• Show Date: 07/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/01/2024

Guildford & District Canine Society

Guildford DCS

Many thanks to the committee for the kind invitation and to all of the exhibitors for their support.

Miniature Long-Haired Dachshund

Junior (2,0)

Mccarthy’s, Nagshall The Odd Excuse. 9 month old bitch, good type and balance on first appearance. Prettiest of heads with good eye shape and shade. Clean flow of neck into shoulders, decent keel for age. Well bodied up with a strongly made rear. Steady mover from all angles who maintained her shape. BPIB, congratulations.

Mccarthy’s, Nagshall Di Maria. 6 month old bitch, obviously very raw and a little awe inspired by the whole ordeal! Correct head shape with good pigment. Excellent strength in bone with super feet. Balanced angulation fore/aft with a strong topline. Needs more confidence on the move.

Post Graduate (1,0)

Mccarthy’s, Nagshall Dyce The Ice JW. Really liked the typical shape of this young male who greatly appealed for his proportions, strength in bone and excellent balance of angulation both fore/aft. Masculine head with strong jaw and dark eyes. Excellent neck into shoulders, strong topline and the firmest of hocks. Needing to develop in his middle piece which cost him today, but he has time on his side. Excellent mover from all angles. RBOB, congratulations!

Open (1,0)

Mccarthy’s, Nagshall I’m So Dizzy JW. Liked the overall finish of this bitch. Presented in very good coat and body condition. Pretty head with dark eyes and correct pigment. Excellent reach of neck into a well-made forehand and keel. Well bodied up with a strong topline. Would prefer a shade more rear angulation for ideal balance but liked her body length without exaggeration. Very good mover all round. BOB, congratulations!

Miniature Smooth-Haired Dachshund

Junior (3,2)

Barrett’s, Kenzduo Smooth Twirl. This 17 month old male is going through quite a rangy stage currently showing plenty of leg. Liked his houndy head with good eye shape and correctly sized ears. Decent forehand, needing to fill his frame for balance. Excellent rear with firm hocks and very good feet. Goes well on the move showing correct carriage, needs more confidence with being handled on the table.

Post Graduate (2,1)

Pearmain & Sherwood’s, Delandmar Ella Fitzgerald. Loved this bitch for overall type and balance. So honest in her construction without exaggeration. Prettiest of heads while retaining strength through her skull and muzzle. Excellent flow of neck into shoulders, prominent keel and well boned limbs. Very mature through her body, liked her length without excess and firm topline. Prefer a touch more rear for personal preference but has width over her quarters and firm hocks. Excellent mover all round. RBOB, congratulations!

Open (5,3)

Pearmain & Sherwood’s, Delandmar Kathrine Hepburn. Super bitch from shape, type and balance all through. Loved her houndy head with dark eyes and well sized ears. Excellent body depth to leg length proportions with a correctly made forehand. Super spring of rib with strong topline and symmetrical rear angulation with firm hocks. Loved her carriage and shape on the move with the soundest of action going/coming. BOB, congratulations!

West’s, Archidax Betty Boop. This girl honestly made and truly belies her veteran years. Ultra-feminine head with dark eyes. Excellent forehand with correct depth of brisket. Correct body length with a good bend of stifle. Showed everyone how it should be done on the move and was schooled to perfection!

Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshund

Junior (0,0)

Post Graduate (2,2)

Open (1,0)

West’s, Archidax Dark Phoenix. A bigger red bitch but what a fabulous overall shape! Loved her pretty head with strength through her skull and good eye shape. Excellent reachy neck into a super forehand, excellent topline & spring of rib. Ideal rear angulation with breadth over her pelvis. Excellent temperament. Would prefer her coat to be a bit harsher. Excellent mover. BOB, congratulations!

Wire-Haired Dachshund - 3 truly excellent exhibits!

Junior (1,0)

Howlett & Phillips’, Tendrow Malibar. My notes say “simply excellent”! This young male has the world at his feet and with further maturity I am confident he will go all the way. Loved his head shape and strength for age. Long neck into superb forehand and keel. Excellent ground clearance with plenty of body for one so young. Excellent topline that flows seamlessly into textbook rear angulation. All wrapped in a very good jacket. His movement was truly a joy to watch. He commanded your attention with his natural deportment and easy action when viewed from any angle. My find of the day. Delighted to award him BOB & BP and thrilled to hear he came out on top with G3, PG1 and BPIS, sincerest congratulations!

