• Show Date: 11/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/11/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Bournemouth Open Show (11/08/23)

My sincerest thanks to the committee for their invitation and hospitality on the day. Really enjoyed using the Championship Show venue with in/out rings to ensure exhibitors had shade from the hotter parts of the day. Thoroughly impressed with the quality and delighted to see 3 of my BOBs take the top 3 spots in the group. Many thanks to the exhibitors who entered, I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did.

German Wirehaired Pointer Open (1,0)

1) Brown’s, Matravers Cherokee. 22 month old middle-sized male, presenting a very typical picture overall. Liked his overall balance of angulation. Pleasing head proportions with correct eye shape, could do with a little more strength in head but still has time to develop further. Good neck, strong bone for size with straight limbs and neat feet. Decent spring of rib with firm topline and wide quarters. Coat texture was correct. Sound from all angles on the move holding his shape well. BOB and G3, congratulations!

Italian Spinone Puppy (0,0)

Italian Spinone Graduate (2,0)

1) Knowles, Knowles & Glen, Bessalone Shameless. This 14 month old male is still so very raw and needing time to mature. Typical head proportions with big spongy nose and correct ear set. Strong neck into good shoulder placement with correct bone. Needing to deepen in brisket with age, good topline and thick skin. Would prefer a shade more rear angulation. Easy mover who goes with confidence.

2) Stephens’, Instrocani Luisa. Absolutely loved this 2 year old bitch for type and shape. Thought her head to be very typical with good divergence, correct skull to muzzle proportions and big nose. Very good angulation both fore/aft with a breed-typical topline. Plenty of body for age and thick skin. Well made rear quarters with a good tail set. Unfortunately, she did not perform today and was very difficult to assess on the move. Liked her a lot.

Italian Spinone Post Graduate (1,0)

1) Anderson & Mayne, Annilann Temptress del Michiamo. A longer cast bitch but still presenting a typical topline and underline. Really liked her head properties and ‘almost-human’ expression. Balanced angulation both fore/aft with decent width over quarters. Used her tail really well on the move showing good balance and carriage.

Italian Spinone Open (5,1)

1) Knowles, Knowles, Glen, Sh Ch. Bessalone Peaky Blinders. Today this dog ticked all the boxes for type, shape and balance. At first glance he held such an imposing outline. Loved his long, deep head with desired leanness and divergence. His neck blends seamlessly into a well made forehand with decent width of chest, would prefer slightly better feet to be critical. Excellent maturity through body with such a breed-typical topline. Symmetrical rear angulation with breadth over the pelvis. On the move he demonstrates that characteristic free-moving action while holding his shape. Excellent coat texture and thick skin. BOB and G1, congratulations!

2) Longstaff, Kevardhu Life Of Rylea. Loved this bitch for type and pushed my winner all the way. Obviously square and robust in appearance. Prettiest of heads with decent proportions and shape. Balanced angulation both fore/aft with a correct topline and underline. Quite the showgirl on the move, carrying herself well and displaying a really lovely ‘tick tock’ tail action. Just preferred the width all through of 1. BOS, congratulations!

3) Kruglow, Ambereillie Rosanna.

Lagotto Romagnolo Puppy (0,0)

Lagotto Romagnolo Graduate (1,0)

1) Ward, Magpieblue Cassiopeia. Liked this medium-sized bitch for her typical proportions and good overall breed type. Feminine head with decent width between the ears and correct skull to muzzle proportions. Breed-typical angulation fore/aft with a firm topline. In good coat and overall condition. Sound and steady from all angles, just wish she’d carry herself more consistently on the move.

Lagotto Romagnolo Post Graduate (1,0)

1) Adkins-Fry, Ward & Zdunic Sinkovic. Kan Trace Viking Invader (Imp HRV). A top size brown/white male who made his presence felt from the moment he stepped into the ring! Impressive for proportions and angulation. Excellent head shape with good width of skull, correct ear set and eye shape. His slightly arched neck flows into a typical forehand with straight limbs. Correct width through his quarters with typical body depth to leg length proportions. Excellent rear assembly, coat is excellent texture. Really tries to open up on the move, needing to be moved at a slightly faster pace to show his potential. BOS, congratulations!

