• Show Date: 14/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gordon Hayburn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cumnock & District Canine Society

Cumnock And District Canine Club. - Open Show – Sunday 14th May 2023: Gundogs

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Club, Stewards and perhaps most importantly the exhibitors, for showing their lovely dogs to me and for accepting the decisions in a sporting manner. It was nice to hear the ringside applause for the winners.

Whilst this is a lovely venue, and the show was fantastic, it is always a challenge for the medium and larger sized breeds to really shadow themselves to advantage. I am sure that many of them will move so much better outside in a larger ring and that places could easily change. That said - I judged the dogs on the day.

There were a couple of dogs that are carrying far too much weight, and I would ask the owners to be conscious of this.

I was pleased with the final lineup in both the adult and the puppy group.

I was attempting to dictate critiques for the first time, and clearly my phone doesn’t understand my accent! There are a couple of lines that when I read them back, they didn’t make any sense. Some critiques are a little abridged because of this. My apologies.

AV Import Register Gundog -
1st) Gorrian and Henry's Border Reiver with Querdon (Portuguese Pointer)
Although still a puppy, this young dog did a great job. Is of correct size and shape. Broad skull in proportion to his body and has a lovely dark eye giving the required alert expression.
Medium length neck with a slight arch, leading into correct shoulders and a slightly slopping topline. He moved steadily, and for his age, was quite together. I just preferred his overall type to his kennel mate for BOB and later was pleased to award him PG2.

2nd) Gorrian and Henry's Fab Point Tempestade with Querdon (Portuguese Pointer). Lovely bitch just shy of 16 months and has all the essentials. Particularly liked her front assembly and was very close up to the BOB. Well balanced and showed a nice picture but felt the younger dog was slightly more positive on the move. Another nice example of the lovely breed.

Golden Retrievers -
Puppy: - 3 nice bitches
1st) Neilson's Tweedspey Toppsecret Avec Ponfeigh (Imp' France)
Lovely 11m/o bitch. Nicely balanced front and rear and has a beautiful head and soft expression. Moved the best of the class and there is nothing to dislike. I suspect she has a bright future.

2nd) McCormack's Flyngalee Busy Boo. 10m/o bitch and another with good balance. Has correct proportions and of lovely type. Carrying a little too much weight, which caused her to roll on the move and impacted the overall picture. Still a lovely girl and another who should finish well.

3rd) McCormack's Flyngalee Gabby Gloria.

1st) Tate's Strathlon Here Comes the Sun. A 12 m/o dog in lovely condition.
Has beautiful properties all through and has a lovely head and expression. Moved nicely on good legs and feet and just needs time to complete the picture.

2nd) Waddell's New Year's Eve Loyal Gold (Imp' Poland). 14m/o bitch and close up to the dog for the class. Another giving a good picture and is of correct size. Typical head and expression, nicely balanced, but did not move as well behind as the class winner.

3rd) Hunter's Kadaka Kevin Karrot at Kyleholm.

1st) Purdey's Dunnybrae Tickety Boo. 2y/o bitch that I liked very much. Well balanced and showed correct length of leg to depth of body. Pretty head and expression and moved steadily to win the class.

2nd) Lang's Lanercoste Pink Roses. Another pretty bitch, slightly bigger throughout than my winner, but still very feminine. Another with good balance and moved steadily holding a strong topline.

3rd) Pytka's Victoria Accord

Post Graduate:
1st) Mcaleese's Sheriffmuir Glorious Lad at Glormhorcu 3y/o dog with the loveliest head and expression. Correct both front and rear and nicely balanced. Moved OK and I suspect there is more to come outside in a bigger ring. I would also ask the exhibitor to try to make more of the dog when showing him (please don't be offended) as I believe he could contend for very high honours at all levels of shows. In a breed as strong as this you need to make the most of your time in front of the judge.

2nd) Hunter's Glenrioch Rock of Ages at Kyleholm. Another nice dog, with a correct lay of shoulder, leading into a correct topline which he carried well on the move. Another who needs to be in a bigger outdoor ring for us to see the best of him.

3rd) Salter's Rathcloon Safe and Sound

1st) Hain's Fhairmhor Wee Miden at Strathain, 5y/o bitch and was close up to the breed winner today. Correct size, good front and rear and holds a strong topline. Another whom I suspect might really shine outdoors.

2nd) Thomson's Clannorach Dreams Come True, Another lovely bitch that was close up to the winner. Particularly liked her head and expression. I just preferred the overall outline of the class winner, but this is another that will shine in a bigger ring.

With no disrespect to any of the other classes I judge, this was possibly my favourite class of the day and In the end I had them all move a couple of times in order to separate them all. I suspect all of them have and will continue to win at the highest level. The first 3 placed bitches are all beautiful examples of the breed, and it was a great pleasure to get my hands on all of them Thank you.

1st) McCormakc's Flyngalee Piquet, 8 y/o bitch (that clearly doesn't think she is) who stole my heart and the BOB today. Just everything I want in this breed. Correct height to length ratio, balance front and rear and a strong topline which she held throughout. Coped best of all the adults in this ring and showed all throughout. BOB, Group 2, and BVIG. A credit to her breeders and owners.

2nd) Grace's Megarvey Itty Bitty Boo, 6y/o bitch, of lovely type and close up to the BOB winner. Many of the same remarks apply and there was nothing I didn't like. I just felt the winner moved and showed the best in this ring.

3rd) Thomson's Clannorach Sweet Dreams

Irish Setter -
1st) Vallance's Lynwood Rather Ravishing at Corcencone, 12m/o bitch with a correct outline and nicely balanced. Lovely head and expression and moved steadily. BOB

2nd) Vallance's Glencarron Second Edition at Corcencone, at only 14moths, the bitch is not quite as together but has all the essentials. Whilst I would never advocate for a heavy dog, I would have liked to see just a shade more weight on this one giving a little more cover over the rib cage. Another with that lovely Irish Setter expression that melts us.