Post Graduate (1,0)

Rowe’s, Boloria Sugar’N Spice. Another excellent one despite being only relatively young, really striking on the stack once settled with such clean lines. Typy head with strength through skull and muzzle. Good forehand, needing a little more spring in rib which should come with time. Firm topline and plenty of rear angulation. Decent coat. Covers the ground well with a sound action from any angle. Has time on her side to mature further and trouble the best.

Open (1,0)

Rowe’s, Ch Boloria Nice’N Spicy JW. A full sister to my post graduate winner from an earlier mating. Loved her clean shape, ground clearance and strength in bone. Prettiest of heads with plenty of skull and dark eyes. Loved her neck into shoulders but would prefer a slightly better return of upper arm. Mature through her body with a sturdy rear assembly. In grand coat and condition. Loved her deportment on the go-round and so true going/coming. Pipped to the post by the youngster on slightly better forward reach, a worthy title holder. RBOB, congratulations!

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Puppy (2,0) - Littermates with very little to separate them.

Smith’s, Tollisty Raudr. A very substantial young dog whose is totally age appropriate. Liked his overall proportions at this stage with plenty to grow into. Liked his head shape from the side with room for development over the skull, excellent eye colour. Excellent reach of neck into well laid shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. Well boned limbs with tidy feet. Plenty of body for age and should deepen in brisket with time. Enough rear angulation with firm hocks. Very baby-ish going/coming as one would expect but holds himself together well on the ground. BPIB, congratulations!

Strevens’, Tollisty Shincha. As feminine as her litter brother is masculine. Very good overall size and substance. Prettiest of heads with correctly set ears and good shape/shade of eye. Decent neck into shoulder but not quite the upper arm of 1. Good body for age with a firm topline, short loin and balanced rear angulation. Needs to learn her craft on the move but did show glimpses of a correct, breed-specific action.

Junior (2,0)

Smith’s, Tollisty Raudr.

Strevens’, Tollisty Shincha.

Post Graduate (4,1)

Strevens’, Tollisty You Can’t Decline. A very middle-sized male who was very pleasing for type. Loved his masculine, wedge-shaped head with well-developed skull. Excellent forehand assembly overall with excellent bone & feet. Well sprung ribs, level topline and strong loin. Plenty of rear angulation with firm hocks. Puts his very good construction to good use on the move showing a breed-typical jaunty action while maintaining his shape. RBOB, congratulations!

Stellenbosch Discors Avec Laulaco. A bigger male overall and slightly shorter coupled but really impressed for type and shape. Loved his head with ample strength through skull and muzzle. Excellent reach of neck into a well-made forehand. Good length of leg, decent body and level topline. Would prefer a shade more rear angulation overall. Difficult to assess his movement today due to a lack of focus but he showed glimpses of correct reach and drive. Liked him a lot.

Smith’s, Tollisty Couldn’t Care Less.

Open (7,3) - An excellent class!

Dorrell’s, Tollisty Moet En Chandon JW. A real stand-out for me. Scores heavily in type, size and balance of proportions & angulation. Strong head of correct shape with excellent expression. Super neck and forehand with proportionate bone for his size. Excellent spring of rib with a level topline and corresponding rear angulation standing on firm hocks. Demonstrates such excellent precision going/coming and displayed a most typical side gait. In grand coat/condition. Must go on to greater things. BOB, congratulations!

Newson’s, Tivalake Let’s Misbehave JW. One I have done well previously as a younger dog and he did not fail to impress today. Excellent overall type and shape, being slightly shorter in body than 1. Excellent head shape with plenty of skull and correct amount of stop. Well angled forehand with straight limbs and tidy feet. Excellent maturity through his body, holding a level topline at all times. Prefer more bend of stifle to be critical. Goes with real gusto on the move maintaining his shape at all times.

Smith’s, Sh Ch. Tollelkin Caife Gaelach at Tollisty.


