• Show Date: 14/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gretel Osborn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/08/2023

Seaham & District Canine Society

Seaham & District Canine Society Open Show

14th May 2023

Judge Ms Gretel Osborn (Elgert)

American Cocker Spaniel

Post grad

1st Mrs B Morris, Norrashays Madam Cholet at Mycalleys

10th month buff girl, lovely head shape with good expression and stop. Nice reach of neck with good shoulder, short coupled and excellent rear angulation, moving soundly round the ring. Delighted to award her Gundog Puppy Group 1 where she really showed her excellent movement in the larger ring where she could settle more. BP, Gundog Puppy Group 1


1st Mrs Morris Churchill Moser Dog at Mycalleys

Buff boy of 4 yrs old. Good condition and presented beautifully. Lovely eyes and set with good expression and brow, nostrils large and open all giving a good balance to the head. Held topline well on the move a close call for BOB but just slightly steadier movement when needed in the challenge. BOB

Bracco Italiano


1st SA & CA Pearson, Kelevra Covo Di Ladri

2 yr old bitch. Of good type and substance, clean plains on head and good depth of muzzle, correct foreface to skull proportions. Good clean dentition. Good eyes with no looseness to them, correct colour. A bit messy on the move in places, so needs to strengthen and practice that to enhance her movement profile. BOB

Cocker Spaniel


1st Susan MacFarlane, Cooleela Electra

8mths old, would prefer more upper arm to give a better front angulation and reach on the move. Lovely feet nicely padded and cat like, giving a good stance when stacked. Good eye and expression, nice length of back with correct tail set. BP, Gundog Puppy Group 3

Post Graduate

1st Caroline Barber-Ball, Kalispell Couer de Lion

A lovely blue roan with a compact solid stamp to him. Correct square muzzle with correct length of flew, nice eye shape and colour. Deep chest, good length and firm loin, giving a good hind action on the move. BOB, Gundog Group 4

2nd Slightly smaller throughout than the winner. Happy on the move but not allowing for ground coverage well as a bit messy in places on the move. A balance needed between happy but straight movement. Just needs work on that.


1st Mrs Susan MacFarlane, Cooleela as Sweet as you are.

Black with nothing over done in any way, a lovely balance to her. Nice profile and correct length of back with good rear angulation. Front and rear drive good when settled on the move.

2nd Janice Rainey , Kalispell Villanelle

Slightly narrower than in front than 1st place. Lovely head and expression and good overall but was slightly wide on rear movement which lost the class.

English Springer Spaniel

Post Graduate

1st Mr & Mrs Elazlan Tribal Craft JW

Classy young b/white. Good up for size with correct flowing angles all through. Smooth over shoulders with lovely reach of neck allowing for correct front carriage on the move. Good length and correct loin, nice angled stifle and good pasterns and hock. Head had all the character and chiseling needed with good tight eyes of correct colour and shape. Moved superbly to power round the ring. BOB & Gundog Group 1 – just slightly flat on the BIS competition and in such company that just made the difference.


1st Mr & Mrs Calvert, Calvdale Ever Thus JW

Lovely height and outline with good symmetrical lines. Happy on the move but carrying his tail a bit high.

Flatcoat Retriever


1st Ms S Wright, IR Sh Ch Lacsar Tequila Mockingbird

Good classic outline when stood, slightly close behind on movement but strode out well. Good upper arm and return allowing for good drive on foreleg when moving. Head of strong planes of correct length for the body proportions. Good eye colour with lovely expression. BOB

Golden Retriever


1st Sue & Dave Towers, Alibren Majestic Dawn

Clean outline throughout, would prefer her to be slightly more outgoing but only a youngster. On the move though she excelled, front needs to tighten still, but as you would expect for her age. Head lovely with good pigmentation around eyes and as my notes say nose – spot on! Gorgeous expression and shape to head with good depth of muzzle and correct width. BP & Gundog Puppy Group 2

2nd Miss T Pratt, Rosyth Kind of Magic

Slightly shorter throughout than 1, moved well. Slightly shorter in muzzle than 1


A really lovely class to judge – some lovely dogs to decide between – thank you .

