• Show Date: 14/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gaynor Myers Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Counties Gundog Club

Border Counties Gundog Club


GWP G(1)1. Stamp’s Tynsil Just One Smile, young solid liver bitch who has great breed type, built on a larger frame but well balanced & feminine, head of good props with cheeky expression enhanced by the furnishings, strong neck into shoulders that are well laid, decent length to upper arm & adequate depth of chest, presented in good overall condition & lovely wire coat, although she covers plenty of ground on a long stride she was a little erratic coming towards today & had to give way to the older bitch in the challenge, she is young & has time. O(1)1. O’Connor’s Karlejay Gump Circle Of Life, pretty headed mature liver & white bitch of good type & sz, good depth throughout, ribs well back with adequate depth, coat of good texture & well muscled giving her strength throughout, this showed as she carried herself efficient around the ring, her more precise footfall & tidier front action earned her BOB.

HWV P(1)1. Morton & Cameron’s Ewtor Fly Me To The Moon, 8mth dog who is very much a baby, just as he should be at this age, cheeky expression on well proportioned head with good breed type, body developing nicely but at that in-between stage, movement was as you’d expect from a loose raw baby buy he enjoyed himself in the ring, bonus. BP. G(3)1. Halton’s Zoldmali Hunter Galushka (imp hun). Mature dog who is good for sz & balance, he wears a russet coat of good texture with enhancing facial furnishings giving it that typical square look. Ribs well sprung, good depth & substance, won the class on with his better forward reach. 2. Harris’s Firzrovia Take A Chance, another boy with good breed type, in overall fit condition, not quite the layback of shoulder that 1 has which showed on the move, nevertheless a lovely dog. 3. Elder’s Enryb Pink Panther. O(3,1)1. Mir’s Redrafi Little Governor, med sz bitch who has enough substance & crisp wire coat, well balanced & strength throughout, sweet expression, ears well placed & carried correctly, good depth of forecast, ribs well back, in good muscular condition throughout, powerful hindquarters which she used we to propel her around the ring, out moved the boys in the challenge to take BOB. 2. Harris’s Fritzrovia Gideons Way, upstanding dog, kind expression & good facial furnishings,cwell boned & stands on super feet, not quite the topline & reach of the bitch on the move. 3. Lumasia’s Redrafi Mrembo Nacho.

It Spinone J(1,1). O(1)1. Knowles & Glen’s ShCh Bessalone Peaky Blinders, a mature boy who oozes breed type, so strong & well balanced, correct head planes & good depth to his muzzle, very expressive eyes which melted me, well placed muscular shoulders, good length to upper arm, powerful hindquarters with good width, moved on powerful free stride keeping the topline that is so typical of the breed, BOB

IWS J(3)1. Hackett & William’s Woodrocks Marla Mabel at Foulby, 9.5mth old bitch, such breed type catching me eye as she entered the ring, she’s quality all through, alert, sweet expression, correct dome to her skull, lovely arch to strong neck, shoulders well back, super spring to rib, deep loin, well angulated hindquarters, icing on the cake was her dense coat with the tight ringlets, moved out so soundly for a baby with an accurate, efficient action & that typical roll, liked her a lot. BP & BOB. 2. Williamson’s Finchmill Secret Surprise another young lady of good sz & proportions, pretty headed with eyes of good shape & colour, well balanced throughout, not the coat or movement of 1. 3. Foody’s Lospith Storms Over at Cairtela. G(4,2) 1. Taylor’s Springbank Life Not the substance of 2 but is of good breed type & is well balanced, correct head with kind expression, lovely depth & spring of rib, good length to upperarm, balanced angles fore & aft in good coat & condition moved freely covering the ground well. 2. Foody’s Kendenner Louisa at Cairtela, stronger bitch but still feminine & lots to like, coat of good texture, well muscled, typical roll as she moves just a little wider in front action than 1.

Lrg Munsterlander O(2,1) 1. Turner’s Kamaze Dream With Your Feet at Gilnockie, stood alone but deserved her place, bitch of good sz, well boned & balanced throughout, pretty headed with dark eye, ears set on well with good furnishing, super front assembly, standing on tight neat feet, lovely depth throughout with plenty of heart room, good width of 2nd thigh, moved with power on a long stride, in great condition with lovely dense coat. BOB

Jh 6-11(1) 1. Delphine Storey 10yrs handling a WSS that at times wasn’t cooperative, she was sympathetic & didn’t lose her cool, she was mostly aware of where I was & adjusted herself & her dog accordingly, good shadowing & straight lines, she moved at a decent pace for her charge, well done. 12-16(3) These 3 young ladies were amazing & should be proud of themselves, it was a tough job to split them & in the end was nit picking. 1. Amelia Jayne Storey 13 yrs handling her pointer to perfection, standing & moving her dog to advantage she followed instructions well, her turns were sharp & lines straight, didn’t have to think when I asked for a reverse triangle & watched me as well as her dog, very professional. BJH. 2. Amy Mir a lot of the above remarks are the same for this young lady, moving at a good pace to show off her HWV to advantage, just occasionally slightly overstretched her dog. 3. Charlotte Robertshaw (13), completed a trio of future stars.

Judge Gaynor Myers