Gordon Setter -
1st) Munro's Panthers Bad Medicine Dulmaur (Imp' Poland) 3y/o bitch of good quality. Correct head and expression. Lovely colouring with correct tan in the right places. Has a good front and rear but was lacking a little strength in the topline today when standing. I like her very much and I feel she is just coming of age. I would like to see her again. BOB

Labrador Retrievers:
Post Graduate:
1st) Pollock’s Pollham Jump For Joy, 15m/o yellow bitch of good type. Balanced front and rear and moved steadily. Very promising.

2nd) Hughlock’s Missalpols First Legacy 4 ½ y/o black bitch who has a beautiful correct Labrador head and expression and lots of nice properties but is carrying too much weight which affects her movement.

1st) Gardner’s Rewari Black Emerger, 2 y/o black bitch of lovely type. Correct front and rear and has a lovely outline. Level topline which was held on the move. BOB

2nd) Pollock’s Pollham Pretty Ionia, 2 ½ y/o who is another of nice type. Close up to the winner as they have many of the same lovely properties. Just preferred the more positive movement of the winner.

Cocker Spaniels:
This breed was particularly strong today with many really lovely dogs. They were all a pleasure to judge. Thank you.

1st) Oswald’s Dunherl Blazing Star, 19m/o black bitch of real quality. Is a very promising youngster. Lovely make and shape, lovely merry action on the move and just looked the part today. In the final run-off for the group, she moved out like a seasoned professional to take the top spot. BOB and Group 1.

2nd) Torbett’s Kirlinjis Moonlight, another youngster with a lot of quality. Pleasing in head and correct in outline. Preferred the more positive movement of the winner, but another with a good future.

3rd) Madigan’s Misperros Incandescent

Post Graduate:
1st) Nutall’s Claramand Born to Love With Rosecourt, 13m/o orange roan bitch and another r with that lovely cocker disposition. Correct head and a lovely expression, good length of neck into correct shoulders and topline. Moved Steadily and another of this breed today that could go far.

2nd) Torbett’s Kirlinjis Fast’N’Furious 9m/o dark blue puppy bitch and another nice dog from this kennel today. Everything right for age and just needs time mature. Could finish well. BP

3rd) Torbett’s Kirlinjis Handmade (JW)

1st) Torbett’s Kirlinjis Muddy Puddle (JW) 4y/o bitch with the prettiest of heads, good front and rear and a nice outline. Moved out steadily.
I feel she carries just a little too much furnishings, which makes her appear a little short on the leg – she is far from it, as she has the correct length of leg to depth of body proportions for the breed. It’s just one of the “illusions”. Another who will always be a contender at every level.

2nd) Torbett’s Kirlinjis Made You Wait 2y/o bitch who gave a good account of herself. Has a nice overall shape and the correct merry disposition. Was beaten by her more mature kennel mate, but her time with come.

3rd) Madigan Nutall and Fairbairn’s Heluin Blue Jay (Imp’ Russia)

 1st) McCafferty’s Thorscraig Hades, A very promising 9m/o dog who is up to size. Correct front, good flow through the neck and shoulders into a strong topline. Moved steadily. Just a baby who has to grow into himself, but I liked him very much and should finish an impressive boy.

Vizsla –
1st) McCulloch’s Dinnsearmor’s Glenlocchy 2y/o dog correct size, with an excellent coat. Correctly balanced and moved out nicely. BOB

2nd) Murray and Parker’s True Magic Of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly, 13 m/o dog who is, as to be expected, still not quite together. Everything looks as it should be for age he should grow on to be a nice example of this breed.

Weimaraner –
1st) Cairns’ Lamarg Silver Showtoff, almost 2y/o elegant bitch, with a lovely outline. Nicely balanced front and rear and presented a nice picture. Moved steadily. BOB

2nd) Cairns’ Lamarg Silver Huntsman, 8m/o very bonnie boy who has a lot of tightening up to do. Lovely disposition and another who will finish a nice example of the breed. BP

A.V. Gundog NSC –
1st) Hanney’s Maursett Moruisg (Clumber Spaniel) 3y/o boy of good size but not too heavy or overdone. Liked is general balance, correct outline and his neat steady movement gave him this class.

2nd) Goldie’s Ferndel Blazing Star (WSS) 13m/o dog with the correct WSS topline. Kind head and expression. He particularly scores in the rear end and he used it well as he moved.

3rd) Lawton’s Quebaikei Heather ‘N’ Honey for Oaklaw (Italian Spinone) – doing this critique from memory, as I didn’t critique at the time, but felt she might be in contention for Best Puppy. She is a beautiful puppy, with an excellent head with all the correct planes, correct body shape and lovely overall balance. I was quite smitten. Ended the day with BPIG and then BPIS – Congratulations.

1st) Gorrian and Henry’s Penwst Penroni (Pointer). 5y/o b7w dog, of good size. Typical head and expression and I particularly liked his front. He moved steadily to win. BAVNSC

2nd) Goldie’s Bejamac Future Fellah (WSS) 9y/o veteran dog who belies his age. Still has correct type and moved lie a dog half his age. Another lovely dog.

3rd) Lawton’s Quebaikei Accossato for Oaklaw (Italian Spinone)

Group: 1-Cocker Spaniel, 2- Golden Retriever, 3- Labrador Retriever, 4- English Setter

Puppy Group: 1-Italian Spinone, 2-Portugese Pointer, 3-Golden Retriever, 4- GSP.

Gordon Hayburn (Judge)