• Show Date: 08/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North Of England Weimaraner Society

North of England Weimaraner Society Open Show (08/04/23)

I’d like to extend my sincerest thanks to the committee for this appointment and for their exceptional hospitality on the day. To be asked to judge at a breed club show, especially as a non-breed specialist, is something I consider to be a real privilege.

This is a breed I have taken a very keen interest in as a judge since my first appointment for them in 2015. I was delighted with my numerically large entry with only 9 absentees on the day. Thankfully we were able to be outside with a spacious ring which allowed all exhibits the best opportunity to show their movement. My thanks must also go to Natalie and Lindsey for being such efficient stewards and to all the exhibitors who entered.

Minor Puppy Dog (4,0)

1) Davies & Brown’s, Gunalt Polished at Wystry. This 8 month old chap was very raw and will benefit from more ring experience and time. Really liked his correctly proportioned head with moderate stop and correct shape of eye. Decent reach of neck with well boned legs. His angulation both/fore aft is a shade more moderate than preferred but he is balanced. Firm, level topline with a short loin, would prefer him a little longer in back. Liked his wide rear quarters with firm hocks. Demonstrated a very steady performance on the move, going on a balanced stride from all angles.

2) Drewery’s, Eventyrrikets Admiral P at Longlox (Imp Nor). 7 month old long hair, another who is very raw and will benefit from more ring experience. His head is correctly proportioned with a good shape and shade of eye with more stop than 1. Reachy neck with moderate but balanced angulation both fore/aft and a level topline. A little unsettled on the move due to his very extrovert temperament but showed glimpses of sound, easy movement. Liked him a lot, would be interested to see him as the finished article.

3) Rintoul’s, Silberstern First Edition.

Puppy Dog (4,1)

1) Porter-Manning & Porter’s, Wallaroo Kynki Bootz. 11 month old, much more forward than 2 which is to be expected. He is well off for bone with a commanding presence on the stack, giving an immediate impression of power. Masculine, aristocratic head of correct proportions with a moderate stop and long leathers. Good reach of neck that flows into an excellent forehand with well developed forechest. Naturally, he needs to develop through his middle piece with age. Would prefer him a shade longer in back. Moderate hind angulation with short hocks. Tidy both going/coming with an effortless side gait showing great deportment. Best Puppy Dog

2) Davies & Brown’s, Gunalt Polished at Wystry. Winner of MPD.

3) Jennings’, Wallaroo Romeo.

Junior Dog (3,0)

1) Isherwood’s, Gunalt Schweppes at Caleydene JW. A very impressive young dog with great ring presence and presented in hard condition. Medium sized without coarseness. Loved his masculine head with clean flews, moderate stop and correct eye shape. His neck flows seamlessly into well laid shoulders, good return of upper arm and straight limbs. Plenty of body for his age with correct body depth to leg length proportions. Strong topline and short loin. Broad over his pelvis with correctly angled rear and firm hocks. On the move he is sound going/coming with a smooth side gait while retaining his shape. Reserve Best Dog

2) Hartley & Myers’, Glasarian Russett for Astrazone. A very honest young dog with strong bone. His head is correctly proportioned but would prefer less stop to soften his expression. He possesses a strong topline and balanced angulation fore/aft. An easy mover all round but needs to make more of himself on the stack to show to advantage.

3) Brown & Filby’s, Desjiem Billy Dont Be A Hero.

Yearling Dog (3,0)

1) Longbottom’s, Gunalt McQueen. Liked the obvious strength and athleticism of this young chap. Typical head with tight flews, correct proportions and strength in jaw. Reachy neck into a moderately angled forehand with straight, well boned limbs and good feet. Decent spring of rib for age with potential to develop further. Strong topline with moderate tuck up. Well bent stifles accompanied by short, firm hocks. Took his time to settle on the move but covers the ground well once he gets into his stride.

2) White & Scougall’s, Greyspirit Wait’s Over at Silverkelvin. Pleasing male with good strength in bone. Obviously masculine head with long leathers and correct shape of eye. Good reach of neck into well made forehand. Good length of back with short loin. Symmetrical rear angles. Goes on an easy stride when viewed from the side but a touch close going away.

