• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jackie Sparrow Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/11/2023

North West Golden Retriever Club

NW Golden Retriever Club. 15/12/23

General comment.

Many exhibits were poorly muscled and out of elbow and turned feet in or out on the move. Some of this was lower arm rotation and some poorly constructed pasterns. There were very few with correct upper arm and layback of shoulder. The size of the ring did not favour larger exhibits. Mouths were all acceptable and there was no indication of shyness or aggression. Pigment for the most part good. Many exhibits were overly long for the length of leg and didn’t present the balanced, slightly elongated square, outline. Many lacked length of upper arm which combined with more angulation behind adversely affected movement.


Veteran 3

1. McGeoch's Shaphiron Jokers Wild.

A balanced dog, I would prefer better front angulation. He was nicely presented and moved with drive and maintained a level toppling on the move. Good pigment and masculine head.

2.. Biddulph's Dibblesdale The Magic Goes On

Slightly longer coupled than 1. Had good tight feet but lacked front angulation.

Minor Puppy 3

1.Vernon's Graceleigh Legend of Tarzan

Nicely balanced puppy happy to be out showing. Good dark pigment and kindly expression Level topline, but slightly out at elbow. Has a lot of growing to do.

Puppy 3

1.  Greig's Steval Aglow with Cranngary.

Balanced dog puppy in full double coat. Good dark Pigment. Level toppline and tail set. Again would prefer better front construction and a longer upper arm and moved slightly out from elbow. He moved enthusiastically. Good tight feet .

2. G Legend of Tarzan.

Junior 2

1. Rhode's Kenzduo Honey Amethyst at Ashrose

Well presented, double coat and a balanced outline. He held his level toppling and tail set on the move. Attractive dark eye and pigment, well angulated behind, not overdone. Presented at the perfect weight but slightly long in loin.

1. Greig's S. Aglow with Crangngary

Yearling 1

None forward

Maiden 2

1. Rhode's K.Honey Amethyst at Ashrose.

Novice 2

1. Rhode's K.Honey Amethyst at Ashrose

2. S.Aglow with Cranngary

Graduate 1

1.Munro's Alibren Ready Teddy

Slightly longer cast dog in good double coat. Attractive dark pigment . A little short in neck would prefer greater length of upper arm and lay back of shoulder. Moved happily but throwing his front legs, movement may be helped by allowing him a looser lead. Happily wagging tail on the move and when free standing. A little long in loin.

Post Graduate 4

1. Baxter and Riley’s Berry Captain Hastings

Balanced dog correctly proportioned.A little plain in head but with good pigment. Well angulated front assembly and correct hind angulation. In good coat, moved freely.

2. Copely’s Monchique Dragonheart for Emmabe. Well presented flashier dog in good coat. Lovely head and expression. Longer in loin and did not present such a balanced picture. Adequate front angulation and correctly made behind. Feet a little long.

Limit 4

1. Copley’s Lalique Lord of the Rings

Lovely head and expression, well shaped dark eye. Short coupled and in good coat. Moderate angulation in front and behind. Level top line and tail set held on the move. Good spring of rib. One of the few straight moving dogs today. Good double coat.

2. Rileys Wylloh Lost in Translation. A longer dog than 1 but with a masculine head and expression. Well pigmented with a dark correctly set eye. Lacks spring of rib. Adequate angulation in front and behind.

Open 3.

1. Broadhead,s Monchique Last Samurai

Attractive and well presented dog. Attractive head, good dark eye and pigment. Level toppline and tail set with a good spring of rib. Moved soundly.

2.Greig’s Largymore Linger in the Mind at Cranngary

This dog has a lovely head and expression, nice tight feet. He is longer in loin and presents a less balanced outline. Level toppline and tail set but not quite as straight moving as 1.

