• Show Date: 26/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Hilary Norbury Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/12/2023

Crystal Palace Canine Association

CYRSTAL PALACE CANINE ASSOCIATION 26th November 2023 BULLDOGS: Puppy D/B (3/1a) Burts HILLPLACE COOL BLUE - D Just 6 months, in proportion young dog, head of a size appropriate to his age, dk eye of good shape, nostrils wide, good amount of width of chin with enough just the right amount of turn up. Neck arched and thick, good width of front, shoulders well placed, depth and required roundness of rib. Short back with good rise to the loins. Super rear quarters, move well, looks very promising at this stage, BP 2. Williams & Lamont LAROYALS BLURRED LINES - B Not quite together as 1. Head not as wide across the skull, ear set ok, eyes dark of good shape. Would prefer just a bit less under jaw so as not to show the teeth. Neck of good length with required arch, good depth and width to chest, shoulders of correct angulation, would like to see a bit more rise to the rear end. Not as sound on the movement as 1. Junior D/B (2/1a) Burts RUAKURI CHASING TIME - D Good width to the skull, dk eye but would like them to be a touch tighter. Nostrils wide and nose of good size. If I had to be picky, would prefer slightly less to under chin thus hiding the teeth. Good neck into well placed shoulder. Width to front just right, deep chest with good tuck up. Just the right amount of rise to the loins, hocks well let down. Moved well. RBOB Post Grad D/B (3/2a) Anscombes BLENIEMSTARS LANCELOT OF JRAYGON - D Super balanced dog, looking every bit the statesman he was. Head of good proportion, eyes just wide enough and dark. Good mouth with just the right amount of chin. Teeth not showing. Super strength and arch to the neck, lovely shoulders, with enough width and depth to chest, if I had to be really critical, would have preferred slightly more rise to the loin, but that did not detract from a super dog. Wasn’t always happy on the surface but when he did settle, went well. BOB Open D/B (2/1a) Dougans BRITISHPRIDE QUIZMASTER AT GROMBRINDAL - D Gentleman of 9 years, Head shape OK, would like a bit more width to the skull. Eyes OK, would prefer a bit more width to the mouth. Good arch to the neck, wide front and deep chest, good rise to the loin, moved well but was showing his age. In general would have liked a bit more body. —————————————————— DALMATIANS Junior D/B (3/1a) Paces SADIEDELS ARAB GIRL - B Well balanced girl of 8 months who could do the job she was bred for. Head of super shape, with lovely ears set high of good shape. Eyes medium in size with super pigment to the rims. Good scissor bite. Neck arched with good reach. Shoulders well laid back, elbows in, legs straight, heel topline, with chest deep, well muscled rear legs for age with good 2nd thigh. Tail carried well at all times, super tracking to movement, coat of correct texture with good spotting, looking forward to following her career. BP Barnetts SALVADORADA HAPPY GO LUCKY - B Just 12 months, didn’t have the presence of 1, but saying that was well balanced. Lovely head of good shape, eyes dark, correct dentition, just the right amount of length and arch to neck into well laid shoulders, straight front, good topline, well placed tail, only used on the move, moved well, more heavily marked than 1. Preferred 1 on the day. Post Graduate D/B (2/2) Pilgrims NOSPARS DRAMBUIE - D Lovely head, just the right amount of stop, with correct ear placement. Lovely dark eye, with super pigment. Good read of neck with slight arch, into well laid back shoulders , front legs straight. Good rib cage with level back. Rear gave good second thigh and defined hocks. Lovely tight feet, strode out on the move with correct placement. RBOB Tystermans CARODAL JACOBS LADDER - B Very feline girl with lovely balanced outline. Super shape to head with nice dark eye, good mouth. Correct length to neck into well laid back shoulders, straight from, again, another one with nice tight feet. Good depth of chest, level topline, and well placed tail. Moved well, just preferred the length of back of 1 in