Gp4

2. Mrs Fewings - Komidion Schubert (Cesky)

A pleasing 2 year old grey dog, who presented a lovely outline when he relaxed, but he was really feeling the cold today. Liked his masculine head, which is of good length, with a slight stop, well placed ears, and a dark kind eye. Long elegant neck, well boned limbs, correct cylindrical shape to the ribcage. Strong hindquarters in good muscletone. On the move showed his lovely shape to advantage, with the rise to the loin and good propulsion from the rear.

3. Mrs Redman - Holbam Celtic Little Minx (Irish)

Imported Breed Terrier (0,0)

AV Terrier Veteran (8,3) lovely class

1. Mrs Fewings - Ch Komidion Passionato (Cesky)

Quality 7 year old grey bitch, today this girl was on form and showed herself off with confidence and style. She looked a picture both stood and on the move. She has such an elegant yet sturdy outline, with lovely flowing body lines. Feminine and well proportioned head, dark eye, and neat ears. Elegant flowing neck, well shaped ribcage and her topline has the rise to the loin. Standing on well boned legs. Well bent stifle and wide thighs. A powerful mover, brisk and with drive

2. Miss Hannington - Ch/Bel/Nl/Esp Ch Boudivella Osca (Glen)

Repeat Open Glen breed class.

3. Mrs Walker - Ch Talanors Treat Me Good At Sizlin ShCM (Manchester)

Terrier Group

1. Miss Butcher - Ch Mishahda Mischief Managed (Dandie)

A real showman, who did not put a foot wrong. Showed himself off well. Stood he presents a well balanced outline, of the correct proportions and body shape. His footfall on the move was accurate whilst holding his outline. Beautifully presented crisp mustard coat. Delighted to watch him go onto win RBIS – Congratulations.

2. Davies & Brown - Ch Digelsa Dark Indulgence At Wystry JW (Manchester)

Very elegant 5 year old bitch, who presented a shapely silhouette when stood. Typical in outline and sound in construction. She has an appealing head, wedge shaped, with dark inquisitive eyes. Well developed in the body with the desired topline and underline. She moved with enthusiasm and drive.

3. Miss Hannington - Boudivella Rosie (Glen)

4. Mr & Mrs Blow - Jodean Tennesse At Coppatrota (Lakeland)

Terrier Puppy Group

1 Mr & Mrs Baker - Star Kabu Vom Schwarzwald Poland To Pacolito (Imp Pol) (PRT)

2 Mrs Baxter - Mysulan Byards Legend (Border)

Smart and workmanlike 7 month old G&T dog. Showing good balance, well proportioned and with the desired narrowness. Pleasing head, masculine, with good width, strength to the foreface and a keen dark eye. Easily spanned with a good pelt. Shown in a good coat and of a harsh texture. Moving out soundly whilst holding his outline

3 Mr & Mrs Taylor - Calavey’s The Recognition At Minaelea (JRT)

7 month old T&W bitch, who strutted around the ring like she owned it. Loved her happy and full of life attitude. Her head has the desired wedge shape, with a dark eye with an alert expression. Good depth to the brisket and holds a firm topline. Moved out with drive. Shown in good coat texture.

4 Dr Hemstock - Jolihem Mad Eye Moody (Sealyham)