• Show Date: 19/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/10/2023

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Bulldogs Puppy MAYES-RAGMARTE DAIQUIRE 1)very balanced bitch, good strength of skull, wide underjaw, good bone and feet, neat feet, deep chest well sprung ribs, sound overall 2)MINTO- KENZDUO AMERICAN PIE well proportioned body, good bone and feet, a little narrow in skull over 1, moderate rear, needs to develop in rib. OPEN 1)CIZEK-BRITISHPRIDE ROCK AND ROLL Good size, shape and substance, flat skull, neat ears, shows teeth a little. Needs to develop in chest, muscled loin, prefer stronger rear Airedale Puppy 1)WENDELBERGER-JAMES- TEMTIZ MIT SAFFRONSTARS nicely balanced bitch, dark eyes, has length to skull. Ears well set but a little loose, dep chest, high set tail , moderate angles, just needs to tighten front SY 1)BLACKBURN- LUMOSADIE SCARLET PHOENIX very smart bitch, ex shape , dark eye, neat ears. Straight forelegs with firm back, short loin, good rear, high set tail. Nice type, 2)HALL- MULIEBRITY PURPLEHEART AVEC TONERRIER longer cast male who needs to develop in form and chest, masculine head, clean cheeks, level back, high set tail. Low hocks, needs time to body up and tighten all through ANSC pastoral SY 1)HARTWELL- CHAVELL BONJOUIR MAISIE JW Briard, clean outline, rounded skull with defined stop, clean neck and shoulder, well proportioned,Ok topline muscled loin, sound mover 2)SIBLEY- THORJAKKER JASKA JARFALLA S Vallhund, junior bitch, neat erect ears, prefer darker eye, strong neck, good ribs, needs to settle in topline, high set tail., prefer stronger rear. Limit 1)EGAN- BROWNIEGLENS BWBACHOD pem corgi, once settled, has a nice shape, masc head, good ears with nice fill under eyes, strong neck, ex feet, level back, carrying a bit too much weight, well set tail. Open 1)SHRIEVES- INT CH WINAROSE WANDERIN STAR IR CENT,Catalan Medium build, good proportions with balanced head piece,solid neck, firm topline. Well sprung ribs, Ideally like stronger hocks, free mover in profile. 2) limit winner L/Heeler Puppy 1)BAILEY/HANCOCKS- SELESTAR LEMON DRIZZLE lovely detailed feminine head, dark eyes, alert high set ears, good front and feet,needs to settle in topline, well angled rear, ideally like more bone Cardigan Corgi Puppy 1)FITZPATRICK-GRAHAM- ANCKSUNAMUN HALLOWS EVE very collected bitch puppy, large rounded ears, tapered muzzle, clean neck and shoulder. Ok forechest, prefer better feet. Exc topline with super tail and set in line with body, Free mover.. SY FITZPATRICK-GRAHAM- ANCKSUNAMUN AGE OF CTHULHU 1)just a puppy, still needs to drop into his frame, masculine head which needs to develop, good ears, firm topline, needs to settle in front L 1)FITZPATRICK-GRAHAM- ELESSAR MOON DANCER OF ANCKSUNAMUN Fem head with clean skull, could have fraction more fill under eyes. Mod neck, nice forechest with neat feet, deep chest, muscled loin, steady mover, ideally like stronger hocks on the move. Open 1)WILLIAMS- CH BWTHYN HEADLINER JW SH CM lovely honest unexaggerated dog with a clean outline, balanced foxy like head piece, moderate stop, well made front. Strong rear with parallel hocks. Nice type, very free sound mover. Bearded Collie Puppy 1)JENKINSON- IRISADDITION VICTORIOUS WITH ELLISHAR Very collected and balanced for age, fem head, slight stop, has strength of muzzle, straight forlegs, neat feet, firm back with nice length of ribs, prefer better croup and tailset. Steady mover, lovely coat and condition SY 1)OBRIEN- ANOTHER POSH FROCK AT SAMMARA good shape and proportions, skull/muzzle of equal lengths,eye could be darker, ribs extend well back, muscled loin,firm back with good rear, ideally