• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ian Sladden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/12/2023

West Bromwich & Wednesbury Canine Society

West Bromwich & Wednesbury Canine Society

Saturday 30th September 2023

Super day out and some lovely dogs to go over, was so pleased we were able to be outside as the ring was a great size for moving the bigger breeds and although we had a bit of drizzle it held out. Huge thanks to the secretary and committee for the invitation to judge, always an honour and privilege. I have to say what a super lunch was put on too!!! Massive thanks to my 2 stewards who were efficient and great fun too.

Spaniel (Cocker)

Puppy (2/0) 1st KELLY’S CHATIVORE MELODY (11m B) Nice profile, with a nice straight front, a little erratic on the move. Head correct with square muzzle, distinct stop, and nice eye. Needs to just settle more on the move. BPIB 2nd BEDDOWS GLOWHILL STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (11m D) Bigger all through than 1, nice shape, chest well developed for age, good bend of stifle. Topline correct and level would like a little cleaner on the move. 

Junior (4/1) 1st HUTTON-BABER’S ESQUEEN I’M ICONIC FOR BABTONKELPIE (IMP POL) (16m B) Eye-catching young bitch, the markings can make her look a little long in profile but she isn’t at all and is of the correct proportions. Head pleasing, clean chiselling, square muzzle and well-defined stop, good eye, correct neck and flat topline with gentle slope to tail. Would like a bit more cockery movement was a little flat but accurate, probably not helped by the drizzle. 2ND BROTHWELL’S WISSANT MOONLIT SKY JW (15m B) This was a very close call, this bitch presented a super outline, balanced and compact with a good front and good bend of stifle, nice head with correct proportions, nice eye just wasn’t as accurate on the move as 1 today. 3RD MARSHALL’S WISSANT MOON AND STARS (15m B)

Post Grad (6/0) 1ST BROTHWELL’S WISSANT DEAR DARLIN (2yr B) Nice cobby bitch presenting a super balanced profile, Moved out really well and lovely cockery movement with the tail merry and pleasing to the eye. Super head, square muzzle, neck muscular and good angles. Pushed hard for top spot. RBOB 2ND HUTTON-BABER’S ESQUEEN FOLLOWING STAR AT BABTONKELPIE (IMP POL) JW (2yr B) Another quality bitch here who again pushed really hard for the top spot, just a little longer in profile than I would like, moved out well, good rear angles, correct topline, and lovely head of correct proportions, defined stop, neck muscular and shoulders sloping. Chest well developed. 3RD KITCHEN’S ANNILAN BHAMA MAMA (2yr B)

Open (6/1) 1ST REMINGTON’S ROZAMIE BLACK PEARL JESSREMJUL (2yr B) This was the stand out today, in super coat, lovely and cobby. Best mover and so balanced all through, pleasing head of correct proportions and nice dark eye and a super expression. Nice muscular neck, sloping shoulders, legs straight. Super chest and deep brisket. Correct topline that is flat with the slight fall to tail. Won best of breed on super accurate and true movement and condition. BOB 2ND BROTHWELL’S WILANORAH TICKET TO THE MOON AT WISSANT (4yr B) Close up second with super movement, really clean and accurate. Super head, nice topline and good turn of stifle. Chest well developed. Again in good coat and presented in super condition. 3RD WEST’S SHEIGRA SIMPLY A STAR JW (6yr B)

Retriever (Flat Coated)

Junior (3/1) 1ST EGGINGTON & DAVIS’ PAJANBECK THINK OF ME (AI) (14m D) Won the class on overall type, movement a little erratic today, super coat, correct head long, moulded with correct flat skull. Nice eye with intelligent expression. Good spring of rib, good tail set, moderate bend of stifle, well muscled. Chest moderately deep and broad still time to develop. 2ND EGGINGTON & DAVIS’ PAJANBECK ONE MOMENT IN TIME (14m B) One I have judged before recently, finer all through than 1, still a little out of coat at the moment. Head long moulded and correct eye and expression. Chest deep, fairly broad, tail set correct. Moderate bend of stifle couldn’t quite match one for overall type today.

Post Grad (2/1) 1ST PINGREE’S TELURN FINAL ATTRACTION AMOUNG HEATHERIDGE (20m D) In super coat, good substance and lovely mover, Chest deep and broad. Correct head long and moulded, Movement was straight and clean with good tail carriage, nice straight front and moderate bend of stifle. Overall balanced and accurate pushed hard for top honours, RBOB

Open (4/2) 1ST PINGREE’S CALZEAT GENTLEMAN’S AGREEMENT TO HEATHERIDGE JW (IMP SWE) (5yr D) Another really well balanced dog, in super coat and condition. Correct head long and nicely moulded. Nice eye, correct intelligent expression. Neck long. Front correct, straight and lovely angles. Moved out free and true, Very worthy BOB 2ND EGGINGTON & DAVIS’ PAJANBECK ANGELS ON MY SIDE (6yr B) 

Retriever (Labrador)

Puppy (2/0) 1ST GLAISTER & BORDACS BELLAMAR LOVE ME DO (11m B) Black – Won this class on movement, much more together than 2 on the move. Short coupled, good depth of chest. Broad skull, defined stop, medium eye with intelligent expression. Topline correct and nice feet. Tail a little high. BP & RBOB 2ND YOUNG’S POTTERZURI MISTA MUFASA (8m D) A little longer cast than 1 and not quite as accurate on the move. Good head and eye, topline level, tail correct and carried well, just a youngster at 8 months and will all come together. 

