• Show Date: 01/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Helen Cousins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/10/2023

Aberystwyth & District Canine Society

Aberystwth Open Show – 1st October 2023

Many thanks to the Officers & Committee for inviting me to judge the Working Breeds of this well run show and, their kind hospitality and to the exhibitors who braved the appalling weather to show their dogs. My thanks to my steward Nigel Phillips for doing a great job. Thanks to my Newfound G1 for a fab performance in the BIS ring and to my Siberian Husky BV for winning BVIS. Congrats to all.


Alaskan Malamute

Grad d/b - 1 - (1a)

Open (1a)

Siberian Husky

Grad d/b - 1

1st – John’s Folkvars Pumpkin Magic

2yr old masculine dog well-proportioned throughout & maturing nicely. Loved his fox like head, well shaped with good width, expressive eyes 1 brown eye & 1 blue. Nice reach of neck, good front & rear angulation, well let down hocks. Medium length body with a firm straight topline, moved steadily around the ring. Pleased to award him BOB

Open d/b 2 – (1a)

1st – John’s Folkvars Witches Brew

Litter sister to the above and so feminine , a lot to like about her with many of her brothers qualities preferred the shape of her brother. She moved really well with her young handler, well done RBOB

Greenland Dog

Open dog 2 – (2a)

Open Bitch - 2 – (2a)

Bernese Mountain Dog

Grad d/b – 1 – (1a)

Open d/b – 2 (1a)

1st – Williams Tinland Pink Sapphire

Judged this lady before and she has so much to like about her. She has the sweetest expression and is so feminine. Well shaped head, flat skull, strong muzzle. Medium neck leading into correctly angulated shoulders, good depth of chest. Well boned, compact and a good topline held on the move, strong well angulated quarters and carrying a good jacket, Moved steadily around the ring, pleased to award her BOB, put up a good performance in the group, well done.


Grad d/b - 2

Interesting classes as they are all siblings and all very similar

1st Mangats – Nehrani Precious India

An 18 mth old fawn bitch so feminine yet strong and well-proportioned throughout. Loved her broad skull, expressive eyes, she has a good stop & short muzzle. Deep chested, has good shoulders and a straight front well boned widely set apart front legs . Straight back, well-muscled quarters good tail set. Moved steadily around the ring. A very difficult decision in this class.

2nd Mangats – Nehrani Red Reefe

Fawn brother to above and so like her, he has so many of the same attributes as his sister, excels in head, well-proportioned throughout my notes say he was not quite as strong in the rear end as his sister

Open d/b (1)

1st – Nehrani Bollywood Knight

The 3rd of this litter and a brindle boy on the higher end of the standard, totally in proportion throughout he was just so well put together. Broad square skull, pronounced stop, muscular neck, strong straight front, deep chested, loved his shoulders. He has a short straight back, loved his powerful quarters which he used to just outmoved his sister, was pleased to award him BOB and a well deserved G2

Great Dane

Grad d/b – 2 – (2a)2

Open d/b – 1

1st Kingsley Swiss Ch Dainoak Fit For Function AI

Loved this blue boy, so upstanding and all male. He has the best of heads well proportioned with a flat skull and well chiselled face, good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders, pleasing front assembly. Well sprung ribs, good topline leading into strong quarters, nicely set hocks. Moved as well as he could in the ring would have liked to see him to be able to really stride out in a larger area. Was pleased to award him BOB and G4.


Grad d/b – 1 – (1a)

Open d/b – 1

1st – Plant – Barracechi Romani Charm For Shadann AI

This 3yr old girl took my breath away, loved her from the moment she walked in the ring. So well balance throughout, very feminine and loved her spirit. Broad head, short muzzle, good scissor bite, expressive eyes with a twinkle in them. Lovely neck, straight front, webbed feet, well angulated shoulders with a good layback. Good depth of chest, level topline, plenty of breath over the loin. Strong well angulated quarters, correct tail carried well. A quality jacket completed the picture. Covered the ring with ease with her free & easy movement. Pleased to award her BOB & G1.

St Bernard

Open d/b – 1 – (1a)


Puppy d/b -1 – (1a)

Grad d/b – 2 – (1a)

1st – Capell’s Llepac Against All The Odds – Dobermann

This young lad has so much to like about him. Flat skull, almond shaped eyes, nice depth & length to muzzle, neat ears. Good length of neck leading to a well angulated shoulder assembly, straight front legs. Square in profile, good spring of ribs and a straight topline. Correctly angulated quarters with a good bend of stifle. Moved with good reach & drive stopping into a perfect free-standing position. Pleased to award him BAVNSC & G3

Open d/b – 4 – (3a)

1st – Hopgoods Ch/UKR ch/MOD Grizzly Vom Cherniy Kumar Saintlythans – Rottwiler

Nearly 6 yr old male all in proportion with a lovely broad head, well defined stop and good muzzle. Good front, nice length of, shoulder angulation ok. Pleasing square shape with a firm level back. Nicely angulated rear with good turn of stifle. Moved well

AV Vulnerable Native Breed

Puppy – 1 - (1a)

AV Working

Veteran d/b – 2 – (1a)

1st – Hold back the River legend Of The Spirit With Cwnhapus (Imp Pol) JW ShCM – Siberian Husky

This young man of 7 looks quite the picture in profile and did not disappoint when I got my hands on him well proportioned throughout. Super masculine head, almond shaped eyes and good ears set. Nicely arched neck, correctly angulated well laid back shoulders, good depth & width of chest. Level topline held firmly on the move. Well angulated rear quarters with a good turn of stifle. Moved freely around the ring. Interestingly this was the sire of the the younger sibes. Pleased to award him BV and was thrilled to watch him take BVIS.

Helen Cousins