• Show Date: 09/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gaynor Myers Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/09/2023

Lothian Canine Club

Lothian Canine Club


Judge: G Myers

Whippet P(2,1abs) 1. Mckenzie's Courtbourne Joy at Aberlark (imp Nor), 10mth dark brindle & white trim bitch, pretty headed with strong under jaw, overall good body proportion, lovely arch over strong loin, adequate depth for her age, stood on tidy feet, moved steady for a youngster. SpY(4,1) 1. Arnold's Ubald Urbgenius Synergy (imp Pol), fawn dog with white trim, eye-catching dog with a typical head & soft expression, clean curvy outline & balanced throughout, good depth to forechest, moved on a long low stride, his more positive front action won him the class. 2. Mckenzie’s Courtborne Natal at Aberlark (imp Nor) attractive fawn br/wh trim dog who has a lot going for him, lovely breed type with such a typical outline, not as together as 1 coming towards on the move but at just 11mth old I’m sure this will come. 3. Murton’s Pursenet New Look. PG(2,2). L(3,1) 1. Arnold’s Lucrezia Lysandra Synergy (imp Pol) cjw19 fawn br/wh trim, nice sz to this bitch, she combines strength & elegance with a pleasing curvy outline, typical lean head with well set ears, super shoulder placement, adequate spring to pasterns, move well with typical daisy cutting action. 2. Webb’s Crosscop Somebody To Love. Upstanding, handsome dog, good depth & pleasing underline, strong arched neck amazing8little upright in shoulder & pastern which showed in his front action. O(5,1) 1. Hunter’s Collooney Was Meant To Be at Sulahmara JW mature fawn br/wh trim dog who can’t be overlooked, so much breed type from his handsome head to the tip of his tail, strength throughout without being overdone, well placed shoulders & good length to upperarm, adequate depth to forechest, strong topline & pleasing arch over his loin matched by his curvy underline, strong hindquarters which he used well on the move, covering the ground with a typical, efficient movement, pleased to award him BOB & happy to watch him take grp 3. 2. Mckenzie’s Aberlark Burning love, was nit picking between 1 & this fawn & wh parti boy, a lot of similar comments apply, nothing overdone & a typy boy, just preferred length of upperarm & underline of 1. 3. Mcdonald, Hindley & McQuade’s Cornstalk Twiggy at Birkhall.

AVNSC Terr. O(5,2) 1. Clayton’s Lokilake Rainbow Red, an attractive young red Lakeland bitch who demanded attention, oozed breed type wearing a lovely harsh jacket with a decent undercoat, typical head with flat skull & keen alert expression, shoulders well back, firm compact body, strong quarters, hocks low, icing on the cake was her true effortless movement, I was pleased to award her the Av Terr Sp p class too. 2. Young & McCluskey’s London Baby Of Michel at Chadbrook, Welsh Terr, she appealed for overall type & sassiness, well ribbed, adequate depth of brisket & short strong loin, shoulders well placed, good turn of stifle on muscular quarters, pushed 1 hard was just not as accurate in her footfall but think this was down to exuberance. 3. Coutts’ IrCh Burrencroft Wild at Heart ShCm VW.

Av Terr. SpMP(4,1) 1. Moffat’s Glenskyra Arran Aurora for Kargonstaffs 6mth black/br SBT bitch, a real baby who is full of breed type, pretty headed with the distinctive staffie smile, strength throughout, good width & depth to her compact body, stood on strong legs, was the most together on the move of this super trio of siblings. 2. Sinclair & Hayward’s Glenskyra Saltaire Socks, a lot of same attributes as her sister but at a different growth stage at the moment, being a little bit up on her legs so not as balanced or together on the move today. 3. Sinclair & Hayward’s Glenskyra Lomond Lad. SpP (5,1) 1. L. Rainbow Red. 2. G. Arran Aurora. 3. Norkett’s Eblanahalls Kiss Kurl SCWT. SpV(6,3) 1. Fisher’s Havasu Head Boy ShCm SHCEx. 7 yr WHWT dog in superb coat & condition, handsome head with good furnishings, intelligent expression & great pigmentation, strength throughout his deep, compact body, well boned & in good muscular condition, his balance & fitness showed in his free flowing movement. 2. Coutts’ IrCh Burrencroft Wild at Heart ShCM VW. 9yr WFT bitch in fine fettle for her age, attractive head of good proportions, strong neck, shoulders well back, well sprung ribs & good depth throughout, good texture to her dense coat, she moves out sound & true with typical free action. 3. Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Come Dancing with Macmoon OSW JW SHCEx ShCM.

Terr Grp 1. Mulligan’s Cromlechs Seren a cracking little Border from any angle, typical otter head with alert expression, feminine but with strength looking like she could carry out her job, correct depth, well placed shoulders with adequate length of upperarm, firm topline which she carried on the move, wearing her best harsh jacket too, moved out efficiently with a true footfall. 2. Lakeland L. Rainbow Red. 3. Pringle’s Ch Esgia The Exciseman SHCEx a cracking mature Skye Terr, an eyecatching dog, super head, typical low long body standing on well boned strong legs, steady on the move, in amazing coat & condition, a credit to his breed & owner. 4. Young & McCluskey’s Chadbrook Elka feminine PRT, so typical of her breed showing her attributes on the move.