• Show Date: 25/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland (25/03/23)

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the committee for the invitation. This is the first time this show was being run in conjunction with the Scottish Breeds Canine Association Championship Show. Due to excellent background organisation and to the tireless work of committee members on the day, it all ran so seamlessly. I would also like to thank my 2 excellent stewards who worked like troopers to get through such a numerically large entry.

I was absolutely delighted with my entries in both breeds and even more so that there were only 20 absentees overall. Thank you to all of the exhibitors for your patience and support, I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Golden Retriever Puppy Bitch (13,2)

1) Clarkson’s, Drumkilty Yours Truly. 10 month old pale who appealed greatly for her balance of angles and clean shape. Prettiest of heads with strength through skull and muzzle. Dark eyes and excellent pigment only emphasised her gentle expression. Reachy neck into good shoulder and upper arm. Needing to fill her frame which should come with time, she has a decent depth of brisket for her age and the strongest of toplines. Symmetrical rear angles with short hocks. Steady mover for one so young which tipped the scales in her favour against such a raw dog puppy. BPIB, congratulations!

2) McCormack’s, Flyngalee Busy Boo. 8 month old mid gold possessing more substance and being from a more compact mould than 1. Again, lots of appeal with this bitch who is very age appropriate. Beautiful shaped head with dark eyes and correctly set ears. Her neck flows into a decent lay of shoulder but would prefer a touch more length of upper arm. Excellent depth of brisket and length of foreleg. Plenty of body with a strong topline that flows through to her correctly set tail. Rear is in balance with her front. Such a show girl on the move exhibiting great deportment and a lashing tail action. Preferred the angles of 1.

3) Saunderson’s, Moloko Izipizi at Crobeag.

Golden Retriever Junior Bitch (13,3)

1) Harper’s, Tullochmohr Shooting Star at Glynerva JW. This pale youngster presented a very neat and honest package. Not the biggest but flows from nose to tail. Her head has strength while retaining her femininity with adequate breadth through her skull and muzzle. Her angulation fore and aft is balanced with great strength of bone and the tightest of feet. Developing along the right lines through her middle piece with a good spring of rib, level topline and correct tailset. Steady and true from all angles while retaining her shape on the move.

2) Harvey’s, Shebelta Sweet Charlotte. A very different style of bitch to 1 being slightly longer and bigger all over but without coarseness. Another built on clean lines with good proportions. Feminine head with excellent pigment and eye colour. Her neck flows into an excellent shoulder and upper arm. Plenty of leg for her age and a deep brisket. Another with an excellent topline. Wide thighs but would prefer a touch more bend of stifle to balance with her front. Very true going/coming with a typical side gait.

3) Bell’s, Hoaaloha Kealoha.

Golden Retriever Special Yearling Bitch (13,0)

1) Bell’s, Hoaaloha Ahyoka. I really liked the proportions and shape of this young bitch although still a bit baby-ish all through. Prettiest of heads but still time for her skull and muzzle to develop further. Good reach of neck into a well made forehand with strong bone and tight feet. Decent spring of rib for age, good length of foreleg to compliment her deep brisket. Strong topline that flows through to her tail with symmetrical rear angles and firm hocks. Really catches the eye on the go round with her balanced stride and lashing tail action while maintaining her shape. Time is on her side.

2) Palmer & White’s, Linigor Lady of Cairnglen. Very similar to 1 in proportions and shape. Liked her bone and substance. Different style of head to my winner but equally pretty with excellent eye shape and colour. Well made forequarters with a level topline. Excellent length of leg but still needing to develop through her middle piece. Strong rear with firm hocks and wide thighs. Steady and true from all angles on the move while retaining her shape. One I’d be interested to see once fully matured.

3) McCormack’s, Flyngalee Wishing Well.

Golden Retriever Post Graduate Bitch (8,1)

1) Crookes & Jenkinson’s, Quakerhall Flare By Pandora. Caught my eye for her excellent type and proportions. Beautiful head with lovely shape to skull, complemented by correct eye shape and colour. Excellent reach of neck which flows into a good forehand and well developed forechest. Excellent bone and feet. Correct length of leg complimented by a deep brisket, strong topline and short loin. Wide thighs, well bent stifles and short hocks. An easy mover all round who retains her shape and uses her tail. Presented in hard condition. Her more consistently retained outline secured her BB and I preferred her reach & drive on the move when put against my BD winner to clinch BOB and delighted to hear she was shortlisted in BIS, congratulations!

