• Show Date: 04/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Graham Hart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/09/2023

Irish Setter Association, England

Irish Setter Association, England


I would just like to thank the ISAE Committee for allowing me the honour of Judging at their open show, at a wonderful venue, with lovely hospitality on such a glorious day, it goes without saying that I feel really privileged to have been asked, also to all the exhibitors that entered allowing me to go over their wonderful dogs Thank You for that honour too!!!

Minor Puppy Bitch. (1). 1. Prangle’s - Clonageera It’s a New Dawn at Heathclare. Lovely overall outline, with a gentle sloping topline ending with a good tail set, nice dark eye in a correct shaping, nice equal plains to head, skull with good rounding and well set ears, front assembly good  with nice bone, chest deep with plenty of heart room and a nice spring of rib developing, good angulation to rear quarters with nicely toned 1st and 2nd thighs, strong and well shaped loin through croup.

Puppy Bitch. (2).1. Bentley’s – Penclippin Celtic Asthore. Sleek and racey at a young age giving the correct outline without any exaggerations, good shape to head and skull with a nice eye shape and lovely dark eye colouring, neat feet on forelegs with plenty of good bone, angulation is good with a nice feel to the fore chest, good depth to chest and a good spring of rib, good angulation to rear and sound muscle tone to all of the rear quarters, was smoother on the move than 2nd with a nice gait. Best Puppy Bitch. 2. As above MPB.

Junior Bitch. (7,1) 1. Hall’s – Riverbrue Ophelia Love Glennara. Well developed youngster with a good outline, looks mature for her age with out being over the top, good shape to head with a lovely soft expression, the eye and brow giving that melting look, nice shape and strength to neck, nice lay of shoulder flowing across the sturdy topline, good assembly to the front with good fore chest and upright leg, feet well shaped neat and tidy, good depth to chest with a nice spring of rib, rear quarters of sound muscle tone, good on the thighs, angulation good and pasterns not too long, coat in really good condition, moved well with good foot fall. 2. Peters – Corranroo Viennese Waltz to Shirlilah. Another lovely youngster, different in looks to 1st, coat a lot straighter, less wave, good overall outline, head with good equal plains with a nicely coloured well shaped eye, neck good flowing into a well laid shoulder, good angulation to the rear quarters, moved well and with a steady flow to her gait.

Yearling Bitch (4). 1. Roberts – Polmennor Castaspell JW. Outline good, equal plains to head with good ear set, expression soft from lovely well shaped dark eye, nice shape and strength to neck, well laid back in shoulders, good front angulation with plenty of bone, neat feet well arched and tight, Chest deep and plentiful, nice tuck up at couplings and good rear quarters, 1st and 2nd thigh good in muscle, well set on tail from strong croup/ loin, moved well and with drive. 2. Coleman’s – Camaling Rose Royale. Nice looking in outline, with a well shaped head of equal plains, good dark eye, well set low ears, front with nice bone chest deep and with a good spring of rib, rear angulation good with a plenty of well toned muscle at the thighs, neat feet nice and tight, coat in good condition, moved well.

Maiden Bitch (1) 1. Rorke’s – Zakhan’s Queen of Hearts. Overall outline was very good and caught your eye , head of good equal plains, no excessiveness, well chiselled under well shaped dark eye, lovely raised brow giving affectionate look, well set low ear placement, front with good angulation and neat through to tight well arched feet, chest deep with a good spring of rib, topline strong to well set on tail, rear quarters sound with good muscle toning to 1st and 2nd thigh, good well defined angulation with well let down hocks to neat pasterns, moved well and with a positive drive.

Novice (5, 2). 1 As above in Maiden Bitch. 2. Greenwood’s – Carnbargus Happy Returns. Good on outline with a well shaped head with equal plains, nice eye colour and shape, good neck reaching down and through a well laid back shoulder, neat in front assembly and nice in fore chest, plenty of depth to chest and a nice spring of rib, nice toning to muscle in 1st and 2nd thighs, width and strength to loin and croup, moved well with a good gait.

