• Show Date: 01/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/01/2024

Mid Western Gundog Society

Mid-Western Gundog Society

My sincerest thanks for the committee for the invitation to judge at this superbly run show. My thanks also to my very efficient steward and to the exhibitors who entered. I hope you all enjoyed your day as much as I did!

Large Munsterlander Puppy (0,0)

Large Munsterlander Yearling (1,1)

Large Munsterlander Graduate (1,0)

Griffiths-Rose & Griffiths, Vonstrahlend Kam Das Leben. Medium-sized 4 year old male who is so honest in his outlook and construction. Excellent strength in head with correct pigment and eye colour. Decent reach of neck with proportionate bone for his size and excellent feet. Enough spring of rib with a strong topline. Would prefer slightly more angulation both fore/aft to finish the picture. Excellent mover once settled being sound and showing such typical deportment & carriage when viewed from the side. BOB, congratulations.

Large Munsterlander Open (1,1)

English Springer Spaniel Puppy (1,1)

English Springer Spaniel Junior (0,0)

English Springer Spaniel Yearling (1,0)

Ainsley, Nicklin & Henderson’s, Daenerys Red Priestess. Liked her greatly for type and overall shape. Prettiest of heads with good shape to skull and depth through her muzzle. Pleasing eye shape and shade which enhances her expression. Slightly arched neck that flows cleanly into her forehand with well developed forechest and strength in bone. Plenty of width to her when viewed from above with a strong topline. Symmetrical rear angulation with short, firm hocks. Very sound going/coming with such breed-typical carriage when viewed from the side. Presented in good order! BOB, congratulations!

English Springer Spaniel Graduate (0,0)

English Springer Spaniel Post Graduate (0,0)

English Springer Spaniel Open (1,0)

Ainsley & Nicklin’s, Daenerys Winds Of Winter. Another very typy one displaying such obvious balance. Ultra-feminine head with plenty of work around the eye, correctly shaped skull and deep through her muzzle. Would prefer her slightly cleaner in neck but of very good length. Excellent forehand with a firm topline, mature body and very good rear angulation. Just not quite the width over the rear both standing & moving compared to 1. Swings from the shoulder on the go round once settled. RBOB, congratulations!

Field Spaniel Puppy (3,0)

Adams & Lewis’, Irisbel A Million Dreams. Really liked the balance of angulation on this young liver bitch. Ultra-pretty head with so much work in it already, correct skull to muzzle proportions with correctly shaped eyes which creates such a melting expression. Reachy neck into a well-made forehand with strongly boned limbs and neatest of feet. Well bodied for age with a firm topline. Corresponding rear angulation with width over her quarters. Would prefer a touch more leg but this can still come. She demonstrates such an easy, long-striding action when viewed from the side and had such good co-ordination going/coming for one so young. Delighted to award her RBOB & BPIB, congratulations!

Angus, Elgert Queen Of Hearts to Sparkenhoe. This solid black bitch was a differing style to 1 but her type was of great appeal! Prettiest of heads with desired leanness and gentle expression. Good neck with correct forehand. Very good bone and feet. Plenty of body for such a baby with excellent rear angulation. On the day, I felt she was a little heavy over the shoulders which softened her topline but this should correct as she continues to develop. A very sound mover who goes with great enthusiasm and style on the go around. Will watch her progress with interest!

Adams & Lewis’, Ceben Darrin at Irisbel (Imp Swe).

Field Spaniel Yearling (3,1)

Macbain & Brewer’s, Femicus Son Of A Gun JW. Felt this liver dog was of good shape with typical proportions. Correctly shaped head when viewed from the side but would prefer a little less breadth of skull for overall balance. Balanced angulation both fore/aft with plenty of leg. Steady mover all round with a sound action going/coming. Preferred his overall finish at this stage.

James’, Kingsmist Golden Future for Bleiddiaid. This typy black bitch is from a slightly bigger mould all round than 1 but she is as feminine as my winner is masculine! Such a pretty head with excellent work under the eyes with low set ears and correct pigment. Excellent flow from neck into shoulders with good length of bones. Good length of neck with straight, well-boned limbs. Plenty of body with a strong topline. Corresponding rear angulation with firm hocks. Soundest of movers, just needing time to develop. Would be interested to see her as the finished product.

Field Spaniel Graduate (4,1)

Webber’s, Femicus Country Roads to Trevoris. Felt this chap was typical in all departments without exaggeration. Liked his overall head shape and proportions but would not want his eye shape any rounder. Very good balance of angulation both fore/aft with sound, easy movement.

Harding’s, Kingsmist Remember Me. What an exciting prospect! From a larger mould than 1 and still needing to catch up in body and coat but has all the essentials to become a really great dog. Loved his head shape with desired strength and shape through the muzzle. Excellent angulation both fore/aft with a strong topline. Impresses on the move with his ong-striding action when viewed from the side maintaining his topline. Will be one to watch in the future!

Webber’s, Femicus The Kings Troop at Trevoris.

Field Spaniel Open (6,2)

Harding’s, Kingsmist Miss Marple JW. This black bitch completely filled my eye for type and balance. Loved her head shape with desired lean cheeks and correctly shaped muzzle with a big nose. Reachy neck that seamlessly flows into her correct made forehand with strongly boned limbs and the neatest of feet. Plenty of leg length with a good spring of rib and level topline. Symmetrical rear angulation with excellent width over her quarters. Sound as they come on the move. Her side gait is easy and displays such great carriage. Delighted to award her BOB, congratulations!

Webber’s, Femicus Golden Opportunity at Trevoris. This liver bitch is slightly shorter on the leg than 1 but possesses such great strength in bone. I found her obvious balance of angulation appealing with a good topline and mature body. Sound and steady on the move from all angles.

Macbain & Brewer’s Am/Can/UKC Ch. Femicus Written In The Stars.

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)