• Show Date: 15/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society

Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society (15/07/2023)

My sincerest thanks to the committee for their invitation and to my steward who worked tirelessly to ensure my paperwork was kept reasonably dry and the ring ran like clockwork. Thank you also to the sporting exhibitors who braved the rain!

Golden Retriever Puppy (5,4)

1) Walker & Roberts’, Lamancha Trust Your Heart with Gloi. A very rich gold bitch who exhibited good balance on the stack. Prettiest of heads with dark eyes and correct pigment. Good neck that flows into her forehand with well boned limbs and neat feet. Good body for age with a level topline that flows onto a correct croup and tail set. Symmetrical rear angles with wide thighs and firm hocks. Once settled she goes well from all angles, maintaining her shape and using her tail to advantage. BPIB, congratulations!

Golden Retriever Junior (2,1)

1) Walker & Roberts’, Lamancha Trust Your Heart with Gloi. Winner of Puppy.

Golden Retriever Graduate (5,6)

1) List’s, Haydengold Gossip Girl JW. This pale bitch really appealed upon first glance with her shapely outline and strength in bone and body. Feminine head with plenty of width between the ears, dark eyes and strength through her muzzle. Good reach of neck which flows into well laid shoulders and well angled upper arm which I would prefer just a shade longer. Good length of leg with deep brisket and level topline. Correct croup angle and tail set. Wide thighs, well bent stifles and short hocks. Unfortunately, she thought the grass was more interesting which made her side gait difficult to assess. However, she was sound going/coming. Would like to see her again when she settles to the job at hand. RBOB, congratulations!

Golden Retriever Post Graduate (4,1)

1) King’s, Pajula Little Miss Princess. This rich gold bitch comes from a larger mould all through but liked her for shape and proportions very much. Her head is definitely feminine with good shape of skull and dark eyes. Liked her strong, reachy neck that flows into well laid shoulders with a good return of upper arm. Good length of foreleg with neat feet and well sprung ribs. Strong, level topline with super flow into her croup and tail set. Good bend of stifle with wide thighs and firm hocks. Her movement sealed the deal with easy forward reach coupled with great drive and lift from the rear to give her such an eye catching side gait, using her tail to advantage and holding her topline. Very happy to award her BOB, congratulations!

2) Smith’s, Rocamoka Funky Business. A very honest pale bitch that is lighter boned compared to 1 but displays good overall balance. Feminine head with dark eyes. Good angulation fore/aft with enough length of leg. Strong topline with some width over her quarters. Goes well from all angles, just preferred the panache of 1 on the move.

3) Gunter’s, Moorvista Golden Slumbers.

Golden Retriever Limit (7,1)

1) King’s, Pajula Little Miss Princess. Winner of Post Graduate.

2) Staniland’s, Johannson Saint Beatrich. It’s hard to believe this bitch is 9 years old! Full credit to her owner for keeping her so fit. Makes a really nice picture on the stack with obvious balance of angulation. Prettiest of heads with decent pigment and dark eyes. Strong topline and underline with wide quarters. Can still move like a youngster and as sound as they come, thought she was delightful!

3) Booth’s, Rocamoka Wind Dreamer at Alihelnix.

Golden Retriever Open (7,3)

1) King’s, Pajula Little Miss Princess. Winner of Post Graduate.

2) McCullough’s, Princess Cora at Zarkandar. Pale bitch who is very honest all through. Typical head with a kind expression. Good angulation both fore/aft with a level topline. Enough leg for balance. Preferred the croup and tail set of 1. Sound and easy mover from all angles.

3) Staniland’s, Johannson Saint Beatrich.

Labrador Retriever Puppy (2,1)

1) Glaister’s, Bellamar Love Me Do. Really typy middle-sized black bitch whose overall shape and balance was of great appeal. Kindest of expressions with ample strength through her skull and muzzle for age. Strong neck that flows into an excellent shoulder but would prefer a shade more length of upper arm. Enough leg with a strong topline and underline. Correctly set tail that was thick and well wrapped. Strong rear quarters with wide thighs and short hocks. Steady mover for her age, maintaining her shape and using her tail. In good coat. Pleased to award her BPIB and see her take PG4, congratulations!

Labrador Retriever Junior (6,3)

1) Davis & Rowe’s, Rochevale Palm Reader. Another good quality black of very good make and shape. Excellent head with dark eyes, strong muzzle and good pigment. Correct reach of neck into an excellent forehand with ample bone and good feet. Deep brisket and big ribs, needs to firm up in her topline with age. Correct croup and tail set. Wide quarters with good bend of stifle and short hocks. Carries herself well on the move, using her tail so well. Pleased to award her BOB and see her get shortlisted in the group, congratulations!

2) Bordacs, Wahnahnish First Kiss to Bellamar (Imp NLD). A very attractive yellow bitch of a very different style to 1 but with lots of breed-typical qualities. Her shape on the stack immediately appeals with flowing lines and no exaggeration. Correctly proportioned head with enough skull and muzzle. Good reach of neck that flows into a very good forehand and well developed forechest. Plenty of leg with strength in bone and tight feet. Good depth of brisket with a level topline and thick tail. Complimentary rear angles with well bent stifles and firm hocks. Unfortunately she did not do herself any favours on the move by pulling to put her head down, making her difficult to assess. Would be interested to see her once she’s settled.

