• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Kelly Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Herts & Essex Border Canine Society

Herts & Essex Border CS 19/03/23


Special Yearling

1 Girling – Chuilinn Flare 7m b Quality youngster. Nicely balanced and well boned. Long well sculpted head. Nice black pigment on eyes and nose. Flows well from neck into topline and croup. Good straight front and wide at croup with well angulated hind quarters. A youngster with lots of potential. Moved with ease and true given the space. BP


1 Shannon – Packway Downlander at Erewhon 2 ½ y d Upstanding elegant yet well boned young male. Lighter grey with good pigment. Strong well-made head. Long sloping shoulders and good return of upper arm. Good depth of chest. Good angulation and moved effortlessly. BOB


1 Shannon – Erewhon Firefly 5yo b Mature darker grey. Well enough covered. Elegant head good length of neck and flow into topline. Nice wide croup. Lovely drop to her tail. Excellent depth of chest. RBOB

Retriever (Flat coated)

This breed really has a lovely quality and consistence about it. Very hard to make decisions as quite a few I liked.


1 Holliday – Shashrox Raise Your Glass 8m b Quality youngster with lots to like. Head shape excellent. Lovely flowing neck into topline. Good depth of brisket and ribs going well back. Great tail carriage held on the move. Moved true fore & aft and has reach in profile. BP

2 Campbell & Brown – Ronevorg Firefly Fantasy 11m d Another lovely youngster just at that raw stage most males go through. Another lovely head and topline. Just needs to drop in chest. Moved well.

Special Yearling (2/1)

1 McQuade – Gemsin River of Dreams 19m b Different type to the previous youngsters. Shows maturity in a stronger head and body. Well-muscled; a fit dog. RBOB


1 Wilson – Hameldowntor Pedro Ximinez 2yo d Maturing nicely. Excellent head shape and strong neck. Good shoulders and well off for brisket. Strong body and well-muscled hindquarters. Tail carriage good. Moved well. Good potential. Inherited a lot of qualities from his dam.

2 Dunnett – Hoedun Miss Atomic Bomb 2yo b Really nice youngster again time to mature like the male. Feminine head with good standard points. Lighter all over and yet well-muscled. Good depth of chest. Another that has taken a lot of qualities from the dam in the next class.

3 Beeson – Esined Double Delight


1 Wilson – Hameldowntor Music of The Night (Imp) 6 ½ yo b Really loved everything about her. She moved covering the ground with reach & drive the best. Lovely, moulded head with correct eye shape and small close ears. Good length of neck strong and set into well laid shoulders. Excellent depth of chest and ribs going well back. Lovely well angulated strong hindquarters and yet all in a very pleasing balanced elegant package. BOB

2 Dunnett – Hoedun Alexandra of Denmark 7yo Quality balanced girl hardly a veteran. Moved out well good topline, reach and drive. Both these females have passed on well to the limit winners.

3 Hoedun Daddys Eyes at Montechor

Retriever (Labrador)

Puppy (7/1)

1 Metcalfe – Baileydale Hello Sailor 11m b RBOB BP Really outstanding puppy I just loved. Excellent head broad skull defined stop good eye shape, great pigment. What a lovely length of neck with a great flow into well laid shoulders and a lovely topline. Strong thick tail set correctly.

2 Bambrook – Winsleywood Waghorn at Ravoakar 11m d Another really super puppy. It was hard to choose between them. Lovely head piece with good pigment eye shape and strong jaw. Lovely topline well laid shoulders and solid bone. Moved beautifully. A very confident chap well handled.

3 Allen – Timouron’s Olimpio

Special Yearling (4/2)

1 Burroughs – Annakay Sweet Charity 23m b Very balanced and pleasing yearling. Feminine head and keen expression. Excellent length of neck. Good width of chest and well sprung ribs going well back. Nice strong hindquarters. Again, moved well, true and straight lines.

2 Shakeshaft – Warringahs Coorumba 19m b Stronger head piece here. Good angulation. A different type to 1. Presented in fit condition and lovely glossy coat. Simply preferred the head and rear of 1.


1 Harris – Willowrush Ramsholt Flo nearly 5 yo b Nicely balanced bitch in good condition. Feminine head with good pigment. Moved ok


1 Allen – Tylersgreen Narsil at Timouron 2 ½ yo d BOB Upstanding dog with good muscle tone and a quality coat. Masculine head with good eye shape and pigment. Strong clean neck flowing into well laid shoulder and a good topline held well on the move. Lovely tight round feet, good bone and angulation. Moved with power covering the ground well and straight both fore & aft.

2 Harris – Willowrush Iken Indie nearly 5 yo b Very similar comments to her sister in Limit. The sister has a better length of neck. But both quality bitches.

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)


1 Adshead – Afonbach Syrax 8m b A really cracking puppy. Lovely wedge-shaped head with nicely shaped and set ears. Lovely neck for one so young. Lovely smooth flow from neck into topline. Body wise everything just in the right place to result in a springy easy action, good reach & drive. Really super puppy I hope will do well in the future. BP

Special Yearling

1 Adshead – Afonbach Syrax 8m b repeat of puppy

2 Powley – Cfyre’s Prancing across the Sky to Danehaven 14m d Another nice youngster. Going through a slightly leggy phase. Correct proportions for a dog. Very light on his feet with a good springy action. Just needs time to mature.


1 Elkin – Tollelkin Dream Dancer JW 2yo b Very nice brother and sister who share dam with my BOB. Clever breeder to produce such quality. Preferred the bitch to the dog on this occasion but could easily change places. His coat is wonderful and I could do with a bit more of him but he’s young and has time.

2 Elkin – Tollelkin Dream Harbour JW 2yo d

3 Powley – Gaberlunzie Parsnip


1 Elkin – Ch Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC 3yo d I judged this wonderful dog a while ago and I raved about him then and everything I said still applies. He’s a dog that stands four square no matter what. Comes to a stop stands right. Movement is free and effortless and head and tail carriage excellent. Good bone and correct size. Presented in good muscle tone and glowing coat. BOB

2 Adshead – Afon bach Winter is Coming JW 5yo d Another quality honest dog. Fully mature well presented in good muscle tone and coat. Moved ok.

3 Powley – Be First Cardhu Garonera for Danehaven

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)


1 Gaylor & Robinson - Heniveruce King of Brewers nearly 3yo d Excellent quality young dog who just needs to mature. Best of heads not in any way coarse or heavy. Nice shape ear and moderately long clean neck flowing into good topline. Good bone and correct angulation. Moved out well just pipped by the older bitch from open in the challenge. RBOB

2 Cooper - Gilstonia Snow Moon 3 yo b another very nice quality youngster. Really splitting hairs between them. Lovely feminine head and clean neck into good topline. Good spring of ribs and good rear angulation. Nothing overdone.


1 Cooper – Isfryn lady Grey of Gilstonia almost 6yo b Super type loved her head. Excellent coat and colour. Well sprung ribs going well back. Tight feet good bone but a refined dog not coarse and of good size. But the outstanding aspect is her movement. She has great reach & drive and flow. Effortlessly covers the ground with ease. BOB