like more fill in front 2)SWABY- KILTONDALE HOT FAVOURITE FOR MARSBY just 12mths and needs to drop into her frame and fill out, pleasing feminine head with equal proportions. Prefer better lay of shoulder. Ok topline, low set hocks, steady mover but preferred balance of 1 L 1)SALTER- IRISADDITION LOVE ACTUALLY Very balanced typey bitch, feminine head with slight stop, ears set well back, clean neck with straight forelegs , still to fill out in front but has time, Lovely topline with correct low tailset, harsh coat, well bent stifles with low set hocks. Nice type.BOB Open 1)SY winner 2)JONES- ESP CH CLANWILLOW AMAZING GRACE well proportioned bitch, balanced head, large nose, ideally like more strength of underjaw, clean neck and shoulder, prefer more body, ribs extend well back, not quite in full body and coat.. BSD-Terveren SY 1)ELLIOT/BROWN/GODFREY- SEZANNE AFIRE LOVE High set neat ears, lean skull, prefer a bit more underjaw, mod neck, straight forelegs. Good feet, parallel hocks, prefer more body and to drop in chest. Limit 1)HARRIMAN- CORSINI VISCONTI Lovely head, eye and ears. Masculine but not overdone. Well proportioned with good legs, he needs more body for ideal. Moderate angles, just a little narrow but has type to him 2)HANCOCK- NIAVANA OVER THE MOON Mature bitch, a little lower and heavier set then 1. Has length to her skull, high set ears, prefer better feet. Carrying a little too much weight which spoils her. Has good rear and hocks. Open 1)LEWINGTON- CORSINI PRELUDE Lovely chiseled head with attentive exp, , high set ears. Clean long neck and backline, ideally like more leg length, deep chest, short loin, sound mover, good croup and tail. Finnish LAPHUND Puppy 1)BIRKS- PAVOSKAS GALENA typey bitch, wedge shaped skull. Ears set well apart , moderate neck,. Straight forelegs, well proportioned. Sound mover holding shape in profile 2)ELLIS/CROSBY- TABANYARUU BOREALIS BLIZ slightly leggier and squarer than 1, prefer darker eyes, defined stop, good ears, prefer better pigment . Needs to tighten in front. Limit 1)ARISTIDES-PICKARD- SAMBREEZE MIKKI BEAR CLUB masculine well proportioned dog, liked his head piece, good ears, wedge shape skull, good chest, well made front , good ribs, level back with high set tail, positive brisk mover.nice type. 2)WOOLARD- INFINDIGO ONNEKAS KIELO lovely head and expression, super ears, moderate but balanced angles , would prefer more strength in her rear. Just preferred shape on 1. Open 1)WOOLARD- CH INFINDIGO LINTU MIIKA upstanding male with strength throughout, good muzzle, med size high set ears, good bone, backline , ribs and tailset., prefer stronger rear 2)ARISTIDES-PICKARD- SAMBREEZE TIIANMARIA lower set bitch, feminine head with nice exp, carrying a bit of weight which spoils her topline and overall look, deep chest, in full coat, Hungarian Puli SY 1)COWLEY- KASHBELULI THERE WE ARE THEN Very smart youngster, domed skull, slight stop, mod neck, compact body with good leg length. Straight forelegs with neat feet, correct short brisk mover. Nice type Open 1)COWLEY- CH CALLENDU DESPICABLE ME AT KASHBELULI SH CM 2 real quality dogs. Loved his shape and size without any exaggeration to him, small finehead, short mumod neck, well made front with legs well under body. Brisk mover, high set tail. Low hocks. 