• Show Date: 24/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jan Reynolds Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/10/2023

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society


I would like to begin with thanking everyone for your lovely entry on what was a super-hot day with temperatures well into the 80’s!


P D/B (4,0). 1st Brooksmiths’ Millpoint Golden Pippin, prettiest of heads on this 8-month-old baby, cracking curvy outline which is hard to overlook, liked her for her overall balance & elegance, for me she has everything in the right place but needs time, stepped out well with her handler, one I shall watch with interest. BP & PG4 Well done. 2nd Duncans’ Gotwickmanor Bucket, a lovely exhibit & similar remarks apply but not quite as balanced of one. 3rd Hemings’ Gotwickmanor Bella.

J D/B (3,0). 1st Welch, Drake & Hazeltines’ Clamerkin Jubilee Surprise At Hookwood, b/w bitch, another lovely headed exhibit, deep throughout with good angles fore & aft, powered around the ring to clinch RBOB. 2nd Browns’ Hookwood Miss Congeniality, o/w bitch, well balanced throughout & moved well, preferred the head qualities of one. 3rd Roberts’ Kananaskis Band Of Gold.

PG (5,0). 1st Welchs’ Hookwood Starman JW, b/w male of super balance & substance, the best of heads, moved out well. 2nd Perran & Welchs’ Evaluna Chasing Rainbows With Hookwood JW, b/w bitch, a feminine version of my winner which moved out just a little cleaner on the day. 3rd Browns’ Joneva It Takes Two.

O (5,0). 1st Welch, Maber & Hazeltines’ Sharnphilly Toggi With Hookwood JW, Super curvy b/w bitch who has reached maturity, very feminine head with a lovely dark kind eye, well bodied with good depth to the brisket & good spring of rib, super angles fore & aft, enough bone throughout, liked her overall balance, she gave her all & covered the ground with ease. BOB. 2nd Barnes’ Buffy The Vampire Slayer, pretty b/w bitch of good balance, another very easy on the eye with everything in the right place, considered for top honours. 3rd Brooksmiths’ Nightgold Pipkin.


P D/B (0,0).

J D/B (0,0).

PG (1,0). 1st & BOB Searles’ Oakmarsh Indian Dream Maker For Cravessa, likeable headed bitch with good close ears, strong jaw with correct scissor bite, good front assembly & legs well under, lovely spring of rib, moderate bend of stifle with good width to the thigh, good tidy feet, coped well with the heat & moved well, unfortunately not in her best dress today.

O (0,0).


P D/B (0,0).

J D/B (1,0). 1st Taggs’ Oiyou Double Espresso JW, Stood alone but what a lovely picture this one presents. Very feminine head, moulded just right with super dark eyes & a cheeky expression. Good lay of shoulder & return of upper arm, deep throughout with plenty of heart room, correct length of loin. Moderately angled hind quarters with super second thigh which enabled her to power effortlessly around the ring holding a lovely topline, all finished off with the neatest of feet and wagging tail. Quality girl, I loved her! BOB.

PG (0,0).

O (0,0).


P D/B (3,1). 1st Gaylers’ Carolake X’Marks The Spot, pale gold feminine headed young lady, good length of neck leading into a super front & tight at the elbows, deep throughout, good spring of rib, well-muscled rear angulation, hocks well let down, tightest of feet, super topline & tailset which she held level on the move with her super reach & drive, presented in good coat & condition, BOB & BP. 2nd Todds’ Van Gogh Of Sunshine’s Valley With Toddrosa, happy outgoing lad with a lovely outline & similar remarks apply, needs time to mature, unlucky to meet winner today.

J D/B (2,0). 1st Moss’, Ousevale Angel’s Kiss At Carianjo, mid gold young lady with a feminine head, stood four square on good tight feet, lovely front assembly & rear, super muscle-tone, stepped out well and cover the ground well keeping her topline, liked her overall balance, another one that is easy on the eye, tough call in the challenge & just pipped to the post for the top spot, RBOB. 2nd Blacks’ Bencoe Just In Time Del Avrain, pale boy with the best of heads, balanced throughout with a good topline, found him a tad heavy for me & moved a little close behind.

PG (4,1). 1st Blacks’ Bencoe Just In Time Del Avrain, 2nd Moss’, Molbram Venosa At Carianjo, pretty headed balanced 4 yr old bitch of good substance & type, moved well. 3rd Jayakumar’ Furryworks Tourmaline For Jayasova.

