• Show Date: 27/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ian Sladden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/08/2023

Horley & District Show Society


Puppy (1/0)

(1) VINE, HASSELL & JENMAN’S BAREVE BUMBLE BEE AT JENSELLVIN NAF TAF (D) Super youngster at just 6 months, excellent substance and bone. Straight front and well angled hind quarters. Correct head and eye, neck strong and muscular, sloping and muscular shoulders. Good straight front, slightly sloping pasterns. Chest deep. A little messy on the move so just needs to tighten up but still very much a puppy and enjoying being in the ring but certainly one to watch in the future. BPIB & RBOB.

Open (1/1)

(1) VINE, HASSELL & JENMAN’S SH CH BAREVE BY THE BOOK. 4 Y/O (B) Impressive and powerful, really did look the picture of a GWP, wasn’t surprised to learn she is a Champion. The best of heads, correct proportions with nice eye. Correct scissor bite. Neck strong into good sloping shoulder. Correct topline. Straight front and good length of upper arm. Nicely arched oval feet and slightly sloping pasterns. Nice deep chest, well sprung. Coat harsh and in super condition. Moved out very well, smooth, ground covering and accurate. Very pleased to award her BOB.


Junior (1/0)

(1) RACKETT, RACKETT & WILCOX’S AFANLEIGH CAITLIN ROSE OF SOLENCIA (B) 16 month old Well constructed and feminine. Head correct with moderate stop and median line visible. Noble expression and good eye. Correct scissor bite. Moderately long neck slightly arched. Well laid shoulders. Rear angulation moderate. Nice tight feet. Lively trot. RBOB

Post Grad (2/1)


Open (1/1)

(1) RACKET, RACKETT & WILCOX’s ROUGHSHOOT HEAVEN SENT OF SOLENCIA JW. (D) 22 months, Masculine, with the best of heads, proportions correct, with lovely noble expression. Long arched muscular neck, into well laid shoulders. Good tight elbows and correct upright pasterns. Feet well rounded and arched. Correct level topline. Ribs well sprung and a slight tuck up. Moved well in all profiles, lively and ground covering. Super coat condition with a shine! Very pleased to award him BOB and see him take Gundog Group 3 later in the day. Congratulations.


Junior (2/0)

(1) SHARP’S AFFILATO IT HAD TO BE YOU (B) At just over 12 months old I couldn’t help but marvel in the quality of this youngster. Fitting the picture of a Spinone with that super almost human expression. Correct divergent head planes and correct proportions in head. Median furrow well defined and good depth of muzzle. Correct and complete scissor bite. Powerful and muscular neck into strong and muscular shoulders. Straight legs and slightly sloping pasterns, feet round and compact. Topline correct slightly sloping from the withers and rising slightly over the loin. Chest deep and ribs carried well back. Accurate movement in all profiles and holding that correct topline all through, impressive for one so young to be so well together. Expertly handled to advantage. Very pleased to award her BOB and see her take Gundog Group 2 later in the day. Congratulations.

(2) LUCORO PEACHBLOW (B) 17 month old. Finer all through than 1. Head correct and very pretty and feminine. Correct complete scissor bite, Good neck and muscular shoulders. Would like a bit more bone, good compact round feet. Moderate angulation. A little untidy on the move going away, not helped by the uneven ground. 

Post Grad (2/0)


(2) SHARP’S AFFILATO SHIELA BLIGE (B) 2 Y/O B/R So much to like about this one, Super head with divergent planes. Really muscular neck and shoulders. Topline correct, chest deep and carried well back. Moved well, not as pleasing as 1, have to mention what a super coat she had as well! 

Open (2/0)

(1) SHARP’s SH CH AFFILATO ALL ABOUT ME. 4 Y/O (B) Firstly I have to say how difficult it was having 2 absolutely stunning quality dogs in the challenge - on a different day could easily have gone the other way but what a stunner this girl is. The absolute best of heads, super expression, divergent planes, correct proportions. Neck strong and muscular. Shoulders muscular, Correct topline. Moderate angulation, but with a super front and rear straight all through. Well off for bone and moved exactly as a Spinone should so free and relaxed, a fast trot but that topline still absolutely in place. Slightly shorter coupled than the BOB today but still a super example of the breed. RBOB.

(2) SHARP’s SH CH AFTERGLOW I’M COMING OUT FOR AFFILATO WW’18. 7 Y/O (B) Totally loving her day out, giving her handler a hard time because she was just so happy!! Again this was tough because this is another fine example of the breed. Beautiful head of correct proportions, and that almost human expression (with a little bit of mischief added) Correct diverging planes, proportions all pleasing. Very muscular neck and shoulder and another with a super correct topline, slightly sloping from the withers and a rise over the loin creating that correct picture in profile. On the move she was having a bit too much fun but still moved well when settled.