• Show Date: 25/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gerry Steele Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

GBAS   Open  Show  25/03/23


I should like to firstly thank the exhibitors for their entries and for giving me the privilege of going over lots of quality dogs & bitches.  I had a very enjoyable day.

 My thanks also to the GBAS committee for the invitation and to my two excellent and most efficient stewards.

Puppy  5 (1 abs)

1.    Gilroy’s Claychalk Costa Moneta.   A lovely compact 7 month black bitch with a sweet feminine head . Presented really well in excellent coat and very steady for a youngster. Nice tight feet, good angulation, nice topline and a great tail. Moved really well.   BP

2.   Mallin’s Wynfaul  Second  Edition.   11 month black dog , a  class puppy  who was not really settled in the ring today however . He had a correct masculine head with nice hazel eyes giving a kind gentle expression.  Lovely tight feet again, a good tail and moved well.

3.  Grant and Hollas.  Pazanne Dionne  

Junior  7 ( 4)

1 Holliday & Auld’s Farbrae Rockafellea.   A lively 15 month yellow dog  who is well assembled , with lovely eye and expression . Nice tight feet, good angulation front and rear, good correct  otter tail which was well set on . Moved well

2   Mallin’s Wynfaul  Second  Edition.  11 month black dog – (as previous class )

3  Forbe’s.  Kathgrah  Toffee  

Special Yearling  4 (2)

1     Mrs K Cook’s Exelby Huntigowk .  A nice compact black bitch with a sweet expression and lovely very feminine head .  nice feet,  lovely tail with correct set on , moved really well.

2  Forbe’s Kathgrah Toffee .   A 14 month chocolate bitch, a lightly built youngster   with a nice feminine expression , feet a little bit loose , moved and showed well.

Novice 7 (3)

1 Pollock’s  Pollam Saucy Sue .  A very pleasing black bitch of good type, sweet feminine head,  good compact feet , very well presented with correct double coat in lovely overall condition . She had  a gorgeous tail which was correctly set on.  Seemed a tad at unease on the move today however this didn’t cost her the  1st place.

2 Grant and Hollas’s  Pazanne Dionne.  A lightly framed yellow bitch with quite a fine head . Nice kindly expression with lovely hazel eyes, moved ok, feet a little loose and not the best tail today.  None the less, a bitch who was obviously enjoying her day out in the show ring.

3 Grant and Hollas’s.  Pazanne Gaga

  Graduate 5 (2)

1  Gilroy’s  Claychalk Costa Taka.   A nicely constructed chocolate bitch with a good reach of neck , pleasing eye , decent  coat , tight feet  , good angulation , and a nice depth of loin. Well muscled in good tone and she moved around the ring with ease.

2   Parker’s   Bruadarach Baile Eilidh.  A chocolate bitch with a kindly expression with a slightly lighter muzzle than I . Using  her ears to good advantage to-day.  Good reach of neck again, with a nice level topline  which was held well on the move,  good feet again.

3. Cook’s Exelby Court Jester

Post Graduate  5 (3)

1 Pollock’s  Pollam Pretty Iona.   A  lovely black bitch of good breed type with  correct feminine head  and kind expression  with good reach of neck . Good front and rear assembly with a truly lovely otter tail , excellent feet  and she moved  really well .

2  Bryson’s  Karudah Dark Of The Moon.   A sizeable black dog with a strong masculine head ,moved ok however not particularly effortlessly.  He was not in the best of coat today and tail not overly otter like.  A happy dog though who was also clearly enjoying his day at the show  

Limit 7 (3)

1  Gardner’s Rewari  Black Emerger.  Gorgeous black bitch  with a lovely head,  good reach and strength of neck , good muscle tone , the sweetest feminine head with a lovely soft appealing expression, correct angulation , lovely topline held on the move , correct otter tail , moved really effortlessly on lovely tight feet .  What’s not to like about this lovely bitch - delighted to award her BOB

2  Mallin’s Elisabetta  Red Teddy.    I have admired this dog from the ringside for some time.   A really handsome and well constructed  dark yellow dog,  with a masculine head which is not overdone in any way.  He has a lovely topline, excellent feet , lovely otter tail , in good firm condition who moved around the ring with considerable ease. .. As the old saying goes – unfortunate to meet  1 today.

3  Holliday & Auld’s . Farbrae Good Times Ahead

Open  5 (4)

1 Gilroy’s Claychalk Costa Yen .  A yellow dog and although he stood  alone today was worthy of his 1st place.  Handsome dog with a good masculine head , without coarseness and a pleasing  gentle expression.  Shown in good firm condition, he has a well angulated front ,  a good topline and strong quarters  complimented by a lovely tail.  Moved positively with purpose and drive and held his topline well.

Judge   Gerry Steele (Stonielea )