• Show Date: 19/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 19/02/2024

Hunt, Point & Retrieve Gundog Association

Hunt, Point & Retrieve Gundog Association (19/11/23)

My thanks to the committee for the kind invitation and hospitality. I was most flattered to draw such a numerically strong entry for GSP and be given the opportunity to judge GLP for the first time. I felt this appointment ranks as one of my best so far for depth of quality within a breed and would like to thank all the exhibitors for their entries.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Puppy Dog (4,2)

Tequesta Poldark (Adams’). This young chap was so well-schooled and presented in good order to show off all of his attributes. Immediately appeals for his clean breed-typical shape and overall proportions. Age-appropriate in head with room for further development through his skull with correct eye shape and tight fitting lips. His neck blends seamlessly into his forehand showing good forechest, standing on well boned limbs with the neatest of feet. Good body development for age with room behind his elbows which were tight fitting. Strong topline with a firm loin and breadth over his haunches. Enough bend of stifle with good width across his thighs and firm hocks. Very collected mover when viewed from any angle showing such impressive carriage on the go-around. Will watch his progress with interest. BPD, congratulations!

Aytee Quantas (Turnbull’s). A different style to 1 being slightly longer cast and possessing more angulation throughout but what a lovely prospect he is! Loved his head with correct shape and depth through skull and muzzle, excellent expression but needing to grow into his ears. Reachy neck into an excellent forehand with strong bone and well-padded feet. Enough body for age with a strong topline, liked the length and moulding over his croup. Excellent bend of stifle with strong hocks and breadth over his pelvis. Excellent coat texture for age. Needing to still learn his craft but he showed glimpses of a very co-ordinated and easy action on the move. I hope his owner continues to persevere. Really liked him!

Junior Dog (3,1)

Aytee Quantas (Turnbull’s). See 2nd Puppy Dog.

Barkersdream Howl You Doing (Flatman’s). A taller and shorter bodied style of dog to 1 giving a very imposing first impression. Really liked his clean-cut head with a slight rise over the muzzle and big open nostrils. Correctly shaped neck with perfectly straight limbs. Impressive breadth over his quarters. Enough depth of brisket with a firm topline and short loin. Symmetrical rear angulation. Goes with real gusto on the move from all angles. Preferred the coat texture and forehand of 1.

Post Graduate Dog (2,0)

Yockletts Nyetimber (Rudd’s). Liked the overall size and shape of this honest male. Very good head shape with strength through skull and muzzle. Strong neck of correct length. Very good lay of shoulder with correct length of leg. Correct depth of brisket with a strong topline and short loin. Would prefer a shade more rear angulation to balance with his front. Very good coat texture. Carries himself well from the side on the move and is sound going/coming.

Barkersdream Howl You Doing (Flatman’s). See 2nd Junior Dog. Preferred body proportions and size of 1.

Limit Dog (2,1)

Keigame Hvitserk of Sparkenhoe (Angus’). A very strongly boned, slightly longer cast male with great breed type. Loved his head and expression with strong jaws and a big nose. Strong neck that blends well into his shoulders. Still needing to fill into his frame with maturity. Corresponding rear angulation. Sound on the move, maintaining his shape when viewed from the side.

Open Dog (6,2) - A very competitive class.

Sh Ch. Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle JW ShCEx OSW (Dymond’s). This medium-sized, mature male headed a quality class. He appealed greatly for his excellent type, balance and condition. Ultra-clean and masculine in head with correct width and shape to skull with open nostrils and correct eye shape. Correctly shaped neck of good length into excellent shoulders. Well-boned, straight limbs with correctly shaped feet. Very good depth of brisket, strong topline with good moulding over the croup. Possesses great width over his thighs with well let down hocks. Could not be presented in fitter condition. On the move he is impossible to ignore being light-footed, economical and sound from all angles with such breed-typical carriage. BD & RBOB, congratulations!

Sh Ch. Winterwell Iggy Inch JW (Bowler’s). Another excellent one being from a slightly more compact mould than 1. Despite his tender years, this young male appeals greatly in all departments. Very typy head and expression with correctly shaped eye and strong jaws. Excellent flow of neck into shoulders with correct length and angle of upper arm. Strongly boned limbs with well developed forechest. Deep in brisket with room behind his tightly fitting elbows. Not quite as firm through his middle piece as 1 currently but he has time on his side for that. Correctly bent stifles with short, firm hocks. Makes himself known on the go-round with such sound front/hind action. Not surprised to see he already has his title and still more to come with maturity, loved him. RBD, congratulations!

Jomeel Monkey Wrench (Staley’s).

Puppy Bitch (3,1)

Soellis Feral Beryl (Ellis’). My ‘find of the day’! Loved her shape and overall balance of angles & proportions for one so young. Ultra-feminine head that is clean through skull and muzzle with correctly sized ears. Excellent forehand with well laid back shoulders and correct return of upper arm, straight limbs and neat feet. Well bodied up for age with a strong topline, short loin and long, well-moulded croup. Excellent rear angulation with strength through her thighs and hocks. Each part of her construction flows into the next without exaggeration. On the move she was firm on her hocks and elbows while demonstrating such an easy, ground-covering side gait. Must go all the way in the fullness of time. Preferred her rear assembly in the challenge against the BPD. Delighted to award her RBB, BPIB and ultimately see her go on to be awarded BPIS, congratulations!