1st Mrs Julia Ewart, Parlickview Blaze of Glory over Beaupippin JW

Moderate overall, not overdone in any way. Just the right amount of maturity for her age and lovely movement coming and good drive at rear. Head classic shape with good width and kind expressive eyes with good pigmentation and width apart.

2nd Chatarina Wright, Palton Platino

Larger than the 1st but still good proportions, moved well covering the ground with ease.

3rd Sue & Dave Towers, Alibren Majestic Dawn

Just loosing out on maturity to the 1st & 2nd


1st Christine & Brian Foster, Eau my Gold V.D. Corner Brook for Auristela

Lovely pretty girl, moderate in everyway. Good front angulation, correct upper arm and straight front. Head is very pretty with a lovely kind expression, good pigmentation. She dips slightly into hocks but moves correctly so just needs to learn to stand 4 square into herself more.

2nd Mrs Julia Ewart, Parlickview Blaze of Glory over Beaupippin JW

3rd Joan Maddison, Jaymardy Sweet Caroline

Post Graduate

1st Peter & Carol Lockhead, Bluebraes Meadow Pipit

My notes say chunky but smaller. Everything as you would want just would prefer slightly more of her. She, however, moved the best in the class to win.

2nd Sue & Dave Towers, Alibren Majestic Dawn


1st S Towers & M Henderson, Grey Goose November Rain

Head slightly heavier than I would prefer, with it being slightly shorter in muzzle just gives a heaviness to the skull. Lovely body lines with correct forechest and front angles, good return of upper arm. Lovely sound body with balance and type. Movement however, won the class as such a lovely mover. BOB, Gundog Group 2

2nd Miss T Pratt, Rosyth Jennifer Eccles.

Lovely clean outline. Just would prefer a bit more enthusiasm on the move to really show her off more.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Post Graduate

1st Stephanie Greedwood, Brevathos Tanna

A lighter frame than I would prefer. Showing her enthusiasm and enjoying herself. Pretty girl but just would prefer more of her all over. BOB


1st Stephanie Greedwood, Brevathos Tanna

Labrador Retriever


1st Nicola Morrw, Rhythm Lacey

Choc Lab, lovely outline, nicely balanced with good structure throughout. Good eye and nice broad skull, good depth of muzzle and correct pigmentation . Nice coat and wonderful otter tail used well on the move, with his strong rear drive. BOB

Sussex Spaniel


1st Sue Mowbray, Crumbledor Bella Lestrange

3yrs and just coming into her own. Very attractive femine head with lovely expression. Lovely angulation on front with correct length of upper arm and good shoulder angulation. Back correct length, nice deep ribs with firm loin. Firm topline held well on the move, good tailset and used well. Lovely drive going round the ring, just needs to watch the speed of movement to get the best out of her. BOB, Gundog Group 3

Welsh Springer Spaniel


1st Angela Chandler, Chanangel Jo Sugden

Presented in good condition, nice muscle throughout, slightly close behind when moving. Lovely head and expression, with kind eyes. BOB

Gundog Group

Group 1 English Springer, Elizabeth Chandler, Elazlan Tribal Craft JW

Group 2 Golden Retriever, S Towers & M Henderson, Grey Goose November Rain

Group 3 Sue Mowbray, Crumbledor Bella Lestrange

Group 4 Caroline Barber-Ball, Kalispell Couer de Lion

Gundog Puppy Group

Group 1 Mrs B Morris, Norrashays Madam Cholet at Mycalleys

Group 2 Sue & Dave Towers, Alibren Majestic Dawn

Group 3 Susan MacFarlane, Cooleela Electra

AV Gundog Puppy

1st Miss T Pratt, Rosyth Kind of Magic

2nd Peter & Carol Lockhead, Kaylaton Heidi Weiss

Nice head and expression, rear angulation not quite as good at this stage as the winner.

AV Gundog Junior

1st Chatarina Wright, Palton Platino

2nd Stephanie Greenwood, Brevathos Tanna

AV Gundog Open

1st Sue Mowbray, Crumbledor Bella Lestrange

AV Gundog Veteran

Always a lovely class to judge, seeing these veterans showing how they can still move and power round the ring.

1st Chatarina Wright, Palton Panetela

Lovely substance to him, good clean outlines, nice eye and pigmentation, deep muzzle and good broad skull with good stop. Moved effortlessly round the ring, a pleasure to watch.

