• Show Date: 30/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jacky Cutler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/10/2023

Eastern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club



I would like to thank the Club for this wonderful opportunity to judge your lovely dogs and my stewards who kept everything running like clockwork.

VD (3, 1) 1. Forster-Cooper's Sheltysham Burnished Gold. Eight year old shaded sable with a balanced head, well placed and used ears, eyes perhaps a tad full. Nice outline, stands on good feet, moved well. 2. Pattinson's Kyleburn Everlasting Dream. Another eight year old shaded sable, good head proportions and the darkest of eyes, balanced body and well angulated both ends, tends to level out over the loin on the move.

PD (1) 1. Stockden's Willowgarth Unlimited Love. Seven month old sable with a lovely head and expression. Good ears and eyes, well developed underjaw, well bodied for age with a lovely outline, moves a little close behind. Best Puppy in Show.

JD (3) 1. Stock's Shemist Summertime Blues. Thirteen month old blue merle, well balanced head with dark eyes, ears perhaps a tad low set, nice outline with good front, level topline and excellent rear angulation, moved very well. Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex. 2. Norris' Ferngrove's Valentino JW. Seventeen month old sable and white, good head and expression, front ok, slightly longer in middle piece, decent rear angulation, in lovely coat and moving well. 3. Mitchell's Valdosta Gracelands.

ND (2) 1. Valdosta Gracelands. Third in J. Found him a little plain in head, but he used his ears well and has a well developed underjaw. His front is good, topline tends to roach a bit as his movement is rather up and down. 2. Rhodes' Felthorn Christmas Gift. Two year old blue merle, balanced head but expression a little harsh, strong in muzzle, overall outline ok but he was a little unsettled and not making the most of himself.

UGD (3, 1)) 1. Dimmock's Milesend Silver Thorn. Nineteen month old blue merle, nice type with a lovely head and sweet expression with good ears and eyes. Well balanced in body and moved well. 2. Saunders' Sendora Sweet Bramble. Eighteen month old tri who was narrower all through than (1), lacking a bit in stop and eyes rather full, overall balance is good and he is well angulated. Moved a bit close behind.

PGD (4) 1. Saunders' Marsulla Propoganda. Three year old tri, good head shape but colouring spoils the expression, lovely outline throughout and moving well, just a little proud of his tail. 2. Dimmock's Shougies Secret Agent for Fernhill. Two and ahalf year old tri, stronger in head than (1), he has a good front and topline, a bit longer cast and pasterns could be firmer. 3. Cheal's Carolelen Composer at Faemadras.

LD (3, 1) 1. Pattinson's Kyleburn Hidden Dream. Five year old shaded sable, lovely type with an attractive head with dark eyes, well balanced and held his topline, well angulated and very economical on the move. 2. Hoare's Sabema Pina Colada. Three year old sable and white, bit bigger all through, balanced head but ears a tad wide set, good underjaw, stands over a lot of ground, well angulated and moved well.

OD (2) 1. Winfield's Lirren Quickstep to Oakcroft JW. At a couple of months off his third birthday this lad is a super type and size, with a sweet expression, dark eyes and well used ears. Good front and neat feet, lovely outline, and moved really well. Reserve Best Dog. 2. Hull's Mohnesee Dream Date of Lizmark. This five year old was as always in lovely coat, not quite the expression of (1), lovely outline and well angulated but not moving as well as I have seen him go.

SO S&WD (3, 1) 1. Valdosta Gracelands. 2. Sabema Pina Colada.

SO Tri/B&WD (6, 1) 1. Thornley, Thornley & Withers' Felthorn Cover Story. Four year old neat tri, nice for size and type. Masculine head without being coarse, good underjaw, well balanced with a good front and angulation, nicely presented and moved well. 2. Marsulla Propoganda 3. Pattinson's Kyleburn Romulus.

