• Show Date: 05/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jacky Cutler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ashton In Makerfield Canine Society



Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

P (1) 1. Sudiro's Zlata Iz Byrshtunovogo Kraju at Manonfach NAF (Imp UKR). Typy eleven month old sable and white bitch, with a pretty head. Ears perhaps a tad low set, rather immature in body but she has a good topline which she held on the move, and good rear angulation. , Moved well for a baby. Best of Breed, Best Puppy and 3rd in a strong Puppy Group.

J (3, 1) 1. Morris' Hey You Beautiful (NBT). Red and white twelve month old bitch. Bit unsettled to start with but soon came round. Good head and body proportions and decent bone, held her topline on the move once she settled. 2. Ledgar's Woodhenge Star Attraction with Jasrolyn. Fourteen month old red and white bitch, preferred the head of (1) and not as well off for bone, good topline, moved well in profile but a bit close behind.

L (3) 1. Morris' Reach For The Stars (NBT). Twelve month old tricolour dog with a masculine head, nice eye and well used ears, good body proportions and enough bone. Moved well once settled. Reserve Best of Breed. 2. Smith's Ryslip Jaffacake. Four year old tricolour bitch with a pretty head, slightly full in eye, decent front and good rear angulation holding her topline. 3. Woodhenge Star Attraction with Jasrolyn.

O (1) 1. Ryslip Jaffacake.

Australian Shepherd

P (3, 1) 1. Killilea's Louiston Suzie Do You Copy Majesixs. Six month old black tri bitch with a good head and expression. Almond shaped dark brown eyes, well balanced throughout but tends to stand a tad wide in front. Good bone and well angulated for and aft. In lovely coat and moved very well. Reserve Best of Breed and Best Puppy. 2. Chalk & Vorrias' Chalksville Bucks Fizz. Six month old blue merle bitch, head on the narrow side and ears a bit low set which spoil the expression. Good topline and well angulated, moved ok once settled.

L (1) 1. Hobin's Pastore Amato Endearing Reo (Imp RUS). Two year old blue merle male, broad head with a good earset and an appealing expression, although I found his eyes a tad round. Well balanced but looking a bit rangey as he was out of coat. Moving very well.

O (3, 2) 1. Gibbons & Satherley's Wispafete Belongs To Music JW. Two year old blue merle bitch, lovely type, good head and expression with well set ears and eyes. Very good front, well proportioned all through and held her topline. Moved very well. Best of Breed.

Collie (Rough)

J (2, 1) 1. Beardsworth's Maysinder Sapphire Reign. Beautiful shapely blue merle bitch of sixteen months, well placed ears and eyes giving a lovely expression and she has a well filled underjaw, well arched neck leading into a good topline with just enough rise over the loin. She stands on excellent feet and her angulation fore and aft is good. Coat looks like it is now coming back in and the colour is exquisite. Moving well, very nice type. Easy Best of Breed.

L (2) 1. Leese's Essanjay Fields Of Gold. Top size three year old male with a strong head, well placed ears and eyes. Good bone, but a bit down on his pasterns. Overall balanced and in full coat. Movement a tad erratic. 2. Savage's Peblu's Gold Reflection at Savatauras Jun Ch. Five year old sable male, well placed ears, eyes a tad small. Good reach of neck and balanced in body with a full coat. Did not like the floor so movement suffered.

O (3, 1) 1. Garside's Demelewis Gang Leader. Three year old sable male with a broad skull and good earset, another with smaller eyes. He has a decent front but is slightly longer cast. In good coat and moved well. Reserve Best of Breed.. 2. Mellish's Demelewis Double Take. Two year old tri dog, nice head and expression, overall well balanced and moving ok, just not in the best of coats.

Finnish Lapphund

L (2) 1. Samuel's Oberitz Buoremus. Three year old tricolour male, broad skull with good head proportions. Decent angulation front and rear, and a strong back, in good coat and moved very well. Best of Breed and Group 3. 2. Cunliffe's Infindigo Lintu Valo. Not quite the presence of (1), but good proportions and angulation. Couldn't match the winner on the move.

O (1) 1. Samuel's Oberitz Upponalle. Seven year old brown male, nice type with a good head and a well balanced body. Perhaps a bit straight in stifle, which didn't help his movement. Reserve Best of Breed.

AVNSC Pastoral

P (1) 1. Davenport's Vegas V D Vaardekenshoeve (Imp BEL) (BSD Malinois). Very smart outgoing seven month old dog, with a balanced head with well used ears and dark mask giving a lovely expression. Good bone and excellent feet, decent reach of neck into a good topline, enough angulation and movement very good for his age. Best AVNSC and Best AVNSC Puppy, and pleased to give him the Puppy Group.

AV Pastoral

V (13, 4) 1. Vorrias' Ch Surfstone Coolio For Windgunn (GSD). Impressive male not far off his eleventh birthday, with a masculine head and well used ears, good reach of neck and still carries an excellent topline. His angulation is spot on, he is still well muscled and even though the floor was not ideal he managed to own the ring on the go round. Pleased to see him take Best Veteran in Show – a dog to be proud of. 2. Collinson's Ch Nikara Diamond Jubilee with Norjack (Samoyed). Another stunning example of her breed, at eleven years she can still compete with the best. Classic outline, in super coat and condition and has that perfect Sammy smile. 3. Savage's Puncknowle Star Gazer at Savataurus CJW15 JW ShCM VW (Shetland Sheepdog).


1. Collinson's Ch Nikara Secret Love by Norjack JW (Samoyed). Prettiest of heads with dark brown eyes, this five year old bitch oozes quality, Nothing out of place, compact body with straight front, enough bone and well angulated rear. Shown in excellent coat and powered round the ring. 2. Mills' Ludas Matyi Aladar (Imp HUN) (Hungarian Puli). This two year old male is an excellent example with a square outline, balanced throughout with well sprung ribs. He has well muscled hindquarters and his nimble movement is a joy. His stylish coat is in excellent condition. 3. Oberitz Buoremus (Finnish Lapphund). 4. Vorrias' Windgunn's Matheos (GSD). Handsome male Shepherd now coming to maturity and with a balanced outline. He has a masculine head with well used ears, a decent length of neck into a good topline, well off for bone and moving with ease.


1. Vegas V D Vaardekenshoeve (Imp BEL) (BSD Malinois). 2. Jerrett's Coldelee Eternal Sunshine (Collie, Smooth). Ten month old sable bitch, pretty well balanced head with well placed and used ears with dark almond shaped eyes. Lovely outline standing, tends to flatten over the loin on the move but her angulation is good and she is a promising youngster. 3. Zlata Iz Byrshtunovogo Kraju at Manonfach NAF (Imp UKR) (Welsh Corgi, Pembroke). 4. Hughes' Poolheywood Barney (Lancashire Heeler). Handsome seven month old male with a flat skull and well placed ears. Wedge shaped head with a moderate neck into a good topline held on the move. Hard to believe he is so young, he moves with confidence and shows like a dream.

Jacky Cutler (Judge)