3) Brown & Filby’s, Desjiem Billy Dont Be A Hero.

Novice Dog (3,0)

1) Porter-Manning & Porter’s, Wallaroo Kynki Bootz. See winner of PD.

2) Hartley & Myers’, Glasarian Russett for Astrazone. See 2nd in JD.

3) Jennings’, Wallaroo Romeo.

Post Graduate Dog (2,0)

1) Arnold’s, Gunalt Roku. Built on smaller lines but possesses strong proportionate bone and is presented in really fit condition. Head is masculine with correct proportions and straight muzzle. Balanced angulation but I’d prefer more both fore/aft. Strong topline and good depth of brisket. Impressive on the move with great carriage when viewed from the side and accurate front/hind action. Preferred his overall balance of angulation compared to 2.

2) Rintoul’s, Sireva New Kid On The Block. Another one presented in hard condition. Liked the overall shape and medium size of this dog. He has a better length of back than 1. Head is obviously masculine but would prefer a more moderate stop and less breadth over his skull. Decent reach of neck. Excellent leg length to body depth proportions. Well sprung ribs with a level topline. Well bent stifles and short hocks. Sound going/coming but would prefer better forward reach when viewed from the side.

Limit Dog (4,0)

1) Hawkins’, Smilek Fernando JW. This chap greatly appealed for his proportions and breed typical shape being definitely longer than he is tall. His head is delightful, aristocratic and strong without coarseness, tightly drawn skin and correct proportions with a moderate stop. Excellent forehand and brisket depth with enough length of leg. Level topline and short loin. Corresponding rear angles with short hocks and correct tail set. On the move, he goes with a truly effortless action from any angle and is as sound as they come. Unfortunately, in the challenge he seemed to lose his enthusiasm on the move which cost him, a really grand dog!

2) Hawkins’, Smilek Massachusettes. A very different make and shape to 1, being more compact and more up on his leg. Correctly proportioned head with moderate stop and good strength through his skull. Reachy neck that flows into a well made forehand with straight limbs and firm feet. Well sprung ribs with a level topline. Would prefer more rear angles to balance with his very good front. On the move he shows good coordination but didn’t have the drive of 1. Well handled!

3) Richardson’s, Cheyenn Makeeta.

Open Dog (3,0)

1) Evans & Pavey’s, Sh Ch. Gunalt Undeniable at Joneva JW. This very impressive male is well up to size but presents a picture of power and balance. Immediately appeals for his correct proportions and clean lines, flowing from nose to tail. Loved his head, being aristocratic with a moderate stop, medium sized round eye and strength through his jaw. Moderately long neck flows into a textbook forehand with well boned, straight limbs. Excellent spring of rib that goes well back to a short loin. Level topline with correct length and angle of croup. Well angulated hindquarters and short, firm hocks. On the move, he is impossible to ignore. He demonstrates absolute precision going/coming with a truly effortless, ground covering action from the side while maintaining his shape and had one of the best tail carriages of the male entry. The big outdoor ring provided this dog with the perfect opportunity to show everyone what he can do and he did not disappoint! It was a close call in the challenge for BIS, delighted to later find he was only beaten by his daughter. Best Dog, Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex

2) MacLaine & Dickson’s, Greyspirit Rock Star from Hantzburg JW. Another impressive male, built on slightly smaller and more compact lines than 1. His overall build suggests athleticism. Typical head shape with moderate stop and correct eye. Not quite the forehand of 1. Excellent length of leg with deep brisket and clean underline. Liked his strong rear with wide thighs and firm hocks. Goes on an easy stride and is sound from all angles.

3) Hunter’s, Braefell Dragonfly

Veteran Dog (0,0)

Special Long Haired Dog (3,1)

1) Richardson’s, Cheyenn Makeeta. He previously placed 3rd in LD. A very honest dog, free from exaggeration or coarseness. Liked his strength of bone, fit condition and overall shape. Pleasing head with moderate stop and correct shape/shade of eye. Good layback of shoulder but would prefer a better return of upper arm. Correct length of leg with level topline. Decent rear angles. A steady mover who holds his topline but would prefer him a little less proud with his tail.