SO BMD (3) 1. Stock's Shemist Sea Dragon. Five year old blue merle, broad skull, good ears and eyes, could do with more stop, good reach of neck into a decent topline, well balanced and good angulation. Moved well. 2. Felthorn Christmas Gift. 3. Taylor & Yuille's Shelridge Toastmaster at Chelmermead.


VB (2) 1. Fransham's Sheltysham Bedazzle at Franmead. Seven and a half year old tri, pretty head, dark eyes, well used ears, overall balanced and a lovely size. Moved well. Best Veteran in Show. 2. Hoare's Briggsview Opalesque. Lovely nine year old blue, nice head and expression and very nice for type, but carrying too much weight which tended to make her roll a bit on the move.

PB (3) 1. Weller's Evad Halloween Spice. Very nice seven and a half month old sable and white baby, well used ears and dark eyes giving a sweet expression , underjaw needs to finish to level out muzzle. Good proportions and well angulated, moved well for her age. Reserve Best Puppy in Show. 2. Ford's Macstanryn Back To Black at Mountmoor. Almost eleven months tri in lovely coat and condition. Head ok but could do with more stop, good outline and decent angulation. 3. Norris' Ferngrove's Skylark.

JB (3) 1. Mitchell's Valdosta Goddess. Just turned a year this sable and white has the sweetest expression with well placed and used ears and dark eyes. Lovely outline and well angulated. Moved very well. Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show. 2. Cheal's Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra. Another just over a year, this sable is a bit rangier than (1). and is longer cast. She has well used ears and dark eyes, keeps her topline and moves ok. 3. Robinson's Alnmac Busy Being Fabulous.

NB (3) 1. Valdosta Goddess. 2. Daw's Rossmere Isolabella. Pretty two year old blue bitch with a lovely expression and well used ears. She has a decent front and is well balanced, and moving ok. 3. Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra.

UGB (4, 1) 1. Rossmere Isolabella. 2. Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra. 3. Sendall's Sendora To Be Special.

PGB (4, 1) 1. Weller's Evad Golden Gem. Pretty little sable and white with the sweetest expression, lovely shape, good overall balance, moving nicely. 2. Riding's Achor's Surprise Blackberry Way for Torinska (Imp Che). Five year old tri, nice type topline tends to flatten over loin, nicely angulated front and rear, in good coat and showing well. 3. Saunder's Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey.

LB (5) 1. Coleman-Smith's Kyleburn Sibylla at Shelridge. Beautiful five year old sable bitch with a gorgeous head and expression. Lovely make and shape, good proportions, well angulated and moved with a superb action. Best Bitch and Best of Breed. 2. Weller's Evad Halloween Queen JW. Four year old sable bitch, smaller in type than (1), lovely outline and so well put together, shown in super coat and condition, moved very well. Forster-Cooper's Sheltysham Idyll.

OB (3, 1) 1. Sendall's Sendora Songbird. Six year old blue merle with a stronger head than I would like. Eyes rather full. She has a lovely outline and is in good coat and condition. Tends to lift her feet a bit too high. 2. Carolelen Call My Bluff at Faemadra. Five year old sable bitch, pretty head with dark eyes, she has good body proportions, topline tends to flatten on the move.

SO S&WB (4) 1. Kyleburn Sibylla at Shelridge. 2. Valdosta Goddess. 3. Riding's Achor's Surprise Orisa for Torinska (Imp Che).

SO Tri/B&WB (4, 1) 1. Sendora To Be Special. Not quite two year old tri who is very shapely with good head proportions. Nicely balanced. Moving better in this class. 2. Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey. This two year old is rather strong in head for me, she is in nice coat and condition, bit longer cast than (1), moving ok. 3. Alnmac Busy Being Fabulous.

SO BMB (3) 1. Sendora Songbird. 2. Hull's Mohnesee Queen of Diamonds of Lizmark. This five year old is well balanced throughout, with a pretty head and expression. She has a good front and neat feet, just didn't want to use them to advantage today. 3. Briggsview Opalesque.

Jacky Cutler