• Show Date: 24/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ian Sladden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/10/2023

Stoke On Trent & District Gundog Club

Firstly thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge. A very well organised show and my two fabulous stewards kept everything moving swiftly. A lovely atmosphere and lotsof applause ringside, which was lovely to hear. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Junior (3/5) 1st Warren’s AFONBACH DREAMFYRE AT SHORROCKS (14m B) RBOB At the smaller end of the standard, but so well balanced all through, compact, correct shape head with flat cheeks and a moderate stop, correct perfect scissor bit. Muscular neck of medium length, shoulders well laid back. Legs straight and pasterns slightly sloping. Good deep chest and level topline, stifles well bent. Lovely lively springy movement with good drive. Did push hard for best of breed. 2nd Burgess’ REDMANHEY’S COMTE DE LA FERE (15m D) In the middle of the size standard but quite clearly masculine. Good head and ear set with a great alert expression, moderate stop. Neck muscular into well laid shoulders, topline level, forelegs straight and nice tight feet. Good rear angles. Could be a little stronger in drive, but moved well. 3rd STAIT’s AFONBACH BALERION (14m D) Post Grad (4/4) 1st Warren’s AFONBACH DREAMFYRE AT SHORROCKS (14m B) Repeat 2nd Trueman’s CRETSHENGAN LAKE ITASCA (2yr D) Overall lovely balanced dog, good head and ear set, straight legs and nice tight feet. Nice level topline and good rear angulation, Moved out well just needed to settle a little, the floor didn’t help. 3rd STAIT’s AFONBACH BALERION (14m D) Repeat 4th Brand’s COEDHELYG JINGLE ALL THE WAY (2yr D) Open (4/5) 1st Adshead’s AFONBACH WINTER IS COMING JW (6yr D) BOB This was a very close call and 1 just piped it for overall finish. Lovely typy dog moved really well considering the ring with a really nice drive from the rear. Clean in all directions. Correct head and expression, nice deep chest and level topline. Stifles well bent. Nice tight feet! 2nd Barker’s SH CH EUSANIT SILVER DREAM MACHINE (6yr D) Very similar attributes to 1 in many ways, Correct head, expression, Straight forearms and really nice profile movement, a little untidy coming to, this could be to floor. Nice rear angles and drive from the rear. Could swap places with one easily on a different day. 3rd Stait’s ACADIABYRNE THE BAKERS SON (3yr D) 4th Trueman’s CROFTWELL TICKETY BOO (5yr B) Retriever (Curly Coated) Junior (2/2) 1st McKenzie’s RAVENHO TOULOUSE LATRESCO At BEDDGELERT (15m B) BOB A little nervous to start with but settled eventually. These 2 litter sisters and very similar in all aspects. Appearance of strength and elegance here although still only 15 months old, good wedge shaped head, ears set correctly, really strong medium length neck with a slight arch, Shoulders well laid back, Chest deep and ribs extended well back, adequate turn of stifle, would like a bit more muscle in the hindquarters but this will come with age. Once settled a lovely mover with nice drive. 2nd GILL & PEAKE’s RAVENHO MIDNIGHT MIRACLE AT SAXONHOLME (15m B) RBOB I was really splitting hairs here. Again elegant but a strong looking bitch, with lovely wedge shaped head, Neck medium length and well muscled. Level topline, I would really like a bit more muscle in the hindquarters. Didn’t move as well as 1 today. Retriever (Flat Coated) Puppy (3/4) 1st CARTER’S SEAHEART EFFIE AT HARMARLANDA (8m B) BP & BPIS4 Lovely class of puppies. Lovely long moulded head, flat skull, intelligent expression, and ears well set and close. Deep chest with straight forelegs and good bone all through. Rear angles good. Very enthusiastic tail action and in super coat. Moved out well super profile movement. 2nd JONES’ BENVELYN SEQUOIA (7m B) This was a very close call and it was just 1 was a little cleaner on the move today. Again lovely long, nicely moulded head, skull flat. Correct scissor bite, ears well set and close, straight forelegs and good bone. Chest deep and ribs well sprung. Muscular hindquarters and moderate bend of stifle, another in super coat. 3rd HEDGES’ SATINBAZE TRANQUIL SEA Junior (1/2) 1st EGGINGTON & DAVIS’ PAJANBECK ONE MOMENT IN TIME (13m B) Slightly out of coat today, but appeals in head, lovely long and moulded, Chest deep and correct topline with good tail carriage, would prefer slightly straighter forelegs, feet well arched. Moved out well. Post Grad (3/4) 1st BURROUGHS’ I KNOW HIM SO WELL AT ROKANESS RBOB (19m D) Good head with intelligent expression, good eye and ear set, neck relatively long, into welllaid shoulder, Chest good and deep, forelegs straight. Free flowing movement, a little untidy going away but a really lovely profile movement. 