• Show Date: 04/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Hazel Fitzgibbon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Isle Of Ely Canine Society

ISLE OF ELY OPEN SHOW 4th February 2023


Puppy (7, 4)

1st Churchill’s Adornangels The Forester: Very promising puppy - 6 months. Promising head with broad jaw and well spaced canine teeth. Dark well shaped eye well placed. Laid back nose. Good bone. Good boday shape. Worth persevering with. BP

2nd Martin’s Tommy Rock On At Calibra. Low slung male with good bone and well presented. Too much head and wrinkle for me but good body shape, topline and tail.

3rd Stone’s Asharlo Down The Rabbit Hole

Junior (3, 1)

1st Martin’s Rosebull Cherry Cola Calibra: Red and white. Tail not to my liking but rest of her is lovely. Well laid back nose. Broad front and shoulder. Good feet. Good body shape and well presented. Moving more typically than 2

2nd Planson’s Reckless Diva At Britishstyle: Bigger frame altogether than 1. Still in puppy. Broad throughout. Good legs and feet. Broad across muzzle

Post Grad (3, 2)

1st Stoneman’s Avaword Cherry. Stood alone but well worth a first. Proper rose ears well set high. Well shaped skull and eye set. Strong neck. Broad front. Lovely body shape. Feet OK. Typical mover. RBOB.

Open (3, 1)

1st Downs’ Blenheimstart Saint George. Masculine lad of 3 years. Stands broad with no help. Good head and expression. Excellent body shape and waist. Sound mover with good rear action. The star of this entry with no doubt. BOB

2nd Dodwell’s Asharlo Gypsy Rose. Brindle bitch not particularly enjoying the day. 6 years. Large head with quite a lot of wrinkle. Strong short neck. Very broad across front. Well shaped body.

Tibetan Terrier

Puppy (4)

1st Chessell’s Araki Areu The Queen Of Bees For Stylaxian. BP & PG1. Eyecatching because of colour but so much else to like. Square in outline. Good head with dark round eye. Typical topline. Good overall proportions with straight legs and quality feet. Front needs a little more development but still a youngster. Well presented and handled.

2nd Gent’s Myrlea Moonlighting With Miteng. Bigger frame at the moment. Not groomed to advantage but well balanced and sound on the move. Good body. Elbows well set. Correct tail set.

3rd Kemp’s Araki Spice Of Life For YanLan

Junior (6, 1)

1st Green’s Verony Danish Romance: Super reverse scissor that I was looking for. Lovely outline. Sturdy to go over with a well filled front. Good body shape and good bone overall. Good tailset. Fabulous presentation. Moving steadily.

2nd Rudderman’s Khyibrangs Spanish Eyes With Dejaru: Slighter in build but still a lovely shape with typical topline. Excellent neck and forehand. Good tail set and feet. Well presented.

3rd Araki Areu The Queen Of Bees For Stylaxian

Post Grad (3, 1)

1st Helliwell’s Kentwone Run: Lovely shape and well presented. Good body and bone. Correct mouth. Excellent tailset. Rather narrow movement but lively and athletic action. RBOB

2nd Thomas & Fenton’s Layoli Path Finding Magic: Well coated but to the extent that it hides his virtues. Up to size. Good head. Well set tail.

Open (5, 2)

1st Laffling’s Araki Secret Loverboy At Taxiki: Good size parti. Well prepared with typical topline and tailset. Masculine head. Excellent on the move. Well coated and beautifully presented. BOB

2nd Green’s Verony The Usual Suspect: Lovely outline and well coated. Good head and mouth. Standing square. Not as active on the move as winner.

3rd Thomas’ Kelmorespitz Dazzled Storm JW

Collie (Smooth)

Puppy (1)

1st Jerret’s Coldelee Eternal Sunshine. 9 months. Delightful, fabulous head and eye. Good through body and hard condition. Excellent for angles. Very sound. Very well presented. Surely one with a bright future. BOB and BP

Junior (1)

1st Wensley’s Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive JW. This male is full of beans and very keen. Eye could be better. Overall build fine. Moving with great athleticism

Post Grad (2)

1st Davies & Brown’s Breckamore Blessings At Wystry. Lean outline. Good neck and topline. Well angled both ends. Nice bitch but coat needs attention: RBOB

2nd Corben & Moore’s Stormsett Shadow Dancer Via Caprioara. Substantial chap very ably presented and handled. A little on the top size for me but made of good picture standing.

Dandie Dinmont

Puppy (1)

1st Garven’s Cloverwood Magic Minnie: Lovely head with dark round eye. Strong mouth. Short strong legs but Moved hesitantly on sandy surface. Should do well once more confident. BP.

Junior (1,1)

Post Grad (1,1)

Open (2,1)

1st Allenby’s Ch Diddimont Luna At Woofgood JW: Lovely 2 year old. Correct topline and not too exaggerated. Lovely head and eye. Correct ears. Wrapped front. Good presentation. Happy, straight mover. Such a lovely example of the breed. BOB.

Bracco Italiano

Puppy (3, 1)

Two happy chaps - winner scored on overall soundness

1st Beecham’s Gunsyn Hotrod At Rydonmist: Slightly longer than square. Bit bum high at this point. Well shaped head with divergent planes. Well boned. Well angled both ends. BP.

2nd Beecham’s Titano Della Casa Di Lombardo At Rydonmist (imp FRA): Square and standing I thought this was the winner. Lovely overall puppy. Well boned. Not quite sound rear movement of winner. Front feet flat. Moderate angles.

Junior (4, 2)

1st Forbes’ Canemamans Primo Al Fine: Immature as yet. Lovely divergent head planes. Good nose. Body still to come on but very promising. Excellent overall proportions. Excellent feet. Happy tail.

2nd Titano Della Casa Di Lombardo At Rydonmist (imp FRA) - 2nd puppy

Post Grad (2,2)

Open (8, 2)

1st Beecham’s Crafskoe Gnezdo Arlo (imp): Up to size. Lovely head. Moving out well. Slight longer than preferred. Decent bone and leg length. Divergent head planes. Excellent feet. Moving out lithely and soundly. BOB.

2nd Beecham’s Allegro Nord Bohemia Sheram At Rydonmist (imp): Lovely overall square shape. Good strong neck and body. Smaller overall frame than the winner. Strong legs. Moving out soundly. RBOB.

3rd Sladden’s Tyrbechgyn Believe You Will At Canemamans JW

Flatcoated Retrievers

Puppy (3)

1st Wild’s Bitcon Alliance With Bluewaters (AI): Loved this chap. Moulded head with well set ears. Good neck into steady front. Lovely body proportions. Excellent leg length and outline. Good tail set and carriage. Should have a good future. BP

2nd Campbell & Brown’s Ronevorg Firefly Fantasy: Racier style but still very correct in so many departments. Has overall shape. Moulded head. Good top and underline. Excellent tail set and carriage

3rd Holliday’s Shashrox Raise Your Glass

Junior (5, 3)

1st McQuade’s Gemswin River Of Dreams: Quite up on the leg but has drive. OK for bone. Pretty head piece. Excellent tail set.

2nd Chambers Hototo Pretty Ballerina: Looking rather short legged. Good angles both end but not showing on move with not a lot of ground coverage. Feminine outlook.

Post Grad (6, 1)

1st Dunnett’s Hoedun Miss Atomic Bomb: Elegant bitch. Excellent head shape. Clean neck. Good topline. Moving out steadily with drive.

2nd Wilson’s Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez: Mature dog but front lets him down. Head not so moulded as winner. Good bone and feet.

3rd Reynolds’ Gemswin Lets Dance

Open (5, 1)

1st Reynolds’ Telurn Can’t Touch This: Mature lad in good coat and feeling solid to go over. Good bone and feet. So much to like. BOB

2nd Wilson’s Hameldowntor Music Of The Night. Built on elegant lines. One of the better heads here today. Good neck and topline. Racier in style than 1. RBOB

3rd Dunnett’s Hoedun Alexandra Of Denmark

Isle Of Ely Early Open Stakes

1st Jester The Chester De Isla De Kann Zantescwtch (imp Esp) Standard Poodle. Beautifully built and presented. Lovely long head, well balanced with pronounced occiput. Excellent leg length, Standing square and moving so well. Well boned. Good feet and well muscled. Never stopped showing.

2nd Barleyarch Hoopla At Forestpoint (GSP): In excellent condition, Good for size and shape. Moving so soundly.

3rd Tyrbechgyn Believe You Will at Canemamans (Bracco Italiano)

Hazel Fitzgibbon