Lagotto Romagnolo Open (1,0)

1) Fry, Norbury, Morehouse & Wells Cross. Prada Della Fino (Imp USA) NAF. Thought her to be delightful! So impressive for type, proportions and balance. Loved her correctly proportioned head, ultra feminine with required strength through skull and muzzle. Excellent front with adequate width, good body despite only still being relatively young, firm topline, excellent width to rear quarters and correct angulation. In good coat and hard condition. Moves with minimal effort as a product of her angulation and proportions with a breed-typical carriage. BOB & G2, congratulations!

Flat Coated Retriever Puppy (1,0)

1) Douglas, Kalexas Upper Class at Greenbayhill. Really liked this young black who demonstrated an obvious balance of angulation. Liked her head shape and length when viewed from the side with correct eye shape and shade. Good reach of neck that blends into an excellent forehand, showing good development of forechest already with excellent return of upper arm and quality bone. Well bodied up for age with a firm topline. Corresponding rear angles with short hocks. Easy mover from all angles while maintaining her shape. BP, congratulations!

Flat Coated Retriever Junior (2,0)

1) Douglas, Kalexas Upper Class at Greenbayhill.

2) Durrant, Glenturret Gypsy Tart. This liver has so many breed-typical features. Appealed for her medium size, strength in bone and easy shape. Prettiest of heads with correct shape and colour. Good length of leg with well made forehand. Decent body with time for further development. Moderate bend of stifle and correctly set tail. Sound and steady on the move but needs to build her confidence to best advantage.

Flat Coated Retriever Post Graduate (1,0)

1) Bellamy, Moontorn Better Half Of Me JW. This black bitch filled my eye in today’s entry. Longer cast but possessed excellent overall balance and breed type. Long, feminine head with sufficient breadth between the ears and dark eyes. Reachy neck into well laid shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. Really liked her straight forelimbs and good feet. Well bodied up with slight spring of rib and strong topline. Wide over her rear with firm hocks and correct tail set. On the move she demonstrates such an effortless action while maintaining her outline and using her tail at all times. BOB, congratulations!

Flat Coated Retriever Open (1,0)

1) Durrant, Glenturret Happy Go Lucky JW SWGC KCWGC. This black male in his prime. Honest in appearance with no exaggeration. His shape flows from nose to tail. Masculine, well moulded head with dark eyes and appealing expression. Well made forehand with straight limbs and good feet. Excellent maturity through body with deep brisket, firm topline and short loin. Strong rear with excellent width. Uses himself well on the move from all angles. BOS, congratulations!

Golden Retriever Puppy (4,0)

1) Bardossy, Dewmist Dream Weaver. A pale dog of very good type and proportions. Excellent strength of head with time for his skull to develop further, he possesses excellent pigment and the darkest of eyes. Excellent lay of shoulder with well developed forechest. He already possesses a good length of foreleg with well-boned limbs and correct feet. Well bodied for age with the potential for further development, strong level topline with correct croup & tailset. Symmetrical rear angulation with firm hocks. On the move he goes with great panache maintaining his outline and using his tail at all times. Very together going/coming for such a youngster. Very pleased to award him BPIB and see him take PG4, congratulations!

2) Todd, Van Gogh Of Sunshine’s Valley with Toddrosa (Imp Bel). This young dog really impressed for his clean outline, obvious symmetry of angulation and strength in bone. Loved his head with well shaped skull, dark eyes and correct pigment. Strong neck that flows into a good forehand with straight limbs. Deep brisket, plenty of leg and strong topline. Firm hocks when stood from any angle. Steady mover all round and co-ordinate for age. Preferred the angles of 1.

3) Waterman, Burleybeck Swing On A Star.

Golden Retriever Junior (6,2)

1) Kelly & Kelly, Fairwinds In Motion with Zenevieva. My notes simply say ‘excellent in every department’! Immediately appealed for her clean lines and obvious balance of angulation and proportions. Loved her ultra feminine head while still retaining strength through her skull and muzzle, dark pigment and correct eye shape. Her reachy neck seamlessly flows into a well-made forehand with good forechest, strong bone and neat feet. She possesses excellent depth of body to length of leg proportions with a level topline and short loin. Plenty of width over her rear with wide thighs and firm hocks. On the move she held my attention, showing such an easy, fluid side gait and as sound as they come going/coming. Expertly handled and presented. She came, she saw and she most certainly conquered! Delighted to award her BOB and see her make the cut in a very competitive group. I was told after proceedings that this class win also secured her final JW point, congratulations all round!