Graduate Bitch (7, 2) 1. Stevenson’s – Lochlorien Unforgotten. Strong in outline with a neat topline to well set on tail, head of good shape and dimensions, low set ears, good dark eye with correct eye shape, front good with plenty of fore chest, straight at front with good bone, neat tight feet all round with good shape, rear angulation good with well let down hocks, from hip to the hock nice and long which gives the neat angulation, coat in great condition, moved effortlessly and with a good reach. 2. Heron-O’Brien’s – Bluesprings Christina at Caskeys, Good outline, neat across the topline to a well set on tail, head of good equal plains, nice dark eye, well set low ears, shoulders neat and narrow and well laid back, front assembly good with plenty of good bone, neat fore chest into well sprung ribs on deep chest, good rear angulation wich gave the drive required on the move. Presented well and in good condition.

Post Graduate Bitch (2) 1. Parsons – Forfarian Flutter Yer Lashes at Bransett. Although only two entries in the class it was very close!!! 1st was a little more substantive overall, with a good outline and flowing topline to a well set on tail, neck long and strong with that neat arch to it, head of equal plains and a very nice eye shape and colour, shoulders well laid back from the good neck across the topline to and strong loin and croup, front assembly good with correct angulation, straight in fore leg with plenty of bone, neat tight feet all round, deep chest with good spring of rib, 1st and 2nd thigh show and feel strong with well toned muscle, moved freely with drive and a good reach. 2. Borthwick’s – Lotushill Scotch and Wry. Another super bitch with plenty to like, good in outline with a terrific not over exaggerated topline, head shape good with low set on ears, eye of good colour and shape, feminine in looks and loving expression, neck slightly arched feeling strong, good bone to front, good strong chest with plenty of depth, well sprung rib back to neat tuck up, rear assembly good with strong thighs on well angulated hind legs, not over exaggerated in the angulation neat at hock onto short pastern., moved well as 1st with a good drive and perfect foot fall.

Limit Bitch (5, 2) 1. Jones – Gwendarrif Chilli Powder. Looks good in outline with a gently sloping topline, head with good plains of equal proportions, good shape to eye and of a nice dark colouring, full of expression, front assembly of very good proportions  with a good sloping upper arm to well laid back shoulders, elbows well under and straight forelegs, deep well ribbed chest to a good tuck up, good in loin and croup, well set on tail, 1st and 2nd thighs sound and muscular, lovely neat tight feet being well arched, movement was free flowing with a steady gait and correct foot fall, presented in excellent condition. 2. Heathers – Sixoaks Leading Lady. Another cracking girl that I have come across before, lovely in outline and true to type, very expressive in eye, head of good equal proportions, nice rounded skull, low set ears and a good eye colour, neck strong  with a nice shape, shoulders well laid back giving  good  angulation to the front, chest deep and with plenty of well sprung rib, nice across the couplings, rear quarters sound and of good dimensions finishing the overall picture, her movement today was what let her down, she seemed a little down perhaps the heat was to blame but still a lovely exhibit.

Open Bitch (4,1) 1. Roberts – SH CH Jetsetter Christalle to Polmennor JW (Imp Rus). Outstanding in outline with a lovely gently sloping topline, a look a refinement in grace and elegance, full of expression when looking head on, very much to type in my eyes, head of good proportion with a lovely shape to skull, eyes with a gentle look set in correct shape and of a dark colour, neck line correct  and strong into well laid back shoulders, front assembly from the shoulder giving good angulation, good bone on straight forelegs, sturdy pasterns and pleasing feet clean cut and of  a good shape, fore chest proud, flowing back into a deep well ribbed lung and heart space, neat tuck up into well muscled loin, hip to hock not excessive and with good toning to thighs, plenty of reach on the move, presented in good condition. Best Bitch, Res Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex.  2. Davie – Lochfrae Nina Simone. Neat overall outline, looking well balanced, head of good proportions, low set ears, good eye shape with a nice dark colouring, good straight front, plenty of fore chest, deep in brisket and with good spring of rib, tail set good, rear angulation good with a well turned stifle, 1st and 2nd thigh good in muscle, moved well with a good gait.

