• Show Date: 17/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jan Reynolds Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Stithians Agricultural Association

STITHIANS AA – 17/07/2023

Thank you to June the section secretary for giving me to opportunity to judge at this lovely agricultural show & to you the exhibitors for the lovely entry. Due to unforeseen circumstances the entry was split. My co judge & I were in full agreement for the awards of BOB, RBOB & BP, therefore the appointed referee wasn’t needed. I found a few exhibits weak in pasterns & turned-out feet, others moving far too close behind and my placings ‘on the day’ reflected this. Having said that; for over 40 years this has been my heart breed where I found some lovely exhibits which bodes well for the future.


J (8,1). Two lovely exhibits headed this class. 1st Clunies’ Warrentor Nohkalikai, mid gold bitch just shy of 13 months, liked her feminine head, correct ear-set & kind dark eye, strong neck leading into a good front assembly, good width of chest & spring of rib, deep throughout, level topline, good rear angulation & well-muscled, moved well covering the ground with purpose & drive, happy wagging tail, slightly longer cast than 2 but gave just that tad more to clinch the class. 2nd McCammicks’ Saffdales My Memoir To Inca, 14 months old mid gold young lady of good balance & depth of chest, liked her head proportions and expression, similar remarks apply as 1, not quite the hard condition of the winner so didn’t step out as cleanly on the move but one to watch as she matures, another happy girl. 3rd Lewis’ Fairwinds In Space Man.

G (7,1) 1st Coads’ Tinklersroc Bon Bon, 2 yr old, Super head proportions on this lad with the softest of expressions, correct chiselling & lovely scissor bite, for me I loved his symmetrical balance throughout, he is so easy on the eye & just flows, cracking front assembly, straightest of front legs sitting well under his body, tight at the elbow, lovely depth of chest & spring of rib, good width & bend of stifle, well let down hocks, correct tail-set & length, stood on the best of feet, powered around the ring holding a superb topline and level tail, shown in full coat, made me smile, an easy winner & just my ‘cup of tea’, overstretched in the challenge cost him top honours on the day RBOB. 2nd Windsor-Williams’ Fleur So Sweet, mid gold ultra feminine headed bitch, correct bite, good angles fore & aft, longer cast than 1 & tends to dip a little in topline, stood on tight catlike feet, moved well. 3rd Lewis’ Fairwinds In Space Man.

L (5,0) 1st Fenns’ Chalksville Highlander At Jadeburn, a happy compact mature male, masculine head without coarseness, strong neck of correct length leading into well laid shoulder assembly, good spring of rib, lovely topline, good bend of stifle with plenty of depth & muscle tone, stands on good feet with well let down hocks, moved out & back well, a little heavy & short on the leg for me but deserved his win none the less, shown in super coat & condition. 2nd Lewis’ Fairwinds In Space Man, D, 3rd in J & G, pleasant headed pale lad of good balanced body proportions, correct topline and tail-set, shown in good coat, moved close behind which reflected in his placings on the day. 3rd Thomas’ Santandore Honesty.

Judge: Jan Reynolds (Benoveor)