• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ian Sladden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Herts & Essex Border Canine Society

Herts & Essex Border Canine Society – Premier Open Show – 19th March 2023 Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge. A super show and a warm welcome. Big thank you to my stewards Lesley and her trainee steward I didn’t catch her name. Who did a fabulous job for me. GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER Special Yearling (2/2) 1. SH CH Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle JW.(BOB) A dog I have judged before and as he is maturing is still eye catching. Masculine broad head, nice eye with correct ear set. Neck muscular and slightly arched into nicely sloping shoulders. Good straight front and rounded feet, well arched. Ribs well sprung. Well bent stifles. Moved well on a surface that wasn’t great. Pleased to award him best of breed and see him take Gundog Group 2 Congratulations. 2. Pinseeker Pep Guardiola (BPIB) Lots to like about this youngster, much finer all through than 1. Moved out well for a youngster. Good head, eye and correct ear set. Moderate neck, into sloping shoulders. Front straight with tight feet.Slightly longer in body but still very young, and would like just a bit more weight on him. Well bent stifles and moved really well for a puppy. Pleased to award him best puppy and see him take puppy group 3 Congratulations. Open (2/3) 1. Goosepoint Waddington at Abbanash JW (RBOB) Another I have done well in the past. Super masculine head with the correct ear set. Nice muscular neck. Front straight, deep chest, well sprung ribs, well muscled thighs and well bend stifles. Wasn’t as accurate on the move as best of breed. 2. Int Sh Ch/Lux/NL/Dt Cj (VDH) IR Sh Ch Pitwit Leeona. At almost 12 years old she certainly didn’t show it. Lovely feminine head, nice eye and correct ear set. Moderately long neck and nice sloping shoulders. Front straight. Not as accurate moving as 1. HUNGARIAN VIZSLA Special Yearling (4/4) 1. Oxanaember Thai Pumpkin. (RBOB) Finer than I would like, but a nice straight front with tight feet. Level topline held well on the move. Chest broad, well sprung, some tuck up. Would like more muscle. Not quite the elegant trot I would like. 2. Happyears Chillin By The Sea. Again finer than I would like, slightly lighter in colour than 1. Straight front and nice arched tight feet. Topline level, slight tuck up, lacked muscle in the hindquarters. Limit (1/1) 1. Oxanaember Thai Pumpkin (REPEAT) Open (3/4) 1. CH HR I/FED Nicael Blue Diamond Amoung Ohanava (BOB) A dog I have done well in the past. A clear winner today with more substance and accurate movement giving that lively elegant trot. Feminine head with correct eye and ear set. Strong neck into well laid shoulders. Pasterns upright and the best tight arched feet. Topline level and held on the move. Moderately broad chest. Well muscled croup. Moderate rear angles. 2. Wallaroo Hawk Eye JW. Masculine with a good substance pushed hard today for 1st. Lots to like with correct head, eye and ear set. Strong neck and well laid shoulders with a correct level top line. Good straight front and well arched feet.Muscular croup. Moved out well but not as accurate as 1. Was called back into the challenge but missed it which was a shame. IRISH SETTER Special Yearling (1/1) 1. QUENSHA REMEMBER THE NAME 10 month dog, presenting a stunning outline. He was having the most fun giving his handler a hard time today. Head long and lean. Correct eye and ear set, moderately long muscular neck into sloping shoulders. Straight front and well arched feet. Movement was good when settled, shown in pristine condition. Best Puppy & RBOB Open (1/1) 1. GWENDARIFF LILY THE PINK 6 yrs B, absolutely eye catching when she stepped into the ring presenting a balanced outline. Long, lean head with oval skull, defined occiput. Correct Eyes, moderately sized ears set correctly. Moderate neck and relatively muscular , well sloping shoulders. Straight forelegs well boned. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Topline correct, slightly sloping from the withers. Well turned stifles and firm well arched feet. Tail set correct and carried level on the move. A very worthy Best of Breed. POINTER Special Yearing (2/3) 1. DROVEBOROUGH’S THE GAMBIT AT VINEPOINT 20 Month dog, masculine and symmetrical. Correct head proportions and well defined stop. Eyes and ears correct, perfect scissor bite. Neck long and well muscled with a slight arch. Long sloping shoulders. Straight forelegs and oval well arched feet. Well sprung ribs. Movement was a little erratic - I think he was having too much fun in the sand. Pushed hard for the top spot today. 2. HOOKWOOD ENCHANTED AT JIMAURA 14 Month B, Finer all through correct and symmetrical. Head good with nice eye and ear set. Good length of neck, slight arch and well muscled. Shoulders good. Forelegs straight but a little close at the moment. Ribs well sprung, movement not as accurate as 1 today. Limit (3/3) 1. HEARTBURY BELACQUA. 2 yr B, Beautifully presented and finished, a true mover - smooth, covering the ground with a really good rear drive -handled to advantage which won her the class today. She stood out as having the series of graceful curves that the breed standard calls for. Head proportions correct, with well defined stop. Eyes and ears correct. Neck long and muscular and clean. Straight front. Well boned, and nice oval arched feet. Muscular hindquarters, well turned stifles and well let down hocks. Best of Breed 2. NIGHTGOLD PIPKIN. 