• Show Date: 01/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Geraldine Cove-Print Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tredegar & District Canine Society

Tredegar & District Canine Society

Thank you to the very welcoming Committee of Tredegar CS for the opportunity to Judge at their warm and friendly show. I feel the majority of dog show folk feel the future of the Open show is on a knife edge with falling entries but with hard working and essentially pro active committees like this one there is hope!


Terriers. Many thanks for the entry which clashed with National Terrier.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

G.(2/1) 1. Connor’s CAYMENSTAFFS EBONY OF RINGABLOK Stood alone but well balanced dog with decent topline held on the move, good to cheek and eye. Enough bone, presented in good fettle BOB


A.V Import Reg Terrier

O. (0)

AVNSC Terrier

P.(1/0)1.Hacker-Hughes LINCOLY LUCKY LYRA 8mnth Cairn. Good puppy jacket on this attractive b. skull yet to develop fully, good eye, using ears well. Movement a little uncoordinated at this stage. BP

0(3/2)1.Baker’s KOMETA ROSSI MADRID AT SILVERBRIAR (IMP DEU) Skye approaching Adult Coat at 2yrs.Correct ratio height to length. Excels to head and skull, good to shoulder. Flows in movement with good impulsion from well made hindquarters. BOB


Terrier Group.


2. Smith & Holland’s GLENAIG FIRST LADY OF DRACHENHAUS. Border T. Moved well, little upright to shoulder reducing forward extension. Good to head , strong to muzzle. Good jacket , good size to rib and general balance


Terrier Puppy Group.

 1. Smith & Holland’s DRACHENHAUS ARIEL Border T. Wouldn’t want this lass to grow anymore. Good to head, decent jacket, a little long to loin but moved straight and true.




J. (2/2)

G. (4/2) 1. Colquhoun’s WOLFCASTLE DREAM EASY Masculine d of top size. Looks the part, is well balanced with classic, elegant head, plenty of heart room with decent depth to chest. Scored over 2 today in movement and lay of shoulder BOB. 2.Thompson’s BYTHEIAD ABRACADABRA ARWEL

O. (2/1) 1.Colquhoun’s KIDARUKA A MOTHERS PRAYER Balanced, moved OK. Head on clean lines , correct to ears. Well muscled behind , free of exaggeration.



G. (1/0) 1. Murphy’s DAVRICARD PICASSO AT RHOSYNDU. 21 month d. of good proportions. Well laid shoulder allowing good extension to front and coupled with well engineered hind. Enough tuck up, Correct proportion to head planes and attractive eye. Stood well across the ground.

O. (2/0) 1. Murphy’s BLACK ROYAL AT RHOSYNDU Both exhibits sound as a pound. Pleasing balance in 1, with plenty of heart room, and topline held on the move. In good firm condition with hindquarters made for efficient movement with stamina. BOB 2. Anthony’s OSPREADEAGLE JAMAICA ME CRAZY.


J.(4/3) 1. Cherriman’s KRILAT ELIKSIR EDIK AT CHERDONSKI (IMP FIN) Smooth flowing movement from well laid shoulders and powerful hindquarter engineering. Elegant youngster still developing muscular structure, head proportions good with serene expression scored over a still rather raw 2 with evident breastbone and chiseling to head. 2. Baker’s ROSSKAJA BLACK IS BLACK AT MISCHRAN BPIB 3. Webb & Bates ROSSKAJA ASHES TO ASHES

G. (5/2) 1.Fricker’s RYAZAN VANESSA FOR BORZDAC Correct proportions to head , including strong jaw , giving impression of quality and elegance with eye colour a fraction light but still in keeping with coat colour . Balanced throughout with sufficient lay of shoulder, good upper arm angulation and free at the elbow to allow excellent forward extension on the move Scored over 2 in movement behind .2.Logvinenko’s RYAZAN VLADIMIR 3.Giblett’s MISCHRAN CHEROKEE

O.(4/1) 1. Cherriman’s SLOVYK DE L’HERMITAGE D’EOLE (IMP FRA) Excited to get my hands on this hound. Head exquisite with powerful deep jaw,  excels in forehand with tremendous depth to brisket and graceful topline. Hindquarters providing a powerhouse without coarseness. Presented in top fettle BOB 2.Gibletts MISCHRAN PRIME SUSPECT 3.Giblett’s MISCHRAN CHEROKEE

Dachshund (L/H)