2) Bardossy, Dewmist Dream Weaver. Winner of previous class.

3) Henson, Cinderbank Move It JW.

Golden Retriever Graduate (5,1)

1) Kelly & Kelly, Fairwinds In Motion with Zenevieva. Winner of Junior

2) Henson, Cinderbank Move It JW. Mid-gold dog who was 3rd in the previous class. Liked this honest chap for his medium size while still possessing good strength of bone and plenty of substance. Good overall balance of angulation and proportions. Good mover all round, presented in hard condition. Preferred the tail carriage of 1.

2) Barton & White. Lanercoste Sorrel.

Golden Retriever Post Graduate (1,0)

1) Kelly & Kelly, Fairwinds In Motion with Zenevieva. Winner of Junior

Golden Retriever Open Dog (2,0)

1) Bardossy, Ch. Shamrock Prince Of The Seven Kingdoms. A most impressive dark gold male that must be in his prime. He entered the ring with an almost stallion-like presence and an ever-wagging tail. Loved his strength of head while still retaining a kind expression. Excellent forehand with forechest and a deep brisket. Enough leg to balance with his mature body, well sprung ribs and short loin. Excellent topline and tail set. His rear possesses great strength with width over his pelvis, well bent stifles and strong hocks. Uses every ounce of himself on the move to produce a very balanced and easy action from all angles. Liked him a lot but just preferred the slightly steadier performance of the bitch in the final run-off. BOS, congratulations!

2) Lewis & Lewis, Fairwinds Space Man. Litter brother to my BOB winner with many great attributes. However, he is currently a very age-appropriate young male who still needs time to come together. Built on slightly longer and more substantial lines than 1 but without coarseness. Liked his well shaped head with dark eyes and correct pigment. Excellent layback of shoulder but would prefer slightly more length of upper arm for balance. Excellent topline and tail set, just needing to fill his frame to complete the picture. Strong rear with firm hocks. Really opens up on the move and is true going/coming.

Golden Retriever Open Bitch (2,0)

1) Kelly & Kelly, Fairwinds In Motion with Zenevieva. Winner of Junior

2) Clarke & Clarke, Sunnyoak The Girl Is Mine. A very honest pale bitch who possesses good proportions and balance overall. Pretty head with dark eyes. Plenty of leg length with a well-matured body and excellent topline. Wide over her pelvis with short hocks and correct tail set. Goes with enthusiasm and maintains her outline at all times on the move. Just preferred the front of 1.

Labrador Retriever Puppy (2,0)

1) Harvey, Lunarpet River Lea. Black bitch of good overall make and shape. Good strength through muzzle with dark eyes and correctly set ears. Decent bone with neat feet. Good depth of brisket and very good angulation fore/aft. Sound mover with a balanced side gait.

2) Wallace, Dreammake For Tiaja (Imp Dnk). Yellow bitch has more leg than 1. Pretty head with good pigment. Excellent strength of bone with plenty of body and level topline. Really liked her thick otter tail and firm hocks. Goes with enthusiasm on the move using her tail well at all times. Preferred the angulation of 1.

Labrador Retriever Junior (1,0)

1) Foster, Midnight Shadow Magic. Black dog who possesses excellent muscletone and is in good coat. Typical head and eye. Good spring of rib. Neatest of feet. Sound on the move, using his tail well at all times. BOS

Labrador Retriever Post Graduate (3,1)

1) White handling for White & White, Lunarpet Born Free. This yellow bitch appealed greatly for type and overall proportions, presenting a typical shape on first glance. Liked her head very much with strength through skull and muzzle while retaining her femininity. Very good balance of angulation both fore/aft with a firm topline and thick tail. Excellent mover from all angles. Not in the best coat today. BOB, congratulations!

2) Foster, Midnight Shadow Magic. Winner of Junior

Labrador Retriever Open (0,0)

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)