• Show Date: 28/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/12/2023

Ashbourne & District Canine Society

GSP Puppy 1)ADAMS-TEQUESTA POLDARK Nicely collected masaculine dog, short backed with good balance, balanced clean cut head with strength in muzzle , high set ears, strong neck, ex feet, moderate angles, good foot placement with a good stride to him. Nice type, BOB 2)SIELSKI- ORCHIDSTAR SILVER LIGHTNIN Just 6mths but also lovely shape, very feminine clean outline, still to develop in head, slight stop, arched neck, straight forelegs, firm back, well angled rear, tight feet,holds shape on move, just needs time SY 1)SCHONEVILLE- ORCHIDSTAR THEMISTOCLES BY BALVENIE Solid built male, pleasing well proportioned head, deep chest, short body, could have more length of leg well sprung ribs and prefer a better tail carriage, well muscled. 2)RUSSELL- FRAULYNZWAY HAYLEYS COMET Taller stationed and slightly rangier dog, soft eye and expression, good reach of neck, needs to develop in front, strong bone , a little longer cast in body than ideal. PG 1)RUSSELL- FRAULYNZWAY LIGHTNING BOLT Sturdy clean outlined square dog, slightly rounded skull, broad high set ears, well made front with legs nicely under body, tight feet, deep chest, muscled moderate rear, steady mover, up to size but balanced 2) 1st SY Open 1)SCHONEVILLE-BALVENIE DOUBLE DIAMOND, A nmixed class to sort with all 3 having quality but slightly different looks. Correct proportioned dog, medium size with strong bone, excellent feet, prefer better shoulder placement, ground covering mover, muscled loin, well bent stifle,pleasing picture on the move. 2)BROWN- SH CH WINTERWELL THATLLDO FOR DESJIEM Feminine bitch, clean moderate unexaggerated outline with depth to her chest, short loin, strong rear, prefer a bit more strength in muzzle,good skin and coat, liked her carriage Irish R/W Open 1)WARD-SH CH CORNADORE ARGYLE WITH COPPERWHITE Strong bone with an athletic look, slightly domed skull but not coarse.prefer squarer muzzle ,well made front, firm topline with depth and width in chest, angular rear, nice breed type, lovely profile mover. IWS Open 1)BRADLEY-SH CH STANGATE STAGW DEBUT Well proportioned feminine bitch, good strength in head for a bitch, has length to her muzzle,arched neck, straight forelegs, firm compact body with big ribs, she holds her shape on the move, low set hocks, short tail,dense tight coat, lovely carriage with good drive, nice type 2)LATHERON- FYNDER REACHER Taller masculine male, balanced head piece with slightly domed skull, deep sqaure muzzle, ideally like more width in front,level back, big ribs, moderate rear. Steady mover Field spaniel Puppy 1)OSBORN-KILLARA’S PASS THE CROWN TO ELGERT Lovely balanced well proptioned typey puppy, feminine chisselled head with low set ears, lean skull, gentle expression, straight forlegs with correct tight feet, ribs extend well back with level topline, holds her shape on the move, lots to like and very collected for her age. 2)TREVOR-TREVORSILK BLUE VELVET Stronger built bitch than 1, has length to her muzzle, dark eyes,moderate stop,defined occiput, strong neck, prefer better feet,deep chest,muscular loin, just needs to come up in her front a little, SY 1) 2nd Puppy Open 1)OSBORN— SH CH ELGERT LADY STA DUST Quality bitch all thought, super shape, detailed feminine lean head with slight stop, lean skull and gentle expression. Clean neck and shoulders, lovely outline. Her rear is strong but not overdone, flat coat,has a long stride with good footfall, lovely type. 2)ELLIOT- ELGERT BREAK EVERY RULE AT PORTSOY Well proportioned masculine dog, super temperament, dark almond shaped eyes,balanced head, strong neck, a little out at elbow, big ribs that extend well back, short loin, firm topline. Feet could be tighter, postive mover Briard Puppy 1)FIELDSEND- STARWELL HEAVEN KISS Smart youngster, very collected with good leg length, balanced head piece, dark eyes, strong neck, level topline, low set hocks with correct croup and tailset,places her feet well on move. SY 1)SNELLING- ZHAMANEN BEZIQUE FOR BEAUGENCY Black bitch with a very clean outline to her with correct proportions,large nose, equal head proportions,defined stop, straight forelegs, moderate spring of rib, firm topline, a little steep in croup, J tail. Positive mover, just like a little more fill in front. 2) 1st Puppy Open 1)SNELLING- CH BEAUGENCY BELLINI Sturdy well made mature bitch, excellent body/leg proportions , slightly rounded skull, has depth and strength to muzzle, dark eyes, strong neck with a good front assembly, medium spring of rib, muscled loin, slight slope to croup with correct J tail, holds her shape in profile with good drive, a little close in rear, nice type, BOB Great Dane Puppy 1)POCOCK- TAMZDANE OOEY GOOEY CAKE Very nice shape, good legs to her, equal head proportions,flat skull, strong bone with tight feet, angular rear, she is lovely on the go around, just needs to gain confidence when being assessed. Promising harliquin PG 1)POCOCK- TAMZDANE APPLEY EVER AFTER Well made bitch,flat skull, chissled face with depth to her muzzle, long arched neck, ex bone, feet, depth of chest and topline, strong rear, has good width in hindquarters. Good reach in front on the move. BOB ETT Puppy 1)PETERS-ETTOLOGY CHERRY BAKEWELL AT TROYSEL Feminine bitch, has length to her head,flat skull,high set ears set well back, elegant neck, has depth to her chest and nicely cut up in loin,low set tail, places