2nd Anglea Chandler, Sh CH Chanangel Sticky Wicket JW ShCM VW

Good outline and can see why he has all his titles, however today on the move he was a little loose which lost him the class.

Best in Show

A delight to award my first Best in Show and I must thank the judges for putting through some cracking dogs for me to assess. It had got a bit later in the day and I think some were feeling it a bit, at this level it is all about that time to impress.


Gary Pearce & Francis Dale, Longsdales Wonderful World – Lhaso Apso

What a fabulous little showman he is – never put a foot wrong and showed from the moment he was in the ring till the very end. Lovely and sound with such firm and sound construction.

Reserve Best in Show

Miss S Rafter, Rafscos Annie get ya Gun – Kerry Blue Terrier

Wonderful movement, good solid substance with good clean front assembly.

Best Puppy in Show

Mrs D Wwightman, Debbeacol Devoted to you – Bearded Collie

Gorgeous head with lovely eye set. Front clean and correct, nice firm topline held on the move.

Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Mr G & Mrs L Dixon, Lasagesse Black Magic Woman – English Toy Terrier

A fabulous baby who just asked you to look at her, really showed herself off well in this lovely line up

Best Veteran in Show

Mrs Nicola Garbutt, Ch Tianola Touch of Class JW ShCM – Standard Poodle

Just wow are what my notes say, movement of the best quality and just never stopped showing. A really classy boy.

Joyce & Joe Hurst Special Memorial Minor Puppy Stakes

1st Hannah Gooderham, Saltcliff Ophelia – Beagle

Good front, with good upperarm and nice shoulder lay. Compact body showing good sturdiness and correct movement.

2nd Amy Chaytor Ramita’s Belle of the Ball – Whippet

Such a pretty girl, such a sweet kind expression & very alert . Lovely deep chest and brisket, nice arch over loin. Moved well.

3rd Wendy Bell, Glockens enough is said – Min Sch

Reg & Josie Gadsden Special Memorial Stakes Puppy

1st Ali Smith, Katanga’s Jessica Jones – Afghan

Lovely showgirl, covered the ground with ease showing of correct footfall and good power.

2nd Mrs B Morris & Mrs R Jefferson, Chandlimore Pass the Buck to Mycalleys – Jack Russell

Gorgeous little Jack of lovely proportion, moved with ease and accuracy.

3rd Ms Evelyn Thomson, Tibbiestars Time

Ray & Yvonne Jefferson Special Memorial Stakes Junior

1st Wendy Bell, Glockens Let it Be – Min Sch

Nice movement, correct eye and expression. Nice firm topline and good rear angulation with strong rear movement.

2nd Mrs B Morris & Mrs R Jefferson, Chandlimore Pass the Buck to Mycalleys – Jack Russell

3rd Christine Taylor, Bribiba’s Calamity Jane – Irish Wolfhound

Norman Ogden Special Memorial Stakes Graduate

1st Sue Mowbray, Crumbledor Bella Lestrange – Sussex Spaniel

2nd Mr D T & Mrs Patricia Rogerson, Nosgregor Hercules – German Spitz (Mittel)

Nicely balance all through, good eye and expression, alert. Moved well.

Reg & Josie Gadsden Special Memorial Stakes Open

1st Mr M Kent & Ms J Sutton, Lyfearon off with her head – Siberian Huskey

Good alert head and expression, giving the impression of speed and endurance. Lovely movement at just the right pace, at one with her handler.

2nd Sue Mowbray, Crumbledor Bella Lestrange – Sussex Spaniel

3rd K Bird & J Caden, Molson Mr Blue Sky – Shetland Sheepdog

Alex Robertson Special Memorial Stakes Veteran

1st Mr B, Mrs K & Miss Jane Donaldson, Ch & Ir Ch Revloch Love Me do (IKC) Jw Shcme IR Un Ch Sw18-19 An Ch – Belgian Shepherd

1st Stylish movement on this 8 yr old. Nice eye, alert expression, good shape and outline and lovely muscle tone throughout allowing for good stride and footfall.

2nd Chatarina Wright, Palton Panetela – Golden Retriever

3rd Mrs J Robinson & D & S Chapman, Kitsune Hurricane Asha – Akita

Judge Gretel Osborn (Elgert)