• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Huw BISHOP Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/11/2023

Welsh Corgi Club Of Cambria

The Welsh Corgi Club of Cambria

Open Show

15th October 2023

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Many thanks to the Secretary and committee for their kind invitation to judge this show and to my steward who kept everything in good order. But chief thanks to the exhibitors for entering and receiving my decisions in such a sporting way - especially after such a long day at the championship show already (waiting, showing or both!). There was a nice and friendly atmosphere on the day and some lovely dogs to go over. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with you. Thank you.

Puppy Dog 2.1

1 Evans; Kenesqui Aster BPD

At 10 months, typical head on strong neck leading to good shoulders. Strong back, deep chest, level topline. Well off for bone. Feet of correct shape. Moved well around the ring. I’m sure that maturity will help him to come together.

Junior Dog 2.1

1 Kenesqui Aster

Novice Dog 1.0

1 Morris; Reach For The Stars (NBT)

Tri of good size, pleasing head of correct proportions, good eye colour, correct ear set. Neck of good length, on good shoulders, chest developing nicely. Level top line, held on the move, well boned, with oval feet. In good coat. Moved around the ring with ease.

Graduate Dog 1.0

1 Cutts; Haresfoot Fates Align (NBT)

Smart natural bob, low set with nice tapering muzzle, well set on ears and good eye. Good length of neck on well-placed shoulders. Level top-line, with good front assembly, close fitting front quarters. Good angulation, ample bone and oval tight feet. In good condition. Moved well around the ring too.

Post Graduate Dog 1.0

1 Wyer; Cottivy Fernando RBD

Bold in outlook and built well. Have judged him before and maturity has improved hm still further. Masculine head of correct proportions. Good eyes and ears. Strong neck on good shoulders. Good front assembly, deep chested to good length of loin. Level top line. Well boned, with good feet. Moved well.

Limit Dog 1.0

1 Davies; Ermyn Snazzy Jazzy

Pleasing outline, correct type and with typical head and expression. Carried and used his ears correctly. Not the length of neck I like, but good angulation front and rear, well sprung rib. Good shoulder angles too. Moved well – front particularly without too much lift.

Open Dog 5.1

1 Warner; Meitza Erik The King BD RBOB BOS

Striking tricolour dog of good size. Well tapered face and muzzle. Good eye and correct ear set. Strong neck on good shoulders, level top line and good angulation front and rear. He has a deep chest and is well boned with good tight oval feet. Moved best in this class to secure his first place – strong driving movement covering the ground well.

2 Davies; CH Andvol Z-Sieger At Ermyn (IMP RUS)

Masculine dog with a smart look about him and, once again, a pleasure to go over. Head of correct proportions with good eye shape and colour. Good neck on good shoulders, strong back, well boned, with tight feet. Deep chest. Front assembly is good as is the rear and he is so well angulated. Rear movement today was not as strong as 1.

3 Gordon & Heath; Crescenthill Brynlea Moon Glow (IMP RUS)

Veteran Dog 3.1

1 Jones; Ceranda Surf’s Up BVD BVOB

Have judged this one before and he still has a presence about him. Head correctly proportioned and balanced on this good-looking dog. Correct eye, good neck, nice, well-placed and laid-back shoulders. Good front, nice bone, Correct angulation front and rear, well-bent stifles and low hocks. Moves well when taken at reasonable pace.

2 Bruce; Whitepoint Dodging Dageors Via Monto

Good breed example. Correct head with good eye, good reach of neck, correct front, good shoulders with decent bone and good depth of chest. Balanced front and rear angulation. Lost to 1 today on movement.

Puppy Bitch 4.1

1 Davies & Jones; Clairmar Amber Red BPB BPIB

Very feminine 10-month R/W bitch. Was so alert and expressive - I could not take my eyes off her! Super head on a strong neck leading to well-placed shoulders. Level top line and she holds her tail well. Super front assembly and well angulated front and back. Her chest is still developing. She is well boned with good tight oval feet. Moved around the ring so well.

2 Brown; Calwini’s Cherry Blossom

Nice head with correct proportions. Ample length of neck on well- placed shoulders leading to a level top line. Front and rear assembly is good. She has ample bone and oval feet that are nice and tight. She moved ok.

3 Woodey; Cottivy Coronation Cup Cake At Barawood

Junior Bitch 1.0

1 Warner; Monarchor Lady Love

Red and white bitch with a feminine head on a neck of ample length, leading to well-placed shoulders. Good top line to tail. Well angulated front and rear. Ample bone and correct feet which were well padded. Deep chest.

Novice Bitch 4.1

1 Morris; Hey You Beautiful

Good head on a neck of good length. Shoulders ok, level top line and ample bone with padded oval feet. Well angulated front and rear. Moved well which won her this class.

2 Woodey; Cottivy Coronation Cup Cake At Barawood

Feminine bitch with correct dentition, good eye colour and shape. Ears well set on. Good length of neck on well laid shoulders. Level top line. Chest is developing nicely. Ample bone, good feet and moved ok particularly when at a faster pace.

3 Dickenson; Brynmay Star Explosion

Graduate Bitch 2.0

1 Miller & Haslam; Monarchcor Lady Luck At Meitza RBB

Very appealing and kind head, sweet and feminine. Lovely in profile. Good in shoulder placement, fore chest and width of chest. Well laid back, sloping shoulders – lovely front angulation. Strong mover too.

2 Hollingworth; Highashes Plan Bee JW

Smaller than 1. Very appealing and kind head. Good in shoulder placement, fore chest and width of chest. Well laid back, sloping shoulders – lovely front angulation.

Post Graduate Bitch 9.4

1 Wyer; Cottivy Chiquitita

Red and white bitch with a feminine head on a neck of ample length, leading to well-placed shoulders. Good top line to tail. Well angulated front and rear. Ample bone and correct feet which were nice and tight. Deep chest. Held her overall profile held well on the move.

2 Creech; Zydahayes Scarlet Image

Feminine and Sweet headed with good length of muzzle. Correct eye shape and colour. Well set on ears, ample length of neck. Broad and deep chest, lower to ground than 1 but still gives impression of substance. Level top line, well angulated front and rear. Ample bone, with good feet. Did not move as true as 1 today.

3 Brown; Calwini’s Valentina Rose JW

Limit Bitch 1.0

1 Creech; Zydahayes Scarlet Tweed

Super head with correct proportions. Eyes of good shape and colour. Nice flat skull between ears which are set on well. Ample length of neck on well-placed shoulders. Level top line, deep chest, good length of loin. Well angulated front and back. Enough bone with good oval feet.

Open Bitch 3.2

1 Wyer; Cottivy Strawberry Moon BB BOB

Was totally impressed by this one and she did not disappoint at any stage although she stood alone. This was also confirmed as she presented in the challenge line up. Balanced, strong but looking nicely feminine. Good head, mouth and ears. Ample depth and forechest. Powerful rear quarters showing good drive on the move. Tight oval feet. Good angulation front and rear.

Veteran Bitch 2.1

1 Woodey; Aus CH Barawood Summer Solace Re Imp. BVB

Pleasing and biddable expression. Well balanced Correct head eye and ear set. Well laid-back shoulders leading to a level topline. Deep chest and well-sprung rib. Good angulation. Moved soundly.

Huw D Bishop