3yr B, Again presented in beautiful condition, moved well. Again good head proportions that are correct, her colouring doesn’t help as it can make her head look heavier. Well defined stop, with good eye and ear set. Nice long muscular neck. Front straight and stood on well arched feet. Not as symmetrical as 1, this might not have been helped by the very uneven surface. Moved well with drive. RBOB Open (1/1) 1. JIMAURA I’M FOR CAROLINE. 4yr B. The best of heads on this girl, with good ears and eye. Well defined stop. Good length of neck. Shoulders long and sloping well laid back. Deep chest. Good straight front. Ribs well sprung. Would like a bit more muscle tone in the hindquarters to drive. Moved ok but tail carried very high. All through symmetrical. RETRIEVER (CHESAPEAKE BAY) My first time judging the breed today and I had a wide variety of sizes and types, all of which fit within the breed standard A lot of decisions came down to accuracy of movement and I am sure places could very easily change in the future. Special Yearing (4/4) 1. OAKLEAF MANOR BAY OF OAKMARSH (IMP DEU) JW. 21 Month B. This first thing you notice is the much lighter colour of her, I would call this Straw - as is allowed in the breed standard. A little nervy to start with but soon got her act together. Nice broad skull rounded and with a moderate stop. Eyes correct and ears well set and carried close. Muscular neck tapering slightly to shoulder. Well laid back shoulder and good length of upper arm, straight forelegs, well boned. Well muscled hindquarters with a well turned stifles. Rounded feet. Tail carried well. Good smooth movement when settled. RBOB 2. AMORE OF RIDSOME (IMP ITA) 20 month B. Noticeably more compact that one. Good broad and rounded skull, noticeably feminine. Medium stop with correct ears and eye, Neck medium length and muscular. Good straight front, well boned and good feet, close and rounded. Hindquarters well muscled and with a good turn of stifle. Hocks straight. Moved out well, smooth and effortless. Slightly out of coat at the moment. 3. PIXIESROCK ASLAN Best Puppy Open (4/4) 1. OAKMARSH HAUNTING MELODY (AI) 3yr B. Strong muscular appearance. The best mover today. Coat in tip top condition. A more substantial bitch, but well within the standard. Still feminine, Correct skull and head proportions, ears set high and carried close. Good eye. Muscular Neck into very well laid shoulders, good length of upper arm with good straight front. Moved out well with effortless reach and drive, smooth and powerful. Hindquarters really well muscled with a good turn of stifle. Best of Breed 2. OAKMARSH FREEDOM 3yr B. All through much finer than 1. Stood on good tight rounded feet. Head proportions correct with well rounded skull, and a moderate stop. Ears and eyes correct, neck well muscled. Shoulders well laid back. Front straight and well off for bone. Moved well but not as accurate as 1. Hindquarters well muscled with well turned stifles and moderate pasterns. On another day could easily swop places with 1. 3. SH CH OAKMARSH CHESTNUT RETRIEVER (CURLY COATED) Special Yearling (2/3) 1. MOLOKAIN HOCUS POCUS 9mnth Black B. Lovely head presenting a wedge shape with proportions correct. Correct eyes and ears set well. Good length neck with a very slight arch, straight front. Moved well although a little untidy going away, the surface didn’t help. BP & RBOB 2. FOXREIEVER GREY GHOST 2yrs Brown B. Was a little nervous but settled eventually. Head feminine, good eye and ear set, head not as pleasing as one, and slightly out of coat, was a much looser in coat. Moved ok. Good straight front and moderate rear angles. Open (3/3) 1. BAZZY INTI ANKA AT MOLOKAIN 3yr Brown D. Presented and handled to perfection. Moved out really well would prefer a little more accurate coming to, but very pleasing wedge shaped head, with good eye and ear. Best of coats today, tight curls. Front straight on good tight well arched feet. Chest deep and ribs well sprung. Rear angles moderate could be more muscular in the hindquarters. BOB 2. HOPEALL AND AAT’S BUD SPENCER (IMP GER) DEU JUN CH 2yr D. Not the maturity of 1 and a bit erratic on the move today. Nice head and good eye and ear. Front straight on good arched feet. Level topline, deep chest. Rear angles could be a bit better. SPANIEL (ENGLISH SPRINGER) Special Yearling (2/3) 1. CARLYQUINN MORWENNA 11mnth B. Very happy active youngster good amount of bone. Skull is slightly rounded and broad. Nice eye and well feathered ears, proportions correct. Moved really well on the not so great surface. BP 2. KHALEESI DE LES TRES LLACUNES (IMP ESP) NAF TAF 11mnth B. A lot to like about this youngster also. Nice head proportions, well chiselled below eyes. Nice eyes and good length of ear. Neck of a good length with a slight arch. Well boned. Deep chest. Not quite as accurate as 1 on the move. Limit (3/3) 1. PETRANELLA PERFICK BLISS. 2yr B. Won on movement today. Head proportions correct, good eye and ears. Neck of good length. Front straight and well boned, feet well rounded and tight. Moved out with good reach, which won her the class. RBOB 2. ALHAMBIAN AMY WINEHOUSE 2yr B. Really liked this bitch, shorter in body than one, best of heads with good eye and ears. Neck muscular slightly arched. Good straight front. Chest deep and well sprung ribs, moderately bent stifles. Wasn’t that keen on the surface today, which made her movement a little erratic. I am sure would swop places another day. 3. GREG DE LES TRES LLACUNES (IMP) Open (1/2) 1. SHIPDEN ALHAMBIAN DIANA ROSS. 5yr B. Ticked my boxes today. Beautiful head, broad, slightly rounded, well chiselled below eyes. Eyes good and ears of good length and set correctly. Muscular neck, nice straight front and nice bone. Well sprung ribs and well muscled loin. Rear angles moderate. Moved out today and coped with the surface really well. Very worthy BOB.