2) Drewery’s, Eventyrrikets Admiral P at Longlox (Imp Nor). See 2nd MPD.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1) Longbottom’s, Gunalt Curtain Call. Very raw and very naughty but appeals for her good overall type and medium size. Prettiest of heads with a moderate stop and kind eye. Good forehand overall with correct length of leg. Well bodied up for her age with a strong topline and corresponding rear angles. Needs time to come together on the move but felt she was promising.

Puppy Bitch (3,0)

1) Hesford & Campbell’s, Pipwell Penny Lane. My find of the day, a captivating young bitch who has type and quality in spades! Her shape is so curvaceous, each element seamlessly fits into the next with no exaggeration. Absolutely middle sized with strength in bone and the required look of athleticism and power. Prettiest of heads with correct proportions, kind eye, moderate stop and long ears. Excellent reach of neck that blends into well laid shoulders with corresponding length and angle of upper arm. Well bodied up for her age with the length of body I was looking for while still retaining a good length of leg. Strong, level topline, slightly sloping croup, well bent stifles and short hocks. On the move she commands your attention and puts her excellent construction to good use. She displays such excellent natural carriage with correct hock flexion while maintaining her shape. Pushed her sire very hard in the challenge. One I feel will go all the way and more, I will follow her career with great interest! Best Bitch, Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show

2) Phillips’, Time To Play Clementine Rivertone (Imp Fra). Built on slightly longer lines and a bit more raw compared to 1 but with lots going for her. Pretty head with a kind eye and long leathers. Lots of neck that flows into a decent forehand, needing to body up with time. Strong topline and well angulated rear. Not as together on the move but should come right with time.

3) White & Scougall’s, Silverkelvin Callisto.

Junior Bitch (4,1)

1) Anderson’s, Hollieseast Chanel Chic. A very honest and shapely bitch. Liked her strength in bone and balance of angulation. Feminine head while retaining strength of jaw with long ears and moderate stop. Good neck with well laid shoulders and decent upper arm. Good length of leg but would prefer her a shade longer in back. Strong topline and gentle slope to croup. Symmetrical rear angles with wide quarters. Goes with a very smooth action from all angles.

2) White & Scougall’s, Silverkelvin Callisto. Really liked the angulation of this one but also a bit shorter in body than preferred. Prettiest of heads with good neck into shoulder. Good body for age and is a steady mover.

3) Cain’s, Schonhund Show Mia Star at Lustamusk.

Yearling Bitch (5,0)

1) Phillips’, Farnfield Deja Vu from Rivertone. This young lady has everything in the right place but just needs to settle to the job at hand. Good bodily proportions and balance of angulation fore/aft. Moderately long head with correct stop and kind eye. Reachy neck into well made forehand with decent forechest. Level topline but would prefer her a bit shorter in loin. Excellent rear with wide thighs and breadth over her pelvis. Showed glimpses of good reach & drive but didn’t make the most of herself. Liked her!

2) Anderson’s, Hollieseast Chanel Chic. See winner of JB.

3) Dobbs’, Kalimor Summa Love JW.

Novice Bitch (1,0)

1) White & Scougall’s, Silverkelvin Callisto. See 2nd in JB.

Post Graduate Bitch (7,0)

1) Maskell, Rayner & Maskell’s, Enjager Harmony with Brownback JW. Very middle sized bitch with plenty of bone and substance. Built on very clean lines without exaggeration. Correctly proportioned head with good breadth to skull and moderate stop. Really liked her reach of neck that flows into an excellent forehand. Level topline with good tuck up, would prefer her a touch longer in back. Corresponding rear angulation with a gently sloping croup. Puts her correct angles to good use, displaying good coordination while maintaining her shape.

