• Show Date: 29/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gerry Steele Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/10/2023

Dukeries [Notts] Gundog Club

Dukeries ( Notts) Gundog Club   Premier Open Show  29/07/23


I should like to firstly thank the exhibitors for the splendid entry numbers and whilst there were a lot of absentees on the day,  I did still have some truly excellent  quality dogs & bitches to go over .  Indeed all of my principle winners and some who came second today  are worthy of winning top awards at Championship show level I believe.  Good luck for the future.

 My thanks go also to the committee for the invitation to come down from Scotland and to my two excellent and most efficient stewards. The club’s hospitality was also excellent – I enjoyed my day, so thank you so much.

Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch.  4 (2 abs)

1.    Ms E Young-  Potterzuri Mister Mufasa.  A nice 6 month yellow dog with a good male head shape  and with a correct kindly expression. Good chest development for a youngster, nice neat feet , good angulation and a good tailset.  A very good sound mover – which helped him win this class.

2.    Mrs S Burroughs - Annakay Father Brown .  A pleasing 7 month chocolate bitch, of a nice dark colour.  She has a good eye colour and nice feminine expression.   Her chest needs to develop further and still a bit loose on movement ,  however she is still just  a youngster with much growing on to do.

Puppy Dog or Bitch. 5 (4)

1.  O’Neill’s,  Miss K, Miss C & Miss E -  Ramsayville Gigi  At Taligal. A beautiful  black bitch of 11 months.  Although she was stood alone in this her first class of today, I was quickly taken on my first look, by her overall balance, beautiful standing profile and lovely breed type.   She has a lovely head with a most pleasing feminine expression, nice clean strong neck ,  good chest shape  and correct neat feet  and strong pasterns.  She moved very well covering the ground with ease and her topline held well on the move .  I was also struck by how very attentive she was for her skilful handler.   BP

Junior Dog or Bitch. 5 (2)

1  Dawson’s, Mr RI & Mrs P & Miss M - Wynfaul  Carbon Copy At Beskerby.  A stunning 15 month black bitch who caught my eye immediately she entered the ring .  She has a feminine head with well set on ears , correct eye colour and a beautiful intelligent expression . She has a nice lay of shoulders with a good clean neck, good ribs, neat feet and is well off for bone.   She had a beautiful correct coat with a super otter tail. Overall then she is a very balanced young bitch with so many super qualities already.  BOB and I was delighted to learn after judging that she had been awarded the BCC the day before.

2   Davis, Miss Z & Rowe, Miss C  -Rochevale Palm Reader . A pleasing black bitch just over 1 yo. Sweet correct feminine head with hazel eyes and lovely expression. Topline and movement not quite so good today as 1. However still a youngster so plenty of time

3   Foster’s, Mr M - Midnight Shadow Magic

Special Yearling   Dog or Bitch. 6 (3)

1   O’Neill’s, Miss K, Miss C & Miss E -  Ramsayville Gigi  At Taligal. ( as PD or B )

2   Young’s, Ms E  - Potterzuri  Mystic  Zain.  Black dog of 18 months  who is still a tad loose however many of the breed essentials are there now to see  –  lovely eyes  and pleasing expression , good shape  feet , nice otter tail – just needs some more time to grow on and mature.

3    Foster’s, Mr M - Midnight Shadow Magic.

Graduate Dog or Bitch.  6 (2)

1   Dawson’s, Mr RI & Mrs P & Miss M - Wynfaul  Carbon Copy At Beskerby. ( as JD or B)

2.  Thorpe’s,  Mrs PA  & Mr TM -   Taph Electra.  A lovely compact black bitch just under two years. old. Good feminine head with correct eye colour and expression.  Good topline and moved really well.

3   Young’s , Ms E  - Potterzuri Chip Of The Old Block

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch.  5 (5)

Limit Dog or Bitch. 2 (2)

Open  Dog or Bitch. 7 (5)

1  Ayres , Mr C J & Jackson Mrs N  & Ayres Mrs P - Hannabee to Hull N Back With Musubi.   A 5 yo black dog of good size and breed type with a balanced masculine head and muzzle with a kindly expression.  Excellent  depth and width of chest.  He has a nice level topline , very  sound  movement ,  good angulation front and rear; he has a super coat , correct  otter tail and was in nice firm  condition.  RBOB

2  Dawson’s, Mr RI & Mrs P & Miss M - Beskerby Pageant.   A 4 ½ yo yellow dog of good classic breed type .  He has a nice masculine head without being overdone, lovely clean neck and with a good topline.  Shown in good hard condition and moved well too .  However, today he just seemed to lack oomph  .

Judge   Gerry Steele (Stonielea )