• Show Date: 11/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Kelly Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Afghan Hound Club

East of England Afghan Hound Club Open show(morning) 11/06/2023

I was delighted to be asked to judge this show. My thanks go to the exhibitors for entering and coping in the heat and for their sportsmanship and applause. Also, to Dawn and Steve my super stewards!!

Thank you to the committee for asking me and looking after me on the day.

James Kelly

MPD 2/1

1 Lockett-Davies, Lockett-Davies & Moyes - Rhazmakh Sun O’Summer 9m white - lovely long limbed pup. Long lean head with correct eye shape and planes. Carries his head well on a correct length of neck into nice laid-back shoulders and good upper arm. Level topline and hip bones. He has good bone in his legs and nice hip to hock length.

Excellent reach and covers the ground with ease.

PD 2/0

1 Rhazmakh Sun O’Summer

2 Drage - Zendushkas Born to Run 9m gold – different type to 1 but equally promising.

Nicely chiselled head and correct eye. A medium sized dog with everything balanced.

Again, good return of upper arm and hip to hock length. Just not as stylish on the move today, maybe due to the heat.

VD 2/0

What a pleasure to go over, 2 super examples of the breed, clearly adored by their owners.

1 Winters - Garamond Cloudberry for Tokando - just over 10y b/brindle The only sign of age is the greying muzzle. Well-made head of good length and work, with a nice eye and low set ears. Lovely conformation and balance and the topline on the move is still good. Didn’t put a foot wrong BV

2 Latimer - Ch Jeremiah De Koulangar at Zharook JW (imp Fra) almost 8yo bm/gold – again the only sign of age is a greying of the muzzle. Really like his head, filled and chiselled in the right places, with that aristocratic faraway look. Good bone, angulation and topline. Nice saddle and top knot. Moved effortlessly and covers the ground easily.

JD 1/1

YD 1/0

1 Parker - Saxonmill Majic Moment at Khatira - almost 2 b/tan – Well if the veterans are the kings this is the naughty prince coming up fast. He is a super youngster. Lovely nicely filled and chiselled head with the right stop and excellent eye shape. Ear set low and long leathers.

Arched neck into a super topline kept on the move.

Good bone and super big feet with sweeping hindquarters. He’s at that in between stage with his coat but once that settles he’ll be one to watch. Moves effortlessly and covers the ground in less strides than most. Loved his energy, he says look at me! RBD

ND 2/1

1 Rhazmakh Sun O’Summer

GD 1/1

PGD 2/0

1 Newton - Shimalma Jagermeister – almost 3y cream – A very upstanding and yet refined youngster. Lovely well-proportioned head with correct eye shape low set ears and correct occiput. He stands like he is the crown prince and doesn’t put a foot wrong.

Long limbed yet well enough off for bone and correct angulation both fore and aft.

He has a lovely head and tail carriage on the move with the correct ringed tail. I remember thinking when he moved how smoothly he glides. A super dog and well deserved BD

2 Drage - Shimalma Drambuie – brother to 1 and some comments are the same. He has a very appealing head with the shading that accents his masculinity a touch more than his brother.

Slightly taller and a slightly shorter in the neck. But moved really well. Both dogs are good examples of the breed but today 1 just stood out for me.

LD 1/0

1 Parsons - Joneca Fire Cracker by Shukriya JW – almost 6y bm/gold – this dog is all masculine Afghan hound. Strong well boned long limbed, super dog, well presented.

Really well-muscled hind quarters which drove him around the ring.

I would like a touch less stop and a bit more front angulation if I had to be a little critical.

OD 2/1

1 Cullen - Khamis Aequitas at Eweyisska JW – 7y cream – well boned boy with nice lay of shoulder and prominent hip bones. Good head proportions and ear set. Nice hip to hock length. I think he would have liked to take off and have a good run rather than be in a show ring.

MPB 3/0

1 Moyes, Lockett-Davis, Hunter-Ryan & Shaw - Rhazmakh Heart O’Summer by Bryelis TAF

8m bl/cream – well balanced puppy. The most together of the three nice youngsters. Good head properties and length of neck. Nice angulation front and back and kept her topline on the move with a nice tail to top it off.