2nd PRIOR’S BLACKTOFT AVELINO (18 m B) Very feminine with that lovely intelligent expression, super feet, strong and well arched. Head long, good neck and well placed shoulders, Good depth of chest. Moved out well, not as together as 1 today. 3rd EGGINGTON & DAVIS’ PAJANBECK ONE MOMENT IN TIME (Repeat) Open (2/4) 1st PRIOR’S GEMSWIN SHUT UP AND DANC BOB (2yr D) Lovely dog in super coat, masculine with the correct head proportions, nicely moulded, flat skull, lovely expression of intelligence with just a little bit of naughty shining thorough as well. Neck long, into well placed shoulders, Chest Broad with good depth. Moderate bend of stifle, well let down hocks. Moved out well in all profiles, lovely free movement. 2nd HEDGES’ SATINBAZE CIRQUE DU LUMIERE (5yr B) Not as clean on the move as 1, I think given an outdoor space her movement would have been freer. Beautiful feminine head, lovely expression, ears set correct. Relatively long neck, and good shoulder. Deep chest, and nice rear angles. The best of feet Strong and well arched. Retriever (Golden) Junior (3/3) 1st MURRAY’S SHEBELTA SWEET TALKIN’ GUY RBOB (17m D) Masculine head, broad skull, deep muzzle, correct proportions with well-defined stop, ears set correct, perfect scissor bite, good length of neck, muscular. Shoulders well laid back and long. Nice deep ribs and a level topline held on the move, with a nice drive and long stride. Handled to advantage. 2nd LIGGINS & HODGES’ SWANAVLY POPSY’S LEGACY (IMP SERB) NAF (14m D) Slightly longer cast than 1, but lots to like about this boy. Lovely level topline held well on the move, accurate and true with a good stride, Head masculine with nice deep muzzle and correct proportions, neck reasonable length and well muscled. Would prefer slightly straighter forelegs. 3rd HILL’S SANDAULA FOREST OF DREAMS Graduate (5/6) LIGGINS & HODGES’ SILVER PASSION GLAM FASHION (IMP DEU) BOB (21m D) A true showman this dog stood out today, Masculine head with correct proportions, deep muzzle, kind expression, well defined stop, correct ear placement. Eyes Dark and with correct dark rims. Perfect and correct scissor bite, Super front with good amount of bone, and nice tight elbows. Well-sprung ribs. Well-bent stifles and good muscle, good tail carriage, moved out with drive and power. 2nd MUNRO’s ALIBREN READY TEDDY JW (2yr D) Slightly longer cast that 1, nice masculine head and expression, good proportions of the head and well defined stop. Ears well set with nice eye. Good length of neck, shoulders well laid back, nice round feet. Ribs well sprung, moderately well bent stifles. Moved out well in profile a little wide in front. 3rd LIGGINS & HODGES’ SWANAVLY POPSY’S LEGACY (IMP SERB) NAF (REPEAT) 4th GRIGG’S MULFIELD MANGO MARMALADE 5TH HILL’S SANDAULA FOREST OF DREAMS Post Grad (3/3) 1ST HARVEY’S SHEBELTA SWEET CHARLOTTE JW (17m B) Won this class on overall balance, just preferred her profile. Feminine head, correct proportions with good eye and ear set. Well-defined stop. Neck Clean and well-muscled, tight elbows. Good topline held well on the move with moderate rear angles. Moved out well in profile a little untidy coming to. 2nd LIGGINS & HODGES’ SWANAVLY POPSY’S LEGACY (IMP SERB) NAF (REPEAT) 3rd HILL’S SANDAULA FOREST OF DREAMS (REPEAT) Open (2/4) 1st BUFTON’S PHOSLAS POLLY FLINDERS (3yr B) Well balanced with a lovely kind expression, head proportions correct with a well-defined stop and deep muzzle. Neck muscular into well laid shoulders. Ribs deep and Topline level, held well on the move. Moved accurately in all profiles, feet round and a good tail carriage. 2nd HILL’S SANDAULA FOREST OF DREAMS (REPEAT) Overall longer cast than one. A bit out of coat today also. Nice head proportions. A little short in upper arm, movement was ok but not as accurate as 1. Lovely expression and correct scissor bite. Lagotto Romagnolo Post Grad(1/2) 1st WHITTICK’S ALLSONG NUOVA LUNA (19m B) RBOB Still needs to mature and body up a little, but is square in profile, good dense curly coat. Broad head, correct proportions with slight divergence in profile. Eyes well set apart, and good ear set. Neck short and slightly arched. Shoulders well laid back. Straight topline. Good bend of stifle. Tight well arched feet. Clean movement in profile a little messy going away. Open (1/2) 1st WHITTICK’s ARCTICBREEZE TURBULENCE AT ALLSONG (2yr D) BOB Square in profile and overall balanced, Super curly coat. Head broad and of correct proportions, Slight stop, wedge shaped muzzle. Eyes well set and ears slightly rounded and set just above eye. Short neck slightly arched but muscular, shoulder well laid back. Forearms straight and elbows tight. Good straight topline held well on the move, free and effortless mover with a real nice drive from a well muscled hind. Good bend of stifle.