Junior (4/0) 1ST HARRIS’ WINSLEYWOOD WELLINGTON (17m D) Overall balance and movement my notes say, super dog presents a correct picture, with super head, broad skull and intelligent expression. Good width and depth of chest. Muscular powerful neck. Shoulders long and sloping, correct flat topline. Well off for bone, hocks well let down and correct tail carriage, moved out well in all profiles straight and true. Handled to advantage. Stood out today, well deserved BOB and heard this was his final points for his Junior Warrant huge congratulations. 2ND YOUNG’S POTTERZURI MISTA MUFASA (Repeat) (8m D) 3RD DAVIS & ROWE’S ROCHEVALE PALM READER (15m B)

Post Grad (5/0) 1st HARRIS’ WINSLEYWOOD WELLINGTON (Repeat) 2ND YOUNG’S POTTERZURI CHIP OF THE OLD BLOCK JW (2yr D) Lovely balanced dog with a great profile, couldn’t match 1 on movement today. Super masculine head, broad skull and nice eye, neck muscular correct flat topline, super feet round and well arched, stifles well turned, and hocks well let down. Needs to be cleaner on the move. 3RD RUDGE’S CHYANHAL PENLEE (2yr B)

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

Junior (3/1) 1ST SMITH’S TOLLISTY RAUDR (6m D) Won this on cleaner movement, 2 very similar dogs so I was splitting hairs. Nice wedge head shape, broad and good eye shape with a very alert expression, neck correct medium length and muscular, well-placed shoulder, topline level and well-bent stifle. BP 2ND STREVENS TOLLISTY SHINCHA (6m B) Very similar in all attributes, just not quite as together as 1 on the move. Preferred tail carriage to 1, good level topline, correct angles stifles well bent and feminine head of correct shape with nice almond shape eye. Wasn’t surprised to find out these was from the same litter! 

Post Grad (6/2) 1ST STREVENS TOLLISTY YOU CAN’T DECLINE (2yr D) Won the class on clean movement, super feet tight, rounded and well arched, correct wedge shaped head slight rounded. Eye correct, slightly longer cast than others, but nice mover with good bend of stifle. Correct front and flat topline. RBOB 2ND BATE-ASH’S EUSANIT HIT THE LIGHTS (3yr D) More substantial dog, balanced and a good mover but couldn’t quite match the accuracy of 1. Tail carried a little high . Super feet, head correct, neck well muscled, topline flat and correct focus just taken away by high tail carriage. Well-bent stifles and nice deep chest well sprung ribs. 3RD ELKIN’S TOLLELKIN DREAM HARBOUR JW (2yr D)

Open (6/2) 1ST ELKIN’S CH TOLLELKIN CAIFE AMERICANO SGWC SHCEX (4yr D) My notes say the finished article. Stood out in the class, super coat & condition, correct wedge shaped head, correct ear set high and well back medium length of neck well muscled, well laid back shoulder, topline flat, Chest deep and well sprung ribs. Forelegs straight with nice tight elbows, well bend stifles and well let down hocks. BOB 2ND MORSE’S EUSANIT CELTIC SEA AT SINSIRCARIAD (3yr B) Another that really pushed hard for the top spot here, it was down to accuracy of movement and 1 just pipped her for this. Best of heads, nice flat topline, and good bend of stifle and well-muscled hindquarters. Super feet arched and tight and a nice straight front. Chest deep enough with a good spring of rib. 3RD BATE-ASH’S EUSANIT HIT THE LIGHTS (3yr D)


Junior (1/0) 1ST MORRIS’ KALIMOR TINKER (7m B) Really nice mover, clean in all profiles. Super head moderately long and good eye with a kind expression, good ear set lobular and set high, neck moderately long and muscular, forelegs straight, and super well arched feet. Topline level with a slight slope to the coupe. Chest well developed for age. Moderate rear angles. A little lean and needs to grow into herself. BP & RBOB and super to hear she went on to win the puppy group

Post Grad (2/0) 1ST MORRIS’ KALIMOR TINKER (Repeat) 2ND DAVIES & BROWN’S GUNALT POLISHED AT WYSTRY (13m D) A little erratic on the move today, and not quite the balanced picture as 1. Topline good, flat and correct slightly sloping croup. Would like a little straighter in front, needs to develop depth of chest, should come with age. Moderate tuck up. Well-turned stifle. Feet could be tighter. Head moderately long, with nice expression. Ears well set. Neck moderately long and well placed shoulder. 

Open (3/1) 1ST MORRIS’ KALIMOR GEM (4yr B) Won on overall balance and performance, nice clean movement in all profiles, Good depth of chest, correct head with moderate stop and correct eyes with a super intelligent expression, ears lobular and set on correct, moderately long muscular neck and good shoulder placement. Nice straight front and well angulated. Pushed the youngster hard for best of breed, wasn’t surprised to hear they are related. BOB 2ND DAVIES & BROWN’S WYSTRY ONE MINT JULEP (3yr B) Nice head and eye. Muscular and moderately long neck and good shoulder placement. Nice level topline and well turned stifles. Pasterns could be a little tighter, not as accurate on the move as 1.

Italian Spinone 

Junior (2/1) 1ST HINTON’S NOSTRICANI ON A MISSION (14m D) Lovely square outline and super head. So together for a young dog, really presented the picture of a spinone for me. Well off for bone. Nice straight front with a good length of upper arm. Chest deep and broad. Correct head proportions and nice eye and expression, muscular neck into good strong shoulders. Correct topline, Long thighs, muscular and strong with a decent turn of stifle. Moved out well with a fast trot holding the topline. Pleased to award him BOB

Post Grad (1/0) 1ST MUNRO’S TALPALUPO LAFAYETTE (2yr B) Good head of correct proportions and eye with a kind expression neck muscular and well placed shoulder. Could have more muscle in the hindquarters, moderate angles. Topline good. Not as accurate on the move as 1 and a little out of coat today. RBOB