• Show Date: 10/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Isobel Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society - Premier Open Show

10th June 2023

Miss Isobel Taylor (Saffrosa)

I would like to begin by thanking the society for my invitation to judge both the JHA & AHA classes at this show, along with the beautiful rosettes presented to BJH & BAH. Having competed in these classes at this show as a little girl, this was very special to me. With the heat on the day, I was looking for clean, non-complex handling & attempted to refrain from excessively moving the dogs along with a quick table assessment. As 1st-3rd qualify, I have provided critiques for the first three placings. 

JHA 6-11 (4,1)

1 - Eliza Darwesh handling a Labrador Retriever. 

Eliza is an exceptionally competent young handler who has the ability to blend into the background, detracting no attention from her dog. The fundamentals are there with straight lines ran from my feet, moving at the correct pace for her charge. Effort to shadow was made throughout the class, keeping the golden rule at all times. Continued to impress in the challenge with correct turning & speed in the ‘run off.’ In future I would just like Eliza to be more aware of general positioning in the ring, along with cleaning up her presentation of the teeth. Congratulations!

2 - Libby Burke handling a Manchester Terrier.

A very clean performance from one so young. Libby was able to keep her charge stacked correctly at all times, including on the table where the teeth were shown correctly. Pattern work was neat with good straight lines & the lead balled neatly in hand. To take her handling to the next level, I would like Libby to begin touching on refraining from getting between the judge & her charge. Well done!

3 - Abby Heard handling a Miniature Bull Terrier.

Smartly dressed young lady with a well schooled puppy who was stacked four-square at all times. Table presentation was good with the correct display of the teeth. Pattern work was correct with ample speed for her charge, although was not began from my feet. As with 2, I would like Abby to begin focussing on shadowing to take her performance to the next level. Well done!

JHA 12-16 (2,0)

1 - Olivia Cogan handling a GSP.

My star of the day! Olivia was another unassuming handler who blended into the background of her charge, presenting him to perfection throughout her time in the ring today. On assessment, the bite was shown correctly & a foot I moved out of place corrected. The L pattern & up and back were executed with clean lines, ran at the correct pace, without unnecessary swapping of hands ; all whilst maintaining the golden rule. In profile, Olivia’s charge was stacked correctly at all times & she used all four corners of the dog so as not to obstruct my view in the line up. The overall cleanliness of this performance could not be challenged today. (Best Junior Handler) 

2 - Grace Brown handling a Labrador Retriever.

Another impressive young handler who clearly takes the time to school herself on the rules. Despite rushing into the ring, Grace was composed & stacked her dog well at all times, using all four corners of her charge to abide by the golden rule when in the lineup. On assessment, presentation of the teeth was clean, although I did ask to see the bite. Movement was from my feet & at the correct pace. What let Grace down today was her pattern work, with an unnecessary hand swap on the come back from the L, along with breaking the golden rule on the go around by moving her charge behind my back. I’m sure on another day without rushing to the ring, Grace could swap places with 1. Well done!

AHA 17-24 (1,0)


1 - Cyph Hood handling a Golden Retriever.

Smartly dressed handler with good rapport between himself & his charge. Cyph was able to correctly show me the teeth, along with executing the correct pattern work with nice straight lines. In future, I would just like Cyph to be more aware of his charge’s foot placement, as they were not always stacked correctly, along with trying not to obstruct my view. Congratulations!

AHA 24- 40 (4,2)

1 - Laura Elliott handling a Hungarian Vizsla.

A handler who really pushed for top spot in the challenge today. Laura was smartly dressed & put in a neat performance, ensuring her charge was stacked correctly throughout the class along with using all four corners to ensure she did not break the golden rule. Teeth were shown well on assessment & her charge’s foot placement corrected. Pattern work was executed well from my feet, with straight lines & necessary hand swaps so as not to obstruct my view. My only fault was lead placement on the move, which I found could detract from the dog. Congratulations!

2 - Elizabeth Gough handling a NSDTR.

Another handler who evidently takes the time to learn about what is wanted in the handling ring. Elizabeth is a competent handler who has the basics down, moving her charge at the correct pace with straight lines, along with presenting the teeth correctly. A conscious effort to shadow was made throughout the class & Elizabeth never obstructed my view of her charge. I just found 1s performance to be more polished on the day as 2s charge was not always stacked correctly. Well done!

AHA 40-59 (3,2)

1 - Debra Kay handling a JRT.

Debra made handling look easy today, with a near foot perfect performance. On examination, all four corners of her charge were used as I made my way around the table & the bite was presented correctly ; something a few handlers missed today. Pattern work was correct and precise, started from my feet & without excessive swapping of the hands. Debra’s charge was stacked correctly at all times & I particularly enjoyed her clean method of shadowing by doing so on her feet despite hand stacking her charge. My only fault was breaking the golden rule on the go around by going behind my back. Despite this, Debra’s clean and simple handling could not be overlooked. Congratulations! (Best Adult Handler)

AHA 60+ (2,0)

1 - Nicola Curtis handling a Sealyham Terrier.

It is clear that this handler has been putting in a lot of practice. Nicola made a clear effort to abide by the golden rule today, being aware of my position in the lineup & swapping hands on the down and back when I had moved. On examination, the teeth were presented in a clean manner & the foot I moved corrected. Pattern work was correct & neat, moving at the correct pace for her charge. I would just like Nicola to be conscious of overstretching her charge at times, which detracted from the overall picture in the challenge. Congratulations!

2 - Cecilia Howard handling an ETT.

Another well-dressed handler who has the basics down. Cecelia presented her charge well, ensuring that they were stacked correctly at all times. Table presentation was immaculate, with an ideal stack and clean presentation of the teeth. Pattern work was neat and done at the correct pace, although not started from my feet. To take her handling to the next level, I would like Cecelia to begin touching on refraining from getting between the judge & her charge. Well done!