2) Purdie’s, Dunnybrae Tickety Boo. Similar style and shape to my winner. Really appealing head and expression, good lay of shoulder but would prefer slightly more return of upper arm. Still needing to develop a touch more spring of rib with time but she possesses good brisket depth and complimentary length of foreleg. Excellent flow through her topline and tailset. Symmetrical rear angles with width over her pelvis. Easy mover from all angles. Preferred the body and overall finish of 1.

3) Bell’s, Hoaaloha Ahyoka.

Golden Retriever Limit Bitch (11,1) - This was an excellent class!

1) McShane’s, Rigerin Respect. This rich gold bitch makes an impressive shape on first glance. Prettiest of heads with dark eyes and correct pigment. Decent forehand assembly with well developed forechest. Enough leg with a deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Clean topline through to her correctly set tail. Complimentary rear angles with short hocks. Lovely carriage on the go-round once settled with good reach and drive. Not as tidy going/coming in the challenge due to her very enthusiastic attitude.

2) Pounds-Longhurst’s, Mossburn Golly Miss Molly JW. Another rich golden bitch, from a shorter mould than 1 with a bit more leg. Liked her obvious femininity while still retaining her strength and substance. Excellent width and shape to her muzzle and skull with dark eyes. Symmetrical angles both fore/aft with a level topline, just preferring the croup of 1. Plenty of width over her quarters. A very sound and steady mover who retained her shape at all times.

3) Foreman’s, Ambersun Heart Of Gold.

Golden Retriever Open Bitch (11,3)

1) Nelson’s, Cadwst Eternal Flame. Well up to size but she is excellent for type and her balance of angulation and body proportions. Loved her clean shape, flowing from nose to tail. Ultra-feminine head with the softest expression. Reachy neck into excellent shoulder and return of upper arm. Good length of leg with deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Short through her loin with wide quarters. Rear angles are completely balanced to her front with well bent stifles and short firm hocks. Tidy going/coming with a balanced, ground covering side gait and lashing tail action. Really liked her but felt in the challenge she was carrying a touch too much weight on the day compared to my Post Graduate winner. Very happy to still award her RBB, congratulations!

2) Palmer & White’s, Linigor Perfect Symphony of Cairnglen. A lighter framed bitch compared to 1 but without compromising her strength. Really pretty head and expression with correct eye shape and shade. Her forehand is a little more moderately angled compared to 1. Excellent length of leg and maturity through her body. Clean topline, croup and tailset. Correct rear angulation with wide thighs and short hocks. She retains a good shape on the move from all angles.

3) Foster’s, Mockingjay VD Corner Brook at Auristela (Imp NLD) JW.

Golden Retriever Puppy Dog (4,0)

1) McLean’s, Flyngalee Goofy Gus. A very raw young dog who has time on his side. He scores in bone, proportions and substance. Classic head with dark eyes and correct pigment. Good forehand assembly overall with decent length of leg for age. Well bodied up with a firm topline and short loin. Decent rear with wide thighs and short hocks. Took his time to settle on the move due to his overwhelming enthusiasm but showed good reach and drive. Scales tipped in the favour of my BPB due to a slightly more collected performance going/coming.

2) Tait’s, Strathlon Here Comes The Sun. Smaller and more compact than 1. Sweetest of heads with dark eyes and good shape to skull. Moderate but balanced angulation both fore/aft with the cleanest of toplines. Plenty of width over his quarters with good feet and short hocks. Steady and true from all angles on the move.

3) Wright’s, Palton Platino.

Golden Retriever Junior Dog (5,0)

1) Reid’s, Sybiton Ginger Nut. Good overall make and shape with ample bone. Liked his masculine head with kind expression and reachy neck. Good layback of shoulder but would prefer a slightly longer upper arm. Needs to strengthen in topline but he still has time. Short loin with balanced rear angulation. Steady and true going/coming with a free-flowing side gait.

2) King’s, Cleddans Dreaming Of Summer. Good overall proportions and strength in bone. Well developed head for age with correct pigment. More moderate angles both fore/aft than 1 but still retains balance. Strong topline, short loin and correct tail set. Sound and steady from all angles on the move.

3) Tait’s, Strathlon Here Comes The Sun.

Golden Retriever Special Yearling Dog (11,4)

1) Bolton’s, Megarvey Still Game for Shiresmill JW. I felt this young dog was really good for type and size. Masculine head with well developed skull and muzzle for age. Dark eyes and correct set ears. Good reach of neck that flows into very good shoulder, good return of upper arm but would prefer a bit more length. Short coupled with a strong topline. Excellent proportions of body depth to leg length. Would prefer a shade more stifle for perfect balance but liked his wide thighs and firm hocks. Very sound mover showing good coordination from all angles. He retained an excellent shape and used his tail well. Pleased to award him RBD, congratulations!