G.(2/0) 1.Fricker’s SUNDAYSHILL THEODORE AT BORDZAC Would like to see a little less “puppy fat” on this masculine fellow, good structure and balance will ensure converting fat to muscle will enhance. Good to keel and forehand ,appealing head and eye scored over a well balanced 2 in drive on the day. 2.Lewis TRIXHUND ALLO ALLO

O.(1/0) 1.Lewis TRIXHUND MADNESS Straight and true on the move, in balance with correct angulation fore and aft. Skull and head planes excellent. Shown in good order, BOB

Dachshund(Min L/H)

G.(2/0) Latham-Jackson’s HANISHAN NEOPOLITAN URISHAY When stood, covering enough ground and robust in development. On the move showing good extension to fore and straight and true behind. Pleasing head in balance , correct to eye and decent lower jaw. Clean lines with BOB 2.Richard’s DWTIDACHS DANCING SOLO

O. (2/1) 1. Richards DARING DANCER OF DWTIDACHS Good proportions overall, just a little long in second thigh and lacking hard muscle making hind movement unstable. Liked her head and skull proportions and lovely almond eyes.

Dachshund (SH)

G. 0

0. (1/0) Starks ADNERBS NOT ON YOUR NELLIE GOBANNIUM JW Quality b. of excellent type, pleasing proportions to head, elegant flow from strong neck into topline held on the move. Hindquarters well made offering power and precision.BOB

Dachshund (Min SH)

J. (2/1) 1. Beach’s BEACHDAX SWEET MELODY Still to mature but long in metatarsus at this stage, giving slight wobble to hind movement as musculature has yet to catch up. Cracking head with desired shape and lovely eye. Overall, a good prospect for the future with good type. BP & BOB

G. (5/2) 1. Beach’s BEACHDAX ABOUT DAMN TIME Another quality b. from this kennel , excels to front construction, head lean and well proportioned. Moved well enough , good to keel , feet and topline. 2. Beechey’s BEACHDAX BEECHEYS GIRL 3.Staley’s WELSH COOKIES AND CREAM

O. (3/1) 1. Beach’s BEACHDAX QUEEN OF HEARTS JW Balanced and well proportioned b. Good to angulation fore and aft but the floor not suiting her today. 2.Jones ROLL A DICE.

Dachshund (Min WH)

O. (1/0) 1. Howells FALLOWMILL MISS RANGE ROVER Good to head with correct skull and a sparkling eye, tad long in loin but forgivable in a b. I feel and in possession of a decent jacket. Moved with positive pace, straight and true .BOB




A.V Import Register Hound

O.(1/0) 1. Kennedy’s DU RALLYE GASCON NORMAND TERRA (Imp Fra) Basset Bleu De Gascogne. Head nicely proportioned wedge, aristocratic expression. Lovely flow of neck into shoulder. Forehand half crooked of substantial bone. Enough heart room and sternum evident. Short metatarsus giving strong drive from behind. BOB


P. (2/1) 1.Taylors ALL EYES ON ME (IKC)  Bavarian Mountain Hound. Very attractive hound. Just 6 months and a lot of growing ahead! At the elbows loose stage but dealt well with the floor on decent feet. Head still to finish but good proportions and muscle development absolutely on course.BP

G.(2/0) 1. Matthews STANGATE SENORITA WITH SONHAM Dachshund (WH) Good to topline held on the move, furnishings a little soft but jacket in good order. Strong to breast bone and enough keel. Beautiful eye and expression of mischief. Scored over a quality 2 today who was clearly not on form. BOB 2.Baker’s SILVERBRIAR SURAYYA.

O. (2/1) 1. Baker’s SIVERBRIAR SAFIYA Correct skull nicely dressed, best of eyes. Well shaped neck into level topline, short coupled and very tidy overall. Moved with efficient stride on excellent feet.

A.V Hound

P. (2/2)


Hound Group

1.Howell’s FALLOWMILL MISS RANGE ROVER Could not deny this game hound who just got better as the day went on

2.Colquhoun’s WOLFCASTLE DREAM EASY Aristocratic d. steady cadence

3.Beach’s BEACHDAX SWEET MELODY Her day will come


Hound Puppy Group

1.    Beach’s BEACHDAX SWEET MELODY Delighted to see this rising star go BPIS



4.    Taylor’s ALL EYES ON ME (IKC)

Geraldine Cove-Print