Veteran Bitch (4,2) 1. Bougen’s – Gwendariff Lily the Pink. Two very different oldies but both incredibly good, the silhouette of 1st very pleasing to the eye, good in proportion across all aspects of the dog, good shape and quality to the head with a very sweet expression from a lovely dark eye, ear set good, neck strong and not too thick, with a slight arch to it, well laid back shoulder flowing across a neat topline to well set tail, front with a good straight definition on good bone, feet well shaped and with a slight arching to them, well developed chest with plenty of well sprung rib cutting up to strong couplings, good tail set, rear quarters of very good proportions good length to leg in stifle to hock, neat in pastern, no exaggeration in the bend at stifle, sound muscle on both 1st and 2nd thigh, presented in great condition, moved effortlessly with drive and purpose. Res Best Bitch, Best Vet in Show.  2. Stevenson’s – Lochlorien True Detective is Andley.  Have had the pleasure of going over this girl before, lovely dog with feminine looks and another with a top quality outline, well shaped head and with equal proportions, an attractive eye of good colour and shape, front construction was good with nice straight forelegs, plenty of good muscle tone through out, strong in neck with a good lay of shoulder across correct topline, angulation to rear was very good no exaggeration in the bend to stifle, movement was sound, strong and true and without effort. Difficult class to separate.

Minor Puppy Dog (1,1)

Puppy Dog (4,1) 1. Bentley’s – Penclippin Juberlee Flame. All 3 in the class showed their socks off  but overall it was 1st with his movement that took it, good in profile, with a good looking stack, well proportioned head with a good dark eye, low set ears, flowing strong neck, good lay of shoulder across nice topline to correct tail set, front and rear angulation is good for age but obviously still a work in progress but you can see the growth potential there, his overall condition is good, handled well in hot conditions, but this didn’t stop his free flowing easy movement. Best Puppy Dog  and Best Puppy in Show.  2. Berry and Morris’s – Copper’s Midsummer Nights Dream (Imp SWE). Another with a lot to like, good in overall outline, head of neat proportions with a good dark eye, strong nicely arched neck, shoulders well laid back giving good front angulation, plenty of bone on good straight front, deep chest and good spring of rib, strong across the loin, good tail set, moderate rear angulation with good length to leg from hip/stifle and hock, movement wasn’t his best today, but with the youngsters the heat caught up with them.

Junior Dog (5) 1.  Parsons – Quensha Thinking Out Loud at Bransett. A substantial boy with a great outline stacked, good shape to head with a good dark eye and ear set, nice strength to neck with moderate length flowing into a good laid back shoulder, good in front construction and still plenty of bone, neat feet, great depth to chest and well sprung rib, rear angulation good and with solid well toned thighs, good length of leg from hip through stifle to hock, moved with ease and with positive drive. 2. Harris’s – Zakhan’s Rough Diamond by Konakakela. Another good looking boy with a bright future, good in outline, head with good equal plains, lovely eye giving that great setter expression, well set ears, strong through neck to a good lay back of shoulder, front assembly of good proportions and with good bone on a straight front, good spring of rib, angulation on rear quarters good with a neat bend in stifle, good tail set, shown in good condition, moved well away and on return.

Yearling Dog (0).

Maiden Dog (2) 1. As 1st from Junior Dog.

Novice Dog (3,1wd) 1. As 1st from Junior Dog. 2. Rorke’s – Zakhan’s Diamond Jack. Dog of good proportions and style, overall outline good, with nice head shape all of equal plains with a good eye of dark colour, ear set low, neck of moderate length and strong, good lay of shoulder on a nice top line, front neat and straight, good in depth of chest and plenty of well sprung rib, rear of good measure not over exaggerated, moved well although the heat of the day was starting to take it’s toll.