2) Rose’s, Shanlimore Moonlite Rider with Gaytonwood. Not too dissimilar to 1. A very pleasing male in all departments with good general balance. Sweetest of expressions emphasised by dark eyes and correct stop. Strong topline and good length of leg. Not making the most of himself on the stack. Relaxed on the move with a free and easy action holding a better shape.

3) Reid’s, Sybiton Ginger Nut.

Golden Retriever Post Graduate Dog (5,0)

1) Little’s, King Of Swing Qdore of Labgold to Bluebraes (Imp Pol). A most pleasing rich gold male who immediately took my eye for his good proportions. Not the biggest of males but he still has proportionate substance and strength throughout. He has such a kind expression aided by correct balance of muzzle to skull and dark eyes. Excellent forehand with well developed forechest and neat feet. Good length of foreleg with correct depth of brisket. He has a tendency to sink slightly on his rear when stood which cost him in the challenge. On the move, he showed a level topline and a well made rear. His tail never stopped wagging. Liked him a lot.

2) Beck’s, Simon Basset de Ria Vela for Beinangus (Imp Esp) JW. A slightly larger and shorter bodied dog than 1 but still retains correct proportions. Obviously masculine head with correct stop and dark pigment. His neck flows into well laid shoulders but would prefer a slightly better return of upper arm which gave 1 the edge today. Correct balance of body depth to leg length with well sprung ribs. Strong topline and correctly angulated rear with firm hocks. A really good mover all round who also uses his tail well.

3) Salter’s, Rathcloon Safe And Sound.

Golden Retriever Limit Dog (10,3)

1) McGeoch’s, Nedlezah Lochlea. A middle sized male who greatly appealed for his strong bone, general balance and clean shape. Loved his strong head of correct proportions with good stop and dark eyes. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm. Excellent maturity through his body with correct length of leg. Level topline with correct croup and tailset. Correctly angled rear quarters with wide thighs and short, firm hocks. Can be considered quite unassuming on the stack but he uses himself so well on the move maintaining his topline and using his tail to advantage. A very comfortable BD, congratulations!

2) Bates’, Akenscales Waterloo. This cream dog is from a slightly bigger and more substantial mould than 1 but many comments apply. Liked his head shape with ample strength and breadth all through. Decent reach of neck but not the forequarters of 1. Straight limbs with neat feet. Correct leg length to body depth proportions with well sprung ribs. Clean, level topline with correct tailset. Strong, well made rear with breadth over his pelvis. Sound mover from all angles who maintains his shape.

3) Pounds-Longhurst’s, Mossburn Galloping Major JW.

Golden Retriever Open Dog (6,1)

1) Lane & Lane-Ridyard’s, Kulawand Skywalker. A really honest pale dog, free from exaggeration. Middle-sized with good strength of bone and neat feet. Liked his kind eye with the darkest pigment. Balanced angulation both fore/aft with a clean, level topline. Ample width over his quarters with the correct tail set. Goes with precision on a balanced stride using his tail well.

2) Bolton’s, Dantassie Golden Gun for Shiresmill JW. This mid gold dog is from a larger mould than 1 but with lots of appeal. Superb head with correct breadth of skull and dark eyes. Excellent forehand with maturity through his body. Level topline that flows into a good rear with wide thighs and short hocks. Goes with lots of reach & drive but lacked the precision on the out/back of 1 today due to pulling away. Liked him a lot!

3) Ogilvie’s, Linirgor Play My Song for Glenbuie.

Gordon Setter Puppy (7,1)

1) Cuthbertson’s, Lainnireach Made In Heaven. Very pretty young bitch with good overall balance. Prettiest of heads with sufficient depth but has time to develop further. Darkest of eyes and low set ears. Decent neck, her angulation is balanced fore/aft with enough length from hip to hock. Body is age-appropriate and requires time to develop further. Holds a level topline but would prefer a flatter croup. Quite together on the move for her age from all angles while holding her topline and using her tail. BP, congratulations!

2) Gray’s, Kattandale Blac Hawke’s Bay at Birniehill (AI). Another pretty young bitch from a similar mould to 1. Decent bone and breadth throughout. Correctly proportioned head with the darkest of eyes and correct ear set. Reachy neck onto decent shoulders and ample spring of rib for age. Not quite the strength in topline of 1. Decent length from hip to hock but would prefer a touch more bend of stifle. Uses herself well on the move when viewed from the side but needs time to tighten going/coming.

3) Tait’s, Forrester’s Northern Light of Darkmoor.