2) Davies & Brown’s, Wystry One Mint Julep. This bitch had better body proportions than 1 but preferred the substance and angulation of my winner. Pretty head with a very moderate stop and correct proportions of skull to muzzle. Decent neck with a more moderately angled forehand with straight limbs and firm feet. Good depth of brisket with a level topline. Strong rear with short hocks. Sound, easy mover from all angles who carries her tail well.

3) Isherwood’s, Gunalt Spoonful at Caleydene.

Limit Bitch (4,3)

1) West’s, Gunalt Wavelength. Won this class with a bit to spare. Liked her shape and proportions very much. Her head is ultra feminine with lots of work and moderate stop. Very good flow from neck through to her forehand with well developed forechest. Deep brisket with correct length of leg, good spring of rib with firm topline and short loin. Wide over her pelvis with a well angulated rear and firm hocks. Presented in hard condition. On the move she displays such a typical smooth and coordinated action when viewed from any angle. Seriously considered but didn’t go with the same enthusiasm in the challenge.

2) Dennis’, Silverweis Sparkler. Another well proportioned bitch but just preferred the forehand of 1. Pretty head with kind eye and good leathers. Would prefer a better layback of shoulder which would help firm up her topline. Well bodied with good tuck up. Plenty of rear with firm hocks, easy mover.

3) Cain’s, Schonhund Show Tallulah at Lustamusk.

Open Bitch (6,0) - A really good class!

1) Phillips’, Rivertone Head Above Water. A real quality bitch who immediately appealed for her proportions and shape. Excellent head with long leathers and moderate stop. Really good reach of neck that flows into a well made forehand. Correct body depth to leg length proportions, standing on well boned limbs with firm feet. Well sprung ribs and short loin. Symmetrical rear angulation with firm hocks and correctly set tail. Holds your attention on the move with her ground covering action while holding her topline and using her tail. Must go on to achieve her title. She pushed very hard but in the challenge I preferred the carriage of the Puppy. Reserve Best Bitch

2) Robson’s, Sh Ch. Kalimor Armani at Robricci JW. Slightly shorter backed than 1 but has plenty to like. Feminine head with strength to jaw and tightly drawn skin. Well sized leathers that are correctly set. Excellent angulation both fore/aft with well sprung ribs and correct underline. Goes on a balanced stride with precise front/hind action. In really hard condition. A worthy title holder!

3) Burgess’, Sh Ch. Robricci Florence by Nemrac.

Veteran Bitch (5,2)

1) Robson’s, Sh Ch. Nemrac Connie at Robricci JW ShCM. This bitch really belies her years and not at all surprised to see she has her title. Presented in ultra fit condition and moved as good as any youngster. Loved her head with a kind eye and moderate stop. Excellent forehand with well developed forechest, enough length of leg. Strong topline with short loin and long croup. Excellent rear with wide thighs and strength in her hocks. A really easy mover and still super sound going/coming! Best Veteran in Show

2) MacLaine & Dickson’s, Greyspirit Purdue JW ShCM ShCEx CJW17 CW22. Longer cast than 1 but very well made all through. Typical, feminine head with strong jaw, long leathers and moderate stop. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulder but just preferred the return of upper arm on 1. Good length of leg with well sprung ribs and level topline. Super rear assembly with good tail set. Very fluid mover and could still show the youngsters a thing or two!

3) Drewery’s, Koolkatz Affection of Longlox.

Special Long Hair Bitch (5,3)

1) Drewery’s, Longlox Misty Moonbeam. Liked this one’s length of body. She holds a typical shape and possesses strong bone with the neatest of feet. Very pretty head with good shape/shade of eye, would prefer slightly longer ear leathers. Well angulated both fore/aft with a level topline. Covers the ground well on the move, presented in fit condition. Preferred her length of body and tail carriage to the dog. Best Long Haired in Show

2) Drewery’s, Koolkatz Affection of Longlox. Mother of 1, coming from a slightly shorter mould. Slightly stronger head but still pretty with longer leathers. Excellent neck into shoulder. Good spring of rib with adequate tuck up. Would prefer more bend of stifle. Positive mover and keeping her topline.

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)