• Show Date: 07/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Graham Hart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/01/2024

Paisley & District Canine Society

Paisley and District Canine Society


Gordon Setters

Post Graduate (3,1) 1. Hogg’s – Gailiech Ngalyod. Dog with a good outline and lovely presence, good plains to head showing a well defined stop, nice dark eye, neck with a nice arch and no excess, good lay back in shoulder, nice front assembly with good forelegs and strong pasterns, feet of correct shape and nicely arched toes, deep in brisket and plenty of well sprung rib, nice and wide at loin, 1st and 2nd thigh well toned and a neat bend in stifle, movement was smooth and steady with a good drive from the rear. 2. Yates – Gailiech Iris Goddess. Another lovely looking true to type Gordon, litter sister to 1st and you could tell, good in plains and size of head with a good eye, front assembly good from a well laid shoulder, topline was good when she stood still, rear quarters showed strength, movement was fair but she was a little shy of myself, understandable.

Open (1) 1. Millars – Yennadon Calvay JW. Mature male with a great outline, neat plains to head good ear set and a lovely eye, strong neck,lean and nicely arched, well laid shoulder not heavy, front good with straight strong forelegs, good depth to body with good spring of rib, loin wide and toned, rear quarters with good muscle on 1st and 2nd thigh, good bend to stifle, feet nice and tight and oval, driven from the rear in a steady and powerful gait. BOB.

English Setter

Open (4,2) 1. Vallance – Rowanmyle was a Skellum. Good outline with a pleasing presence, happy and alert, high carry of head so proud, good shape to head with defined occiput, expressive dark eye and good ear set, muscular neck flowing into a well laid shoulder, front assembly true and with nice bone, level topline, plenty of nicely sprung rib, loin strong, well toned 1st and 2nd thighs on a good bend to stifle, movement was smooth and free having a driven gait to keep going all day, presented in good condition, BOB. 2. Vallance – Ennydloc Yorkshire Liason  to Rowanmyle. 9 month old dog and here to test the handler, oh what fun, wouldn’t want youngsters any other way, eventually stood well with a good outline, nice shaping to head and a good eye, good in front assembly still with plenty of growing bone, developing well in chest and the rib is coming, rear still a little wobbly but growing nicely, can see bend of stifle is there and muscle on the thighs is developing nicely, movement was at times good but it’s more fun on two legs.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Open (2,1) 1. Douglas – Chanangel Yorkshire Gold to Santallina. Entered the ring with a happy presence, good looking in outline and of a nice overall size, well proportioned head with a nicely defined stop, good colour to eye and with a good ear set, good length to neck and well toned, well boned straight forelegs, deep in brisket and with well sprung rib, loin strong and with a nice arch, really strong in rear and well muscled thighs, no excessiveness to the bend in stifle, rounded firm feet, moved comfortably with ease on the slippy matt. BOB.

English Springer Spaniel.

Open (3,2) 1. Stevenson’s – Peasblossom Brogan at Gaolachcara. 10 month old and a lot to like, full of character and here to have fun, best thing to see is youngsters having fun, symmetrical across the body, lovely head all within the proportions needed, good shape and colour to eye, ears well set and with plenty of feathering, strong neck with good shape, sturdy front with plenty of developing bone from a good lay in shoulder, depth to chest with a good amount of well sprung rib, feet nice and tight and good padding, rear quarters showing good toning on thighs, no excessiveness to the angulation in stifle, his movement was sound and with drive from the rear, in good condition. BOB.

Judge Graham Hart.