2)GILBERT- SILKATA HOWAY HUGO WITH GANDAKIU another nicely shaped dog slightly larger frame but still good shape, has fill in front . Mod rear, well developed ribs with short loin and high ste tail. In super corded coat. Polish Lowland 1)SHRIEVES- INT CH MYBEARDS HOPE Well made bitch throughout , oval eyes, strong neck, good proportions to her, feminine head, firm topline with good ribs and muscled loin, nice type, harsh coat AV pastoral Puppy 1)beardie puppy winner 2)WENSLEY- CONSTELLATION HAZY COSMIC JIVE JW Smooth collie. Lovely length of skull, oblique well set eyes, arched neck, front under body. A little soft in topline, correct length of tail, strong rear with low set hocks,nice type SY 1)PULI SY WINNER 2)STOCK- SHEMIST SUMMERTIME BLUES Sheltie, very balanced dog, not overdone, pleasing head, neat ears, super feet, prefer more fill in front, low set hocks, nice type Limit 1)CAUDRELIER - WINAROSE SOUND OF MUSIC Catalan, Medium build , balanced head piece with dark eyes, defined occiput,, ok bone, good ribs with short loin, prefer stronger hocks. Positive profile movement Veteran 1)puli BOB 2)BENTON- CH OAKESTELLE VENUS DE MILO Smooth collie, lovely bitch, not overdone in any way. Fem head, neat ears, well made throughout, correct size, lovely condition, Nice type Staffordshire bull terrier Puppy 1)CONSTANT- SIKAISTAFF CASK STRENGTH 8mth black bitch, has width in skull, dark eyes, good stop, neat feet, compact body, well muscled rear. Needs to develop in chest SY 1)PUP WINNER 2)RICCIARDI- FARABUTTA DE I GUARDIANI DELLA GRTOTTA well proportioned head with well set ears. Prefer more underjaw, short strong neck,deep chest, big ribs, ideally better feet, muscled rear. Limit 1)HARRIS- VIKKAS ZENA Lovely detailed head, muscled cheeks, nice strength of muzzle, ideally like deeper chest, muscled loin with strong rear quarters, nice type Open 1)HARRIS- ILLORI AZIZI masculine dog with broad skull, muscled cheeks, defined stop, stright forlegs with strong padded feet, has depth of chest, loin could be shorter, strong rear, super condition Man Chester terrier Open 1)WARNER- CH TALANORS TIME FOR A RUN Level head planes skull of good length, well filled under eyes, ears carried high but a little loose, arched neck, front well under body with neat feet, deep chest, strong rear with parallel hocks, nice type in super condition Very clean elegant outline, GSD Puppy 1)CHAMPMAN- KONATION BAGGY TROUSERS Masaculine head of good length, moderate balanced angles, up on leg, has strength to his hocks, steady mover SY 1)REILLY- ENDEARING WARRIOR WITH NORWULF Medium built dog with a lovely balance and of good type to him, expressive clean cut head, strong muzzle, exc neck, good front and ribs, sound and strong hocks , once settles he has a lovely Free stride to him, mice type. Limit 1)SY winner 2) WILENCZYC- NELLINKA NEW DECADE At KASHIBA outgoing mature dog, masculine head, high set broad ears, strong bone, moderate neck. Ribs of good length, prefer a stronger rear and hocks Boxer Limit 1)PEARN- BONMAC LITTLE BO PEEP Fem head with good lips, broad muzzle, arched neck, super chest with front under body, nicetuck up, angular rear, 2)WHEELER- OLIBETAY BELLA ROSE AT HIPKINS JW Another nicely headed bitch,ok neck, good bone and feet, prefer shorter loin, well angled rear, sound mover, just preferred shape on 1. Open 1)STRETCH- BRAYBOX QUICKSTEP Detailed head and expression, slightly arched skull, padded lips Clean masculine outline with high set withers, ex feet, lovely round neck, slight slope to topline, with strong rear, muscled loin, nice type 2)TYLER- MILLION DIDDLES FROM NEWLAITHE Lovely shape to her, square in outline, feminine detailed head, neat ears super chest and front, a little level in topline on mover, strong rear, high set tail Bullmastif SY 1)THOMAS/BULL- PHORIAS SEVENTH HEAVON Solid workmanlike dog, lovely head and expression, deep broad skull,shorty muzzle, strong bone, deep chest, well sprung ribs, a little out in elbow. Muscled loin, short thick tail, moderate angles. Powerful mover in profile