2 Rhodes - Alaqadar Ariodante of Shadowfax (Imp) NAF TAF 6m bl/br very raw happy youngster. Nice and confident. Body proportions all good and well off for chest and angulation. Moved well and I will watch her with interest.

3 Rhazmakh Spirit O’Summer

PB 2/0

1 Bellringer - Pramya Keep Your Eyes On Me (Imp Fin) 10m blm/gold – Very pleasing head with correct eye shape and good work under the eyes. Good layback of shoulder and ribs well back. Good hip to hock length which gave her drive when she moved. Covered the ground well. Beautifully presented. Congrats on your final points for your JW

2 Rhodes - Alaqadar Ariodante of Shadowfax (Imp) NAF TAF

VB 1/1

JB 3/0

1 Sanghera - Sitana Love And Thunder selfm/red 15m – 2 sisters that ooze quality. The lack of coat at the moment enhances her lovely construction and that super arched neck that she has just a bit longer than her sister. I like a deep saddle and obvious bare pasterns which show off proper Afghan feet. She moved round the ring easily and effortlessly.

2 Sitana Moon Star at Zharook – sm/red 15m sister to 1 and also a very nice quality hound.

Slightly more feminine in the head but the other compliments count. Both could swap places on a different day and I will follow them with interest.

3 Pramya Keep Your Eyes On Me (Imp)

YB 1/0

1 Sitana Moon Star at Zharook

NB 1/0

1 Moyes, Lockett-Davis, Hunter-Ryan & Shaw - Rhazmakh Heart O’Summer by Bryelis TAF

GB 2/0

1 Humphreys - Ayoubkhan Porcelain Dove – cream 2yo well-proportioned refined girl. In profile has a lovely outline and good angulation. From the front I found her a touch narrow. But she moved well.

2 Bird - Cloudside Zarzuella at Ikusimokon (AI) bl/brindle 4yo – well balanced honest hound with good angulation both fore and aft. Coat in good condition and well presented. But her heart wasn’t in it today and so lost out on movement.

PGB 3/0

1 Fisher - Shimalma Campari Goes to Ifmaraf bm/cream almost 3yo and sister to BD

Loved her overall balance and angulation. Long limbed giving reach and drive. Pleasing head with correct eye and ear and even though feminine has a strong jaw. Good reach of neck and level topline. Like her brother, a lovely coat texture and presented to perfection. RBB & RBIS

2 Parsons - Ayoubkhan Honeysuckle to Shukriya JW cream 2yo sister to GB but a bit more substantial which I prefer. Super balanced and angulation. Lovely head and neck. Moved beautifully and just unlucky to meet 1 on the day.

3 Humphreys - Joneca Eternal Flame

LB 5/1

This was a super class of quality hounds. It was very difficult to choose and perhaps on a different day 2/3/4 might have moved places as they are super girls

1 Cross - Syrdarya Lapsang Souchong with Gilari 3 ½ y shadow masked gold. This is an Afghan Hound I love. What a superb head with a well-shaped and placed eye that looks straight through you. The shading on the face just adds to the beautiful work throughout. Excellent length of neck into well laid shoulders and good upper arm making a lovely front and nice bone. Ribs going well back and super sweeping hindquarters to hocks well let down. Lovely well-padded big feet! Serenely aristocratic standing but on the move personality plus. Easy long ground covering strides with a characteristic style, just a delight to watch. Didn’t flag for a second

BB & BIS well deserved.

2 Cullen - Cloudside Sevillana at Eweyisska (AI) 4y bl/brindle – This is a lovely female, I judged her as a puppy and she is a quality dog. Lovely outline a classic Afghan. Head all good with a nice eye shape and ear set low. Balanced construction and good bone. Doesn’t put a foot wrong on the move but just seemed a little bit affected by the heat. Presented immaculately with that super glossy coat.

3 Sanghera - Tulak Driving Miss daisy to Sitana

OB 2/1

1 Rhodes & Shaverneva - Shadowfax Threepenny Opera JW 4y Blue/cream domino. I remember seeing her when she was much younger as a puppy. I haven’t seen her since but what a refined and classy hound she is now. Stands almost without needing a handler to show off her lovely shaped head and neck. Eyes have that.. looking at something far in the distance look. Lovely outline of correct proportions and moved effortlessly just not as powerfully as the others.