• Show Date: 04/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Georgia Kirk Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/08/2023

Riddings & District Canine Society

Riddings & District Canine Society Sunday 4th June 2023 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Judge: Georgia Kirk (Kirstaff) I would like to thank the officers and committee of Riddings & District Canine Society for inviting me to judge at their show. My thanks also go to my ring steward who ensured the ring ran smoothly and to the exhibitors for the opportunity to assess their dogs. Due to recent discussions, I paid even more diligence to nares and dentition quality, to which I am happy to say that there were no issues with these on the day so they will not be mentioned in the critiques. Class 60 Puppy (6/0) 1st 136 – Mrs E Miller & Mr A Miller. Skyland Consort. 8 month old bl/br bitch. A lovely girl with a very feminine head; she possesses a nice round dark eye, complimented with a correct ear carriage, good depth of skull, a distinct stop and cheek muscles which are developing nicely. All combining to create a gorgeous expression. She has a well boned front leading to a brisket of good depth and good spring of rib for her age. Her short coupled back leads to nicely angulated hindquarters, with a good bend of stifle. The muscle tone on her first and second thigh are well muscled in keeping with her age. Her topline was maintained when stacked and on the move. Overall creating a well-balanced bitch, allowing me to easily award her first place. I look forward to seeing her mature. 2nd 130 – Mrs A Lloyd & Mr S Lloyd. Kalostaff Es Lo Que Es. 6 month old bl/br dog. This young pup demonstrates a pleasing combination of traits. The clean headpiece is of correct proportions and not exaggerated, with his dark round eyes and rose ears adding to his charming appearance. Both forequarters and hindquarters are impressive for his age. He stands firmly with a strong, straight front exhibiting ample width and depth of forechest. His body is nicely proportioned and shows a good spring of rib. The hindquarters are well-angulated, and he maintains his topline while moving. His feet are tidy and tail set is correct. All the best with him for the future! Class 61 Junior (3/1) 1st 135 – Mrs E Miller & Mr A Miller. Skyland Imperial. BOB, BPIP, TG4, TPG1, RBPIS. 8 month old bl/br dog. Littermate to 1st in Puppy. This attractive young dog possesses a strong, clean head for his age with no exaggerations. With his dark eye and correct ear set bringing it all together. Wide forequarters with enough bone, with neat, tidy feet. A correct length of neck leading to well-placed shoulders. He has enough rib for this stage of development and is close coupled with his hindquarters well angulated. For a young boy he showed great muscle tone and a good profile all round. He worked well with his handler, and she got the very best out of him on the day. Overall, he presents a promising picture for future development, I look forward to seeing him mature. Very pleased to watch him go all the way to win Reserve Best Puppy in Show! 2nd 134 – Mrs J Marachowska & Mr T Marachowska. Passernomen Jocundo. 6 month old bl/br dog. Young boy who is developing nicely. He has a good length of muzzle, lovely dark eyes with neat ears creating a nice expression. His forechest is of good width with enough bone. Movement was ok, it was in keeping with his age and moves like a puppy should. Class 62 Post Graduate (3/1) 1st 140 – Mrs V Thompson. Alport Dark Queen. RBOB. 23 month old bl/br bitch. This girl is a beautiful youngster with a charming, feminine head exactly of what one would desire. Her head is without any exaggeration, complimented by the darkest of eyes and neat rose ears, resulting in a lovely expression. The short muscular neck is well-connected to laid back shoulders and well-sprung ribs. Her front has the correct width and is straight, with good width and depth, enough bone, and her feet are tight and compact. The hindquarters are muscular, and well-angulated, supporting a good firm topline during movement - she moved with agility and confidence around the ring. The handler brought out the best in her today, good luck with her for the future! 2nd 131 – Mrs A Lloyd & Mr S Lloyd. Kalostaff Black Orchid. 20 month old bl/br bitch. Another young girl with a lovely clean outlined head, being broad and deep through, with a dark eye. A short and robust neck with well laid back shoulders. Her forechest has good width and enough bone with tidy feet. She has a good spring of rib, is short coupled and carries a good topline and correct tail carriage. I could see her good muscle definition which was then confirmed when I put my hands on her. She moved well and is maturing very nicely. Class 63 Open (1/1)