Best Dog Bernary Captain Hastins

Res Best Dog Kenzduo Honey Amethyst at Ashrose

Best Puppy dog Steval Aglow with Cranngary

Veteran Bitch 2

1. Stanilands Johannson Saint Beatrich

Sweet head and expression with correct set of ear and good dark eye. She has a good length of neck leading to a level topline. Well angulated in front and behind, leading to balanced straight movement.

2. Rileys Willow Clarice Cliff.

In full coat well angulated behind. Slightly long in loin but has a decent spring of rib.

Minor puppy 6

1. Vernons Graceleigh Hakuna Matata

Sweet head and expression well set on ear complimented with good dark pigment. Nicely angulated shoulder balanced by correct hind angulation. Good spring of rib and tight feet.

2. Gannaway Jones’s Siwrengale Sails into Scarisbrick

Good dark pigment on a feminine head Good reach of neck flowing into a nicely laid shoulder . Good spring of rib, good feet. A little longer in body than 1. But still growing.

Puppy 7

1 Vernons Graceliegh Hakuna Matata.

2. Walker and Roberts Lamancha Trust your heart with Gloi.

Super head and expression with good dark pigment and eye. Level toppline and tail set. Well angulated front and rear . Happy on the move but struggled with ring size. A little tall for my taste.

Junior 4

1. Towers and Hendersons Alibren Majestic Dawn.

Balanced bitch with good dark pigment a feminine head nicely set ear.  Good length of neck leading into a level topline and tail set. Well presented and in good coat.

2. Walker and Roberts Lamancha Trust your Heart with Gloi.

Yearling 6

1. Coles Winders Mulan Princess at Bernsglen

Lovely bitch with super, dark pigment and a beautiful head. Good length of neck, level topline and tail set. Good spring of rib. Correctly angulated in front and behind leaping with an overall picture of balance.

2 Woods Strathlons Shirli ValantineHappy bitch with a lovely expression and happy disposition. Slightly low tail set but good spring of rib and nicely angulated in front and behind.

Maiden 1 (a)

Novice 1

Coles Winders Mulan Princess at Bernsglen.

Graduate 8

1. Bells Hoaaloha Ahyoka

Lovely young bitch with some maturing to do. Good Pigment and well angulated in front , good spring of rib. Level topline and tail set. Active, happy mover presenting a balanced outline

2. Golders Wild Kisses with Summeramberof sunshines Valley

Pretty head with good pigment and dark eye. Adequate length of neck would prefer more length of upper arm and layback of shoulder. Adequate hind angulation. Moved happily


Post Graduate 4

1. Kelly’s Sandula Forest of Dreams.

Active bitch good pigment . Long cast and long in loin, would prefer more spring of rib

Limit 7

1. Bells Hoaaloha Moana

Lively bitch with a feminine head and sweet expression. Correctly angulated front and rear and moved straight and with drive. Level topline and tail set good cat feet.

2. Vernons Graceleigh Firenze Happy bitch but a little longer in loin than 1. Would prefer greater length of neck but very well angulated in front and behind with a good spring of rib and crisp double coat.

Open 7

1. Falconers Soneve Simply Special for Siatham.

Very happy, waggy bitch lovely dark pigment and dark eye oozing character. Lovely angulation in front and behind. Good Spring of rib and depth of body. Would have liked a tad more leg.

2. Woods Monchique Mrs Brown.

Lovely balanced outline and well presented .Good dark pigment.  Good depth of rib. Would have liked greater length of neck . Close decision in this class

Best Bitch  Bells Hoaaloha moana

Reserve Bitch Falconers Soneve Simply Special for Siatham

Best Puppy bitch Vernons Graceleigh Hakuna Matata.

Best in show Bells Hoaaloha Moana

Res Best in show Falconers Soneve Snippy Special for Siatham

Best opposite sexBaxter and Rileys Berry Captain Hastings

Best puppy in show Greigs Steval Aglow with Cranngary

Best Veteran Stanilands Johannson Saint Beatrich.