3) Bailey’s, Harrop Ravenheart.

Labrador Retriever Graduate (4,2)

1) Markham’s, Knowjoes Bwalya Sabine Ania. A very honest, middle-sized black bitch whose overall balance and shape won her the class. Good strength in bone with straight limbs and neat feet. Her head is typical with dark eyes, strength in jaw and correct pigment. Her angulation is balanced fore/aft with a level topline and well set tail. Steady mover and sound all ways. RBOB, congratulations!

2) Bailey’s, Harrop Ravenheart. Another black bitch whose not too dissimilar in type to 1. Typical, feminine head with good eye shape and shade. Very good forehand and length of leg. Firm topline and underline. Correct bend of stifle and short hocks. Preferred the croup and tailset of 1. Sound on the move with good forward reach.

Labrador Retriever Post Graduate (2,2)

Labrador Retriever Limit (2,2)

Labrador Retriever Open (3,2)

1) Markham’s, Stmakajo Boba Fett. This yellow dog was in fine fettle considering he is nearly 9 years old. Presents a typical outline on the stack with excellent bone and width throughout. Liked his masculine head with a broad skull and strong muzzle. Straight limbs with excellent feet. Big ribs and deep brisket. Balanced angulation fore/aft with a thick tail. Fit as a flea on the move with parallel front and hind action. A credit to his owner for presenting him in such good condition!

Gordon Setter Puppy (1,0)

1) Sandiford’s, Hernwood Love Potion. Ultra-stylish young bitch with such a breed-typical shape. Her head has the desired depth through skull and muzzle with low set ears. Long neck that flows into excellent shoulders and upper arm. She has the correct strength of bone for her size and clear tan markings. Plenty of body for her age. Level topline that flows through to a correct flat croup and tail set. She has the desired length of bones from hip to hock and well bent stifles. She has wide quarters when viewed from above. Excellent hind action for one so young but needs to tighten up in front coming towards. Her profile action is delightful, she holds her head high, maintains her outline and uses her tail well. Delighted to award her BPIB, watch her take PG1 and thrilled to hear she went back the next day to win BPIS, congratulations!

Gordon Setter Junior (1,1)

Gordon Setter Post Graduate (3,0) - A good class, thank you!

1) Johnston, Johnston, Johnston & Boxall’s, Ludstar Maccabee at Glenquin (Imp ITA). A dog with great ring presence and obvious style. Clean in outline and very balanced when viewed from any angle. His head is correctly proportioned with excellent width and depth through his skull and muzzle, accompanied by ample chiselling, dark eyes and a big nose. Reachy neck into an excellent forehand with well developed forechest. This dog possesses excellent strength and shape of bone which differentiates this breed for their Setter counterparts. Level topline that flows onto the desired flat croup and tail set that forms a continuous line straight off the back. Broad over his pelvis with long bones from hip to hock and well bent stifles. On the move, he is impossible to ignore! He is sound, carries his head high, lashes his tail and displays such impressive reach & drive. In excellent coat and hard condition. Such a pleasure to award him BOB and see him take G3 in a very competitive Gundog Group, congratulations!

2) Horn’s, Ordett Love Me Do at Keaswood JW. Another exhibit who is very stylish on the stack. She is so typy and has matured along the right lines since I last judged her. Her outline is clean and each element seamlessly flows into the next. Prettiest of heads with excellent chiselling and low set ears. Balance angulation both fore/aft with the correct length of bones. Level topline with good tail set. Excellent bone for her size. Sound as they come on the move with an easy stride when viewed from the side. I just preferred the verve of my winner on the move.

3) Sandiford & Mazzeo’s, Hernwood Christmas Prince.

Gordon Setter Open (3,1) - Liked both of these for different reasons.

1) Sandiford’s, Hernwood Christmas Eve. Another I have done well previously and she too seems to have matured even more since the last time I judged her. Such a breed-typical outline. Her head has the desired depth when viewed in profile but would prefer a little more width all through. Good reach of neck with correct, balanced angulation fore/aft which won her the class. Level topline into a correct flat croup and tail set. Excellent width over her quarters with enough bone for her size and clear tan markings. Stylish on the move in profile and correct going/coming. Just preferred the head and overall strength of the Post Graduate winner in the challenge. RBOB, congratulations!

2) Johnston’s, Glenquin The Patriot. Another one I have judged previously and I am impressed with how he has matured. Typical shape in profile. Liked his breadth and depth of skull & muzzle with the darkest of eyes. Not quite the shoulder of 1 but with excellent width over his front & rear quarters and correct strength in bone. Mature through his middle piece with a strong topline. Excellent length of bones in the rear with well bent stifles. Goes with style on the move using his tail and carrying his head high.

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)