• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Graham Hart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/01/2024

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

Goyt Valley Gundog Society


Firstly thank you to the officers and committee of the Society for the invitation to judge at their lovely show, fantastic hospitality and friendly atmosphere. Secondly thank you to the exhibitors who entrusted my judgement and allowed me to go over their lovely dogs, my task was made more difficult due to the good quality of the exhibits.

Hungarian Vizsla, Puppy (1) 1. Henderson’s – Fairwayview Red Squirrel. Lovely looking youngster with a quality outline, steady on the stack, head lean and of correct proportions, good shape and colour to eye, ears set low with good shape, neck sound and strong, shoulders well laid back  and well muscled, forelegs straight with good pasterns, nice level top line, good depth and spring to rib on chest, neatly tucked up to a toned croup, 1st and 2nd thigh with good muscle not excessive in angulation, feet good and tight, movement was flowing constant and ground covering. BPIB.

Junior (1,1)

Post Grad (1,1)

Open (1) 1. Ward’s – SH CH Danton Obsession with Tantaraviz. On entering the ring this exhibit showed its socks off, elegant, true and with a defined style, lovely outline and holding a great topline, head of correct proportions and with a lovely eye, neck strong into a well laid shoulder, front assembly sound good length in forearm, strong in upright pastern, chest with depth and of a sound spring of rib, neatly tucked up to a well toned loin and croup, tail set correct, 1st and 2nd thighs well muscled and showing strength, angulation is moderate and correct for breed, movement was sublime no effort needed and true away and on return, coat was in good and correct condition, BOB.

Clumber Spaniel. Puppy (2) 1. Taylor & Hilton’s – Delsaux Fly Me to the Moon. Lovely youngster with a good outline, head well shaped and developing nicely, lovely deep in stop, good colour to eye, thickness to neck showing strength, shoulders sloping nicely and with good muscle, good front assembly with plenty of growing bone, chest deep and with good spring of rib for a youngster, back to a toned loin, rear quarters showing strength in development, with well bent stifles, good rounded feet, moved without effort with drive from the rear. BOB, BPIB. 2.  Henderson’s – Delsaux Walking on the Moon. Litter mate to 1st, was more inclined to have fun and test the handler although when he stood still long enough he did have a good outline, head was neat and to type with no exaggerations, neck felt strong and placed well into a nice lay back in shoulder, front assembly was good, chest deep and with developing well sprung rib, rear quarters sound with well toned thighs, movement was a test for the handler with glimpses of a steady gait, presented well and in a lovely condition.

Welsh Springer Spaniels

Puppy (4,1) 1. Harrisons – Glenbrows Casanova. Entered the ring and took my eye with a happy jaunty trot, good size overall with a lovely outline, head with good proportions and well defined stop, eyes of a good colour, neck clean and toned laying into a good shoulder placement, front straight in foreleg and with plenty of growing bone, chest deep and with plenty of developing spring of rib, hind quarters strong with good muscle tone and a good turn to stifle no exaggeration, moved well in a smooth unhindered manner. BPIB. 2. Ward’s – Glenbrows Flame for Tantaraviz. Litter mate to 1st and of another fine to type dog, good in overall outline, definitely female from looking at head, really sweet, with a good dark eye, ears low set, lay back in shoulder good, front assembly nice with good bone, through body nice and deep with good spring to rib to well toned loin, nicely toned 1st and 2nd thighs, in lovely condition, moved with ease and rock steady.

Junior (5,2) 1. Harrison’s – Glenbrows Wish. Lovely looking girl with an elegant stride, good overall outline and a lovely rise over the loin on the topline, head with neat and correct proportions, eyes of good dark colour and full of melting expression, neck strong and of good length flowing un broken into a well laid back shoulder, good front with  good bone, lovely deep chest full of well sprung rib, well coupled and with a strong loin, rear has a strength and width, good toning to thighs and just enough turn to stifle, feet neat and firm, movement was smooth as if on rails, no deviation from a ground covering gait. BOB 2. Short’s – Toftwood Jean Genie. Good first impression on entry to ring showing a good outline and correct topline, head proportionate and with a neat stop, eye with a nice dark colour, neck strong and of good length, nice lay back of shoulder presenting a good front assembly, chest was with good rib, loin felt strong and had width, muscle tone at rear was good which gave the drive needed on the move.

Post Graduate (3,1) 1. Harrison’s – Glenbrows Wish. As Above BOB. 2. Moores – Kidenoan Mark That Bird. Have seen this girl before and still shows promise, good in overall outline and showing a neat correct topline, head with good shape and with a nice dark eye, well laid shoulder and through to a good front assembly, chest deep and with good rib, strong and well toned at the rear, coat and condition good, movement was driven and of a good gait.

Open (4,1) 1. Short’s – Ferndel Fire Gem at Toftwood. A striking dog with a good outline and correct topline, head with nice correct plains and a well defined stop, eye of a nice dark colour, front assembly with a good feel straight and strong, good depth to chest and with a good spring to rib, well toned thighs and a moderate bend to stifle, moved well and  with drive from the rear. 2. Moores - Kidenoan Second Flite. Another younger girl that I have seen develop, she has moved on considerably with a lovely outline, head full of expression from a good dark eye, most definitely female, plains to head all correct, neck strong and muscular, shoulders well laid back making up the good front assembly, chest deep and with sound spring of rib, toned and strong loin, powerful rear with plenty of muscle, moved strongly in a smooth driven action.


Junior (1,1)

Post Graduate (1,1)

Open (2) 1. McMahon – IR SH CH Silverkelvin Jupiter Over Magdala CW22. Strong looking boy in good condition, head with correct equal plains and a prominent occiput, eyes of good colouration and full of expression, ears nicely set high, good length to neck and a feeling of strength, good level topline from a well laid back shoulder, chest with depth with plenty of heart and lung room, and plenty of well sprung rib, good muscle to thighs and with a neat bend to stifle, smooth ground covering driven gait, floated around the ring. BOB. 2.Copeland’s – SH CH Gunalt Wondrous of Stridview (AI). Good outline and showing a balanced and powerful appearance, head with correct equal plains and with a nice eye, good front with strong straight forelegs, shoulders well laid back, well developed toned rear with a neat bend to stifle, movement was driven from the rear but not quit as smooth as 1st.

Judge Graham Hart (Gilliegrae).