her feet well, glossy short coat. SY 1)WHITEHOUSE- AMALRIC COCO CHANEL WITH DALMONDE Has length to her skull,slight stop, good ears, prefer more depth in chest, a little flat in foot, moderate topline and rear angulation,has width in rear on move. PG 1)LOVE- TOTTOY A WHOLE NEW WORLD Dark small eyes, straight forelegs with dainty feet,needs depth in chest, steep croup, prefer more rear angulation.well proportioned body/legs, places her front well Open 1)FRANCIS,BLACTHFORD,LEONARD- WITCHSTONE TROUBLE BREWING AT PEOPLETON Very promising cleanly built elegant bitch, slightly pointed ears set at back of skull, oblique dark eye, wedge shaped head in profile, arched long neck compact body with gentle curve to back, angular rear, low set hocks, neat feet short loin, lovely type, correct front movement.BOB 2)RAMSDEN- CH PALLISANDRE POCAHONTAS Another nice well made bitch, feminine head,super front and feet, good depth of chest, correct slight curve in back, loin well cut up, fraction longer in body than 1 but still lots to like and very sound front and back, close decision King Charles Open 1)MCFARLANE- GRACIE MARADECO KING Domed skull with open nostrils defined stop, moderate neck, prefer more leg length and shorter body, compact feet,angular rear with low set hocks, sound mover. Papillion Puppy 1)RYAN-FOERLIG MRS BUCKET Quality youngster, alert and lively, slightly rounded skull, ears well set,defined stop with fine muzzle, fine boned, straight forlegs, level topline with high set tail, well made front whjch she uses on the move, sassy mover holding her shape at all times. Strong rear, lots to like Open 1)RYAN- FOERLIG TAKES THE BISCUIT Well proportioned dainty male,detailed head, dark rounded eyes, defined stop, clean neck, neat elbows has fill in front with depth to his chest, level topline with high set tail, well proportioned male,good type,postive free flowing movement with a lovely silky coat.BOB Pomeranian Puppy 1)SMITH-LIREVA JUST A FLUTTER Compact body with good leg length, flat skull with fine muzzle dark oval bright eyes, fine straight forelegs with small feet, high set tail, strong rear, nice type, profuse coat with harsh guard hairs, brisk mover. 2)CAWTHERA PURDY- LIREVA JUST ON A DAYDREAM Very feminine head with samll erect ears, short neck with straight forlegs, excellent feet, smaller framed than 1 but lots to like, high set tail carried well over back. 2 nice youngsters,close call, just preferred proportions on 1. SY 1)GOOCH-PAAVALI PRIVATE DANCER AT CASSIBAWN Expressive eyes,flat skull, foreface a little full, good ears, well made front with correct short neck, high set tail,harsh profuse coat, prefer rear more under him, lovely condition, postive buoyant mover. 2)CAMPBELL- BELLA JEAN Compact male, fine boned dark oval eyes, prefer slightly smaller ears, tight feet, short neck, moderate rear, a little steep in croup and preferred topline on 1,brisk mover PG 1)CAWTHERA PURDY- LIREVA’S MERRY FLY THE BEAR Ex shape with good proportions ,only 6mths but very collected, detailed foxy head outline, feminine head with lovely dark eyes, short coupled ,cat like feet,well constructed, holds shape on move and for sure has a bright future. 2)GOOCH- LIREVA’S WELL FANCY THAT FOR CASSIBAWN Masaculine will made dog, balanced head piece with neat ears, fine muzzle with tight lips, straight forlegs , ideally like him shorter in back, firm level topline with high set tail, positive mover, just preferred outline on 1, in super coat and presentation. OPEN 1)CAWTHERA PURDY- LIREVA’S WILD TO THE FLY BEAR Stood alone but is a beautiful shape, compact body, detailed head with expressive dark oval eyes, short neck, neat elbows with fine bone and compact feet, high set tail carried well, strong parallel hocks with a moderate rear angulation,excellent coat, for sure is vivacious, lovely breed type.BOB PUG Puppy 1)RUTHERFORD- BILOHKA DAWN PATROL WITH POTBELLI Cobby well made bitch, clean outline,round head with short muzzle, with well sprung ribs, level back, high set tail, has strength in rear which she uses well nice type, short smooth glossy coat. 2)DAWSON-PAYNE/ MOUSLEY- JUDAMIE THELMA JEAN Feminine head, blunt muzzle with bright expressive eyes,straight forelegs, broad chest with big ribs,fraction longer in loin than 1,arched neck,purposeful mover with strong rear, 2 nice bitches SY 1) 1st Puppy PG 1)TURNBULL- NICOBRI’S GOTTA HAVE THE FAITH Well proportioned bitch, feminine head, moderate wrinkle,thin small ears, compact feet, good proportions, strong back with high set tail, in liked her unexaggerated but sound movement,in lovely condition. 2)GREEN- CAPACCIO JACK FROST Masculine dog, expressive eyes, ears set well, open nostrils, thick neck, prefer less throat, well sprung ribs,compact body, ideally like him lower stationed, tight tail but could be higher set. Open 1)DAWSON-PAYNE/ MOUSLEY- JUDAMIE ELTONS SUN 2 top pugs with little between them and a pleasure to evaluate them. Typey cobby youngster with quality all through, masculine but not overdone in skull, defined wrinkle, round skull with blunt muzzle, has fill in front, holds his topline, high set tight tail with strong angular rear, purposeful mover. 2)RUTHERFORD- CH POTBELLI LIMITED EDITION Very similar attributes to 1,cobby compact male, strong arched neck, deep chest with well sprung ribs, high set tail, balanced moderate front and rear with low set hocks over 1, in lovely condition, different type to 1 and still a quality pug.