Gordon Setter Junior (4,1)

1) Morgan’s, Caradilis Sky Rocket. Really liked the overall type and strength of this young dog. Very appealing head with good depth and correct proportions of skull to muzzle. He has dark eyes which create such a gentle expression but would prefer him a little less heavy over the brow. Reachy neck onto excellent forehand with long shoulders and correct return of upper arm. He stands on strong flat bone with the neatest oval feet and rich tan markings. Strong topline with width over his quarters. I liked his rear assembly with long bones from hip to hock, wide thighs and a flat croup with correctly set tail. He demonstrates a precise action going/coming but he dropped his head and lost his shape from the side due to being moved too fast.

2) O’Kelly & Hancock’s, Caradilis Sparks Will Fly JW. Litter sister to 1. Pretty head with desired leanness around the eyes and depth through her skull and muzzle. Good reach of neck onto a decent forehand assembly overall. Lacking strength in topline and flatness over the croup compared to 1. Good length from hip to hock with decent bend of stifle. Uses herself well on the move from all angles and carries her tail correctly.

3) Tait’s, Forrester’s Northern Light of Darkmoor.

Gordon Setter Special Yearling (2,0)

1) Morgan’s, Caradilis Sky Rocket. See Junior class.

2) Hardy’s, Cafotaliena Hello My Love. One I’ve judged before and is maturing along the right lines. Slightly more leg and shorter backed than 1 but possesses good overall balance of angulation. Really pretty head with a deep muzzle, dark eyes and plenty of work around the eyes. Reachy neck that flows into long shoulder blades and decent return of upper arm. Straight, flat bone and oval feet. Enough depth through her body for age with a level topline. Long from hip to hock with symmetrical rear angulation. Steady mover from all angles holding her topline and using her tail. Clear tan markings.

Gordon Setter Post Graduate (5,2)

1) Thomas’, Glynderys Moonstone. Really stylish young bitch who appealed greatly in all departments. Deep head with ample breadth over skull and muzzle with lots of chiselling, obviously feminine aided by dark eyes and low earset. Long, slightly arched neck that flows into a decent forehand. Loved her strong bone and neat oval feet. Level topline with such a smooth flow over her flat croup and correct set tail. Long from hip to hock with well bent stifles and wide pelvis. Loved her easy action on the move. When she’s finished bodying up and growing her coat she will be even harder to ignore, really liked her! RBOB, congratulations!

2) Hardy’s, Cottonstones Evergreen with Cafotaliena. Another I’ve done well before. A very typy, honest sort of bitch. Classic head with lots of chiselling. Decent forehand and bone for her size. Level topline, long croup of good angle. Correct length from hip to hock with width over her pelvis. A showgirl on the move from all angles.

3) Shield’s, Amscot Brief Encounter.

Gordon Setter Limit (8,1)

1) Ellington’s, Benbuie Thornbird of Finnsfolk. This dog was really on form today and the best I have seen him look! Such a great example of breed type in strength and shape. Obviously masculine head of correct proportions, slight rounding over his skull with breadth across his muzzle. Reachy neck onto well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm. Excellent maturity through his body with great spring of rib. Level topline with a flat croup and correct tail set. Broad over his pelvis with length from hip to hock. Such breed-typical carriage when viewed from the side on the move.

2) Munro’s, Panthera Bad Medicine Dulmaur (Imp Pol). Longer cast, ultra pretty bitch. Absolutely loved her head with ample depth and excellent chiselling accompanied by the darkest of eyes. Long neck with well laid shoulders, decent strength in bone. Would prefer her a shade shorter in back to strengthen her topline. Correct length from hip to hock. Goes with real panache on the move using her tail to advantage.

3) Ozag’s, X-Man Black Lofty at Amberlove (Imp Pol).

Gordon Setter Open (4,1)

1) Ford’s, Liric Just Remember Me. Classic for type and well up to size with clean tan markings. Liked her strength in bone. Typical head possessing adequate depth with dark eyes. Long neck into an overall good forehand with decent forechest. Straight limbs with the neatest oval feet. Excellent depth of brisket and spring of rib. Her topline flows to a flat, wide croup and strong, well made hindquarters. Carries herself with such style on the go-round and is precise going/coming. In excellent coat and hard condition which tipped the scales in her favour. BOB, congratulations!

2) Millar’s, Yennadon Benriach JW ShCEx. This male comes from a slightly smaller mould than 1. A very honest and unexaggerated dog. Masculine head with low set ears but would prefer slightly darker eyes. Good reach of neck. Balanced moderate angulation fore and aft. Firm topline, decent croup and tailset. Precise going/coming. Goes with lots of style in profile. Very rich, clear tan markings.

3) Miller’s, Rhum Night Legend ShCM VW.

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)