O (5,1). 1st Pounds-Longhursts’, Mossburn Galloping Major JW, balanced mid gold boy in full coat, super headed lad with dark eyes & the kindest of expressions, correct scissor bite, strong neck leading into good front angulation, tight feet, deep throughout with plenty of heart room, level topline with correct tail-set, good bend of stifle, carrying just the right amount of weight for me, just my ‘cup of tea’, had him mind for top honours but unfortunately let himself down on the move with his very high flying tail. 2nd Blacks’ Bencoe Just In Time Del Avrain. 3rd Jayakumar’ Furryworks Tourmaline For Jayasova.


P D/B (2,0). Two raw littermate babies in this class today, both enjoying their day out at their 3rd show, similar remarks apply, both a little soft in topline at this stage but showing good balance throughout, sure they will swap places many times. 1st Boudens’ Rumhill Bossy Boots, pretty headed bitch, happy outgoing youngster, good coat & condition, moved out reasonably well. RBOB & BP. 2nd Boudens’ Rumhill Black Sapphire, litter brother to one but not quite as together today.

J D/B (2,1). 1st Mitchells’, Meadowleigh Eastern Quest, kind expressive headed male, black, showing balance throughout but a little upright in arm for me, moved ok.

PG (2,0). 1st Elliotts’ Cremino Country Trader At Lyndham, 2 yr old yellow male, liked his head proportions, presents a lovely balanced picture, stood four square on tidy feet, good spring of rib, thick ‘Otterlike’ tail, bubbly outgoing personality, moved out covering the ground well. BOB. 2nd Bouldens’ Rumhill Starry Night, black 5 yr old bitch, feminine head, balanced frame, moved well, mother of the pups & not quite back in condition after maternal duties.

O (1,1).


P D/B (1,0). 1st Caldwell & Levys’ Cerysan Limited Edition, 10 mth old pleasant headed lad with kind expression & dark eye, well boned & balanced throughout, good muscle tone & stood on tight feet, shown in good coat & condition, moved well for his age. BP.

J D/B (1,0). 1st Caldwell & Levys’ Cerysan Limited Edition.

PG (2,0). 1st Stones’ Kidenoan Mark Time For Merrem JW, lovely headed youngster, correct bite, shown in lovely coat & hard condition, overall he presents a good balanced picture with good body proportions, but for me - little upright in arm, moved out well to clinch this class. 2nd Bennetts’ Cerysan Crusader, another well balanced youngster shown in full coat, good angles fore & aft, good second thigh & well let down hocks, stood on good feet & moved well in the heat, to be super critical - a little more trimming would enhance this boy greatly.

O (4,0). 1st Caldwell & McDowells, Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan, mature male with a lovely head, correct length of neck leading into a good front assembly, lovely spring of rib, good length of back with correct rise over the loin, good bend of stifle with lovely muscle tone to his rear, moved out really well with reach & drive keeping his topline all the way, with good tail carriage. BOB. 2nd Bennetts’ Helgen Romeo The Lover For Flyboron, similar remarks apply but not quite as masculine in head, however he presents a good overall picture of balance & stepped out well, needs more trimming please! RBOB. 3rd Caldwells’ Hillpark Queen Bee For Cerysan.


P D/B (0,0).

J D/B (0,0).

PG (3,2). 1st Ryders’ Arthundur Dream Come True, 2yr old pleasant headed male of good size, good angles fore & aft, balanced throughout, moved well.

O (4,0). 1st Dorrells’, Tollisty Moet En Chandon JW, lovely compact male of good size, liked his head shape & alert expression, strong jaw with correct bite, not the darkest of coats but underneath that thick coat there is a super made lad who is deep throughout, with a good front assembly & is tight at the elbows, stands well on the straightest of legs & tightest of webbed feet, adequate rear angulation with good muscle-tone, his is a joy to watch on the move where he comes alive with his powerful true movement, my notes say what a cracker! BOB & G4 well done. 2nd Nevers’ Tollelkin Dream Cove At Sheldrake JW, another lovely headed lad, darker coat of good quality, not quite as compact as 1, presented a good overall balanced picture, stepped out well, unlucky to meet my winner today. RBOB. 3rd Ryders’ Arthundur Dream Come True.

Judge – Jan Reynolds (Benoveor)