Soellis Rosie Posie of Puddingridge (Wilson’s). Litter sister to 1 with many similar qualities. So obviously feminine throughout and very middle sized with decent bone and depth of body. Will benefit from more confidence and ring training to be able to show off her attributes to full advantage.

Junior Bitch (3,2)

Keigame Hearts Desire of Sparkenhoe (AI) JW (Angus’). This bitch possesses great breed type and angulation. Excellent head shape with correct eye and big nostrils. Reachy neck into well made forehand with well boned limbs and padded feet. Still needing to fill into her frame which she has time to finish. Strong topline and symmetrical rear angulation. Wide over her quarters. Excellent coat texture. Easy mover from all angles while retaining her shape.

Post Graduate Bitch (4,2)

Quintana Qing Ping (Nixon’s). Both bitches in this class were of very differing styles but both had lots of appeal. I felt this young lady stood over a bit more ground overall. Pretty head and expression with a very good neck and forehand. Proportionate bone for her size with a strong topline and firm underline. Her better bend of stifle and more collected performance tipped the scales in her favour today. Very sound on the move putting her honest construction to good use.

Jomeel Olivia’s Choice (Staley’s). A slightly shorter-backed girl but with lots of breed type. Liked her head shape in profile with correct muzzle shape and eye colour. Slightly more moderately angled both fore & aft than 1 but is balanced. Correct topline and tail set. Moves with lots of energy and pace but not quite as collected on the out/back as a result.

Limit Bitch (4,0)

Jomeel Now I’m Here (Staley’s). Ultra-typy bitch whose shape immediately impressed. Really liked her body proportions and obvious balance of angulation. Beautiful head with correct rise over the muzzle and eye colour. Neck is slightly arched and flows into well laid shoulders. Excellent strength in bone with straight limbs. Deep brisket with well sprung ribs. Strong topline with a firm loin and flowing shape over her croup. Very good rear angulation with firm hocks.Excellent coat texture. Sound and easy on the move when viewed from any angle. Liked her a lot!

Allezweck Edessa (Gatliffe’s). A bigger bitch overall but so very well made. Pretty head with strength through her jaw and big open nostrils. Excellent flow from neck into shoulders with well sprung ribs and strongly boned limbs. Liked her length and moulding over the croup with a correct tail set. This girl’s forte is her movement, she displays such delightful natural carriage with an easy, rhythmic action from any angle.

Quintana Lunar Eclipse (Nixon & Nixon’s).

Open Bitch (7,1) - This class was such a headache for all the right reasons, quality right down the line. Thank you all for the privilege of judging these wonderful bitches.

Sh Ch. Winterwell Lulu Moppet to Ladyhawke JW (Pearson’s). Wow, wow, wow! This girl ticked all the boxes for me today for type, balance, soundness and quality. Her shape is so curvaceous with obvious strength and power throughout. Ultra-feminine head with the most beautiful of expressions. Her neck flows seamlessly into well laid shoulders with a long, well angled upper arm. She has strength in bone without compromising her femininity or athleticism and tight fitting elbows. Smooth through her topline and underline with a long, wide croup and correctly set tail. Excellent hind angulation with the length of bones and bend of stifle that I was looking for. On the move she was untouchable, absolutely firm in elbow and hock with such a long and easy side gait. Her natural deportment and complete stability from any angle on the move was a sight to behold. Not at all surprised she has her title. I simply loved her. BB & BOB, congratulations!

Sh Ch. Fayemm Treacle Tart with Winterwell (AI) JW (Trow’s). Another quality bitch, built on slightly shorter and smaller lines than 1. Prettiest of heads with correct breadth through skull and muzzle. Reachy neck into a correctly made forehand with gun barrel straight limbs and neat feet. Excellent maturity through her body with excellent rear angulation. Very balanced on the move and sound going/coming.

Sh Ch. Soellis Fannie Annie JW (Ellis’).

German Longhaired Pointer

Puppy (1,0)

Cadanbyrig Fire And Ice (Gale’s). This young dog is so age appropriate. Liked his well-proportioned head with correct eye shape and strong jaw. Decent forehand assembly with good bone and feet. Needing to develop into his middle piece, but he has time on side for that. Really liked his strong rear with correct angulation and firm hocks. Once settled, he carried himself well on the go-round with glimpses of sound front/hind action. Most promising with an excellent temperament! RBOB & BPIB, congratulations!

Open (1,0)

Sophisticated Lady (Thomas’). This bitch must be in her prime, loved her maturity through her body and obvious balance of correct angulation. Prettiest of heads of correct proportions with big open nostrils. Excellent flow from neck into shoulders with a long upper arm. Straight limbs with good fill of chest. Well sprung ribs with a strong topline and short loin. Wide through her thighs with firm hocks and broad pelvis. Absolutely sound on the move with a very attractive side gait. Excellent presentation. BOB, congratulations!

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)