Junior (0,0)

Post Graduate (0,0)

Open (3,0) - 3 different styles of exhibits presented here which proved to be a good challenge to sort, thank you for bringing them!

Reader & Bown’s, Sundabish Belle Amour JW. Greatly appeals for overall strength and type. Loved her large square head while still retaining her femininity, excellent eye shape with correct masking, width of chin and ample wrinkle. Well shaped neck into broad shoulders and excellent bone. Well sprung ribs with the best rear angulation of today’s entry. Displayed such a fluid action on the go round with the soundest of movement going/coming. BOB, congratulations!

Todd & Smith’s, Alonzobar Red Sky for Delarhia. This male made a very impressive shape on the stack without exaggeration in angulation or body proportions. Liked the size of his head with plenty of width across his chin. Would prefer his nostrils to be slightly more open. Reachy neck into a moderately angled forehand, gun barrell straight limbs and neat. Mature through his body with excellent spring of rib. Preferred the rear angulation of 1. Very light on the feet on the move while holding his topline well.

McArdle’s, Rosco’s Girl At The Bar in Monascreebe.

YKC Handling - Thank you to all of the handlers for being so sporting and polite, you are a credit to our hobby!

6-11 Years (6,3)

Amelia Blanchard. A very competent young handler who displayed such a calm and unhurried approach to working with her charge at all times. She cleanly displayed the dog’s bite and teeth while also readjusting the stack when necessary. Very intune with her dog on the move with steady pattern work. Won the class today due to noticing and correcting her mistake on the move.

Peaches Warwick. Smartly dressed young lady handling a larger dog which presents it’s own challenges. Stacked her dog in a breed-specific manner with good awareness for my positioning at all times. Peaches always ensured her dog was paying attention and comfortable during their time together. Take your time to make sure you set off correctly on your pattern work Peaches, there’s no need to rush.

Joe Horle. An excellent young handler who clearly has a naturally calm manner around dogs. He moved his charge at the correct pace and under control. Would benefit from some smarter clothes to be more competitive. Well done Joe, keep going!

12-16 Years (13,2) - A very good class of handlers here today, a shame there was not more placings available!

Kaitlyn Collier. A very polished performance overall in a challenging ring with a larger breed. Breed-specific stack was achieved and clearly showed bite/teeth. Aware of my position at all times. Pattern work was completed at the correct pace, utilising all the ring space while producing the tidiest corners & lines of the class. Well done!

Tiggy Saunders. Smartly dressed, unassuming young lady who displayed such faultless table and stack work on the ground. Showed her charge in a breed-specific manner to emphasise key points. Corners on your patternwork were excellent while making use of the ring but your line going away on the up/down was not as tidy as Kaitlyn’s today. A close call between you both!

Emily Moores. Smart but practically dressed young lady who had such an excellent rapport with her charge. Excellent showing of teeth for such a small dog and kept full control during shadowing despite her breed being free-stacked!

18-24 Years (2,1)

Genevieve Barrett. Gave herself a challenge today by handling a very young puppy. Genevieve presented her charge admirably, ensuring she completed all that I asked of her. Her patternwork made the most of the ring space and she constantly encouraged her puppy to work with her. A very sympathetic handler, well done!

Adult Handling

Men of 17+ Years (1,0)

David Collier. Excellent ring manner at all times, ensuring his charge enjoyed their time in the ring and also got the job done. Smart positioning on the stack and cleanly showed bite/teeth. Pattern work executed at the perfect pace while maintaining good lines and corners with a tidy free-stack to finish. Well done indeed!

Woman of 17+ Years (8,5)

Tiggy Saunders. Also took 2nd place in a hotly contested YKC 17-24 yrs class today. Same comments apply but your pattern work was much neater when going/coming from the judge.

Olivia Kisby. First time competing in a handling class and did a grand job! Shows such obvious competence in producing a performance that emphasises breed-specific points while making it easy to assess for the judge. Have more faith Olivia, keep going!

Theresa Stevens. A good performance overall with excellent breed-specific table work. Her charge wasn’t as cooperative on the day despite Theresa’s best efforts to win them over. Really liked her sympathetic and considerate approach.

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)