• Show Date: 16/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Iona Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Australian Cattle Dog Society Of Great Britain

Australian Cattle Dog Society of Great Britain Single Breed Open Show

16th April 2023

Judge: Iona Bailey (Bryndingo)

It was a privilege to be asked to judge the Society’s Open Show, and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Thank you to the Society for the invitation and to all the exhibitors for entering under me, also to my steward who did a sterling job all day. The weather could have been nicer, but at least the rain held off during judging.

SpVD 7-9 yrs (2/1) 1. Bambini’s HERE’S WALLY. 8 year old male, beautiful head & expression with typical erect ears and nice dark eye. In good coat and body condition. Moved out well around the ring using his muscular rear. SpVD 10+ yrs (2/0) 1. Greenhill’s CH JAHANGHIRS LICENCE TO KILL AT HEELERHILL. 10 year old male, oozes breed type with a strong head, nice dark eyes, correct bite and well set ears. Well proportioned, balanced outline with a strong topline and spring of rib. good bone and plenty of reach & drive on the move. BVD, BVIS 2. Omlo’s AUSTMANS DOCK OF THE BAY WITH GOOLARA.

10 year old male and the only red to be shown today. Strong masculine head, nice eye and correct ear set giving the typical cattle dog expression. Compact and balanced in outline with coat in good condition. Narrowly beaten on movement by 1st today. PD (2/0) 1. Jebson’s AUSTMANS JUSTIN CREDIBLE. 10 month old. Typical ACD expression. Correct bite, nice dark oval eyes. good reach of neck into well laid shoulder & return of upper arm, well sprung rib. good topline with correct tail set. will look forward to watching his progress as he matures BD, BPD, BPIS, BIS. 2. Jebson’s AUSTMANS LEE VITOUT. Litter brother to 1st. Very similar and not much to separate them but not as settled in the ring today, though should do well once he matures and settles in the ring. JD (0). PGD (0). LD (2/1) 1. Smyth’s MORROW FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS CDX.UDX.WDX. Lovely 6 year old blue dog in great condition. Well balanced, strong head with correct bite, nice eye and ears carried well giving the expected typical expression. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulder & return of upper arm, with good topline and well sprung ribs giving a balanced outline. Moved effortlessly around the ring with good reach & drive. It was a shame that he carried his tail a little high today, could obviously work all day. RBD. OD (1/0) 1. Omlo’s GOOLARA ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH. 4 year old blue dog. Slightly out of coat today but still in good body condition. Nice strong head with correct bite, lovely oval eyes and nicely set ears. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulder, well sprung ribs but would prefer a slightly shorter loin. SpVB 7-9 yrs (3/1) 1. Omlo & Soet’s ROADHOUSE TALLAWONG SILVER FROST (IMP USA) 7 year old fit, compact, female of good breed type. Nice proportionate head, correct bite and good dark eye and well-set ears. Decent length of neck into well laid shoulder and return of upper arm, well sprung ribs. Coat in good condition. Easy on the move. BVB, RBVIS. 2. Cobourn’s AUSTMANS WINDDROVER LEGACY. 9 years old, very happy and of good size and shape. Nice balanced head with great expression. Was carrying a bit of extra weigh but did not affect her movement. SpVB 10+ yrs (2/1) 1. Greenhill’s CH JAHANGHIRS ECHO FALLS BLUE AT AURDU. 14 years old and so nice to see her enjoying her day in the ring at this great age. Good head, correct bite with nice dark eye and correct ear set. good reach of neck into good forequarters, dropping her topline slightly though Moved out well from strong rear. PB (2/0) 1. Jebson’s AUSTMANS THAT’S THE REASON. 10 month old with a lighter colour blue coat and with deep tan markings. Good head with lovely symmetrical head markings, correct bite, eyes, and ears. Good reach of neck to well laid shoulder and return of upper am, correct topline. Coat in good condition. Lovely tight feet and good tail which she carried well on the move. I look forward to watching her progress as she matures. BPB, RBPIS. 2. Reynolds’s AUSTMANS BARB DWYER WITH SHARDLOW. 10 month old. Pushed hard for 1st but didn’t quite have the strength of head as 1. Nice balanced, compact shape with a feminine head. Good bite, dark eye and ears are well placed. Good length of neck, fore quarters and firm topline. Moved well and showing plenty of promise. JB (2/0) 1. Jebson’s AUSTMANS HOLD MY BEER. 14 month old, Nice breed type with lovely proportions. Typical head with dark oval eye, correct bite, and well-set ears giving a nice expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulder and return of upper arm, firm topline and correct tail set. Nice tight feet and moved with ease around the ring. RBB. 2. Omlo & Jebson’s KOUMALABLU OH SO SMART. 14 months old. Very feminine head, dark oval eyes, and well-set ears. Nice length of neck into good forequarters, correct topline though slightly longer in loin than I would like. PGB (0). LB (4/1) 1. Smyth’s GOOLARA ELVENSTAR. Beautiful compact but strong bitch with a balanced head and expression, correct bite, and neat ear set. Body and coat in great condition with plenty of muscle, good bone, well sprung ribs, and nice tight feet. Great reach and drive and out moved the others in the class today. BB, RBIS. 2. Greenhill’s BEHITA WARRIGAL PAWS (IMP SK). Lovely bitch with correct bite, nice dark eye and nicely set ears. Moved well across the ring with correct tail carriage. Body and coat in good condition and of good proportions, nice bone, and good feet. 3. Cobourn’s WINDDROVER FAITHFUL SOUL (IMP DEU). Very pretty, blue mottle bitch. Full of type and character. Nice head and a typical cattle dog expression with a good dark eye and well-set ears. Could benefit from a little work on focusing her direction during movement to showcase herself, she was sound in all ways and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself. OB (1/0) 1. Jebson’s AUSTMANS DESPICABLE ME. 3 year old blue bitch with symmetrical head markings on a broad scull with nice dark eye, correct bite and nice set ears. Strong neck with good forequarters, good topline and good spring of ribs. Moved out soundly. Sp Open Working Dog or Bitch (1/0) 1. Smyth’s MORROW FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS CDX.UDX.WDX. See 1st. Limit Dog. Brace (1/0) 1. Greenhill’s CH JAHANGHIRS LICENCE TO KILL AT HEELERHILL / BEHITA WARRIGAL PAWS (IMP SK). Well paired dog and bitch and moved around the ring together in unison, a joy to watch. Stud Dog (0). Brood Bitch (0)

Judge Iona Bailey