comparison to 2. Open D/B (3/1a) Penns DALFELLIN AGAPE AT DALARISA - B. BOB Colliers KALLIERBELLE BLUEBELLE - B 2 lovely girls, both had super heads with good ear placement, dk eyes with required dark pigment, good length to muzzle, super mouths, just the right length to neck with required arch, well laid shoulders into straight fronts, both had lovely cat like feet. Good depth and width to chest, level topline, well placed tail, both moved well, if I had to be picky, just preferred length of back of 1. ————————————————————————- FRENCH BULLDOG Puppy D/B (2) Timms and Hendersons OLIJAH WHEN STARS ALIGN - D Preferred under jaw of 2 but 1 was overall better balanced. Required square head but in proportion. Good muzzle, cheeks well developed, good dentition. Eyes wide and dark. Neck thick with correct amount of arch, leading into straight legs, good width and depth to chest with well sprung ribs. Super on the move and covered the ground effortlessly. RBOB, BP Suharevas CASTRUM OSINIUM ROLLER COASTER (IMP CRO) - D Another lovely dog, better under jaw than 1, lovely head with good shape ears. Eyes dark and round, good shape to ears and well placed. Just enough length of neck leading into well placed shoulders, good depth of chest, correct tail placing, moved well, felt 1 was better balanced overall. Junior D/B (0) Post Grad D/B (2/1a) Suharevas BANKHOLT INDIAN SUMMER - B Very feminine with lovely head, good ear placement, nice dark eye with good shape, strong balanced neck, nice straight forelegs, deep chest, just the right amount of tuck up to remain in balance. Moved well. Open D/B (4/2a) 2 lovely dogs, I’m sure they will swap places often. Brooks and Cairns CORURSUS BECOME THE ONE JW - D Beautiful head, with correct ear placing, eyes wide and dark, good cushioning to cheek, good mouth with just the right amount of lift to chin. Neck well arched, shoulders well placed, good deep chest width ample width, good rear with well let down hold, lovely feet, super on the move. BOB Ellis’s EASTONITE AMAAZE JW - B A feminine version of 1, therefore comments apply. I did feel on the day, that the D had a better balanced look to him. ———————————————— BULLMASTIFF Junior D/B (1) 1. Cochranes CANI FELICI APOLLO AT ASBORN (IMP POL) - D 11 months, head ok, would prefer a shorter muzzle as this detracted from the required square on square appearance, dark eye of good shape, nostrils nice and wide, mouth ok. Good length of neck with the required arch, would like to see a bit more angulation to the shoulder, just the right length to back, maintained level back, rear end appeared good with developed 2nd thigh. Moved ok, but wasn’t in his happy place today. BP Post Grad D/B (3,2a) 1 Palmers ASBORNS GOTHAM CAN WAIT - D Pale Brindle. Well placed ears that he used well, dk eye, lovely cushioning but unfortunately his muzzle was too long to give the required look of a Bullmastiff. Level bite. Neck was a bit long, but it did run into well paced shoulders, dog had just enough fore chest. Would like to see front legs a bit shorter, as the present length detracted from the overall balance of the dog. Back was straight, would like a bit more 2nd thigh, moved OK. Open D/B (4,1a) 1 Todd and Smith ALONZOBAR R4ED SKY FOR DELARHIA - D A dog of good size and substance that could do the job it was bred for. Lovely head with well placed ears, eyes dark and of good shape. Just the right length of muzzle, good mouth, Neck of good length and well arched, shoulders, legs straight and gave to appearance of strength. Back level with well placed tail. Good rear, with developed 2nd thigh evident. Moved with purpose both going and coming back. BOB 2. Reader and Bown’s SUNDABISH BELLE AMOUR JW - B Lovely bitch who was so balanced, very feminine, lovely dk eye, just the right length to muzzle, nostrils wide, good dentition. Lovely set ears well used, just the right reach to neck with required arch. Well placed shoulders with good depth of chest, front straight with upright pasterns. Level topline, well placed tail, moved with drive. On the day, preferred the overall shape of 1. RBOB 3. Palmers ASBORNS GOTHAM CAN WAIT - D Hilary Norbury - Judge