Graduate Dog (2) 1. Berry, Morris and Fitzmaurice – Brinara Country Boy. Strong and substantial boy with a good looking outline, good equal plains to head and a nice dark eye, low set on ears, strong straight front, good lay back of shoulder, steady topline no exaggeration in the gentle slope, good spring of rib, good set on tail, rear quarters good with plenty of muscle and toning to the thighs, once settled was full of drive on the move. 2. Bentley’s – Astleyview Coming Home to Penclippin. Good looking on the stack, with a nice topline, head of equal plains ad a good shaped dark eye, neck with a slight arch and strong with it, front good from shoulders which are well laid back, chest large and full and with a good spring to rib, tail set good, rear angulation moderate but any more would have knocked him out of balance, moved positively and with reach.

Post Graduate Dog (3,1) 1. Beresford’s – Jetsetter Wind of Dreams (Imp RUS). Good looking in condition and of a really rich colour, head with a good shape and low set on ears, good colour to eyes, neck strong and with good length, shoulders well laid back giving good angulation to front, forelegs straight and strong, chest full and with a good spring of rib, topline to tail set good, strong at loin, rear quarters with good angulation and solid muscle tone to 1st and 2nd thighs, moved well with a lengthy powerful stride. 2. Richardson’s – Bluesprings Now I’m Here at Forestfire. Lovely expression on well balanced head, good eye colour and nicely set low ears, neck strong flowing into a good shoulder, front straight and with good angulation, chest deep and full of well sprung rib, rear quarters with good muscle on thighs, good tail set, nice movement free and effortless.

Limit Dog (2) 1. Williamson’s – Bluesprings Picture This JW. Racy in looks and good outline on the stand, head true and equal with a nice eye, low set ears folding nicely against the cheek, neck long with strength, into a well laid back shoulder placement, front in equal quality with good angulation, fore chest proud and full with lots of depth through the brisket to well sprung ribs, loin and croup firm and muscular, good angles to rear, long through leg from top of thigh to hock, feet neat close and arched, moved with out effort in a strong gliding gait covering the ground with ease. Res Best Dog  2. Deighton’s – Oakdene Schiehallion (Imp BEL). Good outline, good equal plains to head, good dark eye, lovely raised brow giving affectionate glow, front good in angulation, straight front with sturdy strong bone, chest deep and oval with a good spring of rib to neat couplings showing strength in loin, rear quarters good having good muscle on both 1st and 2nd thighs, no exaggeration in bend to stifle, moved well with a positive drive  and good foot fall.

Open Dog (1). 1. Russell’s – SH CH Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli JW. Classic dog of good type, well boned and substantive, head of good balance with equal plains, good low ear set, eye colour dark and with the subtle chiselling under the eyes gives that affectionate loving appearance, neck is strong and long with a delicate arch, falling neatly into a good lay back of shoulder which then with a good length to upper arm gives the correct angulation, front good in all aspects, depth of  chest deep with plenty of room for good lung function, topline with the correct slope to well set on tail, across the loin and over the croup strong and muscular, rear angulation good, nice length to leg through to hock joint, 1st and 2nd thighs well developed and strong, movement was effortless with power and drive from the rear, shown in excellent condition. Best Dog, Best in Show.

Veteran Dog (2,1) 1. Russell’s – Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli. Classic outline with agood topline, head with good equal plains, eyes of a good colour and again with a high brow and delicate chiselling gives a wanting soft expression, neck strong and falling into a good lay of shoulder, front assembly neat and straight at foreleg, chest depth good and deep with plentiful lung and heart space, topline good to well set on tail, loin strong rounding to rear quarters with toned and strong thighs, good length to rear leg through to hock making rear angulation good with no exaggeration, moved soundly and with drive.

Judge Graham Hart