• Show Date: 26/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Hayley Davies Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/02/2024

Sunderland & District Canine Society


Firstly, I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at their well-run show. A big thank you to my lovely steward Barry for keeping the ring running smoothly, ensuring the exhibitors were well informed.

I found the exhibits to be of fabulous temperaments, happy and even getting a couple of kisses in the classes. I want to thank the exhibitors for bringing their beautiful dogs under me, and for excepting my placings with grace. I just want to highlight the fact that they all supported each other both in the ring and outside, which was lovely to see.

Puppy – (4/2) Both lovely boys!

1st – Barrett’s Dalamanti Duke’s Legend, 9mth old liver boy with so much to like! Masculine head without being overdone, ears well set and used well, lovely amber eye giving a cheeky expression. Correct scissor bite. Lovely neck leading into well laid-back shoulders, elbows tight to chest, well rounded legs with tight cat fee. and level topline and correct tail set. This boy came into his own on the move and was happy to award him BPIB.

2nd - Ivison’s Perdita’s Folk Dance, 8.5mths old liver boy who was enjoying his time in the ring. Many of the above comments also apply to this young man, apart from he has less spotting than my winner. He was a little excited on the move but with time on his side, I am sure this will settle. He is slightly larger in frame than my winner, so I hope he doesn’t grow too much more. Will watch him with interest.

Junior (3/2)

1st Pearson’s Kelevra Dill or No Dill JW, 17mths black spotted boy that really commanded my attention. Although he stood alone today, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Masculine head with correct ear set that he used well, dark eye and correct muzzle and scissor bite. Long neck into well laid shoulders, good chest with tight elbows, nice tight cat feet. Level topline that he held on the move and this boy is overall balanced throughout. On the move he showed me that he is fit for purpose with plenty of reach and drive. In the lineup, again he commanded my attention so that I couldn’t deny him BOB

Post Graduate (3/1)

1st Barrett’s Dalamanti Caesars Palace, 3yr old black spot boy with rich dark pigment. From the same kennel as my BPIB, I’m not surprised I liked him so much. Masculine head without being overdone, well set ears, dark eye giving a lovely expression. Long neck into well laid-back shoulder, good front and overall, he’s a well-balanced boy. On the move he kept his topline and powered round the ring. Just would of preferred slightly cleaner spotting, but this does not detract from the whole package.

2nd Smith’s Dalpetro Dixie, 2yr old liver girl with rich deep pigment. Pretty head, well set ears and amber eyes. Overall, a well-balanced girl but she was a little overweight today and unsettled on the move. I think once she is settled, she will come into her own.

Open (4/1)

1st Noble’s Rhebedu Sheik Yerbouti, 5yr old black bitch that I have admired since a puppy! She of ideal size, and a striking girl on the move. Feminine head that is slightly plainer face but doesn’t take anything away from her. Lovely well-set ears that she used well. Dark expressive eyes that draw you in but give a cheeky expression. Correct length of neck leading to a level topline that she held on the move, enough bone and lovely tight cat feet. Her rear angulation matched her front showing how balanced she is. Correct tail set which she held well on the move. Very happy to award her RBOB.

2nd Marley & Libby’s Bellilis D’Amoure De Loin, 8yr old young man that refuses to believe he’s a veteran, so we won’t tell him! Lovely masculine head, with well set ears that he really used well. His spotty face really gave him such a sweet expression and I was lucky enough to be offered kisses from him too! Lovely length of neck leading into well laid-back shoulder and level topline that he held on the move. Correct tail set, and nice rear angulation. Moved so well around the ring with reach and drive, and I was splitting hairs between these too, I just preferred the overall package